Who Is Kevin David (Author, Speaker, And Mentor To Millions)

Who is kevin david

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A lot of gurus say a lot of things, very few actually deliver on them and even fewer of them actually care about each individual person the way Kevin David does! So, who is Kevin David?

Kevin David is an American 8+ figure self-made entrepreneur who’s obsessed with entrepreneurship since he was 14. An author, speaker, and mentor to hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and students all over the world. He uses his skills and years of experience to help people how to create financial momentum and freedom while working from home.

If you are on YouTube seeking ways to make money online, chances are you’ve stumbled by a video for Kevin David.

In this article, I’m going through everything you may need to know about this guy, with a purpose to hopefuly chance your mindset and show you what’s actually possible online!

Let’s just dive in, and if you find this inspiring and useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends 🙂

Who Is Kevin David

Kevin David is an American guy who grew the suburbs of Eugene, Oregon, and he always knew that he was meant to be an entrepreneur!

At his early ages, he used to create gaming apps and blogs that were monetized by Amazon Associates Program and Google Adsense.

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Who is kevin david

He had some success, but nothing would compare to what was to come.

Kevin David was graduated as an accountant, and had worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers an Accounting Firm in Portland, Oregon.

He had also worked at Facebook as a privacy consultant. Although this is a dream job for so many, he knew that he was meant to work for someone else!

That’s why he started exploring online sources of income and he had huge success with Amazon FBA as he was able to generate over $2 million in his first year, in profits!

Kevin is a real-life example of a passionate guy and great proof that we are all meant for something better sometimes!

If Kevin has made it, why wouldn’t you?

Is Kevin David A Scam

What would you think of an individual featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal And Thrive Global? Would all those big names and brands be wrong?

Kevin David is not a scam, and for those who have enrolled in his courses or joined his community can tell the difference that Kevin has created in their lives.

He’s not someone who’s hiding behind a screen and claiming things he doesn’t commit to!

He’s active on social media and has an active YouTube channel of 1.14m subscribers!

Kevin David Awards

Kevin David has been leveraging sales funnel for a long time now. And the tool that he’s been using to host all of his webinars, courses, and funnels is called Clickfunnels.

Cickfunnels is not just a standard marketing toolkit, it’s a very premium and professional software that helps businesses sell their products and services online, more effeciently and effectively.

He just knew how to use Clickfunnels to get the maximum out of his business. Kevin was absolutely not born with knowledge!

When he first started, he had purchased the Dotcom Secrets Book 1.0 by the great Russell Brunson (owner of Clickfunnels), who’s famous for a good reason!

Note: To achieve similar results to Kevin’s, I highly recommend you grab your FREE copy of the Dotcom Secrets Book 2.0 from here.

Kevin has been a unique Clickfunnels user, and has also been rewarded several times from Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels has a community called “Two Comma Club“, and it’s a community of people who have made over $1,000,000 in sales from one of their funnels in Clickfunnels!

Watch the video below to learn more about Russell Brunson and the Two Comma Club community of Clickfunnels 🙂

So, there are basically four types of the Two Comma Club Awards; the basic Two Comma Club Award, Two Comma Club – X Award, Two Comma Club – C Award and the Two Heart Award.

But, how can those awards be earned? Below are some details about each Two Comma Club Awards:

2 Comma Club

The Two Comma Club is an award that’s given to people who have crossed the $1M in revenue from one of their Clickfunnels funnels!

It’s a huge milestone in any entrepreneur’s life, and Kevin David our boy has done it and received his plaque.

2comma award Kevin David

This is Clickfunnels’ unique and emotional way to celebrate entrepnuers’ shining moments.

Number of Two Comma Club earned in 2020: 263+

2 Comma Club – X

The Two Comma Club – X is awarded when a Clickfunnels’ user hit a new milestone worth celebrating; $10M in revenue!

Clickfunnels have awarded a total of 46+ Eight Figure awards for our Funnel Hackers who have crossed the $10 Million dollar mark with their ClickFunnel Funnel.

Along the way, Kevin was awarded the Two Comma Club – X too, which means that he’s made $10,000,000; an 8-figure annually! Isn’t that impressive?

Kevin David ClickFunnels award FHL

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2 Comma Club – C

The Two Comma Club – C is made up of four milestones; $25 Million… $50 Million… $75 Million… And $100 Million!

Each time a Funnel Hacker reach a new milestone, the corresponding segment of their “C” award will be filled in 😎

2 Heart Award

This plaque is given away for people who have donated $1M to charity from their funnels revenue!

This award is for the real change-makers of the world!

How To Join The Two Comma Club, And Why Should You

The only thing that’s needed to claim your awards is to sign up and become a Clickfunnels user.

If you, hopefuly, someday hit one of the previously mentioned milestones, you will apply to receive your plaques available in each milestone.

You’ve probably seen the potential in Clickfunnels and you should simply use it because you can potentially change your life, your business, and others’ lives too!

Working with experts like Russell is a no-brainer, especially that he’s recently announced the “One Funnel Away Challenge.”

The OFA Challenge is a great start for people who are serious about raising a profitable business online but not sure where to start.

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Click the image below to go to the challenge page

One funnel away challenge - ecomdimes

Besides the two Two Comma Club Awards that Kevin had received, he was awarded his dream car, a white LAMBO…

Oh, didn’t I tell you that Clickfunnels can also buy your dream car for you? Yup! All you need to get is 100 active users.

On your 100 active users markup, they will cover the lease o your dream car ($500/Month). When you get 200 active users, they will cover $1,000/Month!

Dream car award Kevin David

Kevin David Courses

Kevin has been teaching people multi different business models that has the potential to change anyone’s life, drastically!

His courses are unique, rich, and comprehensive, and his students’ reviews speak for him!

Note: Kevin’s courses are not cheap junky courses. They are all unique, comprehensive, and come with multiple bonuses!

Most importantly, all courses have a refund policy and a money-back guarantee in case you didn’t find this is for you.

If that means something, it means that he’s not chasing your money, he’s looking forward to raising successful entrepreneurs who are determined and want to succeed.

Here are his courses:

Have you ever wanted a Clickfunnels or sale funnels course that goes in-depth through the sales process and put it into action?

Kevin David’s Clickfunnels masterclass course is a great start if you’re looking forward to taking your business to the maximum levels by leveraging sale funnels.

It’s similar to Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away Challenge but on a smaller scale.

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Kevin has been leveraging the Clickfunnels software to host all of his webinars and courses, and was able to generate millions of dollars from this all-in-one toolkit.

However, the Clickfunnels masterclass course is hosted on the Udemy platform, with a 4.6 rating and over 31,000 students enrolled.

A great thing to mention is that this course comes with a big bonus; unique and highly converting funnels, shared with you completely for FREE.

All that you need to import those shared funnels is a Clickfunnels subscription!

Click here to grab your Clickfunnels 14-day free trial and get the chance to try this outstanding toolkit before even providing your credit card info and paying a dime.

Kevin had huge success with Amazon FBA when he first started. He was able to generate a profit of $2.1M in his first year selling on Amazon.

He didn’t want to keep the knowledge to himself, so he’s created this course!

David’s Amazon FBA course is not a standard or regular course at all, it’s a complete blueprint from A to Z for everything you need to know to succeed with this business model.

It’s a huge course of 8 modules and over 120 in-depth video lessons , and it’s definitely an investment of $1997 that’s worth taking!

At the end of the day, you’re buying a business opportunity and learning from one of the top individuals in this field. you could start making money quicker than you think.

However, if you cannot invest that amount, for now, jump on the free Amazon FBA Masterclass free webinar here, put your feet into it, and test its water!

Kevin has created so many eCommerce businesses online and he knew well how to leverage the Facebook marketplace to drive truckloads of traffic to his businesses.

He has a bunch of videos on his YouTube channel that talks about his Facebook best strategies and activities, and he’s one of the most authoritative gurus in this field!

This is not a cheap course; it’s for $1997. However, you can check out this FREE training if you’re not ready for such an investment yet!

Do you have a blog that you’re looking forward to monetizing with a skill or knowledge?

In this Digital Course Secrets blueprint, Kevin teaches you exactly how to create and sell a profitable digital course online.

It’s obvious that Kevin is adopting Russell Brunson’s approach and mentality since he had purchased and read the Expert Secrets Book.

This course is also for $1997, and if you cannot invest at the moment, enroll in the free training to learn more about what Kevin has to teach you about digital courses.

Everything is becoming virtual nowadays, and as more websites keep getting created every single day, more marketing skills and agencies would be needed to actually promote those businesses and websites.

Starting a marketing agency is something scalable and profitable since the market average is $1,000 per client.

Kevin David’s Marketing Agency Course was for $997, but it’s on a sale for only $37, for a limited time only!

This means you will only invest just $37 today for Full Unrestricted Access to the Marketing Agency Program!

This course is a great deal for anyone who’s looking forward to starting an Amazon Agency and commit to Kevin’s steps and tips.

This course was also for $997, but it’s now available for only $37 for a limited time only.

Image Source: A Student Testemonial From Amazon Agency Zon Base Homepage

Want to learn more about the Amazon Agency Zon Base course? Jump on here to see what other students are saying about it.

Kevin David Webinars

  • Amazon FBA Ninja Webinar

Click here to sign up

  • Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Webinar

Click here to sign up

  • Digital Course Secrets Webinar

Click here to sign up

Kevin David Podcast

Our boy’s podcast has 104 episodes with a total of 379,515 downloads. It has 2000+ downloads a day on average. It’s available on officialkevindavid.podbean.com.

It’s also available on Apple, and it’s called (Ninja PodCast).

“The Kevin David Experience is an Award-Winning Podcast where Kevin David Interviews Entrepreneurs, Online Digital Marketers, Start-Up Founders, Business People, and Leaders.

Apple Podcasts

This is a great chance to learn more about Kevin’s and different courses. He interviews successful people and discusses the know-how behind getting rich!

Want some great tips and tricks for creating and maintaining a successful business? This is your way to go.

Kevin David doesn’t only focus on the money making aspects!

He discusses some topics to help you overcome your obstacles and does his best to help you change your mindset to achieve bigger things.

Want to listen to Kevin’s interview with Clickfunnels?

He was featured on Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast, where he talked about how to get free traffic from YouTube.

Bonus: Grab your 14-day free trial on Clickfunnels and start creating funnels that convert! (Open in a new tab)

Meet Kevin David On Social Media

Along the years, Kevin has built a very engaged and active community on various social media platforms.

He has online presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter!

Below are his social media accounts so you can get the chance to meet him and get inspired by what he does.


Kevin David’s YouTube channel has over 1.14 million subscribers and engaged followers.

He’s mostly active on YouTube and constantly uploads valuable content as this helps his channel grow and expand, and reach his voice to millions of people.


For Instagram, he has over 302k followers, and he uploads some cool videos.


He has over 620,551 followers on Facebook (including me.)


He also has 8,831 Followers on Twitter.


Learning from multi-millionaires and successful entrepreneurs like Kevin is a no-brainer!

This article aimed to introduce you to Kevin David, and get you familiar with his courses and free trainings.

If Kevin has done it, you can do it too! Although this mentality is a must for your success, you need the right training and right mentor to take your hand and teach you what they are good at.

If you’d like to achieve similar results to Kevin’s, Russell Brunson (co-founder and owner of Clickfunnels) has recently announced the One Funnel Away Challenge.

The OFA Challenge is an extensive 30-day training that teaches you exactly how to grow any business by using sales funnels.

Want more in-depth details about the One Funnel Away Challenge? I highly recommend you check out my complete Challenge review here.

How would you like Russell (who was able to grow his company by over 4300% in less than 3 years) to hold you by the hand as you launch your first or next profitable funnel?

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