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When you see big brands like Disney, Marvel, and Coca-Cola joining the NFT craze, only one thing you can do… FOLLOW THE WHALES!

So, where can you buy Disney NFTs from, and how? How much does it cost to own a piece of Disney’s history? What are the best Disney NFTs to collect and what Disney Golden Moments actually are?

So, if you’re a complete beginner who just wants to collect or invest in Disney NFTs, this article will be covering all of those questions and also include the actual 5 steps of buying Disney NFTs.

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The Walt Disney Company Is Entering The NFTs World

As owners of some of the most iconic, memorable characters in the history of animation, Disney recognizes the potential of the digital realm and blockchain technology and decided to join the craze.

Disney was quick to act and formed a partnership with VeVe to release NFTs on the mobile digital collectibles app.

In fact, hundreds of big brands and companies have joined the NFTs space, including Luxury brands like Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and a lot more!

Where To Buy Disney NFTs

Out of all the Non-Fungible Token marketplaces and platforms available nowadays, the 98-year company that is almost valued at nearly $100 billion has picked Veve to market their NFTs and sell them to the masses.

What Is Veve?

Veve is a premium licensed digital collectibles marketplace that was successful to secure quality partnerships with big brands like Disney, Marvel, Coca-Cola, DC, and 100 other corporates and artists!

It’s an app available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store, and they have recently invited a group of people to their Web App Beta version that will be rolling later in Q2 of 2022.

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When To Buy Disney NFTs?

Veve drops are usually announced a day or two before they drop on the Veve app, and they are covered in Medium articles that show the editions number, drop date, list price, rarity, license, brand, series, and availability!

Also, Veve has 30-minute prior drop reminders on their official Twitter account to remind people to be ready and take action as drops are selling out in less than a second.

If you were not lucky to score a drop, there’s the secondary market on the Veve app where people buy and sell the Veve collectibles for an appreciated price.

How To Buy Disney NFTs?

To secure a Disney NFT at drops, you’ll want to have the app open and a finger hovering over the Buy button as soon as a drop countdown hits zero.

Wait! What if the initial drop on Veve sold out instantly and you missed it but you still want to own a piece of The Walt Disney Company history… How to buy a Disney NFT then?

Well, in this case, the Veve secondary market is your way to go but this comes with a disadvantage as well as an advantage for you. Your disadvantage is that prices are appreciated significantly on the app, especially as soon as the market opens after 30 minutes of the drop!

Note: During drop time, VeVe temporarily takes down the Marketplace servers to ensure that all users have a smooth drop experience. This period lasts for 30 minutes pre and post-drops.

The advantage of buying on the secondary market is that you have full control over the mint number that you’d like to own. On the market, there are brand, price, and rarity filters, as well as the ability to sort NFTs by price, edition number, or listing date.

The 5-Step Process of Buying a Disney NFT on Veve

  1. Download and open the Veve app. (It’s available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.)
  2. Fund your Veve gem wallet by going to Profile – Wallet – Get More Gems
  3. Browse the market for the available Disney NFTs editions
  4. Click Buy Now when you’re ready and it will go through in a blink of an eye
  5. Purchased NFTs should appear in your collection immediately

And here you go… You’re a proud Disney NFT owner and holder! Want to win valuable Veve NFTs for almost nothing? Hit the button below and come join the fun at vevetale.com.

What’s The Average Disney NFT Price?

Unlike investing in Amazon which used to happen on millionaire yacht clubs back in the day, you don’t need to be a millionaire to own a piece of Disney’s history.

Disney NFTs are traded on the Veve secondary market for as low as $20 all the way up to $20,000. Generally speaking, for as low as $20, you can put your hands on a Disney NFT and participate in the digital history of the Walt Disney Company.

Although digital assets are worth what people are willing to pay to own them, the rarity level, edition number, and scarcity play a big role in appreciating the price as time passes by!

Top 34 Disney NFTs To Buy On The Veve App

As a Veve master collector and a Vevefam member, I thought it would be nice if I prepare a table of the best Disney NFTs currently available for purchase on the Veve marketplace.

Below are the top 34 First Appearance (FA) Disney NFTs that have significant growth potential and can easily appreciate in value as time passes by.

Collectible/NFTBrandRarity LevelEditions
Ursula: I Get What I WantDisney Villains CollectionCommon13,928
A Jaunty JigThe Mickey Mouse NFT CollectionCommon18,928
Let’s Begin!Mickey and Friends NFT CollectionCommon18,928
Mickey MouseMickey and Friends NFT CollectionCommon13,928
Minnie MouseMickey and Friends NFT CollectionCommon13,928
C-3PODisney+ Golden MomentsCommon12,333
Donald Duck and Daisy DuckDisney+ Golden MomentsCommon13,333
ElsaDisney+ Golden MomentsCommon12,333
Iron ManDisney+ Golden MomentsCommon12,333
Homer & BartDisney+ Golden MomentsCommon12,333
Timon and PumbaaDisney+ Golden MomentsCommon13,333
Winnie the Pooh and PigletDisney+ Golden MomentsCommon13,333
Queen of Hearts: Not ImpressedDisney Villains CollectionUncommon9,999
A Happy WhistleThe Mickey Mouse NFT CollectionUncommon13,928
Focus, Please!Mickey and Friends NFT CollectionUncommon13,928
Donald DuckMickey and Friends NFT CollectionUncommon9,999
Cogsworth and LumiereDisney+ Golden MomentsUncommon10,333
WALL.EDisney+ Golden MomentsUncommon10,333
R2-D2Disney+ Golden MomentsUncommon8,333
The Queen: Want a Bite?Disney Villains CollectionRare8,888
Daisy DuckMickey and Friends NFT CollectionRare8,888
Avengers LogoDisney+ Golden MomentsRare6,333
Flounder and SebastianDisney+ Golden MomentsRare8,333
Lady and the TrampDisney+ Golden MomentsRare7,777
SkateboardDisney+ Golden MomentsRare6,333
Pizza Planet TruckDisney+ Golden MomentsRare6,333
Mickey Sorcerer’s HatDisney+ Golden MomentsRare6,333
All Together, Now!The Mickey Mouse NFT CollectionUltra Rare6,928
The FinaleMickey and Friends NFT CollectionUltra Rare6,928
Jafar: Feeling Like RoyaltyDisney Villains CollectionUltra Rare6,666
Chip n’ DaleDisney+ Golden MomentsUltra Rare6,333
PlutoMickey and Friends NFT CollectionUltra Rare6,666
Partners StatueDisney+ Golden MomentsUltra Rare4,333
GoofyMickey and Friends NFT CollectionSecret Rare4,444

What Are Disney Golden Moments?

Disney Golden Moments is a Disney NFT collection dropped on Veve in November 2021, featuring golden statues of iconic characters from some of the biggest movies on the Disney roster, including Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar.


Disney, the 98-year company that has enjoyed an illustrious history in entertainment and commanded commercial success has taken big moves in the NFT space, aspiring to dominate the digital and NFT categories!

If you want to own a piece of The Walt Disney Company, in this article, we have discussed where when, and how can you buy Disney NFTs on the Veve app.

Whether you’re collecting or investing in the Walt Disney NFT collection on Veve, always collect what you love! We wish you good luck in your search and hope you get what you’re looking for, at a fair price.

Again, if you find this post inspiring and useful, share it with your friends, please! (Virtual high fives and hugs to all my sharers out there)

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