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What if you could learn all the secrets of this relatively brand new business model? Wouldn’t that give you a fair advantage over your competitors? Introducing the eComDimes; the best drop servicing course around!

eComDimes Drop Servicing Blueprint is the only blueprint you’ll need to start a viable and profitable drop servicing business! eComDimes is not a single course; it’s a course library that breaks down the drop servicing business model into 8 different courses with a one-time affordable subscription!

In this article, I’m going to share with you the number one drop servicing course on the whole web at the moment and show you exactly how it can give you a head start in your online business.

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And now, let’s just dive in…

Why Do You Need A Drop Servicing Course?

No matter what business model you’re considering getting involved into, you should have a clear vision of how it exactly works and what overheads does it require!

There are a bunch of free materials and information on the web, couldn’t argue on that… but sometimes, it may harm more than it can benefit you!

I mean, you could watch YouTube videos and read blogs for an eternity, but this will just leave you overwhelmed and not sure what action to take next!

This is normal because first, you haven’t consumed the information in order and the second reason is that your brain is dealing with free information!

And this is the phycological effect behind committing to a paid course. No matter how much it costs, your brain will get into the learning phase and be incentivized to take action and implement!

This commitment is because you’ve paid money, you’ve exchanged your cash for that specific value and product!

In addition to all of that, a great professional course like this one will break down the entire process for you into sweet little actionable steps that you can start implementing and feel accomplished right away!

This course will walk you through the exact process of starting a profitable online drop servicing business from scratch, and will give you all the tools and resources you may need to succeed and hopefully, someday become a full time drop servicer!

The eComDimes Drop Servicing Blueprint

As mentioned earlier, the eComDimes blueprint is the ultimate resource for people who are looking forward to starting a drop servicing business they are proud to own and promote!

It consists of 8 courses that can literally take you from a complete beginner to an expert in a matter of weeks, or even days.. depending on your effort and pace.

drop servicing course

What’s Taught In The eComDimes Blueprint?

You’ll find tremendous value inside of the eComDimes… and if you’re eager to make this work for you, it will help you stand out of your competitors and succeed!

Below is a brief of what’s exactly taught in the eComDimes ultimate blueprint:

1. Understanding The Fundamentals – Before diving into any business opportunity, it would be great to understand how things work flawlessly together! In eComDimes, we start by defining drop servicing, how it exactly works, and what makes it a great business model for beginners and experts alike!

2. Structuring Your Business – In this foundational course, you will learn how to structure your business and build your brand identity. It starts by outlining what to consider when picking your niche, along with a list of the most rewarding drop servicing niches. You will also learn how to pick a name for your brand and the characteristics of a good online store! 

3. Creating Your Storefront –  Clickfunnels and Shopify are great “store-front” technologies, but there’s still work to set up your eCommerce store from scratch. You’ll be able to shortcut this process to get your store up and running in a flash. You’ll learn clever hacks to build maximum profit into the store while you’re setting things up.

4. Finding Trustworthy Freelancers – In this phase, you’ll learn how to start seeking priceless partnerships with professional freelancers to be able to get your business to success by leveraging and selling their skills to your audience. Here you will learn the best tips & activities for picking the right freelancers, and where you can actually find them on the web!

5. Developing E.A.T – This course contains actionable steps and instructions that you need to follow in order to establish E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) for your business. The secret sauce that I have for you in this course is the step-by-step of exactly how to do it.

6. Exponentially Grow With Email Marketing – In this course, you will learn exactly how to leverage the power of email marketing to boost your business to the maximum level! Email marketing is here to stay. More than half of the global population now uses email, 3.9 billion users, so getting involved in it is a no-brainer!

7. Finding Clients & Generating Traffic – After all, the better that you understand the psychology of why, how, and when someone buys from you… the better you’ll be able to sell! In this course, you’re going to learn the important differences between a customer’s journey and a sales funnel, and the various ways of generating targeted traffic and clients!

8. Having The Success Mindset In Place – The mind is just like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand. Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it. This course aims to show you the power of your mind and give you that inspirational effect on your practical life that will take you and your business to the maximum levels!

What’s Unique About eComDimes?

Most programs only cover basic concepts without giving you the exact proven strategies, methods, and tactics that actually work. In those programs you get these theoretical concepts and some methods that don’t really work.

This happens because most gurus teach you programs without personally doing what they preach.

I have done this and am doing this over and over again, so you will be getting the cutting edge knowledge based on where I’am currently at in my real life dropservicing businesses.

I am not holding anything back and you will see absolutely everything. As this is a relatively brand new business model, it’s best to start now, solidify your position, and be a first mover.

How Much Does eComDimes Drop Servicing Course Cost?

eComDimes is currently on a sale of $297 (instead of $597) to help the maximum number of people get on-board!

Are you ready to ride the trend in its early beginnings before it’s too saturated?


People fall under two main categories online; those who want free information and are never ever going to take action… Also called freeloaders!

And those who have the success mindset and are really willing to put in the hard work and invest today and claim the rewards tomorrow…

If you’re counted on the latter list and truly want to succeed in the eCommerce world, drop servicing particularly, then you would need a game plan, a road map to break down the whole process for you and make it easier for you to take action and start achieving!

If you really want to succeed online, or actually in anything in life, it’s great to go learn from those who already have what you want…

eComDimes will equip you with all the tools, resources and secret nuggets you need to succeed in drop servicing and hopefully someday become a full-time drop servicer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free drop servicing course out there?

A lot have been asking me for a free drop servicing course. Unfortunately there is not any at the moment as it’s a relatively brand new business model, but we at eComDimes are working on one for those who are not ready to commit to the eComDimes ultimate drop servicing blueprint yet!

What does it cost to get started with drop servicing?

The cost really varies depending on the platform you end up using! For Shopify, you should be prepared for at least $29/month, while on WordPress something around $90/year if you go with Bluehost. Ultimately, sales funnels is the costliest approach here ($97/month) but companies like Clickfunnels have everything you need to take your business to the highest levels!

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