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So, are you looking forward to trying Shopify before committing to an active monthly plan? Here’s what happens after Shopify free trial.

Shopify free trial allows you to get familiar with the platform and run some test orders. However, you can’t receive actual orders unless you pick a paid plan. If you don’t select a paid plan during or after the trial ends, your account will instantly be paused, and no action is required to cancel your Shopify account.

Shopify is not only an easy way to launch and run your online business, but it’s also geared towards supporting entrepreneurs in crucial aspects, like taking care of the technical hassles or customer support.

Shopify is the leading eCommerce company and is now home to over 1 million business owners around the globe.

So, if you find this inspiring and helpful, don’t keep it to yourself! And now, let’s get straight into it.

How Long Is Shopify Free Trial?

You may be wondering how long does Shopify free trial last, and this is a fair question when starting out selling online with Shopify.

Those were the days when Shopify free trial used to be 30, 45, or even 60 days.

Nowadays, Shopify’s free trial is 14-day long, and in some cases, they may extend it a couple of days if you reach out to their support team and request this.

What Is Included In Shopify Free Trial?

If you want to try Shopify without committing to an active monthly plan, then you can sign up for a free 14-day trial, and it starts when you first sign up, not when you start working on your online storefront.

Shopify offers cool features, and its innovative drag-and-drop dashboard allows you to create and manage a professional online store.

To get the most out of your Shopify free trial, you first need to understand what you’re allowed to do.

Here are some things that can be achieved during your Shopify free trial:

  • Create a store – Once you sign up for a free trial on Shopify, you’re allowed to create and design an online store you’re proud to own and promote.
  • Customize the design & layout – You can also edit and customize the layout of your website, navigations, colors, and everything related to the appearance of the site.
  • Add a domain name – Adding a unique domain is something you can also do instead of having your website hosted on the shopify.com as a subdomain.
  • Set up your payments – This is how you get paid. From various payment gateways available, you can choose what works for you and your location.
  • Add products – During your free trial, you can start importing and adding products, and make sure they display correctly on your online store.
  • Create collections – Collections are just great for categorizing your products into different buckets for navigation purposes, and it makes your website looks professional.
  • App store access – Shopify’s app store has some cool free and paid apps that’re meant to make your business run smoother. You get the chance to try out apps as well as most paid apps offer free trials as well.
  • Shopify theme store – This is where you can find a suitable garment for your online storefront to make it look nice-looking and inviting.
  • Get familiar with the Shopify dashboard – The best thing about Shopify’s free trial is that you’ll get the chance to try out this fascinating website builder and get familiar with all that it offers.
  • And much more than this…

In short, with the Shopify free trial, you will get the chance to start a complete online store from scratch, and have it up and running before even the trial ends.


Shopify Free Trial Limitations

Although the Shopify free trial is beneficial for starting an online store and getting familiar with the platform, you are limited to structuring and designing your website and getting ready for real orders.

I’ve previously explained what can be achieved with Shopify free trial. So, it’s mainly designed to give you the chance to experience

So, can you make money with Shopify free trial?

No! In order to start receiving orders and capturing payments, you would need to pick a paid subscription plan.

However, this 14-day can be beneficial for preparing your site for real customers and makes it possible for you to start receiving orders and getting profitable Concurrently with paying for a paid subscription plan.

How To Cancel Shopify Free Trial

If you don’t pick a paid plan after your free trial ends, your account will be paused automatically, with no further action needed from you!

It will remain the same as you’ve left it but locked. Any time you decide to pick a paid subscription package, you will access your account again and your work is not lost!

What Happens After Shopify Free Trial?

Even if you pick a paid plan during the free trial (before it ends), you won’t be charged unless your free trial ends.

However, if you don’t pick a paid plan at the end of your trial, your account will be paused and you won’t be able to continue working on it unless you pick a paid subscription plan.

So, it’s only you who decides whether you want to continue with the platform after the trial or not.

The best practice is to jump on the platform and test its waters. If you find that this is something for you, you can pay for an affordable monthly plan and keep going and learning.

And if you don’t feel that this is for you, just simply don’t pick a paid plan, and after the trial ends, your account will be kinda closed!

How Much Is Shopify After The Free Trial?

So, you’ve tried Shopify, consumed the free trial, and looking to keep going with the platform, huh?

At this point, it would be great to learn more about the different subscription plans that Shopify has.

In short, Shopify has 3 main plans; Basic, Shopify, and Advanced.

Credit Card Rates2.9% + 30¢ USD2.6% + 30¢ USD2.4% + 30¢ USD
Staff Accounts2515
Shipping Discountsup to 64%up to 72%up to 74%

Want to learn more about the Shopify pricing guide? You can check it out here.


Shopify is a great eCommerce company that has everything you need to start selling online, anywhere!

And if you’re looking forward to trying this cool platform before committing to an active monthly plan, Shopify 14-day free trial could be a great deal!

Shopify’s free trial allows you to test and try the entire platform without even providing your credit card information.

This trial is more than enough to get you familiar with the process and put the experience of selling online into action.

However, if you decide to continue with the platform, and to be able to receive actual orders, you would need to pick a paid subscription plan.

Ultimately, grab your free trial here, and see what it looks like from the inside. Ideally, if you find that this is for you, continue and pick a paid plan.

I know how intimidating it can be when considering starting an online venture! So, if you’re a complete beginner who’s looking forward to starting an online business on Shopify, I’ve created a FREE Shopify dropshipping course to help you get started!

This free 8-video course is a good start for dipping your toe in the industry. Remember, it’s free, there’s nothing to lose!

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