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Affiliate marketing is a rewarding business model that has various models and approaches. One of the many unheard-of approaches is called typosquatting or typo domain affiliate marketing.

And chances are, by landing on this page, you are likely interested in learning how to make money online with typo domain affiliate marketing and whether or not it’s a legal online activity.

In today’s article, we are going to be discussing all that you may need to know about this uncommon affiliate marketing tactic to help you potentially increase your online affiliate earnings in no time!

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Disclaimer: This article doesn’t represent any of my personal opinions about typo domain affiliate marketing. Nothing in this article is financial advice and you should do your own due diligence!

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What is Typosquatting?

Typosquatting is a sneaky marketing tactic in which online users register intentionally misspelled domain name variations of the actual company’s trademark to potentially divert a portion of the lost traffic from typos to their own website addresses. For instance, some typo domain examples of Google.com would be Googel, Gogle, and Toogle.

Is Typo Domain Affiliate Marketing Legit?

Yes, typo domain affiliate marketing is legit and it remains a lawful business activity as long as you refrain from tampering with copyrighted and brandable domain names. On the other hand, from a perspective focused on popular brands and trademarks, the act of registering a typo domain variation of their primary domain with the intention of stealing a portion of their traffic is considered an unlawful activity.

Can you Make Money With Typo Domain Affiliate Marketing?

Although making money with typo domains is possible, choosing the right domain can either make or break the game for you. Picking a low-traffic domain name would be a complete waste of time while brandable domains can get you into some serious trouble. In other words, when using typo domains for affiliate marketing, it’s essential to consider legal and ethical implications, as well as potential trademark violations.

Some Real-Life Typo Domain Examples

Enough talking, let’s dive into some real-life examples of real typo domains and see how much traffic and revenue they are generating: 

1. ChatGBT.com

ChatGBT typo domain - misspelled domain of ChatGPT

ChatGBT is a misspelled and incorrect website address of OpenAI’s popular large language model called ChatGPT. It’s called “Search Arbitrage”, and these free boxes are essentially adverts from advertising networks like Tonic. 

These adverts are probably making the site owner up to $2 on average (depending on the keyword) on each click of those text ads.

According to SimilarWeb, this web page is getting around 25,400 visits a month with a bounce rate of 60%. In other words, 40% of the total visitors are actually clicking on these adverts and going through the advertisers’ websites!

ChatGBT typo domain SimilarWeb results

By running the numbers and doing simple math, here’s how much this site owner might be approximately making every single month:

Total visitors per month: 25,400 (might be higher in reality)

Click-Through Rate (CTR): With a bounce rate of 60%, around 40% (10,160 visitors) are actually clicking on the ads.

Conversion Rates: The site owner makes $2 (conservatively) per click, times 10,160 every single month.

So, the least the one behind the ChatGBT typo domain might be making is $20,320 per month, and this number can be a bit lower or a bit higher as the amount earned per click can pretty much vary based on the keyword search volume and competition! 

2. Wordle.com

This is a typo domain for the popular Wordle web-based game by Josh Wardle that went viral, and it’s not owned by the original company.

As far as I’m aware, it was bought by a newspaper so it’s probably copyrighted now, but just to give you an idea of the potential, let’s just break the numbers again:

Total visitors per month: 547,000 (might be higher in reality)

Click-Through Rate (CTR): With a bounce rate of 68%, around 32% (175,040 visitors) are actually clicking on the ads.

Conversion Rates: The site owner makes $1.5 (conservatively) per click, times 175,040 every single month!

So, the least the one behind the ChatGBT typo domain might be making is $262,560 per month, and again, any additional traffic can yield more revenue from that particular domain URL.

How Can You Find Typosquatting Domain Opportunities?

Here is the exact step-by-step process you need to follow to find typosquatted domain opportunities:

Step 1: Find Out What People Are Searching For

Conducting thorough keyword research is essential as it allows you to find out what people are actually searching for on Google which can potentially lead you to some domain name typos or typosquatted domains. While free tools can come in handy when doing keyword research, they might be limited and won’t give you accurate metrics and numbers.

Therefore, the tool that I like using for this type of keyword research is called SurferSEO, and it allows you to discover dozens of relevant topic clusters based on your primary keyword. You can also use tools like Ahrefs, Moz, SemRush, or any other preferred keyword research tool.

Step 2: Create a Domain Prospects Sheet

Using a keyword research tool like SurferSEO won’t only help you figure out what people are actually searching for on Google, but also what domains they are heading to as well.

Chances are, upon your research, you will find an unlimited number of domains that can be valid for this strategy and respect our criteria. However, finding the perfect domain can either make or break this affiliate marketing campaign.

What I normally like to do is create a Google Sheet and just start listing all the domain ideas that I generate based on specific keywords that people are searching on the internet. For example, based on my research, one of the most searched keywords on Google is “pornhub”, which means that many people are visiting the actual website associated with that keyword.

Step 3: Use a Domain Name Typo Generator

After creating your list of original domains, you can simply head to a totally free domain name typo generator to get a list of common domain name typos and misspellings for the root domain entered. The accuracy of the results is influenced by both a database of frequently occurring spelling errors and typos, as well as the character proximity on a QWERTY keyboard.

For instance, if we search for domain typo opportunities for SurferSEO, here are the results that we will get:

Domain name typo generator - Misspelled domains for SurferSEO

What I like to do is copy and paste all the results I get into a new column on the same Google Sheet we created in the first place, and here’s where the next step comes into play.

Step 4: Check the Availability of Typo Domains

What you need to do next is check the availability of those typo domain results and keep a record of this on your sheet as well along with the prices. This can be achieved through various domain name registrars like Namecheap, which is the best domain registrar that I personally use for buying all of my domains. 

Another great domain registrar called GoDaddy offers a bulk domain search tool that will help you check the availability of multiple domain names at once, which can save you a lot of time if you’re going to research a lot of original domains.

So, by the time you finish this very well research, you will end up with a Google Sheet that contains top-level domains, typo domain examples that are sorted by availability, and a clear price for each. After finding an available typo domain that you wish to proceed with, you can acquire it through various domain name registrars and host it on your most preferred web hosting service. The hosting provider that I usually prefer to use is called Hostinger.

This process might seem time-consuming but will definitely pay off when you find the perfect domains for affiliate marketing.

7 Ways People Use Typo Domains to Make Money Online

Here’s a brief overview of 7 ways people leverage typo domains to generate passive income online:

1. Search Arbitrage

This is the most straightforward method leveraged by typo domain site owners. It’s the simplest set-and-leave solution that pays big bucks on autopilot. One great advertising network that will help you get these search adverts up and running in no time is called Tonic.

Tonic offers you the proper tooling to efficiently monetize your native, social, search, display, and direct website traffic with the world’s largest search feed. Tonic’s trick to achieve the highest possible conversion rates for your traffic is double-checking every user’s interest by confirming it twice.

2. Direct Affiliate Links

Typo domain direct linking is the act of redirecting people to the affiliate offer associated with the original typosquatted domain. An example of this would be registering the typo domain Jasber.ai and redirecting people to Jasper’s affiliate program. 

I don’t personally use or recommend this method for several reasons. One is that big brands are most of the time copyrighted and messing with them will get your feet into hot water, and second, they won’t be happy to pay affiliate commissions for traffic that was intended to be theirs anyway, so it’s just a matter of time before they detect this and suspend your payments!

3. Direct Affiliate Links For Different Offers

This involves redirecting the received traffic to another affiliate offer in the same niche. An example of this would be registering the Clickfunnel.com typo domain of the very well-known sales funnel builder called Clickfunnels, and redirecting visitors to a competitor’s affiliate program like Systeme.

Someone who’s looking to visit a funnel builder is probably going to be interested in a different cost-effective solution that offers wider options and features. However, this method tends to have lower counts of conversion events. Again, if you wish to proceed with this method, always remember that it’s essential to consider ethical activities and avoid trademark violations.

4. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Marketing

Cost per acquisition or action is a great marketing avenue that affiliate marketers leverage to bang big bucks in daily passive income. To find CPA offers, you can sign up for affiliate networks like MaxBounty or Zeydoo, and you can make a dollar or two on average for simple actions like downloading an app, providing your phone number, or opting in with your valid email address!

CPA marketing is great and can be easily scaled to $100-$300 a day, and counts of conversion events can pretty much depend on the volume of traffic and offer payout. You just need a solid game plan of how things work. You can get educated about the topic on popular eLearning platforms like Udemy.

5. Push Notifications 

Chances are, you should have probably come across a website that asked you to allow notifications. The cool thing about building a push notifications list is that you can reach out to people who opted in with a click of a button and get your message visible directly in front of their phone screens. I’m also not going to dive deep into this method, but you can also learn more about it from YouTube or Udemy.

6. Email Opt-ins

If you’re not building your mailing list when running an affiliate marketing business, you’re definitely missing out and walking the wrong dark path that can diminish your odds of success. In fact, email marketing accounts for the top percentage of businesses’ total revenue.

A mailing list can be the cornerstone of your affiliate marketing business and your biggest digital asset. Luckily, email marketing tools like GetResponse make the integration with your opt-in forms as seamless as possible, allowing you to collect leads effectively and automate your email follow-up.   

7. Flipping Typo Domains

As you should have probably noticed, people are continuously looking to buy those typo domains to potentially generate passive income through the various methods that we discussed earlier or simply flip for a quick profit. Some domains are selling for thousands of dollars, which can be a great monetization avenue for getting almost an immediate return on your investment in no time.

What is The Best Niche For Doing Typo Domain Affiliate Marketing Without Ever Worrying About Copyrights?

While this marketing strategy can be applied to various niches, the adult industry has emerged as one of the most lucrative sectors for typo domain affiliate marketing, and that’s for multiple reasons. It is a 100s billion-dollar industry with very high demand, accessibility, and attractive affiliate payouts.

On the other hand, most of the time you don’t need to worry about legal breaches as most adult websites are not copyrighted, which presents such a compelling opportunity for affiliate marketers to play it safely. 

Now when it comes to adult niche-specific domain monetization, CPA marketing tends to be the king, and Crakrevenue is the best and most trusted affiliate marketing network for dating, cam, health, CBD, gaming, and even gambling offers.

For example, you can acquire a misspelling of an adult domain and just redirect your traffic to a generic cam website from Crakrevenue and earn up to $3 per SOI (single opt-in). So, it’s not the same offer they were looking for in the first place, but people who are visiting that web page are probably going to be interested in that relevant offer and account for decent affiliate conversions.

The real question is…

How to Find Adult Typo Squatting Domain Opportunities?

What if you could get a huge list of adult websites that get unbelievable amounts of direct traffic and steal a portion of their lost traffic from typos, without ever worrying about copyrights? It sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, thanks to ExoClick; A popular adult advertising network that contains a HUGE database of adult websites. We are not going to run any paid ads here, but it’s just an easy way for us to find these websites in a blank.

First of all, you would need to head over to exoclick.com, sign up for a free account, click on the “Marketplace” tab in the heading menu, and Voila, here you have it all! 

exoclick.com - Adult sites database

So, pointing back to our previous step-by-step process for finding typosquatted domain opportunities, the first 2 steps are pretty much done for you… Now all that you need to do is follow the rest of the steps to find misspelled domain names that you can put your hands on.

After finding a suitable domain name, you can purchase it through the Namecheap (this marketplace offers the best prices in the market) domain name registrar and start monetizing with any of the previously discussed methods right away!

exoclick.com - Adult sites database

As you can see, there are over 100,000 entries, so you’ll never run out of options and domain name ideas. Go through them, do your own research, study your opportunity cost, and just take action.

5 Legit Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing

Here are 5 better alternatives for typo domain affiliate marketing that are proven to get affiliates like you guaranteed results in online passive income:

1. Affiliate Marketing With Pinterest

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is a great visual search engine that can be highly monetized with various affiliate offers across different niches such as DIY, health and fitness, designs, food, online marketing, and a lot more. 

The platform has over 445 million monthly active users and it’s the 14th largest social network in the world according to Hootsuite, which makes it a unique opportunity for individuals to make money with affiliate marketing for free.

You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to start uploading on Pinterest. Canva is an all-in-one graphic design tool that offers dozens of pre-built design templates for all types of documents, visuals, and platforms. Succeeding on Pinterest won’t happen overnight, but it will be time well spent in a few months if you get started today.

Related: Ready to crack the Pinterest code and grow your traffic? Learn how you can optimize your Pinterest profile and generate 30,000 pageviews from Pinterest in your first month. Download the Making Pinterest Possible eBook.

2. Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

Affiliate marketing and blogging are just the perfect avenues for making money online writing and telling stories. If you believe that it’s only a way to earn a modest $10 per day, you’re actually overlooking the tremendous potential of content creation.

In reality, there are bloggers who rack in millions of dollars in online revenue from their blogs, showcasing the substantial earning potential in this field.

however, success in affiliate marketing and blogging is not guaranteed, and it may take months or even years to see significant income. The key is to provide genuine value to your audience and build a loyal following over time.

To get started with content creation, you have multiple options available, some of which are:

  • Starting a blog on open platforms like Medium
  • Starting an AI blog, including design, website, and content
  • Starting a self-hosted blog that gives you more control over your audience and content using hosting providers like Hostinger and Bluehost

Related: Ready to start your first profitable blog? Enroll in this free online course for bloggers and find out how to create, grow, and monetize your first blog!

3. Affiliate Marketing With Google Ads

This is one of the best and most scalable affiliate marketing tactics that if done right, has the potential to make you thousands of dollars on a daily basis in passive affiliate commissions. It’s some sort of a set-and-leave option that once set up, there’s not much that would need to be done or adjusted.

In brief, this strategy involves using marketplaces like Capterra to find software, products, and services that have the following criteria:

  • Have a well-paying affiliate marketing program that pays recurringly
  • Are not running paid ads on Google
  • Allow brand bidding

Although this strategy is really simple, it requires an upfront advertising budget, which can’t be feasible for everyone. So, if you can afford the trial and error phase, I highly recommend you go for it and give this proven technique a shot!

4. Affiliate Marketing on YouTube Without Showing Your Face

One of the trendiest business models today is growing faceless YouTube channels, and by faceless I mean you don’t need to record any videos, show up on a camera, or even record your own voice as all parts of the video creation process can be created using various AI tools and technologies.

To start making money on YouTube anonymously, here’s the exact steps you need to follow:

  • Pick a niche (here are 1000 faceless YouTube channel ideas)
  • Leverage AI keyword research tools like VidIQ to create videos thank rank
  • Start establishing your brand identity using tools like Looka
  • Create compelling video content using AI video creation tools like InVideo and Pictory
  • Create professional images and thumbnails using AI graphic design tools like Canva

If you want to stay ahead of the game and learn how you can make money on YouTube without showing your face, standing in front of a camera, or recording videos at all, check out and claim your free spot in our free training hosted by Matt Par; a young entrepreneur running 12 totally faceless YouTube channels!

faceless cashcow youtube channel training - Learn how to make money on youtube without showing your face

5. Affiliate Marketing on Social Media

Building an audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok for affiliate marketing takes time and dedication. The key is to provide value, establish trust, and maintain a genuine connection with your audience. Using AI digital marketing tools and a well-executed strategy, you can turn your social media presence into a powerful affiliate marketing platform.

You have to keep in mind that building a follower base across various social media platforms won’t give you full control over your audience. So, you need to figure out a way to capture your followers’ data outside the platform. For example, you can place a link in the bio that contains a huge value and incentivize people to claim that totally free resource in exchange for their name or email address.

Always remember that the fraudulent affiliates’ road is a dead end! You should never spam your affiliate links on social media as this is a prohibited activity by all social media networks. Instead, you should be aiming to build trust and connection between you and your audience, and that would be through providing real value. Build trust that can blindly sell your products and services, or even your affiliate offers.

All in all, building a mailing list is the real thing here. The more followers you have, the more leads you can potentially collect and convert into loyal customers, and email marketing will sell for you on autopilot.

Which Affiliate Marketing Strategy is The Most Effective?

Giving away free value in advance tends to be the ultimate way to stand out with affiliate marketing and capture more leads by far. Free value can have different formats including PDFs, cheat sheets, eBooks, mini-courses, calculators, templates, key takeaways, or anything that can add value to your target audience. 

By offering totally free and valuable resources to your audience, you will help them get a problem sorted out in exchange for their name and email address, and then you can use that email address to frequently get in touch with them and promote your relevant products and services. 

This is called email list building, and it requires 3 main elements:

  • A landing page or a sales funnel: This can be a simple page that contains an opt-in form in which people need to fill in their information in order to grab the free resource and receive it via email! Landing page builders like Clickfunnels allow you to create professional opt-in pages even with ZERO coding or technical skills and usually have pre-built templates that you can customize and use.
  • An email autoresponder: An email marketing tool is software that will help you automate your emails based on specific actions and rules that you set. GetResponse is a great beginner-friendly and cost-effective autoresponder that allows you to send automated emails when internet users submit a form, and best of all, it can be easily integrated with your Clickfunnels landing pages with no coding experience.
  • A link tracker: This will be software that will help you track what’s working and what’s simply not. Tracking your impressions, clicks, and conversions is crucial to your affiliate marketing success as it will give you thorough insights on what to focus on and what to avoid, especially when running paid ads! The tracker that I use is called BuildRedirects.

Although affiliate marketing is a very simple and straightforward business model, 95% of people who try to get started with affiliate marketing fail to make any money out of it, and the reasons are either they are hesitant to spend any money or looking to make money online for free, or they are approaching it mistakenly without following a proven gameplan.

Do you want to learn how my friend Anthony has made a million bucks as a Clickfunnels affiliate, and millions of dollars online in his 15 years of business? If so, click to watch the video below to learn how you can get him to teach you everything in a simple step-by-step training and be part of his 8-figure ecosystem and popular affiliate marketing program.

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Affiliate Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to get started with affiliate marketing and earn big bucks in online passive income? Here are the most common questions answered to help you kickstart your affiliate marketing journey and get started fast:

How to start affiliate marketing with no money?

Growing faceless YouTube channels and social media accounts tend to be the most scalable and trendiest way to do affiliate marketing in 2023. This business avenue involves leveraging various AI tools and technologies that can automate 95% of your work and almost do everything on your behalf, be it topic ideation, script writing, video creation, image and voice-over generation, and a lot more.

What are the highest-paying affiliate programs?

Some of the highest-paying affiliate programs are SaaS companies such as Clickfunnels, Udimi, and GetResponse, online training and courses like Super affiliate system and Tube monetization & mastery, private jet leasing companies like Villiers Jets and Oceanscape Yachts, various AI tools like Jasper, Writesonic, Copyai, SurferSEO, and a lot more.

Is affiliate marketing still worth it in 2023 and beyond?

Yes, affiliate marketing is still relevant and worth it in 2023 and the reason is that more than 80% of brands use affiliate marketing programs according to a recent study by Rakuten. The affiliate marketing industry has a market value of $17 billion as of 2023, and it’s projected to be a $28 billion dollar industry by 2027.

Do you need a blog for affiliate marketing?

While having a blog is undoubtedly a valuable asset for affiliate marketing and enhances your online presence, it’s not an absolute necessity for success in affiliate marketing. Owning a blog remains entirely optional and offers you the opportunity to tap into unexplored potential while attracting free organic traffic from different online search engines.

How to do affiliate marketing without a website?

Affiliate marketing websites are great, but some good alternatives would be utilizing social media to build a follower base that can be monetized with various affiliate offers, creating a free blog on Medium, and growing a faceless YouTube channel using various AI tools. Alternatively, you can leverage free sales funnel builders like Systeme to create professional opt-in forms and upgrade your plan as your business grows.

How to do affiliate marketing without showing your face?

There are endless ways you can do affiliate marketing online without showing your face. These include blogging, creating video content for social media platforms and YouTube, recommending your affiliate links in your freelancing gigs, email marketing, selling info products that contain your affiliate links, and a lot more! 

How to do affiliate marketing without a following or an audience?

Email safelist services can give you a boost and get in front of thousands of people who might be interested in your offers with a click of a button. Companies like Herculist and List Joe allow you to advertise to 100,000+ individuals who opted in to receive emails from advertisers like you. Aside from that, you can leverage paid advertising including social media and solo ads to build your list and monetize quickly.

Conclusion – Key Takeaways

  • What is Typosquatting? – It’s a URL hijacking technique in which marketers register misspelled domain variations of other sites to potentially acquire a portion of their lost traffic from typos.
  • Is Typosquatting Legal? – Yes, it is legal but it’s essential to take into consideration legal and ethical implications, as well as potential trademark violations.
  • Can typosquatted domains make you money? – Yes, this sneaky marketing hack can make you a lot of money in online passive income, only if approached correctly, and if you avoid brandable domain names and trademarks.
  • How to find misspelling domain opportunities? – First off, you need to go through deep keyword research to find out what people are actually searching for on Google. After creating a list of prospect domains, you can use free keyword typo tools to find misspelling variations.  
  • How much can you make with typo domains? – The amount of money you should expect to be making will vary based on the domain traffic, keyword competition, niche, and user’s location.
  • Is typo domain affiliate marketing the best avenue for you? – You shouldn’t only rely on it. It’s fine to give it a try and hopefully, you end up landing the perfect domain and making tons of money in passive income, who knows. However, you should be prepared 
  • What’s the best alternative? – While typo domain affiliate marketing can be rewarding in some cases, actively building a mailing list will never fail to boost your overall revenue online and it can be your biggest income-generating digital asset for years to come.

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Thanks for going this far and reading my article all the way through! If you found this post inspiring and useful, share it with your friends, please! (Virtual high fives and hugs to all my sharers out there!)

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