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Have you come across John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System and are thinking of giving it a try? You’ve landed in the right place!

In this article, I’m going to review the Super Affiliate System Pro Training to help you decide whether it’s for you and worth the money or not!

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What Is Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System or (SAS) is the ultimate blueprint to start your home-based affiliate marketing business! It equips entrepreneurs with the needed expertise to become full-time affiliate marketers. This training consists of informational and show me how videos, marketing materials/assets and more!

Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani is an internationally-renowned expert in affiliate marketing. Since (involuntarily) leaving his cushy job in the corporate world, in just a couple of years, he’s gone on to build an empire in the affiliate marketing space, and has created the Super Affiliate System to spread the knowledge!

Is Super Affiliate Network Legit?

The short answer is yes, it is! The Super Affiliate System or network is a legitimate 6-week program that can take you from a complete beginner who knows nothing about affiliate marketing to hopefully more than a full-time affiliate marketer within weeks.

Income Disclaimer: The Super Affiliate System training course has been designed to take you step-by-step through the process that has worked for me and thousands of others. Results will vary upon your efforts! If you commit to doing the work and following the script, you’ll improve your chances of success dramatically.

The fact of the matter, at some point, this is a question that I had to figure out myself “Is the super affiliate system legit?”

I’ve seen John for years on YouTube and I always wanted to jump on his ultimate training the SAS, but I had a lot of questions and hesitations because let’s face it, it’s a $1,000 investment…

One day, I have recommended to my friend Damian (web developer, SEO consultant, and content marketer) a Free Training by Crestani, he’s just got convinced and decided to take the ride!

What you may don’t know about the Super Affiliate System is that you’re allowed to add a spouse or a business partner to participate in the training at no additional cost. So, instead of paying twice, you can both share the same account!

Lucky me… he has given me access as a business partner and I’ve decided to share with you this ultimate super affiliate system review to give you hundred reasons to participate and get the most out of it!

What’s Covered In The Super Affiliate System Training?

The SAS training is not one of those standard online courses that discuss theories only! It’s a real blueprint that assembles all the knowledge, experience, resources, and tools under one roof. Here is what’s covered in the Super Affiliate System in details:

Overall, in this training, you will learn the most needed skill in affiliate marketing, which is the method. The method consists of 3 different parts:

  • People – Those would be people who you’d sell products to. The right affiliate marketing practice is to put the right product in front of the right group of people, at the right time! You’re going to get access to millions of dollars worth of testing, tweaking, and perfecting. No need for guessing!
  • Place – Veteran marketers agree on the idea of capturing leads, by pushing potential customers to a presell-page instead of directing them to the affiliate link directly! In the Super Affiliate System, you will be given an entire library of presell-pages that have generated millions of dollars. 
  • Product – And this is what you’ll be actually selling. Today, there are millions of affiliate products that you can promote but are not all worth your time. John will walk you through the best networks and programs that you can promote, and et guaranteed acceptance to an exclusive listing of the top, highly converting products to sell!

Now, the actual content delivery comes in multiple helpful ways in order to consume the information quicker, easier, and more efficiently! Here are they in more details:

Informational Videos

The course contains 42 informational videos that are recorded by John with his large notepad.

This module, for instance, has 4 different informaational videos.

He does different diagrams and explains different marketing concepts so that, you can hopefully ingrain them in your brain, and start being able to use them and implement them in what’s called the show me how videos!

Show Me How Videos

Those would be videos of John’s computer screen and will literally be taking you and showing you exactly where to click, where to drag and where to drop, how to find things, or how to do things on the internet using the different platforms or networks they are recommending or using!

And those are obviously the show me how videos. By the time you finish watching the informational and show me how videos, you will be tested with a short quiz of 4 simple questions, and be given a mark out of 100%.

You would need to secure at least 75% in each quiz to access the next module!

Worksheets & Quizes

Worksheets and quizes are different from one module to another! Obviously, each module has its own requirements and information.

Worksheets were meant to keep you on track with what you’ve done, spent or achieved in every module as you go along.

Tip: Modules that are marked as favorite will be found under the Account tab – Favorites. More about it in a few!

The solo ads module, for example, has a different worksheet than the social media one. Completing those worksheets is highly recommended and is actually beneficial for your journey!

After completing the worksheet, you would need to go ahead and upload it to each module’s section.

Here’s a screenshot of where you can download and upload the worksheets inside the Super Affiliate System program, and how you can mark modules as a favorite.

One Final Exam

By the time you finish the entire blueprint, there’s one final exam that refreshes your brain for all modules and everything that you’ve gone through and learned!

Marketing Resources & Tools

To start and run a successful affiliate marketing business, you would need to learn some skills. Skills like copywriting, webpages designing, email, and advertising copies, creating professional marketing creatives, and much more!

All of that will be given to you, for free, on a silver plate when you join the Super Affiliate System Pro blueprint

And not only that! In a world in which AI (artificial intelligence) is taking control of everything, staying up-to-date with the ever-changing algorithms is a headache you want to stay away from.

The resources section alone is a real treasure that I myself appreciate, even with years of affiliate marketing experience. He’s literally giving you away all of his swipes, videos, images, targeting data, buyer list which you would be able to use to create professional ads that really work and convert!

More about the program’s resources in the upcoming Super Affiliate System interface tutorial. You don’t want to miss that!

An Eager & Active Community

What’s even better than being part of a community of people that are eager to learn and have the same vision and dreams of yours?

Surrounding yourself with open-minded people that somehow have some of the characteristics that you have, can drastically help you and give you a boost…

Especially with your online game, as uncertainty would be a friend of yours at some levels. You need real humans to validate your ideas or concerns, listen to you, or even help you with something they know about better than you do.

And this is what the SAS community can help you with. It connects you with thousands of other students who are just like you but with different skills, capabilities and knowledge levels, so you can get in direct touch to help or get helped.

More about the program’s community in the upcoming Super Affiliate System interface tutorial. Stay around!

Dedicated Support

The Super Affiliate System is not a regular course, it’s a network, a community that was meant to help you start your very own online business by eliminating all of the guess work!

And as a part of that community, you’re not left in the dark… You have a dedicated senior support that’s knowledgeble to help you with anything you may need.

More about the program’s support in the upcoming Super Affiliate System interface tutorial. Keep scrolling and reading!

Bunch Of Bonuses

For the next few couples of people that sign up, John’s offering FREE BONUSES that cover every base.

Every top-selling super affiliate has access to special resources that give them an unfair competitive advantage over everyone else. Once you join the Super Affiliate System PRO – that means that you do too!

Here is the bonus package that’s included with the SAS membership, which also would be worth $14,580 on the open market today: 

🎁 Fast Action Bonus #1: Proven Strategies & Tactics

In this lifetime training, John shares his years of experience with his students, giving away all of the tried, tested, and perfected traffic strategies. Don’t have money to invest in ads?

No problem! You will learn FREE traffic strategies without spending anything on ads!

🎁 Fast Action Bonus #2: The $10,000 Challenge

After you join the training, if you’re able to make $10,000 with this system, you will get a full refund of your investment. Could it just be any better?

🎁 Fast Action Bonus #3: Extra Login

Once you joined the Super Affiliate System training, you’re allowed to add another user to share the account with and benefit from the training for free. Be it your spouse, business partner, or your friend, it’s your choice!

🎁 Fast Action Bonus #4: Free Advertising Credits

That kind of money is hidden from “regular” people! When John first started with this business, he had started with $100 in free money. He shares with you some resources that give you $1,245 in free ad money.

That’s 13x the amount he started with…

🎁 Fast Action Bonus #5: Buyer Data For AI-Driven Ads

Facebook roughly has 2.8 billion monthly active users… So, trying to work out who’s best to put your product in front of is no walk in the park. 

To avoid that, John’s giving away data so you can upload it to Facebook and let the AI do its magic!

🎁 Fast Action Bonus #6: Free Marketing Materials, Swipes & Asset

Marketing is all about testing, testing, and testing! It’s probably taken John years to figure out the best swipes, marketing copies, and landing pages. Everything he’s known or used is given away for free in this training!

🎁 Fast Action Bonus #7: Student Case Studies

What if you could learn from people just like you who have gone with zero skills, money, and experience to generating tens of thousands a month? You will see their exact ads, pages, and systems they used so you can replicate it for yourself!

🎁 Fast Action Bonus #8: 1-On-1 Call With John Crestani

This is a bonus from John to help you iron out any concerns or confusion you might have, and make your journey as smooth as he possibly can!

Super Affiliate System Interface Tutorial – With Screenshots

By the time you finish reading this tutorial, you will have a clear idea of what the Super Affiliate System is really about. Let’s start from the top right; “Account!”

Super Affiliate System Login

After completing your purchase, you will receive an email that contains your login credentials, which you will use to log in to your SAS account!

Once logged in, you can edit your profile, reset your password, change your email, and change your profile avatar as well.

You can use this link to log in or register to the Super Affiliate System!

In addition to that, under the “Account” tab, you will access to the frequently asked questions about your account or membership.

If you click on “Members”, you will be able to see all of the Super Affiliate System students, including yourself. Modules that are marked as favorites will appear under the “Favorites” section.

Finally, for each module you finish, you will earn an achievement. You can track your achievements by clicking on the “Achievements” section under the “Account” tab!

The Super Affiliate System Support

I have to admit that the Super Affiliate Network has a satisfying but an excellent customer support that’s knowledgeable to solve any issue you may face during your journey.

John has invested in his team and he has a dedicated customer support agent called Lizette that’s trained to help you with any query you may have.

Lizette Sandico
Senior Customer Support

This makes the training more efficient and risk-free especially as a complete beginner, as you would be having a heck ton of questions in your head.

Lizette usually replies back to all queries and emails within 24 hours, and she sometimes gets a lot of support tickets. So, you would need to be patient but rest assured that she can help you with anything you may need!

You can also check the Support Knowledgebase for any query or question you may have before referring to customer support. This will make the process smoother for the both of you!

The Super Affiliate System Community

As part of your membership, you will get access to the exclusive community that John has created for his students only!

In fact, the Super Affiliat System community is one of the most active groups where you will get in direct touch with people with similar visions, interests and plans as yours.

Once you enroll in the training and pay for the membership, (You can join from here if you have not done so yet!) it would be great to read the community guidelines & rules and to introduce yourself to the community!

Also, under the community tab, you’d be able to schedule a 1-on-1 call with Crestani by calling the toll-free number on the page.

Super Affiliate System Resources

This is where it gets fun… If you’ve done digital marketing before, you could tell how much does it take to test, optimize and scale your campaigns to get the optimal results out of your budget!

There are a heck ton of factors that affect your conversion rates. From the targeting, to landing pages, marketing assets and swipes, and everything in between.

In this section, John makes it super easy for you by giving you all the data and resources you may literally need to help you eliminate guessing at all!

  • Targeting Data – Here you will get access to the buyer list of the SAS program in which you can upload to Facebook or Google and let their AI find you similar customers that have the same characteristics with the list!
  • Affiliate Network – Here you will be recommended the top affiliate networks that you can join and earn money promoting listed programs as an affiliate!
  • Presell Pages – To do affiliate marketing properly, you would need to create presell pages to capture leads. Luckily, you don’t need to do anything as John provides over 15 successful landing pages that you can copy either manually through your host or through Clickfunnels!
  • Other Recommended Vendors – Here you will be recommended the top email marketing and web hosting providers along with the best freelance marketplace for finding freelancers to help you with your business!
  • Legal Resources – Disapproved ads are normal. Here you will be given the Facebook and Google Policy Violation letters that you can send to them to put their concerns to rest!
  • Advertising Networks – Digital advertising is not all about Facebook and Google like most people think. In this area, you will be given a list of recommended networks that you can tab into to unleash undiscovered potential!
  • Ad Swipes – Copywriting is one of the most needed skills for selling online. You don’t need to be creative or create your own untested copies… Here you will get access to the top performing swipes for Facebook, Google, YouTube and Email!


The Vision Board

Here’s where John shares a video in which he teaches his students how to create a vision board, and what a vision board actually is.

At the end of this 46-min video, John is going over an exercise to help you create one yourself!

This is fun and it will help you much, not only in your business but in your life in general and in organizing everything that’s in your head!

Your Wish Is My Comand

This is one of the most powerful audio courses that you’ll ever hear!

These audiotapes are some of the most powerful material I have ever listened to in my life.

Kevin Trudeau goes over principles of wealth that, very similar to ‘Think & Grow Rich’, are timeless.

Go through this as many times as you can, until the knowledge from these tapes is embedded into your brain. I have listened to these tapes all the way through a dozen times or more…

I hope they can have the same effect on you.


With the Super Affiliate System, you will keep learning new stuff continuously as John hosts FREE training on a weekly basis.

Most publishers or business creators just create a bunch of videos, wrap it up and call it a course… This is not John’s approach and vision.

He over-delivers with everything he provides on this training, and it’s already obvious from the screenshots that I’ve already shared with you. But trust me, you will find a tremendous value when you’re inside of the blueprint yourself!

You will get notified on a weekly basis via email to attend the free training, and in case you missed it, you will be able to listen to it later by heading to the “Events” tab whereby you get access to all of the previous weekly webinars – Q&A + Training archive!

I’ve screen-recorded a quick video for you to show you the tremendous value shared on this network since 2019!

Want to get access to all of the above recordings and training archive plus a $4,000 OFF on the entire SAS membership? Click here to secure your spot!


Here’s where you will get access to the actual Super Affiliate System training that consists of 14 different modules that have been previously in-depth discussed!

  • Welcome Module: Getting Started in the SAS Course
  • Module 1: Affiliate Networks and Finding Your Niche
  • Module 2: The Necessity of a Sales Funnel & Setting Up Pre-sell Pages
  • Module 3: Using Solo Ads to Drive Traffic
  • Module 4: Using Google Ads to Drive Traffic
  • Module 5: Using YouTube to Drive Traffic
  • Module 6: Using Social Media Ads to Drive Traffic
  • Module 7: Skill #1: Research for Effective Ads and Sales Pages
  • Module 8: Skill #2: Great Copywriting – the Key to Creating Great Ads and Effective Pre-sell Pages
  • Module 9: Skill #3: Data Analysis – Using Analytics and Split Testing to Make Sure You Do What Works
  • Module 10: Planning Your Strategy to Make the Super-Affiliate System Work for You
  • Module 11: Accelerating Your Outcomes
  • Module 12: Troubleshooting Lack of Results
  • Module 13: Scaling Your Business and Accelerating Your Capital
  • Module 14: Wrap Up and Next Steps

Again, to sum things up, this section contains 42 informational videos, 34 show me how videos, 10 handouts/worksheets, 14 quizzes, and one final exam!

How Much Is The Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System Pro Blueprint is for $4,997, but currently on a special discount for $997 ONLY!

The offer is available for a limited time, so it’s best to get advantage of it while the bonuses are all still available…

But, what if you cannot afford the $997 investment and still want to grab this offer and all of the bonuses included?

John offers you another paying option which is just 1 easy payment of $397 today, and then 2 final payments of $397, 30 days apart!

Yes, this is a viable option for me! Get me instant access now for $397 only!

Is The Super Affiliate System Worth The Money?

The Super Affiliate System is a complete business opportunity with all the tools, resources, and strategies needed to start your very own online business and literally change your lifestyle for the best!

What you don’t know about money is that it has no value… It’s a medium of exchange and the real value is in what you exchange your money for.

So, if you decide to exchange a thousand bucks for this ultimate blueprint, it’s an investment that’s absolutely worth it because it leaves no room for guessing. It’s a shortcut to John’s years of failure, experience, and knowledge!

Inside the training, you will get access to a list of websites and networks that are giving away free advertising credits, and those free credits only exceed the $1,000 mark.

It also gives you access to marketing tools, swipes and assets that would cost thousands of dollars in up-front investments!

In short, the SAS blueprint is more than worth it and John over delivers in this training… The 14 modules, support, community, resources and all of the free marketing materials are all worth more than $1,000 each!

But what makes it an irresistible offer is the refund policy and money-back guarantee terms it has!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Don’t you have any prior experience? No problem… Super Affiiate System training teaches you how to create your very own online business without an expensive software or any prior experience.

John is so confident that you will love his blueprint and he’s offering a full REFUND if you succeed or even if you don’t!

Here’s how…

The SAS training literally gives you everything you need to succeed online. John and the team leave no room for failure unless you want to fail and don’t want to take it seriously!

The Super Affiliate System is backed up with a full refund and 100% money-back guarantee policy within 30 days of joining the community.

They’ll work with you until you succeed. And if that doesn’t work out? They’ll give you back your FULL Investment no questions asked. 

But, how can you get a refund if you succeed?

The training comes along with a bunch of valuable bonuses, but the very first bonus is about getting back your full investment if you make your first $10,000 with the system!

This bonus is valid if you take action right away, so, there’s literally nothing to lose. It’s literally an investment… that’s totally worth it!

Who Is John Crestani’s Course For?

John’s Super Affiliate System training has resources, freebies, and information for people at every level! However, it’s mostly ideal for complete beginners who are completely new to affiliate marketing!

The reason being is that John starts by breaking down the entire process and business model into sweet little chunks that are easy to understand and implement right away.

He’s literally giving away his top-performing swipes, ads, and presell pages that he has been using for years so you can simply copy to achieve the desired results!

Frankly, the course also works for people who are already into affiliate marketing and have some experience, and I myself could just be a great example.

Humbly, I consider myself an intermediate affiliate marketer and I have already made thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions before participating in the SAS training.

I could tell that it was a great experience and it opened my eyes to things I wish I had known when I first started in affiliate marketing.

In short, the more experienced you are in affiliate marketing, the more likely you would appreciate the given swipes, marketing materials and resources!

The Super Affiliate Program Pros & Cons

Like any other opportunity or stuff in the world, the Super Affiliate System has its own pros & cons. Let’s take it in short:

Super Affiliate System Pros:

  • Beginner-Friendly – You don’t have prior experience and you’re totally new to affiliate marketing, hum? You ain’t a tech guy and it’s the very first opportunity you get exposed to? You’re lucky… This system is just best for you!
  • Dedicated Customer Support – No matter what question or query you may have, Lizette (Senior customer support) has got you covered!
  • Authoritative Instructor – John has been featured on news outlets like Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, CBS, Fox News & Entrepreneur!
  • No overwhelming Information – John leaves no room for guessing. Inside the SAS training, all the information you’re exposed to is broken into serial steps. With 14 different modules, Crestani breaks down the entire business model for you from A-Z.
  • Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews – With this system, the sky isn’t the limit – The Starts Are! John has thousands of students all over the world, at all ages, and from all walks of life seeing real results with his system!
  • A Heck Ton Of Bonuses – To give you an unfair competitive advantage over any other program, John is giving away a lot of bonuses! The bonus package on offer today would be worth $14,580 on the open market. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee – They’ll work with you until you succeed with this blueprint, and even if that doesn’t work out, they’ll give you back your FULL Investment no questions asked! No risk at all…
  • Continous Updates & Upgrades – The system keeps getting updated and upgraded to keep you in the right alignment with the ever-changing advertising networks and algorithms!
  • Generous Affiliate Program – The Super Affiliate System is one of the most generous affiliate programs in the market. This means that you can recommend it to your friends or family, and if someone ends up purchasing through your links, you will get compensated a 50%!

Super Affiliate System Cons:

  • Ideal For Complete Beginners – It’s obvious that the course focuses on entrepreneurs that are completely new to affiliate marketing as it starts with the basics of the business model and takes it from A-Z. This is not bad at all, but it makes experienced marketers feel like they are getting less value.
  • The Price Is A Bit Expensive – For some people who have a thousand or a couple of thousand dollars to their names, investing in such an opportunity is not a viable option at all. Once I’m inside the training, I could tell that it’s totally worth it! I’m not trying to push you towards taking action and purchasing it, but trust me if you do, it has the potential to drastically change your life, forever!

Super Affiliate System Reviews From Real Students

SAS PRO Has Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews! Past versions of the Super Affiliate System PRO have changed many lives, and it’s just getting better and better!

Here’s SOME of what the Super Affiliate System students have to say:

Is Affiliate Marketing Still Profitable In 2021?

A lot may be wondering today, what will affiliate marketing be like in 2021, or what’s the future of affiliate marketing… So, to make it short and simple, here’s why affiliate marketing is worth it in 2021 and beyond!

According to 99firms, annual affiliate marketing spending was projected to hit the $6.8 billion mark in 2020!

One of the most famous affiliate marketing quotes by Bo Bennet is:

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires!”

Robert Bennet

The affiliate marketing industry statistics show steady growth. In fact, the US affiliate marketing spending increases annually by 10.1% and it’s expected to reach over $7.4 billion by 2021.

It’s never too late to start and it will keep growing and expanding, opening new opportunities for advertisers and affiliates like us every single day!

Related: How A 28-Year-Old Got Fired Then Built A 0K-A-Month Business While Traveling The World

With affiliate marketing, the idea behind creating a passive stream of income has become viable, and today, this business model is among the most popular tactics to drive sales and generate revenue.

This is beneficial for both publishers and advertisers. Marketers don’t need to create their own products, do any selling, closing, or customer support.

On the other hand, the company or the vendor handles all of that, and they only pay for guaranteed results! So, it’s a win-win situation for all parties!

Affiliate marketing is still the most cost-effective frontier of acquiring new customers and clients, as their acquisition cost is fixed and cannot jump beyond that number or percent!

What Are The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs?

Simply put, the highest paying affiliate programs are not only the ones that pay the most commissions but the ones that repeatedly pay you, month after month, even for years to come!

Although selling a high-ticket affiliate program is more beneficial as you will be able to make more commissions with a less volume of sales, you should take into consideration what’s called “MRR“…

In marketing, MRR or monthly recurring revenue is the total predicted revenue that a business can count on receiving every single month, and it’s calculated by multiplying the average revenue per user by the total number of monthly paying users!

This secret is what sets apart affiliate marketing mentors and experts from those amateurs who are just looking forward to making quick bucks here and there.

I’ve recently published a blog post that discusses 17 high-paying affiliate programs that you can promote as an affiliate. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Being said, John’s Super Affiliate System has a unique affiliate program that checks all the boxes we’ve previously mentioned.

Related: How To Master Affiliate Marketing (23 Actionable Tips)

What Is SAS Affiliate Program?

In case you don’t know, the Super Affiliate System training has one of the best and most powerful affiliate programs in the market… It’s a high ticket program ($997), with a very generous commission structure; 50% per sale…

A Screenshot from Clickbank marketplace

That means you only need to get two sales a month to make a full-time income working from home, or anywhere in the world!

That also means, with two sales only, you will get back your full investment, and learn for free!

>>> Learn more about the Super Affiliate System Business Opportunity here.

Super Affiliate System Free Download

What if you’re interested and convinced but cannot commit to a paid training or cannot afford $997 at the moment?

Hooray! The Super Affiliate System Program is just full of surprises…

John offers FREE 2-hour training in which he reveals everything, step-by-step. I believe that it’s a great investment of your time if you want to learn more about John and his ultimate blueprint.

In this free training, John tries to make a profitable native ad campaign live. Actually, he makes $900 in a matter of 40 minutes only! You don’t want to miss out on this free training session as it’s only available for few days!

Conclusion – Super Affiliate System Pro Review

Most programs only cover basic concepts without giving you the exact proven strategies, methods, and tactics that actually work.

In those programs, you get these theoretical concepts and some methods that don’t really work.

This is not the case with the Super Affiliate System Program… John goes above and beyond in his training and gives away all of his strategies, tactics, and valuable resources to help you succeed, leaving no room for failure!

Affiliate marketing is a valid business model and if you’re truly serious about your financial freedom, hit the button below for a 2-hour FREE TRAINING before you purchase!

If you find this post inspiring and useful, share it with your friends, please! (Virtual high fives and awkward hugs to all my sharers out there )

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