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How to start a money-making blog

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In a world in which everyone’s dream is to make passive income online, wouldn’t it be really awesome to build something that makes you over $3717 passively every single month?

Nowadays, entrepreneurs are flocking towards starting an online business, and people have increasingly been asking how to start a money-making blog that generates decent amounts of money. Luckily, HostGator allows you to start a blog from as low as $2.75, with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Luckily, blogging can literally give you this powerful advantage and you can end up making over $3700 a month. Who knows, you may make $10,000 or $20,000 from a blog! Or you may even jump beyond this!

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not trying to say that it’s an overnight success, and it’s not going to be easy.

The reality is that blogging is a very lucrative business opportunity, but the trouble is that most people quit too early!

Because we don’t want our blogs to die and end up being in the sad category, I’ve prepared this outstanding piece of content that discusses 17 reasons why bloggers fail to make any money from their blogs. (Open in a new tab)

Last but not least, before we dive into the actual process of starting a money making blog, I want to point to something very important when it comes to starting a business.

There are tons of ways to make extra money online here and there, but to start a really profitable business with sustainable growth requires much more effort and investing!

Obviously, every new website needs a host. And what makes blogging a low-risk business model is that most hosting providers offer a money-back guarantee.

The average money-back guarantee is 40 days!

Which means that you can literally get your money back (with no questions asked) if you’ve figured out that blogging is not for you in the first 40 days!

The Hosting provider that we recommend our readers to start with as complete beginners is HostGator.

It’s a reliable hosting company that allows you to start your website/blog from as low as $2.75, equivalent to a cup of latte from Starbucks, and they offer a 45-day money-back guarantee!

So, how to start a blog business? This is your ultimate guide as a beginner. Let’s dive in…

Phase 1: Figure out the three W’s

It is the what, who and why. Unless you have answers to those questions, don’t bother taking your next step.

Having a clear vision of what you’ll be doing is crucial when it comes to blogging because it’s a matter of time, and requires a good portion of patience.

Actually, not just blogging! You should be strategic in your steps and approaches in order to succeed in anything in life!

To survive the competition and make actual money with your blog, you have to put in the hard work and wait for things to come into place.

By implementing the right strategies and being strategic in your steps, you’ll leave no room for failure and you’ll definitely make it through!

These questions that you need to answer in the earliest stage of starting a blog:

What do you want to blog about?

Passion is the key element in blogging! And without it, you’ll end up getting bored and giving up on your blog!

That’s why it’s super important to give it enough time to determine your blog niche. Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog to serve a particular niche market!

Essentially, you should start by deciding what you be blogging about because this will determine the type of your blog, your roles, and your blog’s title for sure!

Unless you have a clear vision of your blog’s niche, it would be super hard to know your ideal audience.

The more your blog niche is narrowed down, the easier it would be for you to identify your audience.

If you still don’t have a clear idea of what you’ll be blogging about don’t pick a specific name. Go with a broad name that will allow you to move away from a certain topic later on.

Are you struggling to find the best name for your business? I’ve come up with a list of 27 brand name generators, it will definitely help! (Open in a new tab)

Who do you want to blog for?

Look, bloggers are the heart of the internet, and you’ll have a huge responsibility as a blogger. Being a part of the web requires being precise in your approaches.

People are looking and seeking answers to their questions and queries every single day, so, unless you’ve managed to help people solve a particular problem, your blog will end up being a barren desert.

Because nobody will be interested in visiting it if they don’t find relevant information to their questions and searches. Simple, right?

In fact, one of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers have in common is treating their blog as a diary.

No one cares for what you’ve eaten or what you’ve been at. Owning a blog means creating awesome content in a particular field.

As long as you are providing valuable content, information, and stats, Google will reward you for that effort, and you’ll get a truckload of people who are hungry to read your blog posts…

For me, I’ve created the EcomDimes blog (the website that you’re currently on) with a vision, and I knew exactly who my dream audience is.

I write for people who are struggling with money with a goal to help them worry less about money, get them open to new business opportunities so they can enhance their finances, and live their best life 🙂

Isn’t it a noble goal?

Brainstorm who can benefit from your content, and I’m sure you’ll come up with outstanding ideas and topics!

The Experts Secrets Book will definitely give you a head start. It will help you tell your story, build a tribe, and change the world!

The cool thing about this book that it’s for free and available in all forms (PDF, hard copy, audio, etc…)

To learn more about the Experts Secrets Book and two other books for the great author Russel Brunson, I recommend you check out my other article (Open in a new tab)

Why do you want to start a blog?

People have diverse reasons for starting a blog or wanting to start one.

Some do it out of a passion to connect with the world and share their awesome tips and experiences.

For others, they saw other people are making good money from their blogs and they simply want to do the same.

The reason why you want to start blogging is not of much essence, and there are in fact several reasons why should you consider starting a blog.

But by implementing the right strategies and tactics, and learn from top bloggers and the world’s most successful blogs, you’d end up making some good money, a lot of money if done right!

Now, your next step on how to start a blog and make money is to actually set up your blog the right way using HostGator (The best hosting provider for beginners).

Don’t worry, this is a matter of minutes! Let’s dive into the actual process! 😁

Phase 2: Set up your blog Seamlessly with HostGator

Are you ready to start creating something awesome?! Open “HostGator” in another tab or click the image below and follow along with me!

HostGator Web Hosting

Buy a domain and hosting plan

It’s obvious that every new website needs a host, and this is the exact process that you need to go through in order to have your blog up and running in a matter of minutes.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to start your blogging journey the right way.

So, assuming that you’re following up with me and that we’re on the same page.

To be honest, if you’re just starting out, you need no more than the “Hatchling” Package.

Well, I’m not here to recommend a package over another, but obviously the most benefits are with the business plan, and the longer your package is, the lower your monthly cost is.

After picking a plan, your very next step would be to get a suitable domain name for your blog that would actually represent your brand.

I’ve recently published an article on 27 brand name generators to help you find the right name for your blog.

After setting up your mind on the niche and the name of your blog, it would be easier to purchase a relevant domain name.

A quick note here, a domain name is the, and without it, you’ll have to direct people to a weird-looking temporary URL.

In my case, is the domain name of my blog. I hope that it makes sense for you now.

You can search your preferable domain name within the HostGator page itself, without the need to leave the process.

(In case you already have a domain name, you can simply hit “I already own this domain”, and you’re good to go to the next step!)

After choosing your plan and make sure that everything’s fine, just go ahead and fill your billing information.

Upon getting done with your billing info, you’re asked to pick the additional add-ons. I highly recommend putting a checkmark on SSL certificate and site lock essentials.

If you’ve decided to go with a high plan, just don’t worry about the SSL certificate, it’s included in the package for free.

Your next step would be putting your discount code.

If you’re registering through my co-branded landing page, you’ll instantly get your 60% OFF upon checking out! (No need to place any coupon or promo code :))

The cool thing about HostGator is that they keep running discounts and special offers for the whole year.

As for May 2020, they have a 70% OFF, and when you checkout, your coupon code will instantly be validated.

Finally, click that you agree to the Terms and Conditions, then the big blue Checkout Now Button.

You’ve just purchased your domain and hosting plan. Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of your very own website.

Now, it would be great to surf their dashboard and get familiarized with every tab they have.

Their innovative and easy to use dashboard allows you to do things better without getting overwhelmed.

By the time you successfully finish your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email that contains your login credentials, and this is how does it look like:

You’d use those info to log in to your HostGator’s backend control panel.

And this is how their control panel looks like

It’s obvious that you need to install WordPress now.

Don’t worry, this is a very seamless process with HostGator, just sit back and watch it’s done so you can go and do the same.

You simply go with “Get started with WordPress today” and this will allow you to actually install wordpress on your website.

Unlike other hosting providers, installing WordPress on HostGator just cannot be any easier!

For sure, it’s FREE and with a matter of a minute, you’ll have it installed and done.

You’ll receive a new confirmation email that contains your WordPress credentials.

You fill the info that were recieved in the latest email, and you’re good to go!

Now, while WordPress is being set up for you, it’s good to start seeking a suitable theme that fits your blog and niche.

And this takes us to phase number 2, picking a suitable theme!

And this is your new backend office that allows you to connect with the entire world and provide something valuable to the folks!

Pick an inviting theme

Okay, you’ve started your blog or want to start one soon. Did you know it was that simple?

Before going deep into content and building awesome community, your blog should look like a blog.

And, this can be easily achieved by a professional, inviting, and well-organized theme template that aligns with your blog’s personality.

When it comes to choosing your blog’s theme, you should be picky because not all themes will be a good fit for your niche.

In fact, a theme will represent your brand, therefore it should be professional and inviting because the user experience should be your highest and number 1 priority.

There are countless numbers of themes on the web, but dealing with the wrong ones can cost you your blogging journey.

I’ve previously mentioned in my recent article how picking the wrong theme can drive you to failure, and I’m not exaggerating at all, this is something proven.

A great article by WPbeginner also discusses 9 things you should consider when picking the perfect WordPress theme.

With that being said, below are the best resources for finding the best online creatives and themes:

— My Theme Shop (Open in a new tab)

— Creative Market (Open in a new tab)

— Theme Forest – Envato Market (Open in a new tab)

Most people who are not serious about the user’s experience, end up going with a free theme.

And the fact is that free, cheap, and junky themes are not meant to help you hit your goals.

If you truly want to treat your blog as a real business, you should be strategic in how it looks, and always focus on user experience on your site.

From a reader’s perspective, it would be easier and smoother to skim and surf your blog.

For me, you, my readers are my number1 priority! So, delighting you with a professional and well-looking theme is a no-brainer!

Final Wrap Up: After setting up your blog and purchasing a hosting plan, you should refer back to the previously provided directories and marketplaces and find a suitable blog theme.

After finding a theme that fits your niche and can elegantly represent your brand’s personality, you need to purchase it seperately.

After you purchased the theme, you’ll have access to the downloadable theme in a “.zip” format.

Now, you need to install it on your WordPress account. This is how you can easily do it:

First, you head to your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance section then Theme.

Congratulations! A new fresh-looking theme has been installed! Now, it’s time to introduce it to the world!

In case you’re wondering what theme do I use for my EcomDimes blog (the website you’re currently on), I use the Newspaper theme.

It’s super professional and full of awesome functionalities and features! Buy it from here.

It’s time to introduce it to the world

At this level, you have started your blog and made it look unique and professional.

Now you have the power to reach your voice to all people around the globe, and literally connect with the the entire world!

This is going to be an extraordinary journey, make every step count.

Phase 3: Start producing valuable content

In this phase, you differentiate yourself from others, stand out from the competition, and actually get noticeable by people!

Your sole purpose with your blog should be providing valuable content for your readers and add something to the web.

Image Source: BSO Mutlimedia

If you’re just starting out, forget about making money for a while, and just focus on sincerely providing something unique and valuable to everyone who lands on your webpage.

You have to set a solid plan on what you’ll be covering and writing about because it would be frustrating to spend hours writing just one blog post.

Remember that writing is a gained skill that can be acquired and improved by practice.

You may struggle with your first articles, but the more you write the better you become at it, and the faster!

Do you want to learn how to become more productive in your blog?

If you’re looking forward to learning how to write a blog post 3x faster, these are 11 strategic approaches you should learn (Open in a new tab)

Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging

How to make money blogging for beginners

Many people are wondering how to make money blogging, and the fact is that blogging is a business model that can have over 25 streams of income.

To actually make money from your blog you should put in the hard work, be patient, and understand that this is not an overnight success!

It takes time to build trust and authority, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort!

Monetization opportunities vary from niche to another, but most of the money is earned through affiliate marketing, ads, and selling info/digital products.

Want to learn how to monetize your blog? This article is for you (Open in a new tab)

When you think about it as a business, you will have endless ways to make money from your blog.

However, before start ranking in cash, you have to actually start a blog! This is a risk-free opportunity.

HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, which means that if you find that this is not for you, you can simply request a full refund, and you’ll get your money back with no questions asked!

Types of blogs that make money

Well, I’ve been an online marketer for over 7 years now, and I could tell that most of the money made on the internet is from the health, wealth and relationships niches

There’s a great article by The Balance Small Business that talks about the most popular niches to make money online.

When picking your niche, give it enough time because this will remain with you for years to come.

Also, you should pick a niche that has enough search volume and competition, because competition can be a good indicator too.

Above all, you should be going with a blog niche that works in with your passion, skills, knowledge, capabilities, and interests!

How to start a blog with no money

Free blogging platforms have a lot of limitations when it comes to monetizing your blog, and without having a solid monetization plan, you won’t be able to make money from your blog and scale to the moon.

There are several reasons why you should be going with WordPress, and having your very own website.

Having a unique domain name and a hosting plan gives you more control over things. Unlike platforms like Bloggers, Wix, Medium, or Tumbler, where opportunities are limited!

And they are also limiting in the amount of traffic your blog can receive. 

Unless you are looking forward to blogging as a hobby, don’t bother about paying a dime for a blog.

This post is for people who’re actually looking forward to starting a profitable business that will keep generating income for years.

If you’re serious about your financial situation, you still have the chance to a part of this world.

Be willing to make a small investment, put your feet into it and test its water.

Did you know that some blogs like Dollarsprout, for instance, make over $180,000 a month? YES!

And unfortunately, this can never be achieved on free blogging platforms, not even in dreams!


There are various ways and opportunities for making money online, but what makes blogging a very lucrative opportunity is that it’s low-risky and doesn’t require as much as any other business.

Creating a blog can be a very smart decision in a world where everyone’s dream is to make money passively!

Chances are you’ve read this article or reading the conclusion to have an overall idea of what’s all about.

This article teaches you exactly how to start a money-making blog in a matter of minutes with HostGator.

And when I say exactly I mean a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots for every and each step!

By implementing all steps mentioned in this blog post, you’d have your own unique and well-looking blog up and running, and ready to get introduced to the world.

Last but not least, blogging can be much rewarding but you have to keep in mind that it’s not an overnight success!

It’s definitely worth your investment and effort, and someday everything will just pay off!

What about you, have you started a blog yet or considering starting one soon?

Finally, you, our readers, are so precious to us! And in fact, you’re the reason behind creating this awesome blog! For EcomDimes readers, we’ve grabbed you a $300 OFF voucher for America’s most comfortable mattress. Sleep better and do more! 😊

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