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Spocket Review: How To Find Dropshipping Suppliers From The USA And Europe In 2020

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Spocket is basically an app that is used for dropshipping and can be integrated with Shopify. It’s an online platform designed for dropshipping and acts as a supplier directory that can directly connect you with trustworthy suppliers located in the US and EU.

Spocket is basically an app that used for dropshipping and can be integrated with Shopify. It's an online platform designed for dropshipping and acts as a supplier directory that can directly connect you with trustworthy suppliers located in the US and EU.

After the retail apocalypse phenomenon in 2010 and beyond, the retail industry has been eventually dying because of online sales.

Yes, we agree that shopping in physical stores is still more popular than purchasing products online, the difference here is that online sales are increasing while traditional retail purchases are on a rapid decline

People aren’t shopping the same way they used to. Rather than spending whole afternoons walking around the mall, many people prefer to shop in their pajamas at home. Shopping is getting more transactional.

For sure, there should be reasons that entrepreneurs are flocking towards online business, rather than creating a brick and mortar store.

Dropshipping has proven that it’s a great business model because it has too many different benefits that have made it so popular.

Even if we are in 2022, a lot of people are still doubting that this is a serious business opportunity and that they can build a sustainable income from dropshipping!

The fact is, dropshipping is a legal business and most countries have legalized this business model. In the USA for example, there are some legal requirements to start a dropshipping business, which indicates the seriousness of this business model:

1. You need to comply with the relevant tax laws, especially if you are dropshipping from outside the US.

2. Have a USA reseller permit.

The same goes for the UK. Every dropshipping business must do a VAT registration before start selling to customers.

Many countries have taken action and legalized this business, you need to learn more and familiarize yourself with those policies, to cut down the road on any troubles in the future.

Dropshipping is a serious business but it’s not hard, though it’s not easy!

When things are done right, it can be very rewarding and fruitful.

What Is The Biggest Challenge Of Dropshipping?

Biggest Challenge of Dropshipping

Yes, that’s right! Dealing with unreliable suppliers is a recipe for failure!

Choosing the right suppliers is critical for building brand creditability.

Some suppliers are not verified, trusted or reliable, which will more likely cause errors in the process.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this is a business partnership agreement, you will be having your unique policies on your site, and so if the suppliers fail to deliver as per your guidelines, customers will raise their issues with you.

They don’t know the source, the supplier, they know you!

An unreliable supplier can painfully cost you tons of money, because some may cancel the order and ask you to return their money.

To avoid these obstacles, always try to stick to suppliers with a good rating, feedback and amount of orders, which can be a good indicator of their creditability. Your first priority should be the customer experience in your store.

Dropshipping has been around the 1950s and it was called Mail Order at that time. People used to constantly receive products’ catalogs in their mailboxes at home.

And along the way, a lot of issues have arisen, and a lot of companies have come in as a solution.

Spocket, for example, solved some problems like finding suppliers without taking a charter plane and fly searching for a supplier.

What Is Spocket?

Spocket is basically an app that used for dropshipping and can be integrated with Shopify. It’s an online platform designed for dropshipping and acts as a supplier directory that can directly connect you with trustworthy suppliers located in the US and EU.

Spocket has solved a common issue that’s crucial when it comes to selling online, sourcing products. This tool is very useful for experts and beginners alike.

The way it works is simple. It works with a ton of suppliers, organizes and sort them by category, niche, and region.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you have to be picky and cautious before dealing with any supplier, because choosing the wrong supplier to deal with can truly ruin your business, I promise!

Why you should use Spocket?

If you are really serious about your dropshipping, we highly recommend using Spocket and be prepared to invest a small amount of money.

And, there are many reasons why we do so:

✔️ Spocket organizes and sorts products by supplier, region, and category, which makes it easy for you to source the right product in a particular region in the world.

✔️ They make it non-risky for you to lose any money while testing by providing a free trial.

✔️ It’s easy to manage your suppliers and orders through an innovative panel.

Most people are chasing free stuff, tools, and resources to make money from dropshipping. If you are serious enough about your business you got to invest a tiny amount of money.

Spocket has tons of cool features that can help you build a profitable dropshipping business, but before going in-depth into those features, let’s talk about Aliexpress’s pros and cons from a dropshipper perspective.

The good about Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a common resource where most dropshippers start with. It has a huge diversity of products in all categories and niches.

It also has a very unique infrastructure that is most conducive to dropshipping.

With that being said, most suppliers on Aliexpress dropship, and products’ prices are affordable.

You can find some reliable suppliers on this platform that also have warehouses in the USA and UK.

The bad about Aliexpress

Most products on Aliexpress are coming and shipped from China, that’s why it takes an eternity to ship from China to the USA.

Ideally, most of your clients will be from the English speaking countries, so Aliexpress won’t give you that competitive advantage when it comes to shipping rates and times.

While Spocket on the other hand, can connect you with suppliers from the USA itself, means that when a customer from the USA makes an order, the shipping will be domestic, it won’t take more than 4-7 days, and the shipping rate will also be way less costly than shipping from China.

So, Spocket gives you two competitive advantages over Aliexpress when it comes to shipping times and rates. So, if you are building a brand, you need to keep an eye on all aspects and take advantage of all what’s the internet is offering you today.

What’s also bad about Aliexpress is that you can’t sort products by a specific country. Opposite of Spocket, it organizes products and suppliers for you by locations and particular regions.

On Aliexpress, in order to see a product’s details, you need to individually open the product page, and you can’t even know where the product is coming from.

One last point that I think is worth telling is the quality of products. When you open an online store, it’s not like a brick and mortar store, it’s a totally blind process from a customer’s perspective.

Unlike brick and mortar stores, there is no one that customers can interact with, take their hands while surfing your store and fulfill their questions immediately. So the only way to survive in selling online is to deliver exactly what you promise with, and that’s only can be achieved by picking quality products with high-quality images.

Why images? Because customers simply can’t get the chance to see, touch or feel your product’s quality, so you need to show your product at all angles so that they can build a clear idea of what will they be getting.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unreliable suppliers on Aliexpress, so why would you risk your business dealing with the wrong supplier? It’s not supposed to be a trial and error process.

This is the reason behind Spocket! Pay a small fee, and get access to all reliable and trustworthy suppliers in the USA and UK.

It will help you eliminate the user’s bad experience and strongly compete in the market.

What are Spocket features?


As mentioned earlier in this post, Spocket is an app that has tons of cool and helpful features that can help you build a strong brand.

✔️ It can be integrated easily with Shopify with a very seamless process.

✔️ It allows you to sort products by a specific location or region.

✔️ Wide range of product categories in most niches.

✔️ Innovative dashboard and order management.

✔️ Friendly search engine import list.

✔️ Customer support and help center.

✔️ Pricing hub, global pricing rules.

It can be integrated seamlessly with Shopify

Spocket and Shopify are an extra-ordinary combination for dropshipping. It’s very easy to link your Shopify store to your Spocket account.

In the dashboard, you’ll be able to merge the products that you’ve imported from Spocket with your store, so people can browse these products and make a purchase.

Connecting your store with Spocket is so simple and takes less than a minute. You simply head to “Connect your shop”


After doing so, you’re asked to enter your store’s name, then you’re ready to go!


It allows you to sort products by a specific location or region.

Even if you are a complete beginner, it cannot be any easier to find suppliers in a particular region in the world.

Suppliers on Spocket are not randomly picked. They are all reliable and trustworthy, so rest assured that you’ll be dealing with verified suppliers and quality products.

They also have an awesome function where you can select from where to where you want to ship. For example, if you want to find products from the US and want to ship to the UK, fill those areas so the site will show the only results you’ve asked for.

This is crucial because not all US suppliers are ready to distribute their products to the UK market.

Spocket Dashboard

Wide range of product categories in most niches.

Comparing to Aliexpress, it doesn’t have as much as categories and products as Aliexpress, but they are focusing on quality, not quantity.

Spocket management

This platform is expanding and growing, and I believe that you can find products in most of the niches.

Innovative dashboard and order management.

In this tab, they provide a dashboard where you can mainly control all that’s related to orders.

By clicking to “My orders”, you will see each order with its own status. The paid, unpaid, processed and shipped.

Also, in this section, you’ll be able to see the customer and product info, like the cost of the product which you need to pay for the supplier.

The cool part is that if you have multiple orders from a particular supplier, you can check out and pay the supplier for all the orders at once.

Do you as a merchant want to remind the supplier with a note? This is the place to go!

Spocket Innovative Dashboard

Friendly search engine import list.

It’s important to get the advantage of Google’s free traffic. You can do so by optimizing your site to be capable of it.

Friendly Search Engine Import List

Once importing a product, you are allowed to edit price and description before you publish it to your store.

This is important because when you optimize your site and products for a specific set of keywords, it will help to get noticed in the search results.

Now the difference between the listing price and the retail price is your profit!

Customer support and help center.

Not only they act as a one-stop directory for suppliers, but they are willing to help and give. They have a strong help and customer support center, where you can refer back to, and ask anything you want.

The dashboard is so simple and doesn’t require you to be an expert. Although, if you don’t know how to do something, how to find products, how to connect your store, they provide tons of video tutorials that can help you easily use the platform.

Would you like to get your questions answered by real dropshippers like you? Make sure to join their community, where you’d be able to ask anything you want and someone will answer you based on his experience.

Pricing hub, global pricing rules.

This place where you control your product’s cost, shipping rates, and profits.

If you are selling a bunch of products, it would be a nightmare to manually change each one’s price. The power of this app allows you to edit the price of your whole products at once.

You can set your own profits by setting something called global pricing rules.

You can choose between these rules:

Fixed-price | Percentage | Multiplier

The fixed price rule will allow you to add a fixed price to all products. Let’s say you set a fixed price rule for $10, all of your products will increase by $10.

If you choose the percentage rule by 100%, all prices will automatically double. A product that costs $10 will turn into $20.

And finally, for the multiplier rule, if you choose a multiplier rule by 5, all of your prices will be multiplied by 5. A product that costs $5 becomes $25 automatically.

Spocket Pricing Hub

How to integrate and use Spocket?

1️⃣ Connect your store

Before you can join Spocket and get the advantage of its benefits, it’s obvious that you need to be having a Shopify store

So, if you don’t have a Shopify store yet, click here to secure your 14-day free trial and follow along with me.

You simply head to “connect account” section and click it.

How to integrate Spocket

A small pop-up will then appear, where you’d choose Shopify, and enter the name of your store.

How to use Spocket

2️⃣ Search for products

After integrating your store, it’s good to do what you’re here for, search for products and suppliers.

For sure it will be easier for you if you have a specific niche and product in mind before you start surfing the app.

With the needed filters, Spocket has made it very easy for you to search for products and sort them by region and location.

At this point, it’s good to surf the platform and see how things are organized on it for your better experience.

Spocket Search for product

3️⃣ Set your pricing rules

At this level, you determine what your profits would be, based on what the supplier offers and on the product’s cost.

As I’ve pointed earlier, you’ve got three pricing rules to stick to, fixed-price, percentage and multiplier.

Make sure to create reasonable pricing rules, taking into consideration your monthly expenses and the marketing budget as well.

Set your product list

4️⃣ Edit your products’ description

After importing products from Spocket, you definitely need to change the name of the product and its description.


By heading to “my import list”, you’ll see all the imported products where you can edit before they go live on your store.

You can edit/add tags, add the product to a specific collection, choose a cool name for your product and also change its description.

It’s a very basic and straightforward process, but if in any level you get stuck, don’t hesitate to refer back to their support system, they will gladly help.

5️⃣ Publish products to your store

Congrats, you’ve imported your first product with Spocket at ease! With a single click, it will get published in your store so can people browse it and make a purchase.

Is Spocket for me?

If you are serious enough about your business, yes it’s definitely for you.

Think about it like this, if you want to start a brick and mortar store, you got to invest some money, buy or rent a place and buy an inventory.

It cannot happen without paying an upfront investment, no matter how big it is, but you got to invest money. With dropshipping, it’s way easier to start a profitable business and build a solid brand.

In order to succeed, you need to look professional, and your store needs to look inviting.

With that being said, sourcing products and searching for suppliers is a very very time-consuming process, and they say ” Time is money”, so in my modest opinion, Spocket is a must for all dropshippers.

You don’t need to take a charter plane and fly searching for a supplier, thanks to platforms like Shopify and Spocket!

Get your Shopify free trial and start selling online, anywhere! (Open in a new tab)

Get your Spocket free trial and find quality suppliers/products for your dropshipping business (Open in a new tab)

Spocket Dropshipping

Spocket Pricing

For sure, for all that Spocket is offering, it’s not a free service, it’s a paid one.

Luckily, Spocket does offer a free trial, where you can get the chance to experience and surf the platform without risking your money.

Over 33,000 satisfied dropshippers and entrepreneurs are using Spocket now.

With their reasonable and affordable plans, you can become a part of their community for a better experience for you and your customers.

They have 4 plans, STARTER, PRO, EMPIRE, AND UNICORN. You can start small and upgrade as you go along, and as your business grows.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get lost and risk your business dealing with unreliable suppliers. A supplier is responsible for building a solid brand or completely ruin your business.

With all the digital solutions nowadays, the dropshipping business has become way easier. Companies like Shopify, for example, has given you the ability to build an online storefront from scratch, without any coding experience.

Spocket, on the other hand, has given you the power to connect with trustworthy suppliers without taking a charter plane and fly searching for a supplier.

With all that the digital world is offering today, do you still need to build a store offline?

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Finally, Spocket is a great service that was designed to make finding quality suppliers and products an easy process. They offer a free trial where you get the chance to experience this tool without risking losing any money.

It will definitely help you organize your suppliers by categories and regions, and fulfill orders at ease.

With Spocket, spend less time looking for high-quality products, and put your efforts on the marketing aspects.

Spocket supplier directory

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