How To Find Quality Suppliers For Your Dropshipping Business?




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After getting armed with knowledge around what dropshipping is, and knowing the 7-steps process for starting a dropshipping business, actual products that you will be selling is the next thing you should be going after!

Salehoo is an eCommerce solution that connects dropshippers with 8000+ pre-vetted trustworthy suppliers! Salehoo is an award-winning customer support company that has been featured on Forbes, Inc., CNBC, SUCCESS, and others. With over 2.5 million products to sell online, finding the right supplier for your business has just become easier!

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Traditional Aliexpress dropshipping.

We’ve discussed in previous articles why dropshipping is a perfect way to make money online, without worrying about inventory and shipping.

When starting a dropshipping business, it’s very important to do your research and pick up a niche.

This step is essential because it determines your niche and the type of your products. It’s good to dig the internet for a good opportunity, find a niche that you’re passionate about, know your competitors and see how you are going to position yourself in the market.

This research is very useful to decide what products you wish to sell.

In this article, we are going to review and review only, without being biased towards a particular side.

What is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is a wide marketplace with tons of sellers who are mostly overseas manufacturers, that’s why their prices are very competitive.

It’s a gigantic platform, where you can find products from women’s apparel and accessories to electronics and home decor.

What is Aliexpress dropshipping?

Most of Aliexpress’s sellers work with the dropshipping model, which means that they let you list their product on your store, set your own price.

And, whenever you receive an order and capture the payment, you pay for that product at wholesale price, and Aliexpress seller will handle the packaging, shipping, and delivering the order directly to your customers.

Why would someone buy from your store if they can buy the same products on AliExpress?

When I first got started in dropshipping, Reina, the sweetest girl that I’ve ever known, used to ask me too often: “Why would people buy from you if they can directly buy from Aliexpress”?

An optimal marketing strategy is to put the right product in front of the right group of people who are interested in that sort of category, at the right timing.

Your store should be inviting and professional, the product’s description should reveal a clear idea about the problem that the product solves.

It’s not just about the price.

With that being said, your competitive advantage won’t be the price or the product only, your competitive advantage will be reaching and serving your customers faster and better than your other competitors. So this is the formula:

Marketing, Operation & Support are how you win!

Without marketing, people may not get the chance to find you, evaluate you and buy your products.

Customer experience is a critical element in this process, there should be a problem that a particular product solves.

Emotions majorly control all of our reactions, behaviors, attitudes, and mainly out buying decision, so it’s crucial to focus on the emotion part, through the ad copy, the images, and your theme’s atmosphere.

You can also significantly improve your level of service by quickly answering customer questions and making it a priority to help them fully solve any issues they run into when buying from your store, especially when your competitors provide a lackluster service.

This is the criteria for choosing products from Aliexpress:

ePacket Free Shipping:

Try to focus on reselling products that offer ePacket service, because the majority of products are coming from China, and this is the quickest and most economical option to ship small goods.

No brands:

Stay away from existing brands, because this can limit your choices. Since that you are not a licensed reseller, the risk of using their logo is not worth it.

Save yourself a lot of troubles, and stick to products where a recognizable logo doesn’t matter so much.

4.5+ Rating:

This can indicate positive feedback about the seller, which will result in a low level of errors, and build more trust with the resellers.

300 Orders+:

This can be a good indicator that the seller is reliable and that there’s a competition on this particular product.

Since that someone people do not like competition, for me competition is good, and can give us some stats about the market.

The high amount of orders indicates that the product is selling like crazy, is useful, and that it’s trending.

Try finding low price products with a high margin potential:

Depending on the product I want to resell, I like to stick with purchasing products within a $1-$20 price range.

This gives me more wiggle room around spending marketing dollars to acquire a customer, as these products can be priced at $20-$50 or more.

Communicative, helpful seller:

A good seller will be there to answer all of your questions quickly. If they don’t reply back, this is a big red flag!

Aliexpress provides a variety of products for resellers to sell globally, but there are some issues that you should consider before taking any step towards your dream business.

First of all, we can’t deny the long shipping periods because majorly the items are coming from China, which is not the optimal choice when creating a brand.

Also, there’s a huge percentage of unreliable sellers, which will increase the errors, returns, and refunds, and also the customer bad experience.

Your optimal target market is mainly the English speaking countries, so a great idea would be to find sellers who are trustworthy, and can ship from warehouses in the USA, or the UK.

In that scenario, the product will have better quality, and most importantly will arrive faster.

We’ve talked about Aliexpress, and it’s a huge platform, if we want to talk about it in detail we won’t finish in days.

How to find trustworthy suppliers that ship from English speaking countries?

Your connections with your suppliers and the products you choose to sell can determine your business success or failure.

A good supplier will:

  • have good reviews, rates, and feedback.
  • Have a professional image stock for his products.
  • Always be there and respond to your inquiries.
  • Sell high-quality, low-prices products.
  • Ship to the big markets. (USA, UK, CA, AU, NZ)
  • Have warehouses in one of these countries.
  • Have a flexible return policy.
  • Low-level of errors.

What is Salehoo and why should you use this platform?

It’s a supplier directory, was established in 2005.

SaleHoo is everything you need to organize product and
supplier information in one place. It’s featured on Inc., SUCCESS, FORBES, and others.

It’s a platform that gives you access to 8000+ reliable and trustworthy suppliers, and over 2.5 million products to sell globally. SaleHoo is a powerful research tool, supplier directory, and online community for dropshippers, wholesalers, and e-commerce stores.

What is Salehoo and why should you use this platform?

Here’s how to get the most out of SaleHoo:

SaleHoo Market Research Labs

SaleHoo Market Research Labs

  1. Discover and Compare Profitable Product IdeasSpot hot-selling trends and in-demand products before anyone else does.
  2. Discover which products have the highest profit margins and sell-through rates.
  3. Find lucrative product ideas and low-cost suppliers who stock them.

SaleHoo Supplier Directory

SaleHoo Supplier Directory

Quickly Find Trustworthy Dropshipping and Wholesale Suppliers

  1. Set specific search criteria to quickly filter through over 8,000 local and global suppliers.
  2. Organize supplier details and safely negotiate the lowest cost for your products with no minimum orders.
  3. Get insider deals from suppliers – only available to SaleHoo members.

Smart Seller Training

Smart Seller Training

Get a World-Class Education in Sourcing and Selling Online

  1. Help for beginners with our Ecommerce Glossary, video tutorials, and online selling guides.
  2. Step-by-step training on dropshipping, finding products, choosing suppliers, and more!
  3. Learn from other successful sellers and fast-track your success in our online community.

With SaleHoo Support - You Never Sell Alone!

With SaleHoo Support – You Never Sell Alone!

  1. Access unlimited one-on-one support via phone, email, live chat, and Facebook.
  2. Get help beyond the basics with our tradeshow directory, online store builder, and research concierge service.
  3. Say goodbye to confusing dashboards. SaleHoo is simple, friendly, and easy to use!


This is a SaleHoo review from my perspective. When I first began selling items on eBay, I discovered it was a quick and easy way to make money online.

It wasn’t complicated – buying items for cheap and selling them on eBay for more money made sense! But then I got greedy and started to get burned by scammy suppliers.

I almost gave up on eBay, and I went back to my normal job. That was until one of my friends recommended that I check out SaleHoo. I was skeptical at first; but then I saw it was cheap and had a 60-day money-back guarantee.

They said they had over 8,000 legitimate suppliers, a hot-trends research lab and a huge support network and an active forum with over 100,000 members. So I thought – what do I have to lose? Well, I tried it, and it helped me find the very best suppliers of cheap, legitimate items!

Also, if you need some extra help or have some questions you want to be asked, the SaleHoo support staff are amazing. All you need to do is email them and ask your question.

As an example, you can email them and ask for a list of dropshippers for a particular product. They will usually reply within 24 hours (during the business week) with a list of fantastic suppliers and recommendations.

No other supplier directory does that! They even have a huge forum that is very active. It is one of the biggest buyer/seller forums on the internet. If you have a question, ask it on there – people reply really fast and are very friendly and it has a community manager.

So, if you need no more convincing about why you should use this powerful tool, check out the below video to learn more about Salehoo panel.


Should you buy Salehoo or not?

If you want to build a successful business with no risks and errors, then the answer is a resounding YES! It has over 8,000 suppliers (wholesalers, dropshippers, manufacturers, and liquidators). They are legitimate and the lowest price that I could find.

Their support staff is the best in the industry and they even tell you which products are the best to sell and which ones aren’t selling, saving you money! They know that you’ll love their site, that’s why they offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee!

What are you planning to sell? Share your thoughts in the comment box, and I will reply back as soon as possible.

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