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The ultimate guide on how to make money online with safelist mailer services

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So, landing on this page tells me something about you! You’re probably an affiliate marketer or an internet entrepreneur who’s looking to generate extra money online, and are wondering if safelist mailers actually work or are even worth it at all!

If that’s the case, Voilà, you just landed on the only guide you’ll ever need to learn everything you should know about email safelist marketing and leveraging existing mailing lists to generate more traffic, and potentially boost your online income.

In today’s article, I’ll be sharing with you what safelist mailers are, how they work, and how you can leverage them to make $50-$100 online (or even more) without any prior experience, spending money, or any following!

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What is a Safelist Mailer?

Safelist mailer services are email advertising networks and platforms that have existing mailing lists of already registered members who chose to opt in and receive promotional emails from them. Each platform has its own pricing structure, sending rules, and mailing list size, but in the grand scheme of things, most of those platforms allow you to use the service for free with a daily reach and sending limit, and you can unlock enhanced features by paying a small subscription fee.

Safelist Mailer Vs. Email Safelist

A safelist mailer is a service that allows you to hit a huge number of people’s inboxes almost instantly and deliver your marketing message to like-minded registered members who might be interested in your offers, as long as they are relevant to them. These platforms can be used to boost brand awareness, generate more eyeballs, and potentially more revenue.

Email safelist, on the other hand, which is also known as email whitelist, is a feature that tells your client’s email that you know and trust the messages that come from that email address. Having your emails whitelisted in your clients’ inboxes can enhance your email deliverability and prevent emails from ending up in the spam folder.

How Do Safelist Mailers Work?

Safelist mailing services usually all work the same. These platforms offer registered members the chance to distribute their promotional emails to other members, and in exchange for that, they will also receive a tremendous amount of emails from them. Behind those emails are usually REAL people, but the real problem is that many members have email fatigue since some users tend to send spammy content that ruins the whole platform’s reputation.

Each platform has its own list size, sending guidelines, and pricing structure, but generally speaking, most of these mailing services allow users to send emails for free with a daily sending cap limit! They also offer pro or premium subscription plans that allow you to distribute your emails across the entire mailing list and unlock more useful features.

Herculist’s free plan, for instance, allows members to advertise to 1,000 random members daily at no cost while offering unlimited sending caps and other innovative features on gold and premium plans that cost as low as $7/month.

Are Safelist Mailers Legit?

Although it’s not the ultimate way to generate traffic online, some email safelists like Herculist are legit and can help you start making money online for free, even without spending any money in advance. Based on my true experience, it’s safe to say that email safelists are legit and there’s nothing that makes them illegal, but some safelist mailer services allow members to send out spammy or irrelevant content, which can damage the overall list’s reputation, deliverability and click through rates.

Best Email Safelist Services

Safelist mailer services have been offering affordable internet marketing solutions to thousands of members around the world since the year 2000. Some of the most popular ones are Herculist, List Joe, and European Safelist. Briefly, here are the different advertising options offered by the safelist mailer Herculist:

Herculist’s Advertising Options

  • HercuList Mailer: Send your email/web-based ad to 364,515+ (GOLD membership) targeted REAL people daily.
  • theZONE: Surf in theZONE and receive almost instant traffic to your own website.
  • PRIME Ads: Get your actual website displayed in PRIME areas of the HercuList site. Much better than banner ads.
  • HercuBlurb: Create and submit your large web-based ads to HercuBlurb.
  • Other Ad Services: Solo Ads, Mega-Mail, Buyers List, and i-BLAST services to take your ads to the next level.

Chances are, you may have probably heard of Herculist before, but what if I told you that dozens of platforms offer the same facility? Here are some of the Herculist alternatives that you can use for free:

15 Herculist Alternatives

Email SafelistList Size
List Joe80,000+ Members
Viral Mail Profits5,000+ Members
List Jumper1,027+ Members
Love My Adz3,000+ Members
European Safelist17,790+ Members
Quantum Safelist24,000+ Members
 Free Safelist Mailer80,028+ Members
 Global Safelist20,030+ Members
List Volta785+ Members
List Surfing10,000+ Members
Mister Safelist2,937+ Members
Hungry For Hits31,616+ Members
State Of The Art Mailer46,530+ Members
Target Safelist6,959+ Members
Dragon Safelist6,522+ Members
Total Estimate Members:336,224+ Members

Important: None of this is financial advice! Do your own due diligence and use at your own risk!

How to Make Money With Email Safelists?

Wondering how you can boost your overall bottom line with safelist mailers? Here are some of the best ways you can leverage existing email lists to make money online:

1. Build Brand Awareness

Did you know that customers need to see your brand at least 7 times before they commit to a purchase decision, a click, or even an interaction? Yes, you read that right! This concept has been around since the 1930s and was coined by Movie Studios. It’s called The Rule of 7, and it’s a marketing principle based on the idea that the more contact you have with your customers, the easier it is to develop profitable relationships and close more sales. This can be a great safelist mailer use case.

2. Promote Your Content

Do you have a piece of content that you’d like to get more eyeballs on through direct traffic and boost its momentum to start ranking higher in various search engines like Google? This can be one of the best ways that you can leverage this facility to expand your reach, impressions, and conversions. Don’t know how to write enticing emails with solid calls to action? You can use free AI content generation tools like AItoZee.

3. Build Your Mailing List

Safelist mailers can be a great way of generating traffic, leads, and sales, if and only if approached correctly. Your ultimate goal with using free mailing lists like Herculist, or even other Herculist alternatives, should be to expand your follower, user, and lead base. This can be achieved by offering registered members huge value in advance in exchange for their email addresses.

As soon as you start building your list, you can leverage email autoresponders like GetResponse to completely automate your emails and build unlimited email sequences that include your affiliate links so you can start earning passive income online. For a step-by-step tutorial on how you can build your mailing list effectively, even with ZERO prior experience, I highly recommend you check this out! It’s a complete 8-figure ecosystem in a box…

4. Promote Your Products & Services

Do you have a product or service that you’d like to promote? Pitching it to free email safelists could be one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out and get your brand noticed. However, you should always remember that behind these emails are actual humans that you should respect and provide real value to. Show them how your products can help fix their problems, and you are more likely to get clicks and generate sales.

5. Promote Other People’s Products & Services

Don’t you have a product yet? Fear not! You can actually promote other people’s products and services and earn decent referral commissions. This is a proven business model that’s called affiliate marketing, which has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires!

It’s a very simple and straightforward business model that you can learn for free, but to help you avoid wasting your time on trial and error, I created a free 13-video course that covers all the basics and how you can get started ASAP.

Affiliate Marketing – Quick Start For Beginners…

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Are Email Safelists Good For Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, safelist mailers can be a good source for generating free traffic that can translate into affiliate commissions. However, some safelist services do not monitor spammy content, which can affect your email deliverability, click-through rate, and conversions! Offering a huge value in advance by redirecting people to custom opt-in pages can boost your odds of success when promoting affiliate offers using email safelist services.

With that being said, here are some of the edges and drawbacks of leveraging safelist mailers for affiliate marketing:

Safelist Mailers Pros

  • High reach
  • Cost-effective
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Almost instant traffic
  • Proven lead generation

Safelist Mailers Cons

  • Email fatigue
  • High spam rate
  • Time-consuming
  • Low click-through rates
  • Limited deliverability control

Best Email Safelist Alternative

Come on, let’s be honest here, email safelist services are not the optimal advertising medium for generating traffic, leads, and sales online! I mean, these platforms are great for getting started and generating some tractions to your links, but are only great if you are broke, and by broke I mean you have little to no money and a lot of free time!

If you have the purchasing power and ability to invest in building a profitable online business, here are some safelist mailer alternatives that you should consider to start and grow your online business faster:

1. Build Your Own Email List

When using safelist marketing, you will be leveraging other platforms’ already generated leads that might have been collected a long time ago, not targeted, of low quality, not from top-tier countries, and most importantly, are not familiar with you, your brand, or any of your products!

Therefore, building your own mailing list and monetizing it by yourself could be the ultimate solution for seeing better results online. This can be achieved by using the following tools:

  • ClickFunnels – Landing Pages: Clickfunnels is a professional sales funnel builder that allows you to create opt-in pages and collect leads with no hassle. It’s a drag-and-drop builder that has a huge funnel library, and it costs $97/month. You can use any other tool of your choice, but this is the one that I personally use and it offers a 14-day obligation-free trial! Claim your Clickfunnels free trial now.
  • GetResponse – Email Autoresponder: GetResponse is an all-in-one email marketing toolkit that allows you to automate your email follow-up sequences, look professional, and save a lot of time throughout the process. It has quite easy integration with Clickfunnels, and the service costs $15/month. You can use any other tool of your choice too, but this one offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required! Claim your GetResponse free trial now.
  • BuildRedirects – Links Tracking: BuildRedirects is a link tracking and management tool that allows you to track your impressions, clicks, and conversions so you can make better decisions, eliminate what’s not working, and capitalize on what’s perfectly working! The service costs $20/month and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Create your BuildRedirects account now.

All in all, acquiring a list of leads who are familiar with you will give you unlimited marketing opportunities as you can hit their inboxes almost instantly whenever you want to! If you want to learn how you can put these tools all together

2. Solo Ads

Solo ads are promotional email blasts that allow you to unlock bigger audiences and generate more leads faster. Although they work like a charm for generating more traffic and leads, you should be picky with choosing the right solo ad vendor as they can make or break your solo ad campaign.

A reliable solo ad seller is most likely to have an email list of warm leads, who trust them and are ready to take action if they receive offers that are relevant to them and might solve a problem.

Before going all-in into a certain solo ad vendor, it’s advised to test the quality of their leads by creating small orders with trackable links using the redirected tool above. This way you would be able to find out which seller’s traffic converts and which does not! Testing and monitoring campaigns are crucial and can burn your budget like there’s no tomorrow!

If you want to learn more about solo ads, email list building, and other marketing tactics, I highly recommend you check out this 30-day program by a multimillionaire called Anthony who gives you a complete ecosystem in a box and will allow you to copy his exact business model and start generating passive commissions online!

Email Safelists Vs. Solo Ads

Here’s why you should choose solo ads over safelist mailer services:

Solo Ads Offer:

  • Highly targeted warm leads
  • Low spam rates
  • Guaranteed clicks
  • Higher chances of conversions
  • Demographic targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Device targeting
  • Top tier filter

Email Safelists Offer:

  • Cold leads
  • High spam rate
  • Low click-through rate
  • Conversions are not guaranteed
  • No targeting options
  • Email fatigue
  • Limited control
  • Daily sending limits

>>> Purchase reliable and trusted solo ads starting from 0.40 cents per click.

What is the Best Solo Ad Marketplace?

In the past few years, I tried several solo ad vendors and marketplaces. The one that stood out to me was Udimi. Udimi is the safest and most reliable solo ad marketplace that offers unique features for both email promo buyers and sellers. Also, it has one of the best affiliate programs around that compensates you 15% on each solo order of all your referrals.

Tips When Using Email Safelist Services

Are you considering giving safelist mailers a shot? Here are some tips you should be aware of:

1. Avoid Direct Linking

Let me tell you something straight away, direct linking is affiliate marketers’ recipe for failure! So, unless you’re looking to waste your time and end up failing, you should consider capturing people’s data (name, email, etc.) by redirecting people to a landing page so you can keep in touch with them via email. Clickfunnels has tons of pre-built funnel templates across different niches and categories.

It takes humans 7 interactions to consider giving your email, product, or marketing message a read. So, instead of just losing the visitor at the very first visit, you will offer something for free (course, guide, PDF, eBook, etc.) in exchange for people’s email addresses, and have unlimited marketing to those leads using email automation tools like GetResponse.

2. Track Your Results

There’s no advertising campaign ever complete without tracking, measuring, and optimizing data. Similar to paid advertising, free traffic sources like safelist mailers should be monitored so you know exactly what works and what simply does not!

Personally, I use a tracking tool called BuildRedirects, but you’re free to use whatever tool makes sense to you. What I usually like to do is have a custom trackable link for each platform in particular.

For instance, if I’m sending an email through the Herculist email safelist mailer, I’ll make sure to include a custom link with the word Herculist at the end of it. This way, each time I see a traction, an impression, a click, or a conversion, I’m pretty confident of the source of the traffic.

3. Have a Strong Call to Action

What is an email without a call to action? It’s just worthless! Most mailer services offer a limit on the emails that you can send via the free plan. Most of the time, you are allowed to send 1 email every day, so you should make every email count! Your emails should be clear, easy to absorb, and must contain 1 straightforward call to action, something like “Claim your free training”, “Click the link below to download your free PDF”, etc…

4. Stay Consistent

Don’t bother wasting your time if you’re not willing to put in the work and stay consistent in sending emails for a while. Succeeding with free traffic methods won’t happen overnight. It requires a lot of hard work, testing, and patience. In other words, don’t expect affiliate commissions to start rolling in upon sending your very first email!

5. Don’t Spam

Always remember that behind these emails are actual humans who chose to receive marketing messages, offers, and promotions from people like you, as long as they are relevant and trustworthy to them! People don’t buy products and services, they buy fixes to their problems, and most importantly, they only buy from those whom they love and trust!

Make sure to craft compelling and concise email content that adds real value to email receivers, including a catchy subject line, and by catchy I don’t mean clickbait! You should entice recipients to open your emails but you should never promise things you wouldn’t be able to commit to. Again, your email must contain a solid call to action to boost the click-through rate to your website or landing page, which can translate into more money into your pocket!

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Other Related Frequently Asked Questions

What are some safelist mailer examples?

There are so many safelist platforms that offer mailing services nowadays, but some of the most reliable and trusted ones are Herculist, Lise Joe, and European Safelist.

Are safelist mailers actually worth it?

Yes, safelist mailers if approached correctly can generate decent traffic and conversion events. Some platforms, however, tend to waste marketers’ time and don’t deliver any results. So, you need to track your results and optimize your email copy accordingly before fully committing to a platform.

Can you really make money with free email safelist services?

Yes, you can money for free with free email safelist services, but keep in mind that click-through rates and conversions tend to be lower than any other advertising channel since some platforms are simply too crowded and bombard their members with an endless amount of emails.

How are safelist mailers different than solo ads?

Safelist mailers are marketing platforms with existing mailing lists that allow registered members to extend their audience by exchanging promotional emails that they might find relevant and useful. Solo ads, on the other hand, are paid email advertisements where you pay someone with a mailing list to distribute your marketing message to their audience on your behalf. Unlike safelist services, solo ads are costlier, can get you in front of warm leads, and are more likely to generate sales.

How to build an email list for free?

To build an email list for free, you would need to take advantage of free trials offered by software like GetResponse or Clickfunnels to create opt-in pages and start collecting leads. Then, you would need to start pushing traffic to those pages using free traffic sources like Social Media, YouTube, and safelist mailer services, and if you stay consistent and get lucky, you might generate affiliate sales before even the tool subscriptions are due!

How to make $100 per day with your email list?

You can use email autoresponder tools like GetResponse to automate your email follow-up sequences and strategically incorporate affiliate offers that pay up to 50% in referral commissions. In your emails, you can promote your own products and services, other people’s products (affiliate offers), or even take them to any URL destination where you can potentially make money! Remember not to spam and always provide tremendous value to help build trust and boost conversions.


Generating traffic online is the most common struggle that tends to discourage amateurs from pursuing their online dream business and end up giving up so quickly.

Out of the many free traffic sources out there, in today’s article, we thoroughly discussed what an email safelist actually is, what are the best email safelist services, and how you (regardless of your level of experience) can leverage those email safelists to make money online fast, and most importantly, for free!

Email safelists are legit and can help you make money online, for free, without the need to spend any money in advance. However, if you’re willing to invest in learning monetizable traffic generation tactics, list-building strategies, and passive income hacks, I’d definitely recommend you check out this obligation-free 2-hour webinar by my friend John who went from working as a “Human Guinea Pig” to making over 22 million dollars online

a free webinar by a multimillionaire called John Crestani about the best business opportunity for beginners

Thanks for going this far and reading my article all the way through! If you found this post inspiring and useful, share it with your friends, please! (Virtual high fives and hugs to all my sharers out there!)

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