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How would you like Russell Brunson (owner of Clickfunnels) to hold you by hand as you launch your first or next funnel? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is an education product by the great Russell Brunson, who is best known as the co-founder of Clickfunnels. OFA is a 30-day extensive life training program that trains people on how to use and how create a funnel for their business.

If you’re the type of person who vaguely knows what to do, but only needs to buckle down and do it, then this challenge is going to be the kick in the pants you need every day until you get your funnel launched!  

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge

Basically, the One Funnel Away Challenge is an extraordinary 30-day training program that takes your hand and teaches you exactly how to drive your business to the maximum levels by leveraging sales funnels!

This challenge is a game-changer for everyone who is serious about starting a profitable 6 or even 7-figure business from scratch!

It’s both physical and digital products all in one purchase! Upon purchasing the One Funnel Away Challenge kit, you will receive a box that contains all the bonuses that I’m about to talk about in a bit.

In addition to that, you will have access to valuable “behind the scenes” summits and interviews, and get the chance to learn from top multi-millionaires and successful entrepreneurs.

Inside the One Funnel Away Challenge, there are plenty of successful individuals (20+ multi-millionaire entrepreneurs) that you can learn from and leverage their tactics and skills!

Also, Russell Brunson, the co-founder, and owner of Clickfunnels walks you through exactly what you should do every single day from day 1 to day 30 to build a profitable business.

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Why Should You Learn From Russell? Is He Authoritative?

Russell is an internet marketer and successful entrepreneur who is also best known as the co-founder and owner of Clickfunnels!

In a matter of 3 years, Russell was able to grow his company (Clickfunnels) by over 4,232%, and hit number 76 on the INC 500 list! Not only this! Clickfunnels was also:

#7 Fastest-Growing Software Company

#1 Fastest-Growing Software Company With Gross Revenue’s Over $50MM

#10 Highest Gross Revenues In The Top 100

In his recent version of the Dotcom Secrets book, you will learn more about the above stats, and actual tactics that he used to grow his company!

Oh, by the way, in addition to all of that, Russell is also a best seller for some cool network marketing books that have the power to change your mindset and approaches.

Russell’s best-sellers:

One Funnel Away Challenge Instructors

You may be wondering who’s behind all of this challenge and work…

Russell, in the first place, is the creator of this challenge, but you’ll get the chance to learn from the world’s top online marketers like Stephen, Julie, and many others!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ofa-1-1024x466.jpg

This challenge is mainly led by those three successful entrepreneurs, who will walk you through a day to day missions and things similar to homework.

Here’s a brief of each one’s roles and responsibilities:

Russell, “the Strategist,” will help you understand the “bigger picture” of what you’re doing over the 30 days, and why.

He will also help you master the core fundamentals and strategy for the whole 30-day challenge.

With Julie, “the Transformer,” things will get practical, and she will help you turn your abstract plan into an actual high-converting funnel.

She’s called the transformer because she’s responsible for transforming your vision into reality.

Stephen, “The Executioner,” is the one who will help you get all of your questions answered.

That is a 30-day challenge that’s full of training, tasks, and missions! You will definitely need a human to talk to if you struggle with anything along the way.

Consider Stephen your supportive (but no excuses) accountability partner!

One Funnel Away Challenge Price

The OFA Challenge is just for a hundred bucks, which is for covering your challenge kit materials.

If you choose to receive the complete physical kit, you would need to pay an

additional $19.95 for shipping within the USA and $29.95 outside the USA.

You can totally have direct access to the digital version of all materials without the need to pay an additional shipping fee.

Having the hard copy of all materials will definitely give you a headstart in your 30-day challenge (at least for me), and you’ll have a motivational and physical map for everything you’ll be going through in that challenge.

Overall, the One Funnel Away Challenge Workout PDF is an excellent deal if you’re only looking forward to unlocking the digital version of the challenge!

Is The One Funnel Away Challenge Worth It

This is a question that I want you to answer!

Sales funnels is a term that has millions of searches on various search engines.

I mean, if you want to learn it all by yourself, how long would it take you to put all the things together and figure things out?

You can learn it, but it will take you a lot of time, and here is where leveraging others’ skills come into play!

The One Funnel Away Challenge is more than worth it because it’s not just a product or a standard course.

It is a lifetime training that has the potential to literally change your mindset, approaches, and lifestyle forever.

The information and education that you get from this challenge are worthy and not available anywhere else on the entire web!

Basically, your total investment in the OFA Challenge is $100, it’s a tiny budget in comparison to what you’re going to learn…

If you implement everything exactly like Russell advises, and complete all the actionable steps and mission from day 1 to 30, your money will pay for itself within a month.

Above all of that, you’ll get the chance to work with successful people in the same niche as yours closely.

People who were able to generate millions online, who can add something to your life and inspire you.

Long story short, this is an opportunity you cannot afford to lose. (Join the One Funnel Away Challenge)

Is One Funnel Away challenge for you or not

The One Funnel Away Challenge is not a hit & run sort of course! That is extensive life training, and your effort is needed to succeed in whatever you’re planning to do!

This Challenge is a good fit for you if you:

  • Are the type of person who vaguely knows what to do, but only needs to buckle down and do it
  • Have an idea and looking forward to turning it into reality
  • Willing to invest in yourself and keep on learning new things
  • Are serious about building a profitable business by leveraging funnels
  • Need a game plan that breaks down your success into actionable steps
  • Want to grow your online or brick-and-mortar business but not sure where to start
  • Realize the power of sales funnels and want to implement them for taking your business to the maximum level!
  • Are an affiliate marketer who’s looking forward to increasing your commissions!
  • Want to learn from top internet marketers and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, and leverage their skills, tactics, and lifestyles

On the other hand, the One Funnel Away Challenge is not for you if you:

  • Are not willing to put in the hard work and effort!
  • See that it’s expensive and are not planning to invest!
  • Don’t have time to implement the learned strategies and tactics!
  • Are desperate and looking for a get-rich scheme!
  • Don’t believe in yourself and in the process!
  • Simply don’t want to take your business to the maximum levels!

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

The One Funnel Away Challenge Kit comes with valuable bonuses and stuff. In exchange for that tiny $100 investment, you get ALL of this:

1. Bonus: The 30-Day Hardcover Book ($97 Value)

Russell has asked 30 of the “Two Comma Club” members (people who have generated over $1,000,000 in revenue from one of their sale funnels in their Clickfunnels account).

He asked them a very loaded question; What would you do if you suddenly lose everything? Your reputation, money, list, and only the marketing know-how left!

Inside this 550-Page book, you’ll find their reply to their detailed 30-day plan to what they would do in step-by-step from day 1 to day 30!

The type of info you will find in the 30-day book you won’t find anywhere else on the web! These are actual plans and tactics that they learned the hard way.

This book consists of all their compiled battleplans, as they broke it down day-by-day… “Day 1, I’d do this…  Day 2, I’d do this… Day 3, I’d do this…”

2. Bonus: The OFA Challenge Workbook ($97 Value)

In addition to the video training that you would be having direct access to, you’d probably need a checklist of tasks that need to be done and achieved!

The One Funnel Away Challenge is basically about giving a set of daily tasks and achieving it to get the desired results within a month after starting it.

This book will split the “bigger picture” for you into actionable missions and tasks, help you brainstorm your ideas, and answer critical thought-provoking questions.

3. Bonus: MP3 Player | Live Recordings ($297 Value)

Russell made sure to make it enjoyable in each step of the 30-day challenge. You can listen to all daily trainings and recordings on your MP3 player wherever you go! Also, this MP3 player contains Stephen’s recordings from his LIVE coaching calls throughout the first Challenge.

A total of 51 recordings and over 40 hours of training that you can listen to while you’re:

  • Traveling
  • At Gym
  • Running
  • Picking your kids up from school

4. Bonus: 14-Day Clickfunnels Free Trial

The purpose of this 30-day challenge is to take your business to the maximum levels by leveraging sales funnels!

And when it comes to funnels, Clickfunnels tends to be the ultimate solution for beginners and experts alike for building converting funnels! However, to be able to implement all strategies and tactics taught in the challenge, you would need a Clickfunnels account.

Everything related to the One Funnel Away Challenge and Clickfunnels is totally risk-free!

Not only that the challenge has a money-back guarantee (if you don’t feel that this is for you), Clickfunnels itself has a 14-day free trial that can help you test the waters before even investing a dime in a membership!

You will be amazed at how easy it is to create converting funnels using Clickfunnels. They have pre-built funnels for almost all industries and niches.

5. Bonus: Unlimited Access To 30-Day Interviews ($197 Value)

You will get access to extensive interviews with people associated with Clickfunnels and successful people around the planet!

This challenge will definitely help you at least change your mindset and aim for a better lifestyle!

6. Bonus: Behind The Scenes Two Comma Club Interviews ($197 Value)

Inside your One Funnel Away Challenge membership, there’s a various selection of Two Comma Club members who are sharing their stories and tactics!

Those are people who have generated at least $1,000,000 from one of their Clickfunnels funnels!

This type of information you won’t find on the entire web!

7. Bonus: One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit ($297 Value)

The Challenge Kit will have everything you need for success during your 30 days.

Once you join the challenge, Russell will ship you the challenge kit that contains all the books, materials, an MP3 player with pre-loaded funnel training, and more!

This is the best package that you’ll ever receive… Trust me!

8. Bonus: 30 Days Of Video Missions From Russell Brunson ($997 Value)

Russell breaks down the challenge into actionable steps and sweet little chunks to help you achieve the desired results and have your funnels up and running profitably on day 30!

You will receive video missions from him and need to make sure to implement what he teaches you every day.

Learning from experts like Russell is a true treasure!

9. Bonus: 30 Days Of Coaching From Stephen & Julie ($997 Value)

Stephen and Julie will show you that with constant efforts, and with the right know-how, you can move mountains!

You may have a ton of questions on the way up to day 30, and Stephen’s job is to get all of your questions answered and help you just achieve!

Julie will help you transform your idea into reality! That is the best team that you’ll ever get the chance to work with and learn from!

Trust me, you don’t want to miss a second of their speeches and pieces of training…

What you’ll learn from the OFA Challenge

Here is a quick overview of the One Funnel Away Challenge road map from week 1 to week 5:

Week 1 – Breaking False Beliefs

“Belief is the most important part involved in all of this!” Russell says.

You know why changing someone’s beliefs regarding their religion is as hard as hell? Because we have our fundamental beliefs!

Beliefs just grow with us, but they also come from our experiences.

So, to change someone’s beliefs, you’ve got to give them a great experience because a positive experience leads to a positive mindset!

That is precisely why Russell gives a weight of one full week for working on beliefs.

They work on changing your own beliefs so you can get a great experience enough to influence your audience!

If you have the belief and the experience, you would be able to pass it to your people and sell high ticket offers by easily convincing them without any pushing.

In the first week of the One Funnel Away Challenge, Stephen does a great job by telling stories that are responsible for breaking your false beliefs.

You have to believe that this will work for you, and you will DO IT! Because at the end of the day, we are just humans, made up of beliefs, dreams, and star-stuffs!

Modules included in Week 1

M1: You must believe

M2: Failure

M3: Who, not how

M4: 10x secrets

M5: Beliefs

M6: Catch up day

M7: Mission review

Are you ready to join the One Funnel Away Challenge? It’s time for breaking some false beliefs and acquiring new ones! (Join the Challenge)

Week 2 – Creating An Offer

Before creating the best-selling offer, you need to know what your customers’ beliefs are. That’s why Russell and Stephen talk about beliefs first!

You’ve probably never created an offer before, so this week is crucial because Stephen goes into the details of the offer creation.

They share personal experiences and open your eyes to things you didn’t see before. Russell also emphasizes the idea of building your online presence.

Keep publishing and keep pushing, and you’ll just get noticed! You can’t just sit back and expect things to happen!

The things taught in this week are not only beneficial for beginners but also experts as well.

Week 2 is an excellent trip as Stephen Larsen takes you on a ride in the offer creation and breaks down every element of the offer.

Modules included in Week 2

M1: Offer hacking

M2: Greatest showman

M3: Offer sequencing

M4: eCovers and offer assets

M5: Create

M6: Catch up day

M7: Mission review

Are you ready to join the One Funnel Away Challenge? It’s time for learning the core offer elements and creating offers that convert! (Join the Challenge)


Week 3 – Story Telling

Professional marketers start with a story, and David Sharpe, of the Legendary Marketer Club, could be a great example!

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you do or sell, but about the stories you tell, and the most powerful person in the world is the storyteller!

The fact is, it’s the most underrated skill when it comes to business or online marketing yet an essential skill to acquire!

A story can build a great connection between you and the customer and also will have a direct effect on our first vital element that’s taught in week 1; belief.

In week 3, Russell shares the story of hiring Michael Hauge, a world-renowned Hollywood movie scriptwriter, to participate in one of his events!

He would have learned from him, and this is what Russell actually teaches you in this phase of the Challenge.

They go through two different types of journies, which are the journey of desire and the journey of transformation.

And the one most crucial journey is your “personal journey,” Russell refers to it as your origin story!

Who you become as a result of what you desire will format your story!

Modules included in Week 3

M1: Publishing

M2: Epiphany bridge

M3: Your origin story

M4: Hooks, hooks & more hooks

M5: Catch up day

M6: Catch up day

M7: Mission review

Are you ready to join the One Funnel Away Challenge? It’s time for learning the basics of storytelling and influencing others (Join the Challenge)

Week 4 – Building Your Sales Funnel

Well, this is where things become to get serious! This week is dedicated to sales funnels and Clickfunnels itself!

Image Source: Pure Precision Marketing

The fact is, Russell is the lord of funnels, and he knows exactly what he’s doing!

By the time you finish this 30-day challenge, you will realize the power of funnels, how can they literally transform your business and have your own funnels up and running.

Russell shows you precisely what’s the difference between a website and a sales funnel.

Leveraging the same tactics and strategies that he has used to grow his company (Clickfunnels) by 4,232% is definitely worth your consideration!

The OFA Challenge was meant to help you succeed in your online game or in whatever you do in your life!

Once you accept the Challenge, you will be given a done-for-you shared funnel that you can use on your own!

What Is A Clickfunnels Shared Funnel?

Shared funnels are funnels that can be shared among Clickfunnels users. With a single click, the shared funnel can be cloned into someone’s account. With a little adjustment to links and a few elements, boom, it’s up and running without a lift of a finger!

You’re not just left in the dark! They will literally take your hand in each step of the process, to help you form your ideas into reality.

Russell will give you actionable steps and missions that you need to complete daily!

As a result of that, your funnel(s) could be up and running before day 30, and your investment of $100 could pay for itself quicker than you think!

Modules included in Week 4

M1: Core funnel strategy

M2: Your share funnel

M3: The squeeze page

M4: The sales page

M5: The OTO page

M6: Catch up day

M7: Mission review

Are you ready to join the One Funnel Away Challenge? It’s time for learning the core fundamentals of a successful and converting sale funnel! Create your first (or next) funnel. (Join the Challenge)

Week 5 – Getting Traffic

No matter how powerful and convincing your funnel is, it’s just worthless without real people landing on it!

Creating the funnel is only one part of the game, and this is not what the One Funnel Away Challenge is all about!

In week five, Russell goes through the best practices for getting traffic to your funnels. Traffic that converts and can generate qualified leads and sales.

So, this challenge is not just about funnels or making you enroll in the Clickfunnels membership, but to teach you everything you may need to succeed in your online game!

Back in the time to a couple of years ago, Russell didn’t know that making millions online is something that exists…

Until he met someone who was already doing it! That was John Reese, the first person who was able to make a million-dollar in sales in less than 24 hours!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is john-reese.jpg

Ever since, Russell has changed his mindset and approaches, and started aiming for bigger things!

He has also adopted John’s Traffic secrets and created his own Traffic Secrets Book.

This Week, somehow, you’ll be basically learning a professional’s (John’s) techniques who had the know-how to generate a million dollars a day, which is another excellent reason for paying that tiny investment of $100!

Modules included in Week 5

M1: 3 types of traffic

M2: Dream 100

M3: Earn your way in

M4: Buy your way in

M5: Funnel audibles

M6: Mission review

M7: Mission debrief

Are you ready to join the One Funnel Away Challenge? It’s time to get your funnels some eyeballs and get noticed online! (Join the Challenge)

My Honest One Funnel Away Challenge Review

The One Funnel Away Challenge is just one product from a variety of educational and helpful resources that Russell offers! The fact is, Clickfunnels has helped people grow, expand, and get more leads and sales online!

In my modest opinion, the One Funnel Away Challenge is not just a standard course, and the information that you get from it is worth way more than a hundred bucks!

If you review all successful people’s businesses, you will realize that they all have something in common, it’s their sales funnels! A sale funnel will help you walk your dream customers into a pattern, and take them to where you want them to go exactly.

The Challenge kit has everything you need to succeed in your 30-day challenge, and it’s not just about making money. It’s about your attitude, approach, lifestyle, and mindset!

If you cannot commit, are not passionate enough, or are not willing to put in the hard work, my advice is not to waste your time and your money. Making money with this Challenge is only guaranteed if you put in the time and effort, apply everything that Russell teaches you, and be willing to succeed!

In short, the One Funnel Away Challenge is like playing monopoly and keeping the money at the end of the game!

I highly recommend you join the One Funnel Away Challenge and just stick to the plan that Russell has set, and I’m pretty sure you will thank me later 🙂

One Funnel Away Challenge Affiliate Program

What would making a hundred bucks a day sound like? Join the One Funnel Away Challenge affiliate program and just start recommending it!

For each challenge kit sale you bring, you will simply lock a $100! Clickfunnels affiliate program is one of the best and most converting programs out there!

Watch the video below to learn how you can become a One Funnel Away Challenge Affiliate.

The fact is, you don’t need to be a One Funnel Away member to promote it to others as an affiliate!

However, receiving the kit at your door will bump up your credibility as you’ll be promoting something you’ve personally purchased!

In addition to all of that, Clickfunnels’ top affiliates share their top secrets for promoting this outstanding affiliate program!

So, ordering the One Funnel Away Challenge Kit will cost you $100, but will directly pay for itself once you were able to bring one member to join the challenge!

Another great advantage of purchasing the One Funnel Away Challenge Kit is that you’ll have direct access to interviews with top Clickfunnels affiliates who can help you exactly how should promote this program.

You’ll be given a free shared funnel that you can clone into your account and just start driving traffic!


When you understand the base core principles of direct response marketing, then funnels become really simple and easy!

This article has been written based on my own experience and knowledge in the Clickfunnels toolkit and the One funnel Away Challenge.

OFA aims to show you the potential of what the internet is offering us today, and how you can leverage this process for building a successful online business or taking your business to the maximum level!

This process will work for you, will change your business and change your life, and most importantly, it’s going to change the life of your customers. If you spend the next 30 days putting in the time, effort, and energy, I promise you it will be worth it.

And at the end of this, you have something cool to show yourself, your friends, and your family, and it will be like the launchpad of your business or company! Who knows, you might end up winning the Two Comma Club Award in the next couple of years. I just want you to believe that you’re meant for something big!

Finally, if you want to make results like these using the Clickfunnels software and its innovative affiliate program, you’ve got to check out the free training below!

Thanks for going this far! If you found this post inspiring and useful, share it with your friends, please! (Virtual high fives and hugs to all my sharers out there!)

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