The Ultimate 4-Step Guide To Winning (50K OMI Giveaway)


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FREE, FREE, FREE… Who doesn’t love free stuff, especially if it’s ECOMI (OMI); the most undervalued cryptocurrency at the moment with a huge financial and growth potential?

So, how to get the chance to win 50,000 OMI tokens, for free? Luckily, this is what I’m about to discuss with you today!

If you’re someone who wanted to own some OMI but couldn’t afford to or just wants to increase your OMI bag by 50K, this is your ultimate opportunity.

In this article, we are going through the exact step-by-step process of winning the ultimate OMI giveaway, plus a lot more prizes and gifts.

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The Ultimate OMI Giveaway — How To Join?

VeVeholic hosts cycle-based OMI giveaways that allow you to win 50K OMI tokens! Each cycle consists of 50 orders and once order #50 triggers, the cycle will repeat and the counting will start from number one again!

If, for example, the current order is #49, order #50 instantly wins 50,000 OMI tokens and will end the current cycle.

More information about the Veveholic OMI giveaway here.

What Is Veveholic?

Veveholic is an eCommerce business that sells Veve-inspired products that express support, appreciation, and proudness of being part of the Veve and ECOMI family.

Some of the products that Veveholic sells are:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Pet tags
  • Hats
  • Accessories
  • Virtual mystery boxes

Disclaimer: Veveholic is not in any way affiliated or partnered with Veve, it’s just created by a passionate investor in OMI and a true believer in the company’s vision.

Wondering how to join the giveaway? Follow along because this is what I’m about to share with you next!

How To Join Veveholic’s 50K OMI Giveaway?

In order to join the Veveholic OMI giveaway, you would need to buy one of the available mystery boxes on the website.

The currently available loyalty levels of the mystery boxes are Amateur, Veveholic, and Legendary! However, boxes eligible for the giveaway are Veveholic & Legendary only!

Check out our available VeVe Mystery Boxes for a chance to win a 50K OMI bag.

After buying a virtual mystery box, you will enter the queue of orders and the team will start generating a unique QR code that you can scan and reveal precious prices through.

If your order number is (50) in the queue, you will automatically get notified by email and be asked to provide your OMI wallet address so the team can pass you the 50,000 OMI.

How Do Veveholic Virtual Mystery Boxes Work?

VeVe Mystery Boxes are virtual boxes that unlock different gifts and rewards. It’s not a physical product that needs to be shipped or sent to you, and here’s exactly how it works:

Once you place your order on one of our available mystery boxes, we will start generating a unique QR code and send it to you via email. This process takes up to a couple of hours, depending on the volume of orders in the queue at the time of placing your order.

This is email #1 that customers receive once they order a mystery box:

Subjet: Veveholic Order received 

Thank you for your Amateur Mystery Box order, [NAME]! We are thrilled to have you here!

We are generating your unique QR code and someone from the team will be reaching out to you soon! Keep your eyes on the email.

In the meantime, feel free to surf our variety of VeVe products (hats, mugs, t-shirts, or pet tags) to express some support, proudness, and loyalty to the VeVe and ECOMI FAM!

The next email will arrive within 1-12 hours and it will contain your unique QR code. Make sure you whitelist our email address so it does end up in your spam folder.

P.S. This is a VIRTUAL mystery box that requires no shipping. You can learn more about how Veveholic virtual mystery boxes work here.

By the way, we have just launched our winter hoodies collection, and we are giving away a 20% to the first 20 buyers. First come first served!

From VeVeholic with love ❤

After we finish generating your unique QR code and send it to you via email, you would need to go ahead and scan it with your mobile phone using one of the available QR code scanners out there.

This is email #2 that contains customers’ unique QR code:

Subjet: Your Veveholic QR Code

Hey hey, we have finished creating your special QR code and it’s a scan away! 😀

To redeem your reward, you would need to download any available QR code app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The one free and the easiest app to use that we usually recommend to our customers is (QR Scanner).

Once you scan your code, you will be taken directly to a page that reveals your precious gifts, rewards, and discounts!

Please note that your coupon code is available for one use only, and it will become invalid after it is scanned! It’s not advisable to scan the same code twice as our orders are manually fulfilled, so that would be pointless!

#2 OMI Giveaway Status: Not eligible for the giveaway!

PS. Are you aware of our OMI giveaway? In case you don’t, VeVeholic hosts 50-order cycle-based OMI giveaways on Veveholic & Legendary Virtual Mystery Boxes! If, for example, the current order is #49, order #50 instantly wins 50,000 OMI tokens and will end the current cycle. (Learn more here!)

We would truly appreciate it if you share your experience with us in a form of a review! To leave us a review, please go to this page, scroll down and hit “Write a review”. A screenshot of your winning items would add more value to others who are considering purchasing one of our mystery boxes 🙂 

The Veveholic Team 

Finally, the team will follow up with you to guide you on how to redeem your special prizes.

If, for example, you have won a t-shirt, mug, or any other tangible product from, your 100% free coupon code will be included in the greeting message of scanning your code.

On the other hand, if you have won in-app gems or NFTs, further communication would be needed so they can know where to transfer your free rewards to!

Communication is key, and in fact, that’s what sets Veveholic apart from others! Your satisfaction is what they are going after and you are not left in the dark at any stage of shopping with them!

Even better? Those virtual VeVe mystery boxes make you eligible to enter their cycle-based up to 50K OMI giveaways.

More information about our OMI Giveaway here.

Veveholic Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of the most asked questions by the community. If your question is not covered in this list, always feel free to reach out to to learn more and get your queries fulfilled!

How Do I Join The Veveholic OMI Giveaway?

We at Veveholic have an order cycle that ends after 50 orders.

Meaning that, when you purchase one of those virtual boxes and your order is #50 in the queue, you will instantly be rewarded 50K OMI tokens, and the cycle will repeat again.

The mystery boxes that are eligible for the giveaway are the Veveholic and Legendary.

Wondering how to increase your likelability of winning? Simply unlock more boxes and you may be order #50 and end up the ordering cycle!

Can Veveholic’s OMI Giveaway Be Won More Than Once?

Yes, it can! Technically, the winner is not bot-generated. So, if you’re lucky enough to be number fifty in the order queue of two cycles, the prize is yours! In other words, you will be the lucky winner of the OMI giveaway each time you trigger order number fifty of any cycle!

How Do Veveholic Virtual Mystery Boxes Work?

VeVe virtual mystery boxes allow you to win valuable prizes and enter our 50K OMI giveaway!

Each box unlocks different prizes and rewards. When you place an order on one of our three mystery boxes; Amateur, Veveholic, & Legendary, you will receive a unique QR code within few hours, that you can scan and redeem your prize.

After you scan your code, you will be taken to the page that reveals your prize and show you the intructions of how to claim it.

What Products Does Veveholic Sell?

Veveholic has a wide variety of veve-inspired products and items such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, hats, and a lot more accessories.


If you missed the drop and looking for another blind box experience, look no further! Veveholic provides a great opportunity to win the biggest OMI giveaway available on the whole internet!

If you have bought a mystery box and you’re lucky to be order number 50 in the queue cycle, you would instantly be announced as the winner of the OMI giveaway.

Wanna become Veveholic’s next happy customer? Come join the fun and you could be the next lucky winner!

Check out our available VeVe Mystery Boxes for a chance to win a 50K OMI bag.

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