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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, automation in marketing has become a vital tool for businesses looking to streamline their efforts and enhance customer engagement.

As we venture further into 2023, exciting new trends are reshaping the automation in the marketing landscape, revolutionizing the way brands connect with their audiences. 

In this article, we interviewed 15 experts that shared their valuable insights on the newest marketing automation trends that caught their attention to help you take your marketing to the maximum level.

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New Marketing Automation Trends For 2023 | Experts’ Insights

We conducted interviews with 15 experts who provided valuable perspectives on the latest marketing automation trends that captured their interest. These insights aim to assist you in elevating your marketing efforts to their highest potential.

Leveraging Social Media Automation

Social media automation enables businesses to streamline operations and enhance communications with customers. Businesses can now use AI-powered algorithms to automate tasks like content creation, social listening, and customer service thanks to the development of advanced marketing automation.

This not only saves time and money but also guarantees a regular and active presence across a variety of social media platforms.

Companies can create a solid marketing strategy that keeps them up to date on the newest marketing automation trends, strengthens brand awareness, engages their target audience, and promotes overall business growth by adopting social media automation.

Curtis Anderson | Co-Founder & CEO Nursa

Automation in Email Marketing

Automation is important in email marketing as the software automates personalized email sending, subscriber list organization, and customer action responses. It enhances efficiency and precision.

Automation software like GetResponse provides advantages such as targeted messaging at optimal times and increasing conversion rates and engagement.

Advanced features like A/B testing, dynamic content, and automated workflows improve email marketing strategies and help business owners take better decisions. Overall, adopting email automation will save time and resources, help businesses remain competitive, and provide better messages to customers.

Jeffrey Pitrak | Marketing & Account Manager Transient Specialists

Cross-Channel Automation

Business engagement with their audience has been revolutionized by marketing automation. It is exciting to see the seamless integration of marketing efforts across multiple channels as one of the newest trends.

With this holistic approach, which I call “Cross-Channel Automation,” marketers can synchronize their messaging across various platforms, from social media to email marketing. Brands can leverage this trend to create a consistent and personalized customer experience at every touchpoint, resulting in higher engagement and conversion levels.

Consider the case where a customer receives a customized email based on their recent social media activity. After subscribing to a newsletter, you might see a targeted advertisement on their favorite website. With this level of automation, time and effort are saved, and the overall customer journey is enhanced, leading to stronger relationships and greater brand loyalty.

When businesses demonstrate a personal touch, their customers are likelier to engage with them. This way, companies can deliver customized experiences to their customers by automating specific processes. In the long run, this leads to increased sales and improved customer retention.

Hilary Kozak | Vice President of Marketing LivSmooth

Seamless Omni-Channel Experience

Many people use their phones, tablets, or laptops to search the web, shop, and more. With that being said, companies need to ensure their website is displayed and functions seamlessly across all platforms.

For example, you may build your own car on your phone just to see what it looks like but when it comes to financials and setting up an appointment, it may be best to use your computer. Therefore, the dealership must ensure the building process is perfectly connected between phone and computer.

Or, if you are selling clothes through Instagram, you want to ensure the selling and buying process is smooth whether your audience purchases in-store, online, or on social media.

Omni-channel marketing has become increasingly important as users become more advanced in different platforms. As a business owner, it is crucial that you spend time focusing on your omnichannel automation so it blends seamlessly for everyone to utilize.

Sacha Ferrandi | CEO & Co-founder at Source Capital

Voice-Activated Marketing

One of the prominent marketing automation trends in 2023 is the rise of voice-activated marketing. As voice assistants and smart speakers gain popularity, businesses are leveraging this technology to engage with their audience in innovative ways.

Voice-activated marketing automation enables personalized voice experiences, targeted audio content, and voice-based transactions. For example, an e-commerce company might develop a voice-activated shopping assistant for customers to browse products, place orders, and receive recommendations using voice commands.

This trend enhances convenience, accessibility, and customer relationships, utilizing natural language processing, machine learning, and customer data to deliver personalized experiences through voice interactions.

– Mark Tipton | CEO of Aspire

Conversational Marketing

When it comes to the latest trends in marketing automation, one strategy that has caught my attention is the idea of fostering genuine conversations with customers. It’s all about creating an interactive and personalized experience beyond traditional advertising.

Businesses can build trust, address concerns, and tailor their offerings to individual needs by engaging in meaningful dialogues with potential buyers. This approach humanizes the brand and allows real-time feedback and problem-solving.

Picture a customer browsing your website and being greeted by a friendly chatbot, ready to assist and guide them through their purchase journey. This conversational marketing technique breaks down barriers, making customers feel heard and valued while nurturing a lasting connection between the brand and its audience.

Such interactions create an emotional bond between the brand and the customer, making them more likely to become loyal. It leads to more sales and better customer relationships. Increased customer satisfaction is another benefit of conversational marketing.

– Joe Acosta | Digital Marketing at BBQ Galore

Mobile Marketing Automation

As one of the cutting-edge trends in marketing automation, mobile marketing automation is proved to be a game-changer in the realm of mobile devices. With smartphones’ ubiquity, businesses are entering the enchanting world of mobile marketing automation, armed with powerful tools and mind-blowing technology.

Through this magic, companies orchestrate a symphony of personalized messaging, laser-targeted offers, and real-time customer engagement across the vast expanse of mobile channels, including SMS, push notifications, and in-app messaging.

By unleashing the force of automation, businesses ascend to new heights of efficiency, unveiling unparalleled user experiences that bewitch customers and conjure spellbinding conversion rates.

Overall, mobile marketing automation emerges as the herald of a digital era, where boundaries fade and the kingdom of mobile marketing thrives.

– Clayton Howard, Director of Analytics at Net Pay Advance

Account-based marketing (ABM)

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a game-changing marketing strategy that allows companies to focus their firepower on high-value accounts. Instead of spraying generic messages to the masses, ABM takes a sniper-like approach, honing in on the most lucrative targets.

Armed with deep insights and juicy data, marketers unleash a barrage of customized campaigns that make decision-makers weak in their knees. With ABM, it’s all about wooing and wowing the right people at the right accounts. ABM also fosters teamwork between the marketing and sales squads, allying to conquer the market.

Forget the shotgun approach; ABM is the secret weapon for those who crave precision, personalization, and jaw-dropping results. It’s the marketing automation trend that separates the pros from the amateurs.

– Lev Berlin | Founder of Recipal

Automation-Driven Customer Journey Mapping

Marketing automation trends embrace the concept of crafting customer journeys powered by automation. This innovative approach harnesses cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights to delve deep into the customer experience.

It enables businesses to meticulously analyze and optimize every step of the customer’s path, ensuring a seamless progression from initial touchpoint to final conversion. By thoroughly understanding these intricacies, marketers can pinpoint areas that necessitate improvement and fine-tune their strategies accordingly.

Through the judicious use of automation, repetitive tasks are effortlessly streamlined, audience segmentation becomes more effective, and precisely timed targeted messaging is delivered.

This amalgamation of automation-driven customer journey mapping sets businesses apart in the dynamic marketing landscape, fostering profound customer relationships and propelling them toward resounding long-term success.

Saneem Ahearn | VP of Marketing at Colorescience

Enhanced Data Privacy and Security

Marketing automation trends are experiencing a paradigm shift towards prioritizing user data’s enhanced privacy and security. In an era where digital breaches and privacy concerns have become common, businesses are taking proactive measures to safeguard their customers’ sensitive information.

Organizations can fortify their defenses against unauthorized access and potential cyber threats by implementing robust data encryption methods and stringent access controls.

Moreover, anonymizing and pseudonymizing data bolsters privacy by dissociating personal details from individual identities. Regular security audits and compliance with data protection regulations are also essential to a comprehensive data privacy strategy.

By focusing on enhanced data privacy and security, businesses can foster trust, build stronger customer relationships, and ensure the long-term success of their marketing automation efforts.

– Adrian Pereira | Founder & CEO of Ecopeaco.com

Influencer Marketing Automation

Influencer marketing automation, the new buzz in the world of marketing automation, is revolutionizing the way brands conquer the market. Imagine effortlessly harnessing the influential prowess of social media darlings and industry mavens to skyrocket your brand’s visibility.

With influencer marketing automation, the fantasy of searching manually or collaborating ineffectively is no longer necessary, became a reality.

This cutting-edge trend employs smart algorithms and automated processes to pair your target audience precisely with the perfect influencers. Say goodbye to random endorsements and hello to precision marketing.

It’s time to unleash the power of influencers and witness your brand’s meteoric rise in the digital realm. Embrace this game-changing trend and leave your competition biting the dust.

– Peter Reagan | Financial Marketing Strategist at Birch Gold Group

Integrations with Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are designed to manage customer data, track interactions, and facilitate sales and customer service processes, so integrating them with marketing automation tools can help businesses create seamless alignment.

One of the major benefits this offers is enhanced lead nurturing. With CRM integration, marketers can track the entirety of the customer journey from start to finish, which gives them valuable insights into how they can deliver personalized data based on each lead’s stage in the sales funnel.

CRM can help marketers segment their audience as well with data about their demographics, preferences, and behaviors, allowing marketers to further personalize their buying journey.

Overall, integrating CRM platforms with marketing automation tools will help businesses deliver targeted and personalized experiences to customers through their customer journey.

– Bill Lyons | CEO of Griffin Funding

Use Personalized Funnel Stages to Your Advantage 

Stay ahead of the curve by embracing the latest marketing automation trend, which is personalized funnel stages. This innovative approach allows businesses to create tailored experiences for their customers throughout the buyer’s journey, driving engagement and conversions.

By customizing each stage of the funnel based on individual preferences, needs, and behaviors, brands can deliver targeted messages and offer that resonate with their audience on a deeper level. The benefit of utilizing personalized funnel stages lies in its ability to build stronger connections with customers, enhancing their overall experience and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

By adapting to this trend, businesses can optimize their marketing efforts, nurturing leads through a personalized journey that guides them seamlessly toward a purchase decision.

– Matt Gehring | Head of Marketing, Dutch.com

AI in Marketing 

AI tools are making some powerful changes in the marketing industry. Integrating AI into your marketing process allows your team to process vast amounts of data and information quickly and with accuracy. AI can identify valuable insights and patterns that are challenging for a human pair of eyes to see.

AI-powered analytics can analyze your customer behavior, preferences, and purchase history and generate actionable recommendations so you can better target your marketing campaigns. 

– Brandon Brown | CEO at Grin

Lead Capture Automation

Lead Capture automation, which is part of the sales funnel, is a huge marketing automation trend that can make a company’s whole year turn positive! This stage of the sales funnel is where leads are generated and nurtured and is quite possibly the most important part of the sales funnel.

Many marketers have been trying to crack the code of how to capture leads that are 100% interested in buying your products or services effectively. The lead capture process these days has evolved and become much easier as monotonous, manual operations can now be automated with marketing automation and any industry will witness a rapid adoption of automation at every stage.

You can quickly create high-converting landing pages with lead capture forms using automation technologies like Clickfunnels, that can collect crucial lead information like email addresses, names, faxes, and phone numbers.

– Chris Hunter | Director of Customer Relations at Service Titan

Speaking of funnels, Clickfunnels tends to be the best sales funnel builder for experts and beginners alike. It offers a wide range of pre-made templates almost in all categories, niches, and industries. It also has a 14-day completely free trial that allows you to see the tool in action without spending any money.

clickfunnels banner


The marketing automation world is rapidly evolving, and keeping up with the latest trends is vital for marketers looking to thrive in the digital age.

The emergence of AI-powered optimization, seamless omnichannel integration, and advanced analytics has opened up exciting possibilities for businesses to enhance their strategies and deliver strong results. 

In this article, we interviewed 15 experts that shared their valuable insights on the newest marketing automation trends that caught their attention to help you take your marketing to the maximum level.

Thanks for going this far and reading my article all the way through! If you found this post inspiring and useful, share it with your friends, please! (Virtual high fives and hugs to all my sharers out there!)

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