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Marketing is like sex; everyone thinks they’re good at it! Kid you not, are you serious enough about your career online? If so, you’ve got to make those network marketing books your blue bills!

For everyone who’s struggling to start their online business, or looking forward to getting more traffic for their business, these best network marketing books will give you a boost and reveal virtually unknown secrets. They are for FREE!

This very short list of books is beneficial for every and each online marketer, or anyone who’s struggling to start or grow their online business.

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Keep Reading.. Keep Learning..

There are endless advantages to reading. In fact, science has proven that reading actually makes you smarter!

We are all going after acquiring new skills and building a better living and financial situation. However, money is not the only aspect of the game!

Money is infinite, but time is not!

When you read, your brain absorbs good writing techniques and vocabulary, so if you’re a blogger for example, or at any time you’d consider starting a blog, remember that reading is very important.

I mean, how would you write if you don’t even read?

For you who know Joseph Addison, he once said: “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

And that’s true! When you spend 2 hours a day reading, you are actually investing in yourself, and over time, the return on investment will compound exponentially, until you are armed with knowledge.

Reading is the common habit of the richest and most successful people, and if you’re really willing to succeed in what you do online, you should keep reading, so you can keep growing.

There are tons of people who are sharing their stories, approaches, and strategies with people just like you and me. So, getting the benefit of these opportunities is a no-brainer!

The books that I’ve picked in this article are by the legend Russell Brunson.

Who is Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is a real-life example of a successful entrepreneur. He’s digital marketing and sales funnel expert, and is also best known as the co-founder of ClickFunnels.

Clickfunnels is the world’s best landing page builder toolkit that every marketer and business owner needs!

Now, let’s meet our man Russel, and take a look inside Clickfunnels.

Note: The best part is that most of these awesome network marketing books are available in the audio version, so if you have no time to pay close attention, you still can learn and listen to your best book.

With that being said, below are my picks for the top 3 must-read books of all time.

1. Experts Secrets Book

Want to tell your story, build a tribe, and change the world? You’d definitely need Expert Secrets Book!

Over the last few years, Russell Brunson has kept analyzing and discussing, a set of patterns that emerged, and he’s finally confident to teach you in this book how to sell more inside your funnels without extra traffic.

Expert Secrets will teach you exactly how should you interact with people inside your funnels, and how well you can use the fundamentals of persuasion to turn those visitors into lifetime customers!

This book is covering 4 main topics:

Section 1: Creating Your Movement

Section 2: Creating Belief

Section 3: One-to-Many Selling

Section 4: Becoming Your Dream Customer’s Guide

Experts Secrets Book will help you find your voice and give you the confidence to become a leader.

It will show you how to build a movement of people whose lives you can change and make this calling, a career.

Experts Secrets Book is available in all forms and versions (PDF, Kindle, Amazon, Audio, Hardcover to your door, etc…) you can listen to or read this book literally anywhere at any time!

2. Dotcom Secrets Book

So, do you want to geometrically grow your online business? This book shows you 28 virtually unknown secrets to growing any company online with sales funnels!

Basically, the main approach of this book is the concept of sales funnels.

Through the DotCom secrets PDF, Russell answers the question “What is the sales funnel strategy, and how can you use it to grow your company?”

The DotCom Secrets Book is awesome for everyone who’s looking to grow their business!

The first edition of this book went on to sell over 205,000 copies, and it has helped countless others to quickly grow their companies online with sales funnels!

Kevin David and other successful entrepreneurs wouldn’t have cracked the code of the online game without this book!

In fact, Clickfunnels has an award that’s called Two Comma Club, and in the last few years, over 800 people have one the Two Comma Club. This is an award by Clickfunnels for those who are making 7-figures inside one of their funnels.

They also have the Two Comma Club X award for people who have crossed the 8-figure using one of their sales funnels! It has been won by over 60 people.

And the huge Two Comma Club C is for people who have approached over 9 figures using their funnels, and it has been awarded to 11 people.

They all wouldn’t have done it without applying the secrets they discovered in the DotCom secrets book!

The best part about this is that you can get it for free! What are you waiting for?

DotCom Secrets PDF has mainly 4 sections.

Section 1: Sales Funnel Secrets

Section 2: Funnels In The Value Ladder

Section 3: Funnel Scripts

Section 4: Building Your Funnel

You need nothing more than this book to succeed with sales funnels and bring massive results to your business! Here are 9 reasons why you should consider grabbing your Dotcom Secrets copy today.

DotCom Secrets Audiobook is also available in all forms and versions (PDF, Kindle, Amazon, Audio, Hardcover to your door, etc…) You literally have no excuse!

3. Traffic Secrets Book

Starting an online business and earning passive income online has got easier nowadays, but what people mostly struggle with is bringing traffic to their businesses and getting noticeable!

So, your business is now up and running and is already like fire, how to get the right traffic and customers to find you online?

Well, the Traffic Secrets Book is like gasoline to that fire! It will help you explode the traffic and online presence of any business!

In the world of Russell Brunson, the founder, and CEO of Clickfunnels:

Just 5 short years ago, I launched a new company called ClickFunnels, and as the “non-technical” co-founder who had no skills in coding, I wasn’t able to help create the software, but I knew my role. 
When the cart opened on launch day, I needed to have a pipeline of people begging to signup for their free trial… And every day after that, I needed to make sure I kept filling our funnels with our dream customers. To do that, I had to learn how to get traffic from dozens of different sources…  I couldn’t rely on just Facebook or just Google. I had to learn how to do things differently… I had to be smarter. 

– Russell brunson

Did you know that Russell was able to bring over 100,000 active users to use Clickfunnels? Well, isn’t it worth stopping and asking how the hell did he do it?

How has he managed to bring a pipeline of people signing up for his business?

This is what he’s actually teaching you and others in this Book 🙂

The Traffic Secrets Book has mainly 3 sections, and here are a few of the secrets you’ll discover for FREE!

Section 1: Your Dream Customer

Section 2: Fill Your Funnel

Section 3: Growth Hacking

If you are selling anything online (or trying to generate leads online) – these traffic secrets will help get more eyeballs on whatever it is you are selling!

Get inside and see what others are already saying about Traffic Secrets!

Traffic Secrets Book is also available in all forms and versions (PDF, Kindle, Amazon, Audio, Hardcover to your door, etc…) Grab your preferred copy!

Entrepreneurs Became Millionaires With Clickfunnels

Entrepreneurs like John Crestani, Anthony Morrison, Kevin David, and many more have generated millions of dollars by either selling online through Clickfunnels highly optimized sales funnels or becoming affiliates to the company!

The fact is, Clickfunnels has everything you need to start selling online effectively, capture leads and gradually build rapport with them.

Whether you’re looking to start a digital marketing agency, selling products and services, or even looking to grow your offline business, Clickfunnels can add huge value to you as well as to your clients!

Are you considering learning affiliate marketing the right way? Our boy Anthony is your way to go!

Anthony Morrison is a self-made digital entrepreneur and accomplished affiliate marketer who’s been in the domain for over 15 years now. He made millions of dollars using Clickfunnels, and was able to generate over 1 million dollars by just referring people to the software.

Anthony didn’t randomly find success, he’d worked hard for it (and still does), and most importantly believed that he could do it and crack the code of the online game!

The cool thing is that Anthony doesn’t keep the knowledge to himself.. He has a unique program called Partner With Anthony where he literally takes his students by hand through the step-by-step process of starting a profitable affiliate marketing business.

>>> Reserve your seat in the Partner With Anthony program now while seats are still available.


Starting an online business and pushing traffic to it need the will, the know-how, and constant efforts!

Whether it’s an online storefront, a blog, or any other type of digital business, you should be strategic with your steps and approach, no matter who you are, what your capabilities, interests, or thoughts are.

Learning from experts like Russell and Anthony, and leveraging their strategies, approaches, and tips can definitely add something valuable to your knowledge, so you can start or grow your business in no time.

In this article, I’ve projected the 3 best books of all time by the great Russell Brunson to help you leverage the power of sales funnels and start bringing real traffic to your online ventures.

All of the mentioned books are FREE, and come with awesome bonuses and freebies! The sole purpose of creating them is to help you do more and take your first step toward your financial freedom!

The best part is that these books are available in the audio version, so if you have no time to pay close attention, you still can learn and listen to your best book. Remember, money is infinite, but time is not! Eat the ground and be hungry for knowledge, your financial freedom is waiting!

If you have not grabbed your Clickfunnels 14-day free trial yet, it’s time to do so and see how valuable this software can be to your business.

Thanks for going this far and reading my article all the way through! If you found this post inspiring and useful, share it with your friends, please! (Virtual high fives and hugs to all my sharers out there!)

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