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how to make money with veve

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What if you could leverage an app that has the potential to become the “Coinbase” of the NFT industry, to generate a very nice side-hustle income that could someday become significant…

Or what if you could actually invest in a company with a solid vision that might multiply your investment by 100X or more in the next couple of years?

Wouldn’t that be awesome? It surely would!

In this article, we are going to be discussing 6 of the best ways that you can use the new-age VeVe app to make money online, innovatively!

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in this blog post are personal opinions and are for entertainment purposes only. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make. The ideas presented in this article are my opinions at the date of writing and may have changed in the future.

What Is VeVe?

VeVe is a blockchain-based premium licensed digital collectibles marketplace that is based in Singapore and works with big brands. Some of the VeVe licenses are Cartoon Network, Quinn, Batman, Ultraman, and Ghostbuster, and they are continuously working on acquiring more valuable partnerships with very well-known brands and companies!

So, how can you take advantage of all the hype of NFTs and utilize the ecosystem behind VeVe to make some side income, or even replace your sucky job? Let’s find out this together!

6 Ways To Make Money With VeVe

Below are my 6 best methods of making money online with the VeVe in-app marketplace.

1. Accumulate VeVe Collectibles

The way that VeVe works is that they announce the drop dates on various social media channels, and collectors can participate in drops through the official VeVe app which can be found on both App Store and Google Play.

veve app

VeVe drops come into multiple classifications; uncommon, common, rare, and ultra-rare! In collecting, be it coins, stamps, or physical and digital collectibles, time and rarity are key factors in determining the future value of the piece!

The demand for those stuff determines their price. Meaning that, if someone in the future is willing to pay $1,000 for an ultra-rare collectible, this becomes its new price and value!

If for any reason, you couldn’t make it through during the VeVe drops, you can negotiate and bid on the In-App secondary market and look for VeVe NFT for sale.

So, your first potential financial earning with VeVe is through accumulating digital collectibles from big names and brands that might rise in value in the future, and hopefully, you can flip them for a fruitful profit!

What Are VeVe Collectibles?

VeVe collectibles are NFT (non-fungible token) crypto artwork built on the blockchain, which means you can own them and have them in your account under a unique serial number that proves your ownership! When you buy digital collectibles, you can own, keep, or even sell them to other people.

How Much Are VeVe Collectibles Worth?

Each VeVe’s drop rarity level has a pre-set price by the app developers that it will be traded for on the drop date! With the fact that most of the time VeVe drops sell out in a few minutes only, more people will be willing to pay more to acquire a particular collectible they like, or to complete their set!

Therefore, the demand and scarcity of the pieces can raise the price in the future, and this is exactly what happened with the Batman drop. The ultra-rare piece was listed on eBay for thousands of dollars! People set the value of the stuff they buy by how much they are willing to pay to acquire it!

Can You Sell VeVe Collectibles?

By purchasing digital artwork from VeVe, you will become the official owner of it and has the right to keep it or sell it to others! It’s totally up to you how much to sell it, like any other physical stuff in the real world, you determine the price when conducting the deal with the buyer.

Where Can I Sell VeVe Collectibles?

VeVe has its own secondary market within the app where you can go and list your collectible for either a fixed price or under an auction. People can come and bid on your piece and the one with the highest bid will win it. You can also sell VeVe collectibles externally by listing them on networks like eBay, or even coming up with a deal on social media!

2. Invest In The ECOMI Token

VeVe is a blockchain-based project that’s backed up with a crypto token called ECOMI. ECOMI (OMI) is one of the cheapest altcoins in the market today, and when I say cheap I mean fractions of a cent.

If you’re into the crypto world and are willing to invest in a solid project, OMI could just be a great consideration, but keep in mind that this involves risky activities that can yield big losses!

So, always make sure to do your own research and due diligence, and invest what you’re willing to lose only!

Where Can I Buy OMI Crypto?

To buy OMI tokens, first, you would need to create a crypto wallet and fund it. Coinbase tends to be the most secured and trusted wallet around. After funding your Coinbase wallet, you would need to transfer those cryptos to an exchange that OMI is publicly traded on, such as BitForex or AscendEx.

If you’re wondering how to buy ECOMI, this quick illustrated guide could be of great help as it shows you the easiest way to buy OMI coin! It walks you through the exact step-by-step process with screenshots, to help you avoid any mistakes or scams!

3. Resell Digital Collectibles On The Secondary Market

In VeVe’s secondary Market, you can buy and sell from other VeVe collectors. If you missed out on that digital collectible when it dropped, or you need one to complete your set, you can browse the secondary market and see if others have listed the collectibles you need for sale.

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a video on YouTube for Peng Joon (a YouTuber and internet marketer) where he discussed how he was able to generate $3,000+ from flipping VeVe’s NFTs!

Since VeVe has started, people have been flipping their digital collectibles to make decent profits, and this is something that you can do too!

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing technique in which you are compensated for simply driving traffic to businesses and companies, at no additional cost to people!

After doing your own research and due diligence, if you find that VeVe is a worthwhile investment and project, you can start educating people on how, for example, to buy OMI safely, how to store OMI, or how to participate in drops.

Having a blog or a website is the most surefire way to succeed at affiliate marketing and build a solid presence online. But, the question is, do you really need a blog to do affiliate marketing?

No, it’s not mandatory, but it can help!

Affiliate marketing is my favorite, and it’s one of the most rewarding monetization methods out there.

Whether you have a website, blog, or YouTube channel, as you are creating helpful content for people, you can embed your affiliate links inside the text in a hyperlink form, and if someone ends up purchasing or registering through your unique tracking links, you will get rewarded a certain commission!

In a recent blog post that I published on the eComDimes, (the website that you’re currently on) I shared a step-by-step tutorial on how to purchase OMI safely for beginners. That process would usually require registering to some wallets or exchanges, so that’s what I did!

I just recommended them in my post by inserting my own affiliate links in there. From that post only, I was able to generate 49 invitees to the crypto exchange that lists OMI for trading; BitForex, and have been getting compensated each time someone purchases crypto through my links!

In the grand scheme of things, paying a monthly fee for hosting your blog or affiliate marketing website is well worth the cost. And fortunately, Bluehost’s monthly costs are lower than your streaming subscriptions.

The reason that I usually recommend Bluehost is that it’s super affordable and beginner-friendly. On plans over 1 year, you will get a free SSL certificate and domain name.

Start your blog or website with Bluehost and get your domain name FREE + receive a 63% discount on monthly or yearly hosting fees when using our link. (Yup, you’ve guessed it… this is an affiliate link!)

VeVe currently doesn’t have an affiliate or referral program, but I’m pretty sure that this is something that will be coming in the future as the company grows because nowadays, you can barely find a successful company that doesn’t have an affiliate program.

Companies like Amazon, Uber, Walmart, Aliexpress, and you name it. Even PayPal; the biggest online payments operating system in the world, has a partner program!

5. Take Advantage Of The Hype To Grow On Social Media Or YouTube

VeVe is a promising project and there’s a lot to be covered and discussed around it! When it first started, a lot of people found it a sweet opportunity for starting and growing on Social media or YouTube.

There have been a bunch of VeVe and Ecomi adopters among the social media influencers and YouTubers who have already realized the potential of the project and believed in its vision!

Take Cavell Anderson, for instance, a successful YouTuber in the gaming industry who has decided to take advantage of this hype and share his knowledge to potentially grow a new channel from scratch, and hopefully be able to monetize it handsomely when it grows!

Cavell started his new channel that’s dedicated to VeVe and Ecomi on Feb 4, 2021, and so far, he’s received a total of 750K+ views on YouTube.

Another great example of active content creators is Jake Gagain, a crypto investor and YouTuber who produces lovely content on social media and YouTube to educate people about crypto.

Although this is huge, it has not happened overnight… He’s being consistent with publishing new content, daily, and this is exactly what’s required for growing steadily on such a platform!

If you believe that you have something that you can add to people’s lives and knowledge, then, starting a YouTube channel that talks about such topics might be fruitful as your community grows over time.

The good news is, even if you are not comfortable showing up on a camera, you can start a YouTube channel without showing your face, and I’ve written a complete tutorial about this topic!

However, getting people to know, follow, and trust you would build more rapport between you and your followers, and would allow you to better monetize your channel with sponsorships in the future!

6. Collect Leads Through Giveaways

Studies show that the average ROI (return on investment) on each $1 spent on email marketing is $44! So, if you’re new to online marketing or building a business online, the fact of the matter is this…

Money. Is in. The list.

In a recent partnership with Anthony Morrison, he shows exactly how building a mailing list is crucial to your online success, and how it’s actually a complete business model itself!

Giveaways are the ultimate way for growing a community fast, and you can monetize that list as you go along. But, before monetization, the first thing you need to do is well… learn how to build a list.

Here’s the video that shows you how to do it.

VeVe Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about VeVe and ECOMI, and if you still have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to me or to any one of the official VeVe staff mentioned in this article!

Who Is Behind VeVe And OMI?

David Yu is the CEO of ECOMI. He founded his first business in 1996 and has since started various businesses across the license and retail industry. Daniel Crothers and Joseph Janik are the other two co-founders of ECOMI. VeVe’s lead content producer is Trevor, and VeVe’s communication manager is Rhys! Such a great team!

Who Are ECOMI Partnerships?

ECOMI licensed partnerships are in the pop culture, gaming, sports, film & TV, and anime & animation categories! Some of VeVe’s favorite brands are DC Collectibles, Cartoon Network, Batman, Superman, Star Trek, Tokidoki, The Power Puff Girls, Adventure Time, Monster Hunter, NFLPA, Jurassic Park, Fast, and the Furious, Back to the Future, Ultraman, and they are continuously acquiring more of them on a monthly basis

Is OMI Coin a Good Investment?

VeVe’s token is backed up with a solid product and it has great utility. This means that it’s more likely to be a better investment if compared to other cryptos that are built completely on hype, such as Dogecoin!

From a conservative point of view, investing $1,000 today on a price of $0.0021, if it hits the all-time high of $0.01301 again (which is totally reachable), that’s $6,195, a return of investment of 6.195X!

This is not financial advice. You should always do your own research and due diligence before investing in the crypto market!

What Is VeVe’s Augmented Reality Feature?

With VeVe’s Augmented Reality features you can stand side by side with your favorite characters and heroes, in the real world. Simply scan your surrounding and tap to drop your digital collectible in AR.

You can then move, rotate and  scale your digital collectibles to make the 1:1 size and then take photos.

How Does VeVe Make Money?

According to VeVe tokenomics, the company makes money from the in-app funds from selling the series of officially licensed digital collectibles across six fandom verticals: Pop Culture, Sports, Gaming, Film & TV, Anime & Animation, and Celebrities, and token buy-back revenue!

The first source of buy-back revenue is gem sales on new NFTs, while the other source is gem sales in the secondary market!

Gem sales on new NFTs
Gem sales in the secondary market

For more VeVe tokenomics information, feel free to refer back to this official guide on Medium.

How To Stay Up To Date With ECOMI News?

VeVe has been building a solid online community and they are always active on various social media platforms. Below are the different VeVe’s social media accounts that help you stay up-to-date with ECOMI news.

Ecomi Twitter

VeVe’s Twitter account is a great source for staying in the loop of ECOMI announcements, and they have just hit 100K followers! Go show them some love.

ECOMI Reddit

Their Reddit profile has 16K+ members, and it’s the official community dedicated to ECOMI. The community is wonderful and people are just in love with VeVe and ECOMI.

ECOMI Telegram

ECOMI’s Telegram group has over 35K engaged users, and VeVe’s communication manager and the team always make sure to fulfill people’s concerns and queries! They also have a second ECOMI Announcements group where they keep people in the loop of technical stuff such as taking the app offline for an update.

VeVe Medium

VeVe’s blog on Medium has a bunch of valuable information that helps educate people about how things work in VeVe, and they continuously share monthly updates of what has been achieved each month. Wondering what the ECOMI roadmap looks like? This is the type of information that you can find on their blog!


On YouTube, VeVe shares their updates in a visual form of content, and the different interviews of Rhys; VeVe’s official communication manager. They also have another channel called “” that talks precisely about VeVe’s drops and collectibles!


Making money online is not a pipe dream anymore, and a lot have been using the internet to make multiple streams of income online!

In this article, we have discussed 6 of the different methods of making money online with the new-age app called VeVe.

I hope that this article has added something to your knowledge. If you find this post inspiring and useful, share it with your friends, please! (Virtual high fives and awkward hugs to all my sharers out there )

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