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These are turbulent times. The world is facing a new normal, and this pandemic has far-reaching economic effects. Lockdowns have been imposed, and businesses are facing downturns.

Traditional sources of income seem to be drying up, and there is a constant search for new sources of revenue.

The lockdown and restrictions on physical movement mean that people are increasingly turning to online sources of income.

Online marketing is one of the fields which still seems to be going strong.

And if there is a source of income associated with a trusted name like Logo.com, the additional assurances are increasingly enticing.

What is Logo.com‘s Affiliate Program?

In simple words, affiliate marketing can be summarized as an enhanced referral program, with professional results for both parties.

Logo.com offers two platforms for its affiliate partners: CJ.com and Tapfiliate. Logo.com’s affiliate program brings advertisers and publishers together in a way that benefits both of them.

Logo.com gets to increase their sales, and publishers get a share of the revenue in the form of an attractive commission.

Why Logo.com‘s Affiliate Program?

As mentioned earlier, there has been a churn in the economies around the world. This gives rise to the need for branding shifts and the rebranding of businesses.

Even among established brands, all are repositioning their branding to fall more in line with modern social expectations.

All of this increases the demand for logo makers.

Logos are an integral part of a business, from a startup requiring a new logo, to an existing company rebranding the logo to be in line with the latest business ideology.

This creates a lot of opportunities for logo designing.

There are plenty of businesses looking for logo makers. Logo.com provides hundreds of designs after giving a few simple inputs with the goal of one being satisfactory for the customer.

As an affiliate partner, your duty is as simple as directing the users towards Logo.com and earning a decent commission in the process.


As the leading logo generator in the industry, Logo.com offers creative, economic, and customized logos at the click of a button.

Logo.com has a well-established reputation for providing its customers with an excellent logo-building experience and transparent pricing.

Joining the affiliate program means that you can lead your site’s traffic to one of the highest quality logo makers, saving them both time and expense. 

Benefits of an Affiliate Program.

CJ, an affiliate platform of the Logo.com affiliate program, offers a host of benefits for the publisher.

Apart from Logo.com, the CJ affiliate program gives a publisher access to over 4000 top global brands, increasing the publisher’s capacity to negotiate for higher rates and provides possibilities for sponsored campaigns.

Logo.com‘s affiliate platform, CJ.com, has more than two decades of experience in affiliate marketing.

Their 14 offices located across the world are managed by employees who concentrate on developing unique strategies and solutions designed to produce results.

Their vast data enables them to develop a customer-centric approach to marketing.

The CJ affiliate program enables advertisers and publishers to connect and determine the terms and methods of offers and rewards.

Logo.com’s affiliate partner CJ.com has a large well established global Publisher Development division. Publishers can expect specialized guidance based on their area, distribution method, and business size.

The publisher can benefit from the services of a team of regional experts who develop strategies suited to your business.

Publishers are also given information about international publisher expectations and the need for localization.

CJ has an expert content team that is well versed in influencer marketing. They offer support to publishers in finding the premium brands in their portfolio.

Logo.com‘s affiliate partner CJ.com provides analytics, which helps a publisher to fine-tune his affiliate strategy and reach out to more customers.

After joining Logo.com’s affiliate program, a publisher can receive payments in over 150 currencies, through direct deposit, cheque, or global payment partner Payoneer.

Logo.com’s affiliate partner CJ.com also offers help to the publisher to understand his audience and reach them effectively.

These methods will benefit the publisher in more ways than one. But to enjoy all these benefits, you have to sign in to CJ.com using Logo.com‘s affiliate program.

For partners who do not use CJ, there is also an option to join the Tapfiliate program, which offers even higher commissions and quick payments.

Through Tapfiliate the program provides a high commission of up to 35% and is straightforward to enroll in.

Joining the Logo.com affiliate program

The Logo.com website highlights that it’s effortless to use and can be understood and used by anyone. Logo.com has continued this tradition with their affiliate program.

It is extremely simple to join the Logo.com affiliate program with any of the partner affiliate platforms.

All that the publisher has to do is go to the Logo.com website and fill out the registration form, and they are immediately given access to links and creative assets.

Once the Logo.com affiliate program is in place, the user can start sharing their links with customers on their social media, email newsletters, or website.

What are you waiting for? Simply sign up for Logo.com‘s affiliate program and watch your commission roll in. 

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