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Have you ever thought about what outcome we can get from combining the passion of technology and leveraging it to turn new business ideas into products that solve real-life issues? Kartra drop servicing!

Kartra drop servicing will come in handy if you’re looking forward to starting a viable home-based business. From as low as $99/month, Kartra allows you to create high converting funnels where you can showcase your services for potential clients, receive orders, capture payments, and more!

This article will take you through the 4-phase process of launching a drop servicing agency from scratch, and answer the most frequently asked questions to help you succeed!

So, are you looking forward to learning and starting a Kartra drop servicing business? This drop servicing guide could be of great help!

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Phase #1 – Understanding The Terminologies

Before we go in-depth into this lucrative business model, let’s start with the drop servicing definition, and what the Kartra marketing toolkit really is.

What Is Drop Servicing?

Drop servicing is a service fulfillment method that allows you to start a 6-figure online business by reselling other people’s services, without the need to provide them by yourself!

You simply go find a service offered by a trustworthy freelancer on one of the freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and list it on your store as if you’re providing it by yourself.

When running a drop servicing agency, you don’t need to hire employees and pay for monthly salaries. Instead, you hire independent contractors and freelancers to do the work on your behalf!

What Is Kartra?

Kartra is a marketing toolkit and a sales funnel builder that’s similar to Clickfunnels, and allows you to sell your products and services online more effectively and efficiently by leveraging sales funnels!

Kartra provides a lot of done-for-you solutions, from funnels, templates, emails and more, and it makes it easy for you to create high converting funnels that will actually sell.

You can try Kartra for free a 14-day trial without pulling out your wallet and paying a dime.

Phase #2 – Understanding How Things Work

Before you dive deep into any business, understanding how things exactly work is crucial for your success, and can give you a fair advantage if you understand the process and how to put things together correctly.

Being said, let’s put the service supply chain into action to help you precisely understand how drop servicing works!

How Does Drop Servicing Work

This is a real-life example to help you understand the relationship between the reseller (drop servicer), freelancer, and customer, and how they flawlessly work together.

1. After deciding your niche and the services you want to sell, you go to Fiverr and find a trustworthy freelancer to resell his services.

2. Create a digital storefront where you can showcase your services online and attract serious buyers.

3. You list the service on your storefront and set your own profit margins by taking into consideration the price range of the competition.

4. When someone ends up purchasing your service, they pay you money and give you all the needed requirements and information.

5. You then pass their requirements and pay for the freelancer to do the actual work.

6. The freelancer SHOULD commit to the deadline and deliver the work for your approval.

7. Once reviewed and approved by you, you successfully deliver the order to the customer as if it’s done by you!

Note – Customers don’t know that you’re not the one that does the actual work. You don’t need to declare this to them, but you need to be picky with your freelancers because customers will blame you if any issues arise.

How Does A Drop Servicing Business Make Money?

Your profit as a drop servicer is the difference between what you charge your clients for and what your freelancer charges you for doing the actual work!

What’s unique about Drop servicing is that you’re not trading your time for money! It’s really centered around being the middleman between the service provider (freelancer) and the actual buyer.

This means that you can charge whatever you want for your services (that you don’t personally do), and you can set your own profit margins!

Of course, you will take the competition into consideration, but the point here is that you’re full of control of your prices.

However, the trick is to find freelancers with quality work and a relatively low rate so you can mark-up their rates and make a higher profit.

This is a super rewarding, scalable, and flexible business model, as all parties work together flawlessly if done right!

How Does Kartra Work – Features & Functions

I don’t want to make it long and boring for you. Here’s a quick video by Kartra to help you understand how Kartra really works and some of its powerful features:

Haven’t you grabbed your Kartra free trial yet? Don’t panic, get it by clicking here.

Phase #3 – Building Your Drop Servicing Business

Starting your digital drop servicing agency comes into multiple stages.

Below is the exact drop servicing step-by-step process you need to go through when starting any new drop servicing business.

A) Brainstorm Drop Servicing Ideas

For me, nothing beats the power of a pen and a piece of paper when it comes to brainstorming ideas!

I liked to separate this step from picking the actual drop servicing niche as here you will just start by thinking about what you’re good at, what skills you have, and what skills you want to capitalize on or learn!

By the time you finish writing down your thoughts on a paper, you’ll be surprised with the amount of drop servicing ideas that you will come up with.

You will then start filtering based on what you have the most knowledge of, what’s actually needed in the market, and what has the highest potential margins.

This step aims to allow you to select a service category or a sub-category, and in the next step, you would be picking a niche, sub-niche or micro-niche within that specific category you’ve chosen!

B) Come Up With A Drop Servicing Niche

Have you ever heard the phrase “Riches are in the niches!” before? We can’t argue enough why you should be narrowing down your drop servicing business to a specific niche.

A niche is a laser-focused and targeted service/product that fulfills a particular need for a specific group of people!

The below demonstration helps you differentiate between a category, niche, sub-niche, and micro-niche.

People don’t buy products and services… they buy solutions to their problems.

By selecting a niche market, you would be serving a specific group of people that have the same problem in common!

And here’s the thing; the more narrow you are, the better you would be able to identify who your target audience is and where they aggregate online.

Below are the questions that I recommend you figure out answers for when picking a drop servicing niche:

  • Are you knowledgeable about it? You can literally sell any service online, but it’s recommended to be knowledgeable about it! You don’t need to be an expert, but you should at least understand how it does work so you can answer any question you may be asked by clients!
  • Does it have a demand that you can supply? To receive orders from real humans, the service should be really needed and have a significant demand. Wherever there’s a problem, there’s a fix and there’s a need!
  • What is the level of its competition? Having a clear idea about the competition is crucial for your business. You can start by googling the service and see what’s already offered, check the freelance marketplaces and see what your competitors are offering, and leverage tools like Google Trends to learn more about the service’s popularity and demand!
  • Does it have a huge potential financial gain? One of the many reasons why drop servicing is better than dropshipping is that you would be making more money with a less volume of orders! Assess the market and see whether you can make a huge markup in reselling the service or not!
  • Is there room for a monthly subscription? This is the ultimate secret of the drop servicing business’s success. Services that require a long commitment (i.e. SEO, content writing, marketing, etc.) allow you to get paid on a monthly basis, recurringly! So, does the service pay you every single month? Or is it just something needed for once, like a logo design?
  • Does it have up-selling opportunities? Did you know that up-selling increases revenue by 10-30%? Up-selling is the act of offering your customers a higher ticket product or something related to what they have purchased! More about this is in the Dotcom Secrets book.

Related: Want to learn more about the above drop servicing niche considerations? Here’s a full article about that (Open in a new tab!)

C) Find Trustworthy Freelancers & Quality Drop Services

At this point, you should start seeking valuable partnerships with trustworthy freelancers and experts to who you’ll outsource the work!

In this virtual team-building step, you would need to go find freelancers with expertise in your offered service.

But where can you find trustworthy freelancers for your drop servicing business?

Freelance marketplaces is an optimal starting point for finding trustworthy freelancers and drop services. Platforms like Fiverr and UpWork act as a connector between service providers and business owners who need a particular service.

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In other words, freelancers are the interface of your business! They have the power to either lift your brand up, or completely destroy your reputation!

One of the biggest mistakes when starting a drop servicing business is to rely on one single freelancer to accomplish the work on your behalf!

Freelancers are humans who have certain capacities to accomplish certain tasks during their days… You need to keep in mind that they are not yours!

They may be handling multiple projects at a time, so sometimes, they won’t be able to commit to the deadline. It just happens!

Therefore, you should pick a set of freelancers and never rely on one single person for the following reasons:

  • Having a team of freelancers will increase your order capacity and allow you to handle multiple orders at a time!
  • Each freelancer have their own expertise, skills and capabilities. So, having a group of people will just increase your coverage, skills, and knowledge.
  • You would be able to cover different areas and services and better fulfll your customers’ needs.
  • Above all, having a set of freelancers will back you up and allow you to deliver orders faster. This fair advantage itself keeps you ahead of the competition.

By the time you finish researching freelance marketplaces and online job boards, you will end up having a huge list of individuals.

You would need to go through the list, filter, and narrow them down to up to 10 candidates.

Now, here’s my proven criteria for picking the right candidate for your drop servicing business.

First of all, here are some of the things that you need to pay attention to:

  • Their response time – It’s important to be able to communicate with them whenever you need to! Communication is what matters most, at least for me, especially when working remotely.
  • Their reviews – The cool thing about Fiverr (and many other freelance marketplaces) is that it allows you to see what other customers are saying abotu that freelancer. You would be aiming for candidates with excellent reviews.
  • Their success rate – If they have a high success rate with previous jobs and projects, they are more likely to provide quality work for you too!
  • Their quality of work – A freelancer with a lot of success stories and projects is more likely to have an inviting portfolio that can speak about them. Find the best of the best!

Pro Tip: Want to take it a step further? Send test orders or assignments for your filtered freelancers to have a clear image of what your customers would really be getting!

If you’re serious enough about your drop servicing business, willing to invest, and decided to take my above into your consideration, make sure to record the data you get in a spreadsheet!

Create multiple columns for communication, work quality, committing to the deadline, etc… and give an overall score for each freelancer.

This will make it easier for you to pick the ultimate freelancer for your drop servicing business and the ones you should be giving priority when you start getting more and more orders!

Yes, it’s an upfront investment but it’s totally worth it! It will give you great insights into who you should be working with, and this step can actually determine your own clients’ experience and satisfaction…

D) Build Your Actual Drop Servicing Website Or Funnel

Today, there are thousands of online tools and resources that can make your entrepreneurial life easier and more efficient!

Thanks to the internet for all that it’s offering… Today, it’s definitely more convenient and easy to start a website or a digital storefront than it was 20 years ago.

Kartra is just one example of those powerful tools that will skyrocket your online business and take it to the maximum levels.

So, to get started with drop servicing, you would basically need:

  • A domain name that will represent your brand
  • A digital storefront where you can showcase your services

As for the actual storefront, your drop servicing website or webpage should be:

  • Easy to navigate – Your online storefront should be easy to navigate and customers should be able to grab any information as quickly as possible.
  • Integrated with a branded domain – A branded domain is what will set you ahead of the competition and differentiate you from others.
  • Inviting and professional – Your store should be visually appealing for humans and as professional as possible to be able to attract potential buyers.
  • Responsive for all devices – There are 7.1 billion unique mobile users in the world today. So, your storefront should be responsive for all devices, especially mobiles!
  • Integrated with a payment gateway – Your storefront should be integrated with a payment processor so you can receive real orders and capture payments from your customers.
  • SEO friendly – There’s a huge correlation between webpage speed and conversions. The conversion rate decreases by an average of 1.2% for every additional second it takes for your website to load.
  • Collecting leads and emails – Your drop servicing store should have a solid email marketing campaign in place to collect leads using one of the widely known autoresponders. Why should you collect leads? Read this!
  • Integrated with social media – We cannot neglect the power of social media in today’s world! Therefore, your storefront should be integrated with well-known social media profiles to better build your online presence.

What Kartra helps you with is that it allows you to create high-converting funnels for your services that tick the box for all of the above points, period.

Digital marketing veterans agree on the fact that a website is more like a digital business card or a portfolio!

A sales funnel, on the other hand, tends to be a better solution for selling online as it gives you full control over your visitors which are your potential clients!

With Kartra, you don’t need to be a web designer/developer, or even have any coding skills, to build astonishing sales funnels that will sell.

Kartra also has a variety of pre-built sales funnels and templates in every niche and category that you can replicate and use to sell your services.

With little tweaks and editing, you can have your sales funnels up and running in a matter of minutes. You simply add your logo, your copy, and your images and you’re good to go!

Why would you start a website from scratch, waste a lot of time on creation, design and optimization if you could leverage what has already been working for others and just capitalize on that?

So, get rid of the suspense and inefficiency of selling through a traditional website and use Kartra instead! Start your 14 Day Trial today and see the results for free!

kartra drop servicing

Kartra free trial allows you to test the toolkit and see if it suits you before paying a single dime. It’s a lot similar to Clickfunnels which I’ve recently talked about in my recent article (check it out here!)

But as this tutorial is for Kartra, let’s assume that you’re on the Katra trial, and you have an active account there (or get one for free by clicking here!)

In your backend office, and on the left section, you can choose a Kartra template, edit it and boom.. it’s published without lifting a finger!

You can pick one from the squeeze pages, video sales pages, long sales pages, or just start with a blank page!

Kartra also allows you to interact with your current visitors and show them some engaging pop-ups so you can get the most out of your marketing, as a lost visitor is a lost potential revenue!

You can then create a new Katra follow-up funnel to follow up with your leads and remind them with your service.

Phase # 4 – Generating Traffic & Get Targeted Clients

If you can’t get a consistent stream of traffic or new people coming into your business, do you even have a real business?

Traffic is the blood of your business… No matter what you’re doing or selling, you’d need actual humans, real people, to visit your store and interact with you!

Rule of thumb: The more traffic you have, the more leads and sales you would be able to generate!

So, How To Get Clients For Drop Servicing?

You’ve created your drop servicing website or looking forward to building one soon. Now what?

Your next step should be seeking individuals and business owners who really need your service that can solve a specific problem for them.

Most of the time, here’s where most people get stuck and end up giving on their business, thinking that it didn’t work, and start doubting the system.

Before you start generating traffic and looking for clients for yoru drop servicing business, you first need to understand the sales process and why do people purchase products and services.

I’ve recently talked about this specifically in my recent blog post “7 Proven Ways To Find Drop Servicing Clients“. I highly recommend you check it out.

In that post, I’ve also talked about the audience temperature, which is an audience segmentation that shows how familiar your audience is with you and your products.

The hotter your audience is, the more likely they will purchase from you.

With that being said, I’m going to run through some free and paid methods for finding clients for your drop servicing business.

Here’s How To Find Drop Servicing Clients

MethodFree/PaidLead Temperature
Online ForumsFreeCold
Email OutreachFreeCold
BloggingOne-time setup feesCold-Warm
Google AdsPaidHot
Facebook AdsPaidHot

1. Online Forums – Forums are huge platforms with a massive number of monthly visitors and questions asked!

Take Quora for example! Quora has over 300 million users a month, with around 500,000 subjects being discussed!

When you search for something on Google, chances are very high for a Quora result to appear on the first page of the search.

Selling online requires some sort of authority, and that’s exactly what Quora helps you build!

It will help you build more reputation and awareness around your name, so you would basically be promoting yourself. People who follow you, trust you, and admire you will be more likely to purchase your service and be loyal customers.

2. Email Outreach – According to Statista, the number of active email users is forecasted to reach 4.3 billion in 2023.

You may be doubting that it works. Truth is, the majority of online transactions and eCommerce sales are generated through email.

So, to get started with email outreach, you would basically need:

  • Know your audience
  • Get their emails
  • An email blast with a proposal that provides value and offers your services

Thanks to Google Maps, it makes it easy for you to find already established businesses and owners who need help to improve or scale.

You simply type on Google, dentists near me, gyms near me or restaurants near me, and you will get thousands of results, potential clients.

Then, to extract their emails, you can use a tool called hunter.io that can help you extract emails out of websites, then save them into a well-organized list on a spreadsheet.

What you would need to do next is get in front of them on email. Don’t ever try to be pushy, just introduce yourself and try to add some perceived value.

So, if for example, you’re selling a social media management service, offer them a free Facebook Pixel setup on their website (if they don’t have one setup!)

Now, think about what can be offered in your niche, maybe a free consultation, a demo, a trial, or a free design. Be creative and get outside the box.

After extracting the emails and having them in a spreadsheet, you need to put them into a Gmail account or a CRM software like (GetResponse, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, or another) that allows you to send bulk emails.

It’s a matter of preferences, but the marketing tool that I’ve been using (and still do) is GetResponse.

GetReponse has everything you may need when it comes to email marketing, leads, and automation. It allows you to create autoresponders based on specific actions and interactions.

It also has a variety of templates for landing pages, funnels and emails that you can import, edit and publish with a couple of clicks.

Best of all, GetResponse is super affordable. You can get started from as low as $15 a month and it has a 30-day free trial!

Get more sales with less stress [EN]

3. LinkedIn – LinkedIn can get you open to opportunities that were not there before as it’s a great place where entrepreneurs and business owners aggregate online!

It’s a massive platform with over 350 million members. You need to optimize your profile be active and connect with as many people as you can.

This will add something to your reputation and people will be able to find you and your services.

4. UpWork UpWork is a freelance marketplace and job board that connects freelancers with buyers. You can create a free account and see what’s offered and what’s needed by people.

You can create a freelancer account, make it look legit and professional, and start getting directly in front of people who need the services that you offer.

It’s a great place for landing quality clients as they already have the interest and the need (which means that they are ready to invest) but just looking for the right candidate.

5. Blogging – The fact of the matter, is bloggers are the heart of the internet and they keep providing people with valuable content and relevant answers to their questions, every single day!

It’s the act of having a unique space on the web and publishing valuable content around specific topics that might be helpful for some people.

According to Velocitize, the more blog content you create, the more opportunities you’ll have to show up in search engines and drive organic traffic to your website.

Blogging increases your visibility, builds up your brand’s awareness, and can bring you truckloads of free traffic from Google or other search engines.

Nowadays, traffic is really expensive… So, why not have a share of the millions if not billions of pageviews offered by Google, for free, on a silver platter?

However, blogging is not an overnight success. It requires a lot of work, and eComDimes (the website that you’re currently on) is a pure example of that!

If you’re willing to invest in a program that allows you to build a full-time income blogging from anywhere in the world, I highly recommend you check Project24 out.

Income School has a program called P24 to help you start a $1,000/month income from home, within 24 months or less.

Overall, starting a blog is really simple and straightforward (here’s a quick illustrated guide to help you get started fast) and it’s a one-time payment for a year.

6. Google Ads – The reason that Google ads are super powerful for your drop servicing business is that people would be typing specific terms and keywords, they would be searching with the intent of buying a service.

This is so powerful and it makes it easier for you as an advertiser to address the interest and appropriately supply it with an irresistible offer.

Leads quality is warm to hot as people are searching for the exact service that you’re offering, but the problem is that the cost per click may get expensive and your advertising budget may end up burned so quickly!

Google Ads leads are a little bit more expensive to acquire than any type of paid advertising, but it’s definitely worth it.

Here’s a complete Google Ads tutorial by the great Franklin Hatchett:

7. Facebook Ads – Nowadays, you can barely find a small business that doesn’t know the value of social media and doesn’t use it…

Almost every single business has a Facebook page, but do they all make money out of it? Absolutely not!

The reason is that according to Small Business Trends, 62% of advertisers fail to generate any return when running Facebook ads, as most business owners don’t know how to use it.

Facebook ads can really get fruitful and rewarding if you know exactly what you’re doing and how to scale it. This is a skill that you can either learn or outsource from freelance marketplaces like Fiverr.

Drop Servicing Frequently Asked Questions

So, you’re considering starting a drop servicing agency, but have a lot of questions in your head and are a bit intimidated, hum?

The below section addresses the most frequently asked questions about the drop servicing business model to give you that little push you need to get started!

Is drop servicing legal?

Drop servicing is a legal business and there’s nothing that makes it unlawful! However, you need to understand how it works and define your terms & conditions well to protect your customers. People should be aware of what to expect from doing business with you by reading your policies!

Does drop servicing work?

Yes, drop servicing works incredibly well! The fact is, the eServices industry has been rapidly growing and according to Statista, its global sales are projected to hit $238,736m in 2023. Thousands of websites are being created on a daily basis, and this only creates new opportunities for online resellers.

Is drop servicing profitable?

Drop servicing can truly be a fruitful side hustle if you know exactly what services to sell and how to price them. Unlike dropshipping, there’s more potential financial gain with less volume of orders. Additionally, there are services that allow you to earn monthly recurring revenue!

Is drop servicing easy?

Starting a drop servicing business is extremely simple and straightforward but people usually get stuck with marketing their businesses as it requires some skills. Running a digital drop servicing agency involves active work, yet it can be completely automated in the long run by hiring virtual assistants.

Is drop servicing worth it?

Starting a drop servicing business is worth it especially since it requires little overhead to get started and your risk is limited! You can potentially make a 6-figure income from running a drop servicing agency, as the customer lifetime value is high, and customer acquisition cost is low in the long run!

Related: Did you know that your niche can determine your customer lifetime value and acquisition cost in the long run? Read more on this here.

How much does drop servicing cost?

The cost really varies depending on what platform you create your storefront on and how you market it. The minimum to be prepared for is $29/m if you choose Shopify. For a self-hosted website on WordPress $100/y on average and $99/m for leveraging sales funnels which is more efficient.

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What can you drop service?

You are not limited to what you can drop service, you can literally resell any service online. However, you need to have basic knowledge about the service so you can look authoritative in your customers’ eyes and be able to close the deal!

Drop Servicing Examples

  • Funnel building
  • Animation video creation
  • Chatbots
  • Content marketing
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Local business reputation management
  • Graphic design
  • Writing
  • Web development
  • Link building
  • Virtual assisting
  • Marketing research
  • Customer support
  • Social media management
  • Guest posting
  • YouTube optimization
  • Infographic design
  • Voice over
  • Script writing
  • Lead generation
  • Google ads
  • Public relations
  • Transcribing and proofreading

Related: Want to learn more in-depth about each and every niche in the above list? I have a drop servicing guide on that, I bet you don’t want to miss it!

What are the best drop servicing niches?

The best drop servicing niches are the ones that have the highest potential financial gain and at the same time, allow you to earn monthly recurring revenue. Some examples of those services are SEO, digital marketing, and content creation. However, you need to pay attention to the competition!

Where to find drop servicing clients?

There are some free methods for finding clients for drop servicing like email outreach, LinkedIn, blogging, forums, and UpWork. They are great if you have time but don’t have money. Paid methods on the other hand are Google ads & Facebook ads and are great if you don’t have enough time but have the needed money to scale.

Why is drop servicing better than dropshipping?

Drop servicing has solved a huge dropshipping issue which is the long shipping times. With drop servicing, you’re selling digital services that require no actual shipping! In addition to that, drop servicing has a higher potential financial gain, and order fulfillment and delivery are way more efficient.

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How to do drop servicing without a website?

Chances are, you’re considering starting a drop servicing business but cannot afford a website or are not ready to commit to handling one! Drop servicing on Fiverr can give you a headstart as it allows you to build immediate connections and resell their services by creating a free freelancer account!

Alternatively, you can start doing business with people in your local town who already know you and trust you. You can target gyms owners, restaurants, dentists, lawyers, or any type of business depending on what you sell.

However, at some point, if you want to scale your business, you would need a website where you can showcase your services, testimonials, and reviews, and when you do, here’s a quick step by step guide (save it or bookmark it for later!)

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What are the limitations of drop servicing business?

The biggest limitation of drop servicing is that you need to be really knowledgeable about the service you sell, especially complicated ones like SEO and paid advertising because your clients will ask and you need to answer and look authoritative in what you sell.

People don’t buy products and services, they buy solutions for their problems… So, if they don’t think that you’re the right solution for their issues, you won’t close the deal, EVER!

Another great limitation of the drop servicing business model is committing to deadlines and meeting customers’ expectations! The good news is that this is something that can be within your control, as you can test your freelancers out and be picky with who you do business with.

Again, here comes having a set of freelancers or a virtual team in place! You should never rely on one person only. If he’s absent, out of reach, or overloaded with orders, you’re just gone and you will lose potential clients!

What’s the top drop servicing website for finding trustworthy freelancers?

Fiverr tends to be the ultimate drop servicing website example for finding trustworthy freelancers and drop services to resell online. It has freelancers in all niches and categories and allows you to filter people based on category, location, level, pricing, and more!

Is there a drop servicing course?

eComDimes Drop Servicing Blueprint is the only drop servicing guide you’d need to start a viable and profitable online business! It’s a course library that consists of 8 different courses! It breaks down the business model into sweet little chunks with actionable steps that are easy to comprehend and implement!

Here’s a screenshot for the drop servicing courses covered in eComDimes:

drop servicing course

eComDimes can transform you from a drop servicing beginner into a drop servicing expert in a matter of days or weeks, and it’s a drop servicing training that fits beginners and medium-experience entrepreneurs alike!


The world is changing and the internet keeps opening doors that were not there before!

Katra drop servicing will come in handy if you’re considering starting a viable and profitable home-based business.

In this article, I’ve taken you on a journey of starting a real online business that has the potential of making you 6-figure working from anywhere in the world, starting from as low as $99/month!

We started with the drop servicing definition, what it actually takes to get started with this business model, and everything in between.

I’m Sold, Odeh! Is There A Drop Servicing Free Course?

Because you, my eComDimes’ readers are so precious to me, I’ve come up with a small drop servicing course PDF that aims to help you understand all the aspects of this business before pulling out your wallets and paying for a paid course.

This 12-page drop servicing eBook discusses the 10-point checklist for starting any drop servicing business to help you focus on the things that really matter and take action right away while the business is still not saturated!

Thank you for taking it that far. I hope that this post has added something to your knowledge, and again If you find this post inspiring and useful, share it with your friends, please!

(Virtual high fives and awkward hugs to all my sharers out there!)

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  • Things To Consider When Starting an Online Clothing Store

    Things To Consider When Starting an Online Clothing Store

    So, you’ve decided to start an online clothing store. There are many things to consider when starting an online store, and success depends on preparation and strategic planning. In this guide, we will discuss the beginning steps and biggest things to consider when starting an online clothing store to help you kickstart your journey.

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  • Ink AI Review: Is it Worth Your Money? We Asked Real Users

    Ink AI Review: Is it Worth Your Money? We Asked Real Users

    ​eBooks is a 20+ billion dollar industry, and Seyi; owner and founder of Ink AI finally got a way to exploit it! So, how can you put your foot in the door and take advantage of this ever-growing industry? This in-depth Ink AI review shows you how to make money with AI-generated eBooks.

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  • The Importance of Brand Authenticity in Advertising

    The Importance of Brand Authenticity in Advertising

    Nowadays, consumers are looking for something more when shopping—they want an emotional connection with the brands they support. As such, focusing on authentic branding as a business owner or e-commerce seller can be extremely beneficial. But the question remains, what brand authenticity actually is, why does it matter, and why it’s important for any business,…

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