How To Install A Shopify Theme [A Quick Illustrated Guide]

How to install a shopify theme

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Picking a professional and inviting theme for your Shopify store will give you the peace of mind that support is always available for you, especially as a beginner. So, to install a Shopify theme:

Head to your Shopify backend office:
1. Go to the “Online Store” section.
2. Hit “Themes” and you’ll be redirected to the theme library.
3. Click the “Upload Theme” button.
4. Choose the .zip formated theme file to upload from your computer.

How to install a Shopify theme (in steps)

Well, you’re actually paying a monthly subscription to Shopify to act as your hosted eCommerce solution.

But, what are the advantages of going with a platform like Shopify?

Yup! You’ve guessed it, Shopify themes is only a one advatange!

Shopify offers a variety of free and paid themes that you can use and install without the need of having any technical or coding skills.

Shopify themes are meant to serve any niche, category, or product. You just need to pick the right theme that could be the best fit for your brand.

New shopify themes are released from time to time to better help you find something that aligns with your brand and image.

Once you sign up for Shopify, you’ll be assigned a unique backend office where you can take the lead and control everything in your online store.

How to install a free Shopify theme

Shopify wants you to succeed on its platform. Therefore, they offer a variety of free tools and resources to make your life easier as a drop shipper.

If you’re just starting out, chances are your budget is tight, and Shopify has already taken this into consideration!

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With that being said, to install a free Shopify theme, you’ve got to head to your backend Shopify office, go to the Online Store section — Themes, and explore the free available themes offered by Shopify!

After finding a presentable theme for your online store, you simply click on it to see its features and styles and finally hit “Add to theme library”.

At this point, you’ve successfuly imported a new theme to your theme library.

Now you need to install that theme to your online Shopify store and make it the primary theme!

But, before publishing your theme, you’re allowed to customize your theme, things like colors, images, menu, features, and collections.

To do so, you should hover over the disred theme and hit “Customize”.

Finally, to publish the theme to your store, you’d need to head to your theme library, choose your theme and hit “Publish” instead!

Awesome! Your online store has just got a new suit! Did you know it’s that easy?

How to install a paid Shopify theme

The cool thing about Shopify is that you can upgrade upon your need and as your business grows.

While starting with a free theme is a great starting point, it’s very natural to upgrade to a premium theme later on.

There are various reasons why should you consider upgrading to a paid theme or using a premium theme from the very early beginning.

Some of those reasons are:
1. More features and functionalities
2. Easier to navigate
3. More design options
4. Better mobile users experience

So, to install a paid Shopify theme, you’ve got to head to your Shopify backend office and then to the “Online Store” section again.

Then go to “Themes” — “Shopify Theme Store”.

After then, you can choose from the best premium Shopify themes and pick one that suits your brand and niche.

Paid Shopify themes vary from $150 to $180 and you can browse them by industries, categories and inventories.

Something you need to pay attention before purchasing a paid theme from Shopify.

When you click on a specific theme, you’ll be taken to the theme’s page where you’re allowed to try it or buy it.

If you click “Try Theme”, you’ll be able to test it on your backend office to see how does it exactly work and look like.

But, you cannot publish it in your store unless you buy it.

However, if you are finally convinced and ready to purchase that theme, you’d need to hit “Buy Theme” and just follow the payment process.

After the theme is purchased, you can find it in your theme library ready for your editing and use.

You’d need to repeat the same process that illustrated above!

Awesome! You’ve just installed a well-looking theme to your Shopify online store!

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How to install a paid theme from outside Shopify

Chances are that you may don’t find your perfect theme in the Shopify marketplace theme.

That’s cool! You can still purchase a premium theme from outside Shopify, and install it to your online store post purchasing!

There are multiple online asset marketplaces that offer the best premium Shopify themes. Some of those marketplaces that we recommend and work with are:

✔️ My Theme Shop (Open in a new tab)

✔️ Theme Forest – Envato Market (Open in a new tab)

✔️ Creative Market (Open in a new tab)

That said, to install a theme from a marketplace outside Shopify, you’d need to head to your Shopify dashboard, online store section then themes.

By hitting the “Upload Theme” button, you can upload the theme that you’ve already purchased from outside the Shopify platform in a .zip format.

After doing so, you’ll need to head to your theme library again and find the theme ready for your customization and use as previously mentioned.

Congratulations! A new elegant appearance has been assigned to your store!

How to customize a Shopify theme

To edit Shopify theme doesn’t require any technical or coding skills!

The cool thing about Shopify is that they handle the hard work for you while you just focus on building a brand and online storefront you’re proud to own and promote.

To customize a theme, go to your Shopify back-end office > Online Store > Themes.

To customize a specific theme, you’d need to click on “Customize” besides the theme that you want to modify and access the Shopify theme editor.

Once you’re inside the Shopify theme editor, you’d able to edit things like your header, footer, menus, sub-menus, images categories collections colors, and more!

The Shopify theme editor is very easy to navigate and use. Get inside and familiarize yourself with every tab and section.

Are Shopify themes a one time purchase

Yes! You just need to pay once for the theme, and you’ll have a lifetime access.

You’ll just need a Shopify account with a monthly subscription plan that suits your requirements and business.

Theme developers will continuously improve their online assets for a better user experience for you and your customers.

Therefore, manual updates and support are always provided for free by the creator of the theme.

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How do I download themes from Shopify

To download a theme from Shopify, you’d need to log into your backend office and then go to the “Online Store” section.

Select the theme that you’d like to download – Actions – Download theme file.

After requesting a download of the theme file, it will be sent right away, in a .zip format, to the email that is associated with the Shopify account.

How do I change my Shopify theme

To change your Shopify theme, log in to your Shopify admin, and then head to the “Online Store” section – Themes.

In your theme library, you’re allowed to change and customize your current themes, or even install a new theme from the Shopify paid themes and the variety of free themes offered!

You’d simply need to click on the specific theme that you want to change to, hit actions, and publish.

What is the best Shopify theme

There’s no best Shopify theme. Shopify themes are all well-designed and handpicked for you to succeed in what you do.

When picking your Shopify theme, you should be super picky, and only choose what fits your products.

There are mainly two types of theme categories to choose from, depending on your niche and what you sell:

  • Single Product Shopify Themes
  • Multiple Product Shopify Themes

There are many quality marketplaces that offer premium themes and online assets.

If you don’t find your want on Shopify marketplace theme, just don’t panic, these are good resources and will help you find the best Shopify theme for your store:

☑️ Start with Shopify theme store (Open in a new tab)

☑️ MyThemeShop (Open in a new tab)

☑️ Creative Market (Open in a new tab)

☑️ Theme Forst – Envato Market (Open in a new tab)

What is the best Shopify free theme?

There are 9 different free Shopify themes that you can choose from without even paying a dime!

Each and every theme has its own functions, designs, and features. You’d be the best one to determine which is the best theme for your type of products and niche!

What is Shopify theme kit?

In the words of Shopify:

Theme Kit is a cross-platform tool command-line for building Shopify Themes, created and maintained by Shopify. Once you download Theme Kit, and with a tiny bit of setup, you’re off to the theme-creation races.


How do I find my Shopify theme ID

To find your Shopify theme ID, you’d need to give your theme library a visit at first place.

In your Shopify admin, go to “Online Store” section then “Themes”.

To find the ID of your desired theme, simply click “Actions – Edit code”. Once you’re inside the theme editor, the theme’s ID number will be in your browser’s URL!

Should I pay for a Shopify theme

Now you’ve learned how to install a Shopify theme, but the real question is, should you actually pay for a Shopify theme?

The quick answer is absolutely yes!

A paid theme has definitely multiple advantages over a free one and it simply has more functionalities and features.

If you are really serious about raising an unforgettable brand, you would need to have a unique and well-customized theme.

It’s a one-time fee with lifetime access, it’s definitely an investment that is worth making!

Obviously, the best place to shop for a Shopify theme is Shopify in the first place!

However, if you’re looking for more options and cheaper prices you can check some online marketplaces like Envato Market, MyThemeShop, and Creative Market!

You just need to carefully pay attention to these tips avoid being scammed:

  • Have a clear idea about the type of support that you will receive from the provider.
  • Sort results by reputations, ratings and best sellers.
  • Check people feedback to see whether they’re satisfied with their purchase or not.
  • Try to look at their stores and see how it looks like.


Thanks to platforms like Shopify! They make our lives easier and smoother as drop shippers or online sellers in general.

This quick illustrated guide has projected a step by step tutorial on how to install a new Shopify theme to your online storefront.

Whether it’s a free or paid kind of theme, the Shopify theme editor allows you to add, change, and customize your themes smoothly without lifting more than a finger!

Finally, new studies projected that worldwide retail e-commerce sales will reach a new high by 2021 ($4.9 trillion)!

That said, I’ve come up with this amazing course, that can teach how to launch your own Shopify store without paying big bucks to some guru! Do not forget to grab your seat, It’s FOR FREE!

What about you, what theme are you using or considering using for your Shopify store? 🙂

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