How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest Automation? Ultimate Guide




How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest Automation? Ultimate Guide

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What if you could have an additional 300,000 pageviews to your website from Tailwind and Pinterest? Wouldn’t that be cool? Assuming you’re interested, what are the most effective activities for using Tailwind? You may ask.

If you’re wondering how to use Tailwind, whether or not it actually helps you grow your Pinterest traffic, I’ve got you covered today.

I know how intimidating things can get when first starting out, but by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have a clear idea of how you should use Tailwind to save a ton of your time promoting your content on Pinterest.

This article explores the strategic steps you need to follow in order to get the maximum out of your Pinterest efforts. So, if you’re excited about that, follow along and make sure to read this post all the way through.

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A common question among bloggers is how to get blog traffic. Maybe you’re looking forward to starting your own blog, or even if you have one, chances are that you’ve looked or still looking for ways or hacks to get more traffic to your blog.

Because traffic means visits to your website, which for bloggers and website owners equals more money!

There are tons and tons of ways to attract visitors to your blog, but Pinterest tends to work best for bloggers in specific niches, and most bloggers have seen a noticed blog traffic increase after leveraging Tailwind and Pinterest.

Tailwind App

Tailwind is the #1 official Pinterest scheduler, and it’s a comprehensive toolkit designed to help you get more traffic from Pinterest and Instagram.

Tailwind gives you a great advantage over your competitors to continuously reach your targeted audience. It works best for business owners and bloggers.

If you want to use Tailwind to grow your Pinterest account, just make sure you set up a Pinterest business account or transfer your account into a business one, and follow along with me. Here are 15 more tips on how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

Tailwind For Pinterest

With Tailwind, you can schedule an entire week of pins in a matter of minutes.

With a few clicks, you fill up your queue, and Tailwind will choose the right time to show your content to your audience when they are most active so you can get the most out of your content and efforts.

Tailwind, in my modest opinion, is the best thing that has happened and was founded for bloggers who are aggressively looking forward to increasing their blog exposure online.

It has helped tons and tons of people to monetize their blogs through Pinterest’s organic traffic, and Ana is a great example of that.

Tailwind gives you the power that no other tool can give, and an advantage over your competitors, so It’s a very smart move to claim all the benefits that Tailwind’s offering by upgrading to the paid version.

Additionally, Tailwind’s analytics section is way better and more detailed than the Pinterest native dashboard. It shows you some information that you can’t find in Pinterest Analytics.

In other words, this is definitely the best small investment you’ll take as a blogger.

Tailwind For Instagram

What most people don’t know is that the Tailwind toolkit is not only shortened to Pinterest, it’s also for Instagram.

What’s better than having more engagement on your content? Tailwind supercharges your Instagram marketing by choosing the right time to post and by recommending hashtags with the highest engagement.

With Tailwind, you can schedule photos and videos with a feature called “auto post”, and it will choose the right time when your audience is most engaged, for maximum outcome.

To multiply your reach, Tailwind has a feature called “tailwind hashtag finder”, it offers 1-click hashtag suggestions, where you can pick the perfect-fit hashtags for every post, which is AWESOME!

How To Use Tailwind

By the time you finish reading this article or watching this video tutorial by Anastagia, you’ll have a clear vision of how you should use Tailwind to get the most out of Tailwind and save a ton of time promoting your content on Pinterest!

Anastasia is a digital marketing expert who has worked in marketing agencies for over 10 years. She knows exactly what she’s teaching and doing, and she’s personally receiving millions of impressions, visitors, and clicks from Pinterest, organically!

I will help you decide whether this toolkit is worth your money and time or not, and I’ll share with you the best practices for using it.

If you’re considering getting a paid version of Tailwind, this article will help you get the most out of it, your money, your efforts, and your content, because you for sure care about your business and don’t want to get your Pinterest account in trouble. Don’t you?

Like anything else in life, to master it you have to practice it, and here were learning from experts and successful people comes in use, it’s a shortcut to success to help you avoid doing any mistakes as you go along!

What are the problems the Tailwind can solve for you?

You probably have purchased the Tailwind paid version or looking forward to, but if you are not aware of how does it exactly works, you will end up messing ton of things and fixing the mess in Tailwind takes a lot of time.

You’re pushing quality content, and willing to invest in your time and money by purchasing the Tailwind paid version, so you don’t want to do anything that would prevent you from succeeding and getting awesome results, right?

Therefore, there are some rules that you need to stick to in order to stay in the safe side. Luckily, this is the exact reason I’m sharing this article with you, and here are some of the things that we’ll discuss next:

  • What are the problems Tailwind can solve for you?
  • Manual pinning Vs. Tailwind scheduling
  • What are the best ways to save pins using Tailwind?
  • What is Tailwind smart loop?
  • What are Tailwind Tribes?

So, if you feel that this is something you’re interested in, pay close attention and don’t forget to share it with your friends too to spread the knowledge.

If you’re planning to pin an image a day here and there, I’m sorry to tell you that things won’t work well for you.

If you’re looking forward to getting tens of thousands of Pinterest organic traffic, you should absolutely be aiming for at least 10 pins a day, so can Pinterest consider you serious about your business.

And to achieve that manually, it will require hours and hours a day, which can easily become a full-time job! Unless you are ready to waste your time, you should be using a smart solution to schedule your pins for the whole week!

Imagine being able to get similar results from Pinterest only? That will require understanding how the platform really works, and what are the best activities for using Pinterest and Tailwind.

Image source: Anastagiablogger

What makes Tailwind trusted is that it’s the number 1 official Pinterest scheduler partner and here’s a proof for your reference.

So basically, Tailwind will solve two main problems for you:

1. Saving your own pins to multiple boards on Pinterest

2. Saving others’ pins to keep boards active.

When you’re starting out, or if you don’t have enough content, it’s smart to populate your boards with other people’s pins.

That will make your profile look popular and has tons of content.

When we usually pin other people’s pins, we can’t verify the source of every image. Pinning a stolen pin would get your account in serious trouble. It’s a risk you cannot afford to take!

What are the advantages of using Tailwind over manual pinning?

In fact, there are many several advantages for Tailwind scheduling over manual pinning. Some of which:

1. Scheduling multiple pins for a whole week in 20 mins.

First of all, we all agree that manual pinning is a very time-consuming process. I know pinning a pin or two a day is nothing and doesn’t take much time.

But on Pinterest, consistency is not about pinning a couple of pins a day, you should be aiming to at least pin 10 images a day, because Pinterest like activity, and if you’re active it will award you with tons of traffic.

So what Tailwind helps you with is that you can schedule content for a whole week in a matter of 20 mins.

We all run businesses and have many things to do, so wasting 8-10 hours a day pinning on Pinterest is not really a good idea, and here’s where Tailwind comes in play!

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2. Tailwind Tracks engagement and pin when your audience is most active!

The main point with Pinterest pinning is to get the most engagement out of this platform because engagement means clicking and visiting your web pages.

You don’t want to pin images that won’t get noticed! Therefore, Tailwind won’t just help you pin images, but it will track the best engagement times and push your content in those time slots.

This is responsible to boost your engagement and link clicks.

Another thing I want to point out, let’s say that the US market is your ideal target audience, pinning manually will require you to be active and available in their timezone.

On the other hand, using Tailwind scheduler will help you schedule pins at ease to be pushed to your ideal audience in the most time they are active and engaged on the platform, and this is huge and beneficial for your business!

For example, I live in Palestine. If I’m only using manual pinning and not using Tailwind scheduling, I would never be able to pin at the same time when my American audience is active on Pinterest.

3. Using intervals for repeated pins.

Another great advantage of using Tailwind is the ability to set intervals between pinning the same pin to multiple boards.

If you do manual pinning, pinning the same pin to multiple boards may look spammy from Pinterest’s eyes and also it’s irritating for your followers. Therefore, when you schedule your pins, you can set an interval with a click.

It’s advisable to set an interval of a minimum of 2 days for pinning the same pin to different boards.

4. Tailwind will show you the quality third-party pins

As a part of your pinning strategy, you would need to save other people’s pins, right? What Tailwind can do is that it shows you the repin counts for third-party pins.

There’s a blue flame icon that actually shows you the number of repins the image has across the Pinterest platform.

In this way, you’re not pinning just any pins, you only populate your boards with reliable pins that people are probably going to engage more with.

5. Sharing your content with “Tribes”

Tribes are groups of people in the same niche as yours. What’s cool about Tailwind is that it gives you the ability to connect with other people in your niche and makes you able to pin your content to those tribes so that it can be repinned.

Tribes are powerful because when people repin your image, they will pin it to the most relevant board in their Pinterest, which is healthy for the Pinterest SEO of the image.

For regular people who use Pinterest to randomly save pins for recipes and home decor, for example, they won’t be specific with their description or title. They will simply call it recipe or decor. They don’t care for Pinterest SEO at all, right?

Therefore, here’s where using Tailwind tribes comes into play! Your pins are getting shared by people who understand the value of Pinterest SEO and they save your pins to relevant boards and well-structured profiles.

6. Tailwind gives you analytics that Pinterest doesn’t show

Tailwind can give you great statistics and analytics that Pinterest native dashboard doesn’t show! It’s really useful if you care about growth and scalling.

A quick example of something that Tailwind gives you stat for is your following number.

With the Pinterest native dashboard, you can for sure see who has recently followed you, but you don’t have any type of statistics for the growth in followers over time. This is something that Tailwind can do for you!

How Can You Add Pins to Tailwind?

There are actually several activities for pinning using Tailwind, but they all result in the same outcome.

1. Schedule from your website directly.

2. Upload pins directly into Tailwind.

3. Schedule pins you saved to Pinterest first.

Now, to use some of those methods, you need the Tailwind Chrome extension. (It’s also good to have and install the Pinterest Chrome extension)

Installing the extension is really simple, just google your query and go for the very first result.

Now, let me just show you how you’re going to save anything from a website directly. I’m going to show you one of the web pages on my site.

When I click up here on the Tailwind blue icon, it shows me all the images that are pinnable on my page.

Now, you can simply select which image you’d like to pin and simply click schedule.

After clicking schedule, a new page will open and it will allow you to select relevant boards, tribes or even Smartloop.

As we’ve discussed earlier, if you’re looking forward to saving the same pin to multiple boards, in this stage, you’re able to set an interval between pins, which will keep you on the safe side.

After finishing editing your pin, the final touch would be to hit the Schedule now button.

Now, another method is to save it to Pinterest first, then schedule it from there, and here is how it works:

Here I am on one of my pins, I first saved it on Pinterest, I checked all the descriptions that I have, all hashtags, and also checked the link. I’m doing this to make sure that the pin works correctly and then I click the schedule in my browser extension button.

That window allows you then to do the same process of saving pins to multiple other boards with intervals.

Pro tip: Both methods are awesome, but I prefer (and recommend you do the same) to save the first pin manually on Pinterest and make sure everything was done correctly, from there, schedule it using the method discussed above.

Why save to Pinterest first? Well, sometimes you just do a minor mistake with the pin title or maybe you don’t like how the image looks when it’s already on Pinterest, so you can check it out how it will look on Pinterest before you start saving it to multiple other boards.

Wait, Have You Asked What Smartloop Is? I Hear You!

This is a feature that was rolled out in 2018 as a response to a massive demand from users. We all want a set-and-forget solution, don’t we?

Chances are, when you publish a pin to the Pinterest platform today, it will vanish and not get noticed by your new audience.

Therefore, using Tailwind Smartloop can help you with this. The whole idea behind Smartloop is to save the same pin over and over again but within healthy anti-spam limits which Pinterest and Tailwind figured out between each other, and they set this as a default in the feature.

You can use Tailwind Smart Loop for two different purposes:

1. To share old content for new followers (recommended 4-6 months).

Keep showing your old well-designed pins to your recent followers is great, isn’t it?

So, if you were worried about going against Pinterest’s spam policy when you’re saving the same pin to the same boards more than once just use the smart loop.

You just need to stick to the rule of 4-6 months.

2. For seasonal pins.

Imagine uploading an image for Christmas, isn’t it cool if your new followers were able to see the same pin on next year’s Christmas?

Since that Tailwind is an authorized partner with Pinterest, if you set your pins in the Smartloop too close to each other, Tailwind will show you a warning. This is their default settings with Pinterest.

What Are Tailwind Communities (Tailwind’s Candy)

Tailwind is full of awesome features and in my modest opinion, the Communities feature (formerly known as Tribes) is the best!

First of all, Communities are way different than Pinterest groups, and when you pin an image to a community, you’re not saving it to any board. You are just putting it in front of a group of people in the same niche as yours that have the potential to save your pin and add it to their relevant boards.

Shares and repins are good social proof that you’re content is good enough to attract others’ attention. So, people are more likely to engage with a post with social proof.

And this is what Tailwind communities can help you with! It can boost your traffic and bring more exposure to your fresh content because unless you share it, it will remain unnoticed.

What also makes Tribes different than groups is that each Tribe has an admin that usually controls and manages it. Community admins usually have rules for their tribes to keep the engagement satisfying.

Another cool benefit of Tailwind Communities is that they can provide awesome analytics, and give you a clear vision of your potential reach, engagement, and repins. Everything’s organized, and you can see exactly how many pins have you shared from and on the community because most admins will require at least one repin for every pin you submit.

You’re allowed to join 5 communities unless you choose to upgrade and purchase powerups. So people who are joining tribes are people with the same vision as yours and understand the importance of a repin and Pinterest SEO.

With that being said, as you’re starting out, being active in 5 active communities is relatively enough. So, before you join any tribe you need to check its activity because you for sure want to join active ones for the maximum of your content and time.

Tailwind makes it easy for you to leave a community in case the engagement was not that satisfying.

Finally, if you want to take it further and track all the traffic that’s coming from communities, you should add a UTM metric for all pins saved to communities.

Pro Tip: Tailwind Communities are moderated manually by admins. So, spammers usually don’t get into Tribes, which means that the majority of pins and communities are safe repinning.

If you want to dive deeper and really master your Tailwind strategy, Anastasia has tons of resources, courses, and online tutorials. With her proven strategies, she’s able to use Tailwind to automate most of her efforts on Pinterest.

Ana is not the only person who realized the power of Pinterest, but she’s a pure example of what Pinterest can actually deliver, and what it can help your website with.

I strongly believe that She’s the best in this field, and she’s been leveraging Tailwind to get the maximum out of her Pinterest efforts and content, so you can’t afford not to learn from her!

She’s done it time after time, and every time it worked for her. These strategies give her over 300,000 monthly pageviews from Pinterest alone! So it actually works and saves hours of manual work.

Her courses are honestly designed to show you the best ways of using Tailwind to eliminate the overwhelmedness you’re probably feeling right now with your Pinterest strategy.

She will literally take your hand and walk you through a step-by-step strategy that you can start implementing right away to get the maximum out of your content, time, and efforts.

Unfortunately, these resources are not helpful and useful if you’re not willing to invest your time and money. Building a successful business requires patience, commitment, and a portion of a healthy investment.

But luckily, there’s no guessing in these courses! She will literally reveal all the secrets and give you the exact formulas that personally work for her.

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Using Tailwind for the first time may be intimidating, so this article aimed to give you a clear vision of how to use this outstanding toolkit for getting the maximum out of your content and efforts.

Learning from experts like Anastasia is a treasure! Above all, if they have done it you can learn to do it too and get similar results. Luckily, experts like Ana are sharing their mistakes so you can avoid doing them.

Tailwind was designed to help you achieve more and explode your online presence, the trouble is that most people struggle in using it effectively.

By the time you finish reading this article, you should have all of your questions about Tailwind answered and know exactly how it works.

Finally, I’d like to say that the Tailwind app is 100% worth your consideration, time, and investment, and it’s absolutely affordable for people who are looking forward to starting an income-generating blog or running a profitable online business.

Cutting off the guessing and investing in a course is a great move for people who’re looking forward to building a solid business, and these are the best resources from the great Ana to put your feet into it:

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