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Do you want to earn big affiliate commissions? Do you want to finally have a successful affiliate marketing business? Do you want to learn how I’m successfully promoting Legendary Marketer? This is what I’m about to share with you!

A mini-course sales funnel is the ultimate way for earning big commissions promoting high ticket offers like Legendary Marketer. By giving away a huge perceived value in advance and educating people on how they can earn affiliate commissions by utilizing the power of sales funnels, generating leads and sales happen naturally!

If those questions apply to you, this blog post is going to be extremely beneficial and valuable for you, because I’m going to take you inside of my computer, show you my exact funnel, show you all the steps, and the email sequences that I’m sending.

Not only that, but I will also show you how you can copy everything, my funnel, my email swipes, for FREE, and make it all yours! So you don’t want to miss this article…

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What Is Legendary Marketer & How To Make Money With It?

Legendary Marketer is an online marketing school that provides robust digital courses, personalized virtual coaching, and highly dynamic and supportive live mastermind events! “There Wasn’t A School For Online Marketers… So We Made One” Said David Sharpe — Founder and CEO of Legendary Marketer Club!

You can make money by referring people to the Legendary Marketer training, and for each sale that’s generated through your unique URL, you are getting compensated a certain commission, and this business model is called affiliate marketing!

How To Promote Legendary Marketer?

The best way to promote affiliate programs like Legendary Marketers is to provide a huge perceived value and educate people on how the program could be beneficial for their mindset and financial lifestyle! This can be easily achieved with the power of sales funnels that allow you to create something and give it away for free as a lead magnet.

You can’t just go online and randomly share your affiliate links hoping that someone will end up clicking and purchasing… this is spamming, and won’t get you anywhere!

Instead, you can utilize Clickfunnels’ innovative shared funnels feature to create a multi-step funnel that aims to teach people and earn them commissions at the same time.

Since time is without a doubt our most valuable resource, and lack of time hinders our ability to grow a side business, I’ve decided to give you my FREE proven shared funnel that you can clone and make it yours to eliminate all of the guesswork and focus only on what matters!

What Is The Legendary Marketer Shared Funnel?

This is a free educational Clickfunnels funnel that was designed by a 6-figure affiliate marketer called Brian Brewer and utilizes one of the high-ticket affiliate marketing programs called Legendary Marketer.

It simply allows you to earn Legendary Marketer affiliate commissions passively by simply giving away a huge perceived value in advance!

It is a shared funnel, which means that anyone with this link can download and import it into their Clickfunnels, edit, customize, and own it forever, as long as they are Clickfunnels active users!

What Are The Steps Of The Legendary Marketer Shared Funnel?

Understanding your funnel aspects and steps would make it easier for you to introduce it to others. Here’s a quick breakdown of the exact steps that people go through on your funnel:

Step 1. Homepage (Opt-In Page)

This is the homepage of our funnel, and it’s the page that you drive all of your traffic to! It contains a pop-up form, so when the visitor gets here, this is going to be our opportunity to capture their emails and redirect them to the next step of the funnel, which is the bridge page.

This page is good to go as is and there’s nothing that needs to be changed other than integrating the opt-in form with an autoresponder.

Step 2. Bridge Page

This is going to be the bride page video, a quick message from you to your leads to tell them more about the opportunity and introduce them correctly to what Legendary Marketer is all about!

This is a video that you can shoot selfie-style with your mobile, and you don’t need to be super professional.

The video won’t be populated on this page as you need to do this by yourself and update your bio underneath it.

Now, what I did is I gave you a bride page word-for-word script that shows you exactly what you want to say in that bridge page video, or at least loosely!

Though it’s better to be a little bit more natural than reading, this can help you out if you don’t know what to say.

After shooting that video, you can simply host it on YouTube or any other video hosting platform, and then embed it into your bridge page.

If you’re deathly afraid to go on camera, you can use this script and have a designer from Fiverr create an animated explainer video.

Finally, you need to update the call to action buttons to include your own affiliate link of the Legendary Marketer program, so when someone ends up paying for the membership, you get paid!

Step 3. Offer Stack (Optional)

This is an optional page that you really don’t have to use unless you’re going to be using retargeting ads on Facebook!

If you want to run ads on Facebook to retarget people who have already visited your funnel, it’s really hard to use affiliate links inside of Facebook ads and most of the time your ads will end up being flagged, and that’s exactly the reason behind creating this page.

If you want to use this page, all you may need to do is to copy your Legendary Marketer sales page affiliate URL and paste it into your call to action buttons.

Step 4. Interview With Dave Sharpe (Optional)

This is an interview between Dave Sharpe, founder, and CEO of Legendary Marketer, and Brian Brewer, a successful affiliate marketer who’s been into the game for a long time now.

The reason this page is powerful is that it really proves that this program is real… and the only thing you have to do on this page is to edit the buttons with your Legendary Marketer affiliate link.

On this page, you can use a different affiliate link since people would be more familiar with the program and ready to jump to the checkout page. So, you would need to add your checkout affiliate link which you can find under your Legendary Marketer – Business Challenge – Affiliate Links – Checkout Page!

This page is also optional, and it’s mentioned in email sequence number 6! So, if you don’t want to use it, you probably need to adjust that email to take them to a different destination URL.

Step 5. Beginner Proof Page (Optional)

This page is all about screenshots that basically aim to show people social proof and how others are getting advantage of the program.

Really you don’t need to edit anything on this page, except add your affiliate link to the call to action button, and that’s going to be the affiliate to the business builder challenge sales page.

Also, this page is mentioned and used in email number 5, so if you want to eliminate it from the process, simply adjust the email to serve a different URL destination.

Step 6. “Why Affiliate Marketing” Page (Optional)

This is actually a landing page with a video that Brian created to sell the affiliate marketing model. Here, he’s not trying to sell Legendary Marketer, he’s trying to sell the affiliate marketing model for beginners, so beginners on your email list have no choice but to purchase Legendary Marketer 15-day business builder challenge!

Hopefully, that makes sense

On this page, you just need to update the call to action button to include your own affiliate link, and with this, I would recommend going back with the sales page affiliate URL, not the checkout page!

How To Launch Your Legendary Marketer Funnel?

Here’s a quick overview of the 5 steps of launching your Legendary Marketer funnel, and you can also find the same information in the “clone instructions” page, which is part of the funnel!

  • Step 1. Apply To Become An Affiliate For Legendary Marketer – If you haven’t already done so, start the 15-Day Challenge, and join the online business builder challenge so you can become an approved Legendary Marketer affiliate as soon as possible!
  • Step 2. Create Your Clickfunnels Account – Start your ClickFunnels free trial so you can 1-click copy my funnel. Simply go to, (this link takes you to the Clickfunnels registration page) and claim your 2 weeks trial! Or get 2 months free, and live video support when you purchase an annual plan by clicking here (Also includes a 14-day free trial!)
  • Step 3. Download The Funnel Into Your Clickfunnels Account – If you have not already imported the Legendary Marketer shared funnel into your Clickfunnels account, now is the time to do so! Simply click here to download your funnel and have a copy that you can own, edit, and use!
  • Step 4. Access Your Bridge Page Script – This is a page that gives you the opportunity to host a quick video message for your leads! This is a video that you can shoot selfie-style with your phone, so you don’t need to be super professional. Deathly afraid to go on camera? You can use this script and have a designer create an animated explainer video. You can find plenty of them on Fiverr, the world’s biggest freelance marketplace.
  • Step 5. Connect Autoresponder & Access Follow-Up Emails – You don’t need to guess what you should send your leads (your potential buyers) via email. I have provided you with some well-proven swipes that you can just go to your GetResponse account and add as scheduled emails to send out to people who opt-in!

The autoresponder that I always use and recommend is GetResponse, but they almost all work the same. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to set up and create an autoresponder email sequence in GetResponse:

Now your funnel is ready to go, you make sure that you automated your email sequence and that it’s connected. Test it by going to your homepage, entering your email, and making sure you receive the correct email that contains the right affiliate links.

Now, it’s all about driving traffic to your homepage and just letting the email sequence do the work for you!

Can You Promote Legendary Marketer For Free?

While the Legendary Marketer has a pro paid plan that allows you to earn additional streams of income, get access to their top earner training, and earn higher commission rates, it also has a free plan that allows you to promote the program without committing to any monthly payments.

Well, if you’re wondering if there is a way to promote Legendary Marketer online without spending any money on ads, the good news is, yes there is. Actually, a couple of ways…

Time is money, and because I appreciate your time and want you to focus on what matters and works only, I will suffice to mention these three methods of generating free organic traffic online, that you can leverage for promoting Legendary Marketer or any other offer under any niche:

  • Method #1. YouTube – YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine online after Google. It has over 2 billion monthly active users and is not as saturated as Google. Which allows you to unlock untapped potential, even without showing up on a camera! Making money on YouTube without showing your face has just become the new trend.
  • Method #2. Blogging – Bloggers are the heart of the internet, as they provide relevant answers to people’s daily questions and queries! Starting a blog comes with a small yearly expense, but you can get floods of free organic traffic that you can monetize in tens of different ways! Follow this tutorial to learn how to start a money-making blog in a matter of minutes.
  • Method #3. QuoraQuora has over 300 million monthly active users, and a lot of questions are being asked on a daily basis. People are continuously looking for legitimate individuals and answers to their questions and queries. So, you can simply create an account and start answering people’s questions that are relevant to what you promote.

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Is Legendary Marketer a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a model that recruits members via a promise of payments for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or products! Legendary Marketer can’t be a pyramid scheme as it has a product behind it; training that helps people start an online business using cutting-edge strategies!

We usually tend to doubt what’s too good to be true.. Take Clickfunnels for example, an innovative landing page builder that has over 110K active users at the moment of writing this blog post, and I keep receiving comments and emails like: “Is Clickfunnels a scam?” Is Clickfunnels a pyramid scheme?”, and it sure is not!

I mean, could 110,000 individuals just be wrong? Nope, right?

The same applies to Legendary Marketer which has a great team and founder behind it.

Leading the charge as CEO of Legendary Marketer is David Sharpe, a 9-year digital marketing vet who has founded 3 multi-million dollar companies from scratch, generated over a quarter-billion in sales online, and educated over 500,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. He’s been featured on and was quoted by Forbes as “one of the masterminds of this industry.”


Time is without a doubt our most valuable resource, and lack of time hinders our ability to grow a side business.

Luckily, high-ticket affiliate marketing allows us to do more of what matters so you can start fast and continue to scale!

By the time you finish reading this article, you will learn exactly how to promote the Legendary Marketer affiliate program and hopefully, someday become a full-time affiliate marketer.

In this article, I’ve shared with you exactly how to clone my Legendary Marketer funnel that has been used to generate up to $1,500 per day in affiliate commissions and make it yours with a 1-click import, get the word-for-word script so you can create a killer bridge page, and get my proven email follow-up sequence to increase conversions!

To get the advantage of my entire done-for-you affiliate marketing system, simply go ahead and create your Clickfunnels account if you have not done so yet, and click here to download the funnel into your dashboard.

Remember, if you find this post inspiring and useful, share it with your friends, please! (Virtual high fives and awkward hugs to all my sharers out there!)

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