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how to make money as a shopify affiliate

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Did you know that Shopify has one of the most proven value ladders and its ecosystem allows you to earn a 6-figure side income by promoting their software? So, how to make money as a Shopify affiliate? This is what I’m about to reveal to you.

The ultimate way to promote the Shopify platform as an affiliate is to educate business owners on how to use this software to sell their products and services online. By teaching people how this platform can potentially help them make more money online, they’d be more likely to give it a try and continue using it!

In this article, we are going to be discussing how you can become an affiliate for Shopify, along with the best way to promote it and get compensated for bringing new users to the platform.

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Is Shopify Affiliate Program Free?

Yes, the Shopify affiliate program is free to join! However, to become a member of the Shopify partners team, you should go through an application that might either get accepted or rejected, depending on your experience and the potential they see in you as an affiliate.

Once approved in the program, you will get assigned a unique affiliate link and start referring users for a 200% one-time commission of each plan purchased through your link.

How To Make Money As A Shopify Affiliate?

To make money as a Shopify affiliate marketer, you are required to bring people not only to claim a free trial and mess up with the platform but people who know what they are doing and are serious enough about starting a business online.

Getting them to sign up for a free trial is easy, but what’s really hard is getting them to pick a paid plan, provide their credit card info and give authorization to Shopify to charge them after the trial ends.

Although it’s hard, it’s not possible…

With the strategy that I’m about to share with you, you will not be only educating potential users on how to use the platform, but you will be providing a huge perceived value in advance, and that is what really matters in digital marketing!

So, what’s the best way to promote Shopify and make money as an affiliate of their great ecosystem and eCommerce hosting solution?

Give Away A Free Lead Magnet – A Piece Of Cheese

Giving away a free helpful course can provide a huge perceived value, especially that people tend to engage more with audiovisual content than a written piece of an article.

Here’s an example of what I exactly mean…

This funnel has two main purposes:

  • First, capture people’s leads and add them to your email autoresponder sequence (which I will give to you for free!)
  • Second, redirect them to an 8-video course that shows them how to start a Shopify store, so you can get paid!

After they create a free account, they can get instant access to the course and start watching the videos to learn more about setting up a Shopify store.

This course contains my own affiliate links, that if someone ends up clicking and purchasing Shopify through my tracking URL, I will earn a commission.

This is so powerful and has allowed me to generate a lot of commissions from this particular program by simply giving away a free educational course!

I know that creating a similar course would be a time consuming stuff that may not be a viable option for you.

So, what if you could use the exact funnel & course, and replace all of the insider links with your own affiliate links?

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

In fact, this course was built using a software called Clickfunnels, and the good news is, you can have a copy of it with a click of a button, by leveraging Clickfunnel’s technology of shared funnels!

All that you need to take advantage of this free lead magnet is a Clickfunnels account so you can import this funnel into your account, set up your own autoresponder, replace your affiliate links and start driving traffic!

The 4 Steps Of The Shopify Master Shared Funnel

This sales funnel contains 4 simple steps that are designed to provide a huge perceived value to the participant, and potentially get them signed up for a Clickfunnels account! Below is a quick overview of the flow of this funnel:

Step 1 – Homepage

This is the very first page where people land on, opt-in with their name & email, become a lead, and enter your autoresponder email sequence!

This page is ready to go as is and the only thing you would need to do is to integrate your own autoresponder with the button so it knows where to send your leads to. There is a bunch of tutorials on YouTube for connecting an autoresponder to a Clickfunnels account, and the software that I recommend is GetResponse!

Step 2 – Confirmation

The second step of the funnel is the confirmation page. The purpose of this page is to be able to track the leads coming in and to give your leads a chance to sign up for Shopify before participating in the course.

The one and only thing that needs to be changed in this page is the button redirection link. You obviously need to replace my link with your own Shopify affiliate link.

Meanwhile, they will receive the member acccess URL via email, where they can create an account and get access to the course.

Step 3 – Member Access

This step allows people to become members and create a free account where they can log in and out anytime they want to watch your free Shopify course.

Nothing needs to be changed here, you’re good to go.

Step 4 – Member Area

This is the final step of the funnel, and it is the actual course dashboard that hosts and contains the 8 videos and your affiliate links.

In Other Words, Here’s How To Make Money As A Shopify Affiliate:

Bottom line – This is the best done-for-you affiliate marketing system ever! The course funnel is already given to you for free, and the videos are white-labeled (only a voice-over and a screen sharing). After copying the funnel, when people create a new account, they will enter your email sequence and start receiving emails from you on autopilot!

More Similar Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Systems

How Do Shopify Partners Make Money?

Shopify affiliates make money by referring potential customers to use Shopify. The affiliate will only earn a commission after the company receives the payment, and they are not compensated for free trials! Even if the customer has already picked a paid plan, they won’t be charged and affiliates won’t get compensated until the trial period expires!

Making money as a Shopify affiliate partner can be either by referring people to use Shopify, adding a store to develop an app, collaborating with a client, developing a theme, and much more!

How Much Do Shopify Partners Make?

Shopify’s ecosystem allows you to earn a commission equal to the merchant’s subscription fee for the first two months, net of any discounts/credits, which means 200% of each plan sold through your unique tracking link! As a Shopify Affiliate, you are also compensated for App and theme purchases.

  • Shopify Plans – You earn a commission equal to the merchant’s subscription fee for the first two months. The commission is paid out over the first two months of the merchant’s subscription. If the merchant leaves Shopify during the first month, then the second payment is not issued.
  • Shopify App Store – Shopify pays you 80% of the total revenue from the one-time sale price or recurring subscription fees and all app purchases or upgrades made through the Shopify App Store.
  • Shopify Theme Store – Shopify pays its affiliates up to 70% of each theme sale.
  • Development Store Referrals – Inside of your Shopify partner account, you have an option to collaborate with a client or add a store to develop. This will allow you to earn a recurring commission equal to 20% of the merchant’s monthly subscription fee.

Is Shopify Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Shopify affiliate has a generous commission structure that allows you to earn a whopping 200% of each merchant’s subscription fee. It’s definitely worth and it has allowed me personally to earn decent commissions promoting their innovative drag-and-drop website builder!

However, the Shopify affiliate program is not the easiest program to promote and it does require a solid background in affiliate marketing. This is particularly the reason behind their strict application that is manually reviewed because they want experienced affiliates already!

Taking into consideration that Shopify doesn’t provide any marketing creatives (images, swipes, videos, etc…), while other affiliate programs like Clickfunnels or Partner With Anthony give you all you may need to succeed at referring customers to their products!

This thing will just make it harder for beginners who are just dipping their toes into the affiliate marketing industry, who don’t know yet how to create a promotional banner image, or what copy to use for social media or email for the purpose of promoting this software!

So, what’s better than Shopify affiliate program?

Partner With Anthony Affiliate Program

Partner With Anthony is an affiliate program by the great Anthony Morrision who’s famous for a good reason!

Anthony has been doing affiliate marketing for over 15 years now, and he has sold his book “The Hidden Millionaire” to over a million entrepreneurs around the globe.

The idea behind his program, PWA, is that he gives people a chance to partner with him and be part of his ecosystem that allows him and his partners to have multiple streams of income.

As a partner with Anthony, there are different types of commissions that you can passively earn. Those are:

  • Front-end offers – The partner with Anthony program is offered for either $7/month or a one-time payment of $97. In both cases, you’re getting 50% of the sale. If someone joins the PWA program for $7 a month, you earn $3.5 in recurring revenue as long as they remain customers. If they choose to pay a one-time fee, you will earn $48.5!
  • Back-end offers – During the program, Anthony tries to upsell several programs that you can earn 50% on them too. Those are promoted organically as parts of the program, so you need to do nothing about it, just extra revenue.
  • Recommended tools & resources – Inside of the training, Anthony will be recommending some basic tools that can make the ecosystem work for you! What really differentiates this program from other affiliate programs is that it allows you to replace the link with your own affiliate links so you can earn the commissions, not Anthony! This is a game-changer!
partner with anthony
  • Insider offers – Morrison education center has a bunch of helpful pieces of training and resources that also allow you to earn a commission if someone ends up purchasing any of them during their journey with the programs. Some of those insider-offers are up to $1500-$2000, and guess what, you will also get a 50% commission on each sale generated!
Partner with anthony
  • Ambassador partnership – As an ambassador for Partner With Anthony, you get 70% in commissions instead of 50%. The ambassador partnership is for $1000, and as a member, you can also earn 50% of each ambassador account purchased from one of your referrals.

As you can see, the potential of financial gain of the Partner With Anthony program is way higher than Shopify and a single customer of a $7 product can potentially make you thousands of dollars, with the same time and effort invested!


Affiliate marketing is becoming popular day after day, and nowadays, you can barely find a company that doesn’t have an affiliate program of its own.

Mastering affiliate marketing requires following some criteria and sticking to a game plan. So, In this article, I’ve shared with you my unique recipe of how to make money as a Shopify affiliate by providing in advance perceived value.

I’ve also given away my course funnel that allows you to earn commissions by helping people and business owners to use the platform to sell their products and services more effectively.

Finally, if you’re looking forward to dipping your toe in the affiliate marketing industry but don’t know where to start, this quick presentation could be of great help and can put you on the right track!

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