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how to find clients that need facebook advertising

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Facebook has over 2.2 billion daily users which is even bigger than the population of China, the largest country in the world, and by landing on this page, chances are, you’re trying to find new clients who desperately need Facebook advertising for their businesses.

If that’s the case, in this article, I’m going to share with you the best ways and strategies to find those clients and easily charge them $1,000/month for your service!

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Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses

Nowadays, you can barely find a business owner who doesn’t realize the power of Facebook, and not leveraging this huge platform in their marketing strategy, but the trouble is that most people don’t know it actually works, so they are most likely to fail and don’t bring any results.

Check the bellow stats, from the legend Neil Patel:

Image from Google –

62%, Imagine! This is where you can come in as a Social Media Specialist and simply offer your services to those business owners who are too busy to learn a new skill or cannot afford the trial-and-error phase cost-wise.

Becoming a Social Media Specialist is actually a very rewarding and flexible side hustle that you can run from anywhere in the world. You can set your own rules, working hours, and schedule and gain the benefits of being your own boss.

How To Get Facebook Advertising Clients?

First of all, managing other businesses’ Facebook ad accounts comes down to two things:

1. Acquiring A Skill That’s In Demand So You Can Charge People For It

You can’t do this if you don’t know what you’re doing. You have to know how it actually works and you have to be able to provide value to businesses with a proven Facebook ad template in order to charge for your consulting services.

Luckily, on marketplaces like Coursera, Skillshare, Skillup, and Udemy, you can acquire any skill you want, including Facebook advertising and digital marketing.

2. Acquiring New Clients For Your Social Media Consulting Services

And this is what I’ll be focusing on in this article. First off, I want you to install a Chrome Extention called “Facebook Pixel Helper” if you don’t already have it, because we will be using it in our method.

Pro Tip: Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that is placed on your website and allows you to track people’s activity on your web pages. The Facebook Pixel could be a good indicator if a business is already running ads on their site (At least if they are doing it the right way)

After installing and activating the Pixel on your Chrome browser, it will look something like this:

Why is that important? It’s important because it will allow you to run Facebook ads just to people who have visited your website, or have a specific behavior on it! How powerful is that!

By the way, if the Facebook Pixel is placed on a website, it will light up blue. Here are some examples for your reference:

This is an example of a website that’s not using the Facebook Pixel, or maybe not driving paid traffic from Facebook at all.

Image source: DogsBlog

And this is obviously an example of a website that has the Facebook Pixel placed on it

Image source: Shopify

Now, if the pixel icon is in grey, there are basically two options:

1. The business is not leveraging Facebook and not driving paid ads through this channel

2. They are running paid Facebook ads but are not placing the Facebook Pixel, which means that they are not doing it the right way

Now after having the Facebook pixel on your Chrome, pay attention and follow along with me. In the next chapter, I’m going to talk about where can you find your exact audience. To target your audience effectively, you can buy reviews on Facebook that are tailored to particular goods or services.

Where Can You Find New Facebook Advertising Clients?

Think about it like that, if you’re a local business, where would you list your business or service?

I’ll tell you, Google and Yelp tend to be the best two places for finding Facebook advertising clients and let me explain why and how!

How to Find Potenial Facebook Advertising Clients on Google Maps?

Now, you’re likely to see Google Maps listings pop up on your computer if you’re searching for a local keyword for a local business type.

This could be things like Pizza, Restaurants, Tree removal, Plumber, Dentist, or simply any type of business or local service, you got the point.

What Google tries to do is that it tries to show you businesses and services that are near you, and you can actually use that information that Google provides to make money.

So, How Do We Exactly Make Money With It?

Well, there are a couple of different ways. What I like to do is using it as a hook to get my foot in the door by helping them fix problems with that listing (If they have any).

I personally like to find what I call, a tripwire! A tripwire is basically like a hook, it’s your offer, it’s how you’re going to get your foot into the door.

One of my favorite tripwires to go after is to look for businesses that have unclaimed listings or they have not verified their listings on Google Maps.

And this is what an unclaimed listing on Google Maps looks like:

It is 100% certain that this above listing is not verified and not claimed and they’re at risk of having their listing removed.

A few years ago, Google put out an announcement that said that businesses that don’t verify are at risk for removal.

They put this out on their product forum, they alerted the photographers that work with their Google Maps to take pictures for listings

They simply said: Alert everyone you know, alert your clients, and tell them that they need to get their listings verified because they are at risk to have their list deleted.

This gives us a really good excuse to reach out to these businesses who have unclaimed listings and just offer to help them and most importantly, let them know that they could be at risk for removal.

Now, this could be our tripwire, our hook, and you can offer this for free for them if you want to really really stand out from the crowd, or you can charge a small fee, maybe $25 $50, or even $100.

Pro Info: A small fee will just help you kinda differentiate who’s actually a buyer or not.

At first, you should be aiming to provide a high perceived value. You should not be focusing on making money, it’s more about building trust and getting potential customers for the long run.

What To Do After Finding Potential Prospects?

For sure, you’re not just aiming for $25, $50, or even $100, right? The reason behind this method is to create a list of clients that would like to work with you for months or even years to come.

With that being said, you can take this a step further, and from this point, once you deliver the verification to them, you can upsell them another service, like maybe a new website design, social media management or SEO (Search engine optimization).

Bonus: Upselling people a service like SEO is awesome because it’s a recurring payment. Once you’ve got a client to do SEO for them, they will pay you for months, and the average number of months that clients will stick with you is 6.

Don’t you have any SEO experience? No worries, you can resell other people’s services and it’s called drop servicing.

Now everyone has his own words and approach on how to contact and land clients, just be honest and don’t promise things you won’t be able to deliver.

Remember, building trust is going to be your number 1 priority because this is exactly what leads to long-term business relationships.

Now, you don’t have to just use Google Maps as your tripwire. In fact, there’s a way to do this with other directories like Yelp, and this is what takes us to method number two.

How To Find Potenial Facebook Advertising Clients On Yelp?

Yelp is a company based in San Francisco, California, that acts as a business directory service and simply connects people with great local businesses.

On Yelp, you’re going to use the same approach as Google Maps. It’s also a listing-based directory, and each listing should be claimed.

What I like to do with Yelp is check if the listing has a website, and then implement the strategy of the Facebook Pixel that I talked about earlier in this post.

Before I show you an example, let me tell you first why this works best on Yelp.

On Yelp, people are allowed to do a sponsored ad, so if you see a sponsored listing, this is a good indicator that they are serious about growing their business and most importantly they are actually spending money on their Yelp account.

Let’s assume you want to work with the dentistry niche in San Fransisco, you’ll simply go search for that term on Yelp, surf the listings, and try to find a listing’s website without an active Facebook Pixel.

And this is what it should practically look like:

And this is what I’ve found once I’ve opened their website:

YUP, you guessed it! No Facebook Pixel has been placed on their website!

In other words, they even are not retargeting people who have visited their site through Facebook ads, or they are running Facebook ads but doing it the wrong way!

In both cases, they are leaving money on the table, and not just that, they are actually losing money!

This type of client is the best because again, they are already spending on marketing.

The tripwire you can use here is to help them set up that Facebook Pixel on their site, and again you can do it for free for them or you can charge a small fee.

In my other article, you can find all that you need to know about the Facebook Pixel, or alternatively, you can find quick tutorials on YouTube on how to set up the Facebook Pixel on a website under 5 minutes.

How To Close The Deal With The Client?

If you’ve taken it so far, that means that you’re looking forward to building a business of your own and becoming a financially free person.

You don’t need a hit-and-run type of business, or to make a few bucks here and there. You need to aim for long-term success and business relationships.

Therefore, I’d recommend investing a little time and money, by creating something unique, valuable, and professional.

Before you start emailing prospects, create a spreadsheet with the business name, email address, and website URL. That will make it easier to measure who have you contacted and who actually has responded to you.

Just put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Would you simply hire anyone who sends you an email? Nuh, it’s not that easy!

You should look authoritative, expert, and professional, and give the potential client a reason to reply back to you and be hungry for your service.

With that being said, I would highly recommend creating a landing page, which is a page that contains a lead form integrated with an email sequence flow.

Having a page that represents you is a goldmine. Also, your page should contain testimonials that are going to talk about you and your service.

So, when you contact a particular client in a particular niche, you’d link to that page to show them that you’re real, and you’re offering the exact service that they may need to grow and improve their business. In this way, you’re more likely to…

There are so many tools that make you able to create a professional landing page. The one that I like to recommend is Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is not just a landing page builder, it’s an all-in-one toolkit, that will also act as your host for your pages, which means that you don’t need to additionally invest in hosting. It’s a bit expensive but totally worth it!

The cool part is that Clickfunnels offers pre-built templates for almost every single service or niche. With a click, you can choose your preferred template, do little edits, and boom, you’re done!

Or you can do it in a completely different way. Get a domain and a hosting plan, and start building your page from scratch using the WordPress platform. Just remember that this requires technical skill and coding skills.

That’s why I recommend Clickfunnels, you don’t have to worry about any of the above, they will do the hard and most consuming part for you.

But the advantage behind using a self-hosted website is that you can start it from as low as $2.75! Equivalent to a cup of latte from Starbucks

HostGator Web Hosting

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Starting a digital marketing agency requires little overhead and is a lucrative opportunity because it will keep bringing on those recurring payments for months or even years to come.

There’s nothing better than running your own Facebook advertising side hustle from the comfort of your home, as this provides a flexible opportunity that can turn into a very rewarding venture and has the potential to replace the day-to-day job that you may hate!

In this article, we discussed the different approaches and methods that you can leverage to find your potential Facebook advertising clients and some actionable tips and strategies that you can start implementing today to close more deals.

Remember, be prepared to contact some good potential customers before you get a response from one, but make sure once you do, you’ll be getting an extra $1,000 straight into your pocket just for managing their social media ads, or whatever you’re skilled at.

Don’t forget to grab your Clickfunnels 14-day free trial if you have not already done so, and if you don’t have any special skills and still want to sell other people’s services online, maybe you should consider starting a recurring drop servicing digital agency.

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