How To Create An NFT Store On Shopify? (A Super Quick Guide)

NFT Shopify store! How to create a shopify nft store?

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So, you’ve heard about the new-age digital art; NFTs, and want to learn more about how you can take advantage of this huge hype, hum? The question is, how to create a Shopify store and sell your NFT artworks? This is what I’m about to reveal to you!

To start an NFT Shopify store, you would need to select a subscription plan and pick a theme. Shopify allows you to build a professional online store without any technical or coding skills! For digital art creation (NFTs), you can find dozens of designers on the Fiverr freelance marketplace who can help you with that!

In this article, I’m not only going to show you how to create an NFT store on Shopify but also going to show you the best NFT platform to invest in, in 2021!

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☑️ How To Create Your Own NFT Store On Shopify?

To create an NFT store on Shopify, first, you would need to select a monthly paid subscription and pick a suitable theme.

It all starts by going to (this link redirects to the Shopify free trial registration page) and claiming your free trial by entering your best email address.

You will be asked a couple of questions about yourself, your business, and about what you’re planning to achieve on the platform, then you will be taken to your backend office, the panel in which you control your online storefront from.

Shopify offers 3 different subscription plans, but if you’re just starting out, the Basic package of $29/month is more than enough for you, and you can definitely upgrade as you go along and as your business grows.

Shopify comes with a free 14-day trial in which you are given the chance to try out the platform for free without pulling out your wallet yet, set up your store, customize it, and populate it with products. Which are in your case, NFT artworks.

If you want to learn more about the different Shopify packages, this ultimate Shopify pricing guide will be of great help for you.

So, in order to sell NFTs, you should obviously create the artworks, and create a storefront to showcase the items you want to sell.

Shopify makes it easy for you to create a store that you’re proud to own and promote, and it gives you useful insights into how your business is going. In fact, there’s a misconception that Shopify is a platform that’s only used for dropshipping.

So, I have written a thorough article about what is Shopify used for, and how to use it as a complete beginner. I highly recommend you have a look at it.

Being said, your Shopify store can be fully customizable, and although it comes with basic and free themes, it’s highly advisable to purchase a premium theme to increase your store’s speed, features, and functionalities!

To install or purchase a theme, you can visit the Shopify theme store that has a variety of professional themes, and if you don’t find a suitable theme, you can find a bunch of them on external theme marketplaces. For your safety, we’ve searched for you for the most trusted and verified digital assets and theme marketplaces:

In other words, it’s an investment of approximately $180, but is totally worth it and it can add much to your brand!

Finally, here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial that teaches you how to install a theme on your Shopify store.

Done-For-You NFT Store Services From Fiverr

Although starting a Shopify store doesn’t require any technical skills, when starting an NFT store, you might need some coding skills for customizing it and making it fully functional, especially for integrating your crypto wallets and payment gateways.

So, it might be a bit intimidating for a complete beginner. Therefore, I’ve decided to share with you the 5 best done-for-you services from trustworthy sellers on Fiverr, to outsource the whole process and let them build a store for you.

1. Abubillal

This seller offers a customized and well-developed NFT website, with a 14-day delivery. He also offers a premium package with a delivery of 21 days, in which he creates a custom NFT marketplace website like Rirable & Binance, ERC20/Crowd-sale smart contract, and DAPP!

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr

2. Kiaandev

This seller offers two packages for creating an NFT store. The first one costs $700 in which he will design and develop the front end only. The other package is for $1,500 and he will develop a full NFTs website with smart contract!

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr.

3. Jonasraymond

This seller offers three different packages. The first is the basic one, it’s for $200. In this plan, he offers to develip a perfect ctypto website or ICO selling website, NFTs token website.

The second package is the standard, it’s for $400, and he offers in it a customized NFTs selling site, ICO or crypto game selling website, app with your features and more!

In his premium package that’s for $900, he does non-fungible token selling website development Erc20, crowd sale smart contract development.

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr

4. Blockcain_Corp

If you’re considering starting an NFT store but don’t want to have a self-hosted website, this seller can help you create one on the well-known NTFs marketplace; Opensea.

The packages he offers in this services are:

  • Basic ($200) – Create and launch an ERC 721 compliant token contract. Mint 10 NFTs and get ready to sell!
  • Standard ($400) – Silver + List 10 NFTs on Opensea for sale. Create and manage your Frontstore with All your NFTs.
  • Premium ($2,000) – Gold+embedded marketplace in your website (Sell NFTs from your own Website!)

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr

5. Ajay_Kumar119

This seller also offer 3 different packages as follow:

  • Basic ($140) – He will design a responsive NFT website or ICO website with features.
  • Standard ($350) – He will develop an NFTs selling site, ICO, or multivendor marketplace website app with your features.
  • Premium ($500) – He will develop an NFTs selling site, ICO, or multivendor marketplace website include app with your features.

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr.

So, how to create an NFT marketplace like OpenSea? Simply jump on Fiverr and you can find tons of freelancers that can help you with that!

☑️ How To Make And Sell NFT Art?

There are multiple approaches for making and selling NFT art on the web today, and the process typically involves two steps:

  • Creating the designs and the actual artworks.
  • Converting them into NFTs and selling them as digital crypto arts.

Below are the most frequently asked questions about creating and selling NFTs.

Can I Create My own NFT?

Yes, you can! In fact, it’s easier than you may think, and technically, any image can be turned into an NFT. If you have designing skills, you can create artworks, or simply leverage a tool called Canva; a drag-and-drop designing tool for non-tech people. On the other hand, you can simply hire someone from Fiverr or any other freelance marketplace.

How To Create Digital NFT Art?

After finishing artworks, companies like Opensea, Makersplace, and Rarible can help you turn your designs into digital crypto art, and make them visible to potential buyers, even with no coding experience. After connecting your crypto wallet, you can upload your design, give it a name and price, and you’re good to go!

How Much Does It Cost To Create An NFT?

According to Fiverr, the average cost of creating a quality NFT artwork is around $100. The cost may vary upon the seller’s expertise and the design quality. In other words, the cost of creating an NFT art can be something between $5 and $1,000!

Where Can I sell NFT art?

To sell your digital NFT artworks, you can either leverage big marketplaces such as Opensea, Makersplace, and Rarible, or simply create your very own store. Companies like Shopify allow you to create an online storefront with little no technical or coding skills, or an expert from Fiverr can help you with that.

Top 10 NFT Art Services On Fiverr

1. hichamabuchanab

Did you know that Figma CEO, Dylan, had sold a digital ‘CryptoPunk’ for $7.5 million a couple of weeks ago? This seller can make you NFT art crypto characters, and the packages offered in this gig are: (All packages come with commercial use)

  • Gold ($5) – Unique collectible characters can be officially owned by you, with source file.
  • Diamond ($100) – 50 Unique collectible characters can be officially owned by you, with source file – Save 40%.
  • Platinum ($200) – 100 Unique collectible characters can be officially owned by you, with source file – Save 60%.

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr

2. jarm57

This seller with 42 5-star reviews offers NFT art that you can resell. The packages included in this gig are:

  • Image NFT ($30) – They will illustrate or photo manipulate an image for you to sell as NFT (1 figure)
  • Gif NFT ($50) – They will create a Gif NFT for you
  • Video NFT ($70) – They will create a video NFT for you

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr

3. particularrr

The seller her will design 3D cover or NFT art and animate it. Some decent positive reviews too and the packages offered are:

  • Static NFT or cover ($120) – Static NFT or Cover Art with 3D mockup
  • Animated NFT or Cover ($250) – Animated NFT 10-15 Seconds Loop with back & spine, 3D mockup, and an animated cover
  • NFT Collection ($800) – Pack for 4+ NFT animated collection or static (Write in direct messages) with back & spine, 3D mockup, and an animated cover

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr

4. saliha_007

This seller will turn any picture into a trending NFT psychedelic art. The packages that this seller offers in this gig are as follow:

  • Silver package ($20) – 1 Colored Psychedelia art of your picture
  • Gold package ($30) – 2 Colored Psychedelia art of your picture+ following the concept from the client
  • Platinum package ($35) – 3 Colored Psychedelia art of your picture+ following the concept from the client

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr

5. viralvfx

Looking for unique crypto NFT art or 3D coins? This seller with 22 5-star reviews can definitely help you out! They basically offer one package in this gig, and you can contact them for any custom orders.

  • NFT digital art ($70) – One 3D coin or card based on your concept. you will receive files in GIF, JPEG, and MP4 Format in HD. This includes 1 high-resolution figure with color, background/ scene, and you have the right to use it for commercial use.

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr

6. abhishek_ps

This is another great NFT artwork seller with 15 positive and 5-star reviews. The gig’s packages are:

  • Available arts ($15) – You can choose one of the already made digital NFTs that they have made.
  • On your demand art ($30) – They will create the NFT crypto art of your choice.
  • For bulk orders ($100) – This is for bulk orders! You will get a massive discount on it (Contact them for a discount!)

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr

7. gastonproductio

This seller has 13 5-star reviews and the packages that they offer in this gig are as follow:

  • Gold pack ($15) – 1 NFT design with reselling rights – 1 high resolution figure with color.
  • Diamond Pack ($30) – 2 NFT designs with reselling rights + eBook with links to YT videos with tips
  • Platinum pack ($45) – 4 NFT designs with reselling rights + Ebook with links to YT videos with tips

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr

8. ave_sheva

This sellers promises with high quality crypto NFT artwork and the packages they offer are:

  • Epic Pack ($155) – Static NFT of your choice + Help with upload
  • Legendary Pack ($550) – NFT collection (Up to 4 static NFTs) + Help With Upload
  • Mythical Pack ($1095) – NFT collection (Up to 5 static NFTs) + Animated Composition + Help With Upload

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr

9. cute_anime

This seller creates hot cartoon crypto art with animation. The packages they offer in this gig are as follow:

  • Silver ($10) – 1 character illustration or art flat with flat background
  • Gold ($20) – 1 illustration or art with detail rendering and background
  • Gold Plus ($40) – 1 custom animation of your choice

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr

10. blindfrog3d

This seller will create 3D NFT digital art and help you with the upload too. The packages that they offer in this gig are as follow:

  • Basic ($100) – Static NFT art of your choice
  • Standard ($350) – Collection of up to 4 NFTs
  • Premium ($500) – Animated NFT – Must contact before placing order

Learn more about this gig on Fiverr


Although the NFTs is a 3-billion dollars industry, it’s still a hype that no one knows exactly where it’s going!

In this article, I’ve discussed with you how you can create your own NFT store on Shopify and sell your unique artworks to the world. Also, I’ve shared with you how to leverage big NFT marketplaces to list on your NFT artworks and make them visible to potential buyers.

For me, I believe that VEVE (A Premium Licensed Digital Collectibles) will be the leader of this industry, and I’ve invested a couple of hundred dollars in the token that their website is backed up with; OMI!

VEVE and its token; ECOMI (OMI), have huge potential, and in case you’re looking forward to investing in this relatively brand new token, it’s listed on BitForex. On BitForex, you can purchase Bitcoin and convert them into OMI. If you’re new to this, you can find a lot of helpful tutorials on YouTube, and make sure to invest what you’re willing to lose only!

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And now, I will leave you with the free 2-hour webinar of building a 6-figure side-income online, enjoy!

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