How Long Does it Take For Facebook Ads to Work? (2023 Guide)




how long does it take for facebook ads to work

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Facebook has shifted from a social network to an online marketplace where sellers can leverage low advertising costs to reach a broad audience. And while it seems straightforward, the intricacies of Facebook advertising can make it challenging for sellers to use the platform efficiently. Most sellers aren’t aware of how long it takes for ads to get approved on Facebook.

It takes up to 24 hours for Facebook ads to work as the platform needs to review and approve ads before they start running. Once the ad has been approved, it’s best to run it for at least a week and check the results daily so you can figure out how to target your customers better.

In this article, we’ll look at how long it takes for Facebook ads to start working, how to increase the likelihood of your ad getting approved, and how long you should run an ad before you start seeing results.

While it can be challenging to market on Facebook, few platforms offer the convenience and reach you’ll find here. So, if you’re considering jumping on the Facebook ads manager anytime soon, this article could be of great help!

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How To Get Your Facebook Ad To Start Working?

Before the public can see your ad, it must undergo a strict review process by Facebook’s algorithm to determine if the content is user-friendly.

There are a few rules and actionable steps that you can follow to ensure your ad gets approved quickly and isn’t stuck in the review stage. Here are 6 of them:

1. Minimize Text

Facebook’s goal is to provide user-friendly content to its users. One of the main rules of a Facebook ad is that less than 80% of any images you use should be free of text. This rule is to ensure users aren’t bombarded with unattractive adverts that make them want to use Facebook less.  

So, if you’re sharing any image on a boosted post or app adverts, ensure that only 20% of that image contains text. Tech Wyse has a tool that can help you check the percentage of text on any Facebook image.

2. Leverage Animation Advertising

Animated videos not only allow you to deliver your marketing message with less text, but also tend to get higher reach, engagement, and conversions. Did you know that the Facebook algorithm offers much more reach for video posts than regular posts?

This happens mainly because video is on its way to becoming the only advertising medium on social media networks. Animated videos that were created with a pattern interrupt marketing approach in mind have been proven to convert better.

“A pattern interrupt, put simply, is anything that surprises the person you’re talking to. Prospects expect certain things from salespeople. By breaking the mold, you’ll alter their apprehensive state and make them much more receptive to you.”


Tip: You can use services like Standout Clips to create 3D videos without wasting time installing complicated editing software and spending money on expensive motion graphics designers.

3. Advertise the Right Products

Facebook has a strict policy on the kind of products they want to advertise. Of course, illegal products like weapons or drugs are off the menu. However, Facebook is also selective about the kind of products advertisers wish to share.

For example, any ads related to nicotine or tobacco are strictly banned. Certain supplements, like steroids or growth hormones, are also strictly prohibited. Additionally, you can’t advertise adult products, except contraceptives which must have a target audience of 18 or older.

4. Post the Right Creatives

Facebook is picky about the kind of content it wants its audience to see, and by following its guidelines, you can ensure you avoid certain pitfalls. There’s an exhaustive list of what to keep in mind when advertising on Facebook. However, here are a few things you must consider when submitting an ad for review.

  • No before or after photos – Facebook prohibits ads that showcase a product’s effects on someone’s image, like weight loss or hair restoration products.
  • Poor grammar – Ads that are worded poorly and make no sense will irritate users, and so they irritate Facebook. Poor grammar or incomprehensible advertising is a definite no-no for Facebook.
  • Clickbait stuff – We’re no longer in the prehistoric internet age, and Facebook algorithms can detect clickbait content in a moment, so don’t bother.
  • Misleading URLs – If your ad links to a page that looks ugly, fake, or is different from the ad itself, Facebook is most likely to reject the ad. 

5. Don’t Be Political

While Facebook allows free reign over your own news feed, you can’t post ads that mention your political stance. This rule helps protect users from the spread of propaganda and keeps ads as neutral as possible. This goes without saying, but you also can’t post discriminatory ads targeting a particular community or section of society.

6. Follow the Rules

These are a few ad rules Facebook has in place, along with others you can find online. It’s crucial to mention that none of the rules are absolute, and even safe ads that violate certain norms are typically sent for additional review. 

However, if you want to increase your chances of getting your advert approved as quickly as possible, it’s best to follow all of Facebook’s rules when creating and submitting ads. As mentioned, you may still get your ad approved by violating one of the rules, but the approval will likely take much longer.

If you’ve followed most of these rules when creating an ad, your creative should be approved within 24 hours. If it isn’t, it’s best to send in a request and check the status of your ad. The real challenge starts when the ad is approved. How long should you run an ad to see results?     

How Long To Run Facebook Ads

The length of a Facebook ad depends on several factors, some of which include:

  • Budget: This is the number one determinant of how long you can run a Facebook ad. It’s impossible to execute the best marketing strategy without determining how much you can spend first.
  • Target audience: If you have a smaller target audience, you need to run the same ad for less time, or the ad will start repeatedly playing for the same people, which can harm your business.
  • Ad type: The type of ad you choose will also determine how long it should run on Facebook. For example, images can run for a few days, while Facebook collections can last a few weeks as users will have many different elements to choose from.

As mentioned earlier, the only way to advertise effectively is by constantly monitoring ad activity and adjusting your strategy accordingly. As such, you will only know how effective an ad is after it has run for a week.


Facebook’s algorithm has changed leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, with artificial intelligence able to hone in on exactly what potential customers are looking for. As such, your strategy must be more intelligent and dynamic to meet the demands of this social media age.

In this article, we’ve discussed topics like how long it takes Facebook ads to start working, how long should you keep your Facebook ad running, along with the best activities for getting your ads approved!

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