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how to buy omi on bitforex: Omi buying guide

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You’re looking forward to buying some OMI tokens and hopefully become an early millionaire if it took off, hum? So, how to buy OMI on BitForex or BitMax? This is exactly what I’m going to be sharing with you in this beginners’ buying guide!

To buy OMI on BitForex, you would need to purchase Bitcoin first, convert it into USDT, and then to OMI. BitForex doesn’t support fiat payments. You can buy OMI with crypto tokens or use a 3rd-party service for credit/debit card payments. AscendEx, on the other hand, allows you to buy OMI directly through fiat payments.

In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you the step-by-step process for purchasing OMI, plus all the resources and tips that you may need to avoid any scams!

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What Is VEVE & What Is ECOMI – OMI?

VEVE is a Singaporean blockchain-based premium licensed digital collectibles marketplace that works with big brands like Ultraman, Batman, Cartoon Network, Harley Quinn, Ghostbuster, and more. ECOMI or OMI is the former collect ecosystem and it’s the crypto token that VEVE is backed up with!

Who Is Behind VEVE?

David Yu is the CEO of ECOMI. He founded his first business in 1996 and has since started various businesses across the license and retail industry. Daniel Crothers and Joseph Janik are the other two co-founders of ECOMI.

Where To Buy OMI Token From?

In recent days, a lot of people have been searching online “How do I get ECOMI crypto tokens?”, and at some point, I was one of those who are going above and beyond seeking the right information online. Until I’ve figured this out myself and bought 14,000+ of OMI tokens (screenshot is at the end of this article!)

To avoid any scams, currently, OMI token is only available on the BitForex and BitMax exchanges. Below is a quick overview of how to buy OMI on both BitForex & BitMax.

How To Buy ECOMI On BitForex?

There are two options for buying OMI on BitForex. First, using a crypto wallet like Coinbase, and second, through fiat transactions. However, in order to purchase crypto on BitForex using fiat money, you need to use one of the two available third-party services that BitForex supports, which are Mercuryo and Paxful.

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How To Buy OMI On BitForex Using A Crypto Wallet?

With companies like Coinbase, having a crypto wallet, buying and transferring crypto will come in handy and it’s a free wallet to use as well!

So, first thing first, if you want to go with this method, you would need to:

After creating your accounts, here are the exact steps you need to go through in order transfer your crypto from your crypto wallet to your BitForex crypto address so you can buy OMI tokens:

What you need to do next is to copy your BTC deposit address, or whatever cryptocurrency you want to transfer from Coinbase.

Important Tip: If you want to deposit Bitcoin, you need to make sure that you are selecting BTC and not any other digital asset! Otherwise, you may lose it, and you of course don’t want this to happen!

After copying your digital asset deposit address, you would need to go and paste it into the Coinbase transfer page, because this is basically the address that you want to receive crypto on.

In general, sending Bitcoin can take anywhere from seconds to over 60 minutes. Typically, however, it will take 10 to 20 minutes.

You’ve got your wallet filled with BTC on BitForex, now what?

Now, you would need to convert those Bitcoins into OMI. Let me show you how easy it is to do exactly that.

First, you would need to transfer your balance from the wallet to what’s called “Spot” account, so you can trade them and convert them into any other digital asset.

To do that, go to your BitForex panel, and click on “Transfer”. Check the screenshot below!

Please note that transferring digital assets from/to wallet and spot account doesn’t have any fees, and these are the 5 quick steps you need to do in order to purchase OMI tokens:

  • Step 1. Select the coin/token that’s in your wallet. If you transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase then it’s BTC.
  • Step 2. Select where you’re transferring from, which in your case is “wallet.”
  • Step 3. Select where you want to transfer your assets to, which is the “spot account” in this case.
  • Step 4. Select the amount you want to transfer into your spot account.
  • Step 5. Hit confirm and you’re good to go.

So, here’s a quick recap of what you’ve done so far.

  • You’ve transferred your digital asset from your Coinbase wallet to your BitForex wallet.
  • You’ve transferred your digital asset from the BitForex wallet to the spot account.

Now, you’re ready to buy OMI tokens. To do so, you would need to trade your Bitcoins into USD Tether (USDT) and then convert your USDT into OMI. (This is the final step and it’s simple too.)

By the way, Tether is a controversial cryptocurrency with tokens issued by Tether Limited. It formerly falsely claimed that each token was backed by one United States dollar, but on 14 March 2019 changed the backing to include loans to affiliate companies.

Image Source: BitForex

After then, you would need to scroll down and trade all of your BTC (or as much as you want) for USDT, so you can buy OMI.

It shows that I have 0 BTC because I have already transferred them into OMI, and I’ve got 14,000+ of OMI tokens in my wallet (I will show you in a few.)

Now, you’re completely done with BTC! So, you would need to switch to USDT/OMI in order to buy OMI. Here’s how to do it.

Again, scroll down and trade your USDT for OMI.

Congratulations 🎉… Now, you officially own OMI tokens that you can resell later on, or hold till it becomes a huge thing and become the first millionaire in your family, haha!

What you need to do now is to transfer your tokens from the spot account into your wallet again, and that could be done by following the 5 steps mentioned earlier, but this time you select OMI the token to transfer.

How To Buy OMI On BitForex Using Fiat Money?

At the moment, BitForex doesn’t have fiat payments, but you can use one of their approved third-party services, but this comes with a fee for sure.

Mercuryo allows you to instantly purchase crypto digital assets with your credit/debit card, but the problem is that it can get costly for you.

For Paxful, it’s basically a peer-to-peer crypto marketplace where people buy and sell cryptocurrencies. When you, for example, ask to trade $100 for BTC, the system will find you a seller, or you will get the option to pick a seller based on the reviews, and money will be transferred securely through Escrow.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to use Paxful to purchase Bitcoin:

How To Buy ECOMI On AscendEx – Formerly BitMax?

To buy OMI on AscendEx, you would need to go through the same process we went through for BitForex, but the different thing here is that this platform accepts fiat transactions directly within your dashboard.

You simply head to your Dashboard – My assets – Fiat Payments and choose Simplex Banking to instantly pay with your credit/debit card, or even by a global bank transfer (SEPA & SWIFT!)

Where Do You Store ECOMI?

With hundreds of millions of digital assets stolen each year, keeping your digital currencies and private keys safe is now more important than ever. Below are the available option for storing your OMI tokens:

  • The ECOMI Secure Wallet – This digital hardware is developed and offered by ECOMI itself, and it’s the costliest option of $199.00! The Secure Wallet employs world-leading security which is combined with ultra-portability in a world-first credit card-sized cold storage hardware wallet.
  • Metamask – Metamask is an Ethereum wallet and a Chrome extension that allows you to send, receive and store Ethers through a dApp of interest. MetaMask takes a service fee of 0.875 percent, which is automatically factored into each quote. The fee is used to support ongoing MetaMask development, the company says. 
  • Just keep them in your BitForex/Bitmax wallet – We cannot neglect how secured those platforms are, especially with an activated authentication and a solid password. I’m personally leaving them on BitForex, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the best option, but it’s an option because my investment is fairly small! Nothing to cry after!

Is MetaMask A Wallet?

Yes! Metamask is a Chrome extension and crypto wallet that acts as a bridge between normal browsers and the Ethereum blockchain.

Is MetaMask Safe?

Yes, Metamask is safe since everything is encrypted on your browser and protected via your Metamask password. The app doesn’t control any of your private or personal data on its servers. In addition to that, Metamask tends to be the most affordable option for storing your OMI tokens or any other coin/token!

ECOMI Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wondering what VEVE, ECOMI, or OMI are? Below, I’m answering the most frequently asked questions about them to help you avoid any misconceptions.

What Type Of Token Is OMI?

OMI is a utility token which is a digital token of cryptocurrency that is issued in order to fund the development of the cryptocurrency and that can be later used to purchase a good or service (in this case crypto-collectibles and NFTs.) It’s also a method of fundraising for the start-up (VEVE.)


ECOMI is the cryptocurrency that VEVE is backed up with. A blockchain-based premium licensed digital collectibles marketplace that offers a one-stop shop for digital collectibles through the VEVE app, bringing pop culture and entertainment into the 21st century.


ECOMI sounds to be legit and the project leaders are in the collectible world for a fairly long time. They know exactly what they’re doing and they are building an engaged community and their brand’s online presence very quickly and effectively. It also has priceless licenses and partnerships with big brands.

Is ECOMI On UniSwap?

Yes! On the 1st of April, VeVe announced that it’s officially live on UniSwap!

Is ECOMI On Binance?

No, ECOMI is still not listed on the Binance chain, nor is there any token offering on the platform. They are also warning people about a website called “” which is an exact copy of the official VEVE website and it’s a scam! So, just be careful!

Is ECOMI On CoinBase?

Nope, ECOMI is not supported on Coinbase at the moment, but it may be in the near future!

ECOMI Coin Price Prediction

The NFT space is a 3-billion dollars industry and ECOMI is just becoming the leading company in this space! It shows a huge potential and the growth curve is promising as well. According to rational estimations and based on some resources, pieces of information, and deep analysis, ECOMI might hit the $0.20 mark by 2022!

VEVE Review – Is ECOMI (OMI) A Good Investment?

According to an article on, retail investors always try to find “the next big thing” that would be able to repeat the unparalleled success of Bitcoin since it remains the undisputed blockchain industry leader!

For the past few years, altcoins were the trending stuff with a new rebranding each year. NFTs can already be declared the most popular crypto trend of 2021. But unlike the previous fads, NFTs are not just rebranded altcoins – they have a unique use case, and they might stay here for longer.

For me, I believe that the NFT industry has huge potential and the people behind VEVE particularly are doing something right and impressive. Their token has a healthy growth and potential trend, and it could be the opportunity that can make a lot of early adopters and investors rich!

In order to put my money where my mouth is, (and again this is only my opinion, you should not invest accordingly or take it as financial advice!) I’ve bought 14,241 OMI tokens, and frankly, I’m planning to buy more soon.

Here’s a screenshot of my OMI wallet on BitForex.


With the fact that NFTs are becoming the 2021’s trend, VeVe has a unique use case that makes NFTs look like they might stay here for longer.

So, are you wondering how to buy omi on BitForex or Bitmax? This article is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do exactly that!

Always invest what you’re willing to lose and be rational with your decisions!

I hope that this article has helped you out and I wish you good luck with your investment if you’ve decided to take that mile.

Investing is great, and the best investment you could make in 2023 is investing in yourself. If you want to start investing your time effectively, I would love to invite you to FREE training by a self-made multi-millionaire who teaches you how to earn a 6-figure passive income online.

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