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Affiliate Disclaimer

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Affiliate marketing is projected to hit $6.8 by 2020. Don’t you want to take a share of this big fat pie?

Below are the best affiliate marketing programs to monetize your blog with:

1. HostGator hosting
2. Bluehost hosting
3. WPX hosting
4. Shopify affiliate program
5. Spocket affiliate program
6. Salehoo affiliate program
7. Clickfunnels affiliate program
8. Kartra affiliate program
9. Builderall affiliate program
10. GetResponse affiliate program
11. ConvertKit affiliate program
12. Active Campaign affiliate program
13. Transcribe Anywhere affiliate program
14. Proofread Anywhere affiliate program
15. Ultimate Facebook Blueprint affiliate program
16. Real Estate affiliate program
17. Regal Assets affiliate program

Affiliate marketing definition – What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an action-based or marketing, means that it’s activity-based working. Companies pay affiliates commissions based on referrals.

That means you can earn money by simply referring traffic (people) to their company, and this is how affiliate marketing has helped business owners and marketers alike!

Affiliate marketing has made it easier for both publishers and advertisers, you don’t need to have your own product.

You can simply refer people to other’s products/services, and earn some commissions if they end up buying or paying for that service.

This happens at no additional cost to them, they are buying it anyway, you are just getting paid to recommend that particular product!

⭐ If you want to learn more in-depth about affiliate marketing, feel free to refer back to my other article (Open in a new tab).

With that being said, affiliate marketing is my most preferred monetization method for my blog.

It’d be nice to make more money from your blog, right?

Again, affiliate marketing is projected to hit $6.8 by 2020. If you want to take part in this, I’ve come up with a list of the most popular and highest paying affiliate programs for 2020, that you can stick to and start promoting right away.

A blog is the best method to promote your affiliate links legitimately, so if you don’t have a website yet, luckily you can create one in a few minutes. (How to start a blog)

HostGator Web Hosting

Exclusively for EcomDimes readers, you can start your blog today for as low as $2.75! Equivalent to a cup of latte from Starbucks! Take advantage of this offer because I’m not sure how long will it last!

Disclaimer: Some links are from our partners, so we may take a small commission at no additional cost to you. You can read our full affiliate disclosure in our Earnings Disclaimer.

Finally, before we dive into the best affiliate programs that you can promote as an affiliate, I want to talk a little bit about affiliate marketing for Amazon.

Amazon is a great company, and the thing that most people don’t know is that Amazon has an affiliate program too, it’s called Amazon Accossiates Program.

A lot of people have been monetizing their blogs and websites with Amazon products and services, but the fact is, affiliate marketing on Amazon has not been a big deal anymore!

In the first quarter of 2020, Amazon has decided to cut off the affiliates’ commission percentage.

The thing that has pissed off most marketers and people who are primarily monetizing their sites with Amazon Associates Program, because they have literally lost half of their monthly potential earnings overnight!

Therefore, I’ve come up with this list of the best affiliate programs that can potentially be great alternatives for the amazon associates program.

If you don’t have a website yet to make money with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you launch one using HostGator with WordPress. You can check out my other article to learn more (Open in a new tab)

Ultimately, you can set up a site with Hostgator for as low as $2.75/month, equivalent to a cup of latte from Starbucks! (Claim your offer)

Enough talking, let’s diveee in 😍

What are the best affiliate programs for bloggers

These are the most popular and high-paying affiliate programs in my modest opinion.

Web-hosting affiliate offers

Many of you are unaware of the potential of the web hosting affiliate programs, and you may be wondering why I’m starting my list with them.

Unless you’re using Shopify (The biggest eCommerce platform in the world, or Clickfunnels (The best landing page builder – all in one toolkit), you would need a host!

Every new website or business needs a host, and the fact is that every day, thousands of blogs and websites are being created.

With all that the internet is offering nowadays, there are tons and tons of hosting providers around the world.

However, I’ve only mentioned 3 of them in this article, because those are the hosting providers that I’ve personally used and extremely familiar with.

And this is what should you do too. Don’t just try to promote any hosting provider based on their commission rates only.

Affiliate marketing is about recommending products and services based on a sincere opinion, review, and previous experience.

With that being said, here are my picks for the top 3 high paying affiliate programs for hosting.

1. HostGator affiliate program

hostgator logo

HostGator is a great hosting provider for the very new websites that are just starting out.

By promoting HostGator and becoming an affiliate partner with them, you can end up earning $65-$125 per sale by just recommending their service to people who are willing to launch a website or blog!

For example, I have my HostGator landing page where readers can get 60% off HostGator plans.

Your commission is based on your number of monthly signups. Here is the payment structure of their affiliate program:

Number Of Sales/MonthYour Commission Per Sale
1-5 signupsYou would earn $65 per sale.
6-10 signupsYou’d make $75 per sale.
11-20 signupsYou’d get a clear $100 per sale!
21+ signupsYour commission would be $125 per sale!

HostGator is not a brand new company, it was founded in 2002, so they definitely have learned how to dominate the market by offering competitive prices and commissions!

Remember, you do need a host for your new website, and so do your readers.

2. Bluehost affiliate program

bluehost logo

If I were to choose, I would put HostGator & Bluehost on a scale, and WPX hosting on a scale!

Basically, I recommend these two hosting providers (Bluehost and Hostgator) for all brand new websites which have less than 100,000 pageviews a month.

Bluehostwas founded in 2003, and you should have heard about this company if you are in the digital world because it’s so popular and well known for its low-cost barrier and high commissions.

The same as HostGator, there are too many advantages to promoting it.

First, it’s too cheap (from a customer’s perspective) and they have a generous commission for their affiliates as well.

By promoting Bluehost, you’ll make $65+ per signup, while recommending a great and reliable hosting service provider.

What about Siteground, isn’t it a great company to promote it too?

Yes, Siteground is a great company and I’ve used them as my main hosting provider for over 3 years, and the fact is, they are slightly faster and more scalable.

BUT, their uptime is not great, they don’t do a great job in transfers and they are more expensive than HostGator & Bluehost.

3. WPX hosting affiliate program

wpx hossting logo

WPX hosting is not just an ordinary hosting company, it’s a very premium company, and their prices are quite affordable and reasonable for what they’re actually offering!

This is my most preferred hosting provider not just for their commissions, and if you already have an already established website, WPX hosting is the way to go!

However, it’s more pricey (but absolutely worth your investment) if compared to Bluehost and Hostgator, or any other hosting provider!

Since this is a premium network, they only work with successful and well-established websites that already receive a ton amount of traffic and pageviews.

They have a superb customer support system that can fulfill your query with a blink of an eye, they are really fast responsive!

They pay attention to the smallest details, and they have put in extra work for their affiliates. As an affiliate, you have access to images, banners, and videos and you’ll earn a clean $100 per successful signup!

Finally, and before moving to our next affiliate programs section, I would like to provide a screenshot that compares between the different hosting providers 🙂

Image From: WPX Hosting

Ecommerce affiliate programs

With all that the internet is offering today, do you still need to start a business offline By offline I mean that type of brick and mortar stores that you see down the streets!

There are countless amount of e-commerce solutions nowadays. However, I’ve only picked the best of the best for you.

So, here are my picks for the top 3 high paying affiliate programs for e-Commerce.

4. Shopify affiliate program

You know what? The Shopify affiliate program is my most preferred affiliate program of all the time! They have a super generous one-time payment of 200%.

I’ve been promoting Shopify for a fairly long time now, and they are literally the leader eCommerce platform in the world!

With over 1 million business owners under their roof, partnering with companies like Shopify is a great plus for you and for your readers.

A great example of promoting Shopify that could be inspirational for you is this landing page that I’ve mainly created for the purpose of getting signups and sales to Shopify!

By offering something valuable and for free, they are more likely to engage with you, leave their info and grab your piece of cheese!

By the way, you can create a similar landing page using WordPress or Clickfunnels (Clickfunnels is the one and only landing page builder for marketers).

If you end up wanting a similar landing on WordPress, you would definitely need a host! And you won’t need more than HostGator, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have your website up and running.

You can also record your voice or hire someone from Fiverr to do it for you at a very cheap price.

Finally, if you’d like us to give you a reseller license for this page and copy it for you, feel free to head to the contact us page and drop us a line.

We’ll make you a copy of this page!

We’ll replace “Course created by Odeh Ahwal” to “You’re invited by *Your Name*

We’ll connect your CRM so you can receive your leads.

We’ll replace the affiliate links with your affiliate links so you can get paid!

Pro tip from experience: Applying for an affiliate account on Shopify is not easy, BUT, it’s not hard as well. It helps with approval if you already have a website launched. So, to avoid any chance of being rejected, I highly recommend you set up a store for your own.

Want to learn how to start a Shopify store with 7 simple steps? Check out my other article on this topic (Open in a new tab)

Grab your 14-day free trial on Shopify (Open in a new tab)

Grab your 14-day free trial on Clickfunnels to create awesome landing pages (Open in a new tab)

Get your special hosting offer and start your website with ease! Discount applies automatically (Open in a new tab)

Learn how you can start your affiliate marketing website or blog with HostGator from as low as $2.75/month! Equivalent to a cup of latte from Starbucks! (Open in a new tab)

5. Spocket affiliate program

While starting an online storefront has never been easier nowadays, finding reliable suppliers is tricky!

For people who’re into dropshipping and selling online, they should have realized that dealing with the wrong supplier can literally mess up your whole business!

Spocket is an app that’s used for dropshipping and can seamlessly be integrated with Shopify. It’s an online platform that acts as a supplier directory.

It connects you with trustworthy suppliers, even located in the US and EU!

Chances are, people who are starting out with dropshipping, they mainly will start with finding suppliers from Aliexpress.

Aliexpress is a good company and it’s a big hub for suppliers as well. Therefore, there would be reliable and unreliable suppliers.

The other downside of Aliexpress or shipping from China at all is the shipping times and rates.

Spocket has solved problems like finding suppliers in the USA and Europe without taking a charter plane and fly searching for a supplier.

This means that people who are purchasing from the English speaking countries (mainly the USA).

You’ll have a competitive advantage over your competitors as a dropshipper. The shipping will cost less, and it won’t take an eternity for customers to receive their orders!

With that being said, it would be highly beneficial to recommend and promote such a tool for people who are selling online.

You can get up to $450 for each customer you bring to Spocket, and they provide creatives, banners, and marketing material as well!

6. Salehoo affiliate program

Salehoo is another resource that you can promote to dropshippers, and earn money by referring people to it!

Salehoo has been featured on Forbes, Inc., CNBC, SUCCESS, and others.

And, it’s a platform with 8000+ pre-vetted trustworthy suppliers, more than 2.5 million products to sell online, and award-winning Customer Support.

As an affiliate partner with Salehoo, you could potentially earn 50% on all affiliate sales generated through your tracking link!

They basically offer a membership fee to the platform, and also online selling tactics.

Software as a service affiliate programs

Online businesses need tools to run their business, so you can earn commissions by connecting new businesses in need of the software required to run their business.

There are many advantages for promoting a SAAS, below are some benefits:

▶️ Recurring Commissions

Well, the reason is quite simple! People who are using a page builder like Clickfunnels, or an eCommerce hosting solution like Shopify, they are likely to stay in business with the tools for nothing less than 6 months on average.

So, as long as the company get paid, you’ll get paid too!

You do the work once, and keep making money passively, even while sleeping! And that’s not only the American dream, it’s everyone’s dream!

The thing that leads us to the second benefit!

▶️ Generous Commissions

You may be wondering why SAAS online tools are willing to pay more and generous with their commissions.

When you or any other affiliate refer people to signup to a particular company, it’s actually not cost that company a dime to acquire new leads and customers!

You and I as affiliates are doing the work for them, which means that they don’t have to spend on ads to acquire new leads.

▶️ Value Ladder

SAAS (software as a service) has what’s called value ladder.

The value ladder is the affiliate marketer’s secret to massive earnings. This is what’s most amateurs marketers don’t know!

Value ladder allows you as an affiliate to promote a low-ticket entry product just to get customer’s feet into the water, and feel the value of what you’re offering them!

And in some cases, these trip-wire offers can be actually free, or as little as $1! A great example of the value ladder is this Summit, that has made by Lurn Inc.

I highly recommend you go check it out because it would be beneficial for you and your customers. (open in a new tab)

Other examples of value ladder and trip wires:

✔ Free Trial
✔ Low Monthly Membership Fee
✔ Free + Shipping Book

This allows the affiliate partner to more easily get customers into their partners’ pipeline. Once that first “Trip-Wire Offer” is set, that customer is then attributed to your earnings for life.

This means that if they purchase a $2000 product 6 months from now, you still earn the $1000 commission (assuming a 50% commission structure.)

When you join an affiliate partner with a proven Value Ladder, you leverage the capability and experience of professional marketers with a sizeable advertising budget.

Enough talking and let’s have a look at my picks for the top 3 high paying affiliate programs for SAAS!

7. Clickfunnels affiliate program

I’ve talked much about Clickfunnels in too many different articles, and this is actually a company that I can’t get bored talking about for a week-long!

Related: The story of Kevin David getting rich using Clickfunnels (Open in a new tab)

What is Clickfunnels, the best page-builder toolkit ever? (Open in a new tab)

Let me introduce you to Russel Brunson. Who’s Russel Brunson? Who’s this guy?

He’s the owner and CEO of Clickfunnels, the awesome landing page builder of all times!

By the time you finish watching the video, you’ll realize the huge potential in promoting one of Clickfunnels products.

In order to promote one of Clickfunnels’ products, it’s not necessary to be a Clickfunnels user, but it would be appealing for your visitors if you promote something you’ve personally used or familiar with.

Also, a great feature of Clickfunnels is that you can create a custom made landing page and Clickfunnels allows you to transfer it to your customers. This means that they can have a copy of the exact page.

However, for customers to be able to copy your page ID and start promoting it directly, they need a Clickfunnels account, and you’re getting paid for each paid-account referred by you 🙂

Also, Clickfunnels has multiple free books that you can promote and get paid for its upsells as well. Below is a screenshot for your reference:

Commision Level: 40%
Potential Cart Value: $737.95
Your Potential Earnings Per Book Sale: $264.40

Every affiliate receives a 40% commission on all of Clickfunnels’ front end offers.
Below are some great example of those offers:

Pro Tip: The above books are completely for free, your customers have to only cover the shipping cost. A great move is to order those books yourself, have a better vision of what they’re about so you can better convince your readers with purchasing!

There’s another type of offers in Clickfunnels, where you also receive $100 commission for every sale, in addition to 40% on those front end sales.

Some examples of their offers are:

Finally, what if you know that Clickfunnels can get your dream car for you? Would you consider promoting it?

Kid you not, Clickfunnels has the best affiliate program on earth! If you manage to bring 100 active users to Clickfunnels, they will simply get you the car of your dreams!

To register as an affiliate, click the button below and head to the footer of the page – affiliates

8. Kartra affiliate program

Kartra is also a great page-builder and marketing automation toolkit which you can use it for:

▶️ Building landing pages

▶️ Use it as an autoresponder

▶️ Create membership type of websites

▶️ Funnel building

▶️ Accept payments from customers

▶️ Sell info products and courses

The sole purpose of this article is to show you affiliate marketing programs that have potential. I’ve personally used all tools mentioned in this piece of content.

So, I can’t suggest which tool should you be using or promoting, just try to pick the tool you’re most familiar with.

That’s why I recommend you use the tool and try it before promoting it to your customers!

As an affiliate partner with Kartra, you’ll get 40% for life of every sale and recurring payment generated by your referrals during their membership to Kartra.

And of course, if your referrals upgrade their Kartra account package at any time, your commissions will be automatically updated accordingly.

JV BrokersGot a network of affiliates who are ready to crush it with Kartra? Sign up as a 2nd tier JV Partner, and earn a 10% for life of every sale and recurring payment generated by your affiliates.

9. Builderall affiliate program

The same as Clickfunnels and Kartra, Builderall is an all-in-one toolkit for marketers and business owners who want a one-stop solution for building, branding, email automation, and creating awesome funnels!

Builderall is generous in their commissions as well!

You as an affiliate partner with the Builder All affiliate program get paid a complete 100% for the first purchase of your customers’ purchases!

Plus, as long as your customers are paying to builder all, you’re getting paid 30% recurring commissions baby, that means you could be sleeping, enjoying the sun on Miami’s beach, and money is rolling in! 😎

Not just that! The coolest thing about Builderall is that you’re getting paid for 2nd tier customers too!

As an affiliate, every time your 2nd tier customers pay their Builderall monthly fees, you earn a recurring commission of 30%.

Email marketing affiliate programs

Well, professional marketers have 1 thing in common, do you know what is that thing?

The 1 thing that differentiates professional affiliates from amateurs who are struggling to make extra money online is focusing on the email marketing stuff and building trust with customers!

Email marketing tends to bring most of the sales and conversions for business owners among the years!

Did you know that people need to see you and your brand name at least 7-9 times before taking the first action and consider engaging with you?

Yup! And that’s the power of email marketing. You can reach people daily on their mobile phones.

This smartphone era has made our phones a permanent fixture in our hands or pockets.

With that being said, here are my picks for the top 3 high paying affiliate programs for email marketing!

10. Get Response affiliate program

Now, to be honest. These 3 email marketing tools and autoresponders have the same sole purpose and can do the same job!

They use the concept itself, but everyone has his own preferences, because the interface is for sure unique for each on of them.

So, let me just talk about the affiliate’s compensation for each one of them.

Get Response affiliate program has a couple of forms, affiliate bounty, and affiliate recurring.

11. Convert Kit affiliate program

Conver Kit is also a well-known tool that most marketers have heard about it much.

Convertkit affiliate program is cool too, and they allow you to earn recurring commissions as long as the customer referred by you is paying for a monthly subscription.

A sweet 30% commission will hit your bank month after month, and they do provide some courses, images, videos, and other interesting marketing materials.

12. Active Campaign affiliate program

Active Campaign is also a strong email marketing company, but unfortunately, they are not providing much information about their affiliate program.

Active campaign affiliate program offers 30% of each customer’s account value – every month.

It’s definetely worth checking out and promoting!

Online courses affiliate programs

Online courses are super powerful to be promoted on your blog.

The type of courses I’m talking about here the informative ones that teach you how to start a side hustle or help you to acquire skills.

There are endless count of online resources that are created by successful entrepreneurs.

This is the cool thing about affiliate marketing, you don’t need to create your own product or course. You can just simply promote others’ for a commission in return.

This will be a win-win situation for all parties, for you as an affiliate or blogger, you’ll earn extra money. For the course creator, they will earn extra money too, and the reader too.

Enrolling in courses’ affiliate programs is crucial if you’re just starting out in blogging or even if you’re considering starting a blog soon!

By the way, some of those courses you may personally need to acquire a new skill or to start a new side hustle.

That being said, here are my picks for the top 3 high paying affiliate programs for online resources by the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

13. Transcribe Anywhere affiliate program

In fact, Janet Shaughnessy, the owner of Zoom Transcription Services has done a great favor for people who are looking forward to learning and acquiring the transcribing skill!

She’s the creator of Transcribe Anywhere company, which is responsible for teaching hundreds of students each month how to become online transcriptionists and gain the benefits of being their own boss.

transcribe anywhere

Janet mainly has two transcription courses, legal transcription, and general transcription courses.

Transcribe Anywhere affiliate program typically pays 20% of each course purchased. Those big fat commissions worth advertising on your blog because courses are $597 and $697! High ticket offers baby!

To make it easier for you to convert your readers, Janet has created two Free Mini courses, legal and general.

By providing something for free to your readers, you’re more likely to get registers, signups, and opt-ins.

What happens after then is that Transcribe Anywhere will keep following up with them trying to close the deal on the big fat course!

Whenever this happens to anyone who’s registered to your free mini-course offer within the first 30 days, you’ll get paid 🙂

14. Proofread Anywhere affiliate program

This is a course that has been created by a lady who’s been a proofreader since 2007, and have been working in the court reporting industry since 2009.

Caithlin Pyle, the creator of Proofread Anywhere, helps people earn extra income from anywhere in the world, be teaching them the proofreading skill!

Caithlin has managed to make over $43,000 in her first year proofreading while studying abroad. Impressive right?

She’s been featured on Forbes Inc. 500, Entrepreneur and others.

They pay affiliates 30% of each sale, with a generous cookie of 120 days.

Her courses are for $497 and $597. (3) sales a month a clean $500 will hit your bank account 😎

She also has daily and weekly free workshops, which can definitely put your readers’ feet into the water.

15. Ultimate Facebook Blueprint affiliate program

As I’ve mentioned in my recently published article, 62% of small businesses are failing with Facebook ads. They end up losing their advertising budget before bringing any results.

Imagine opening Ads Manager and seeing…

The ultimate Facebook blueprint by Max is not an ordinary course. Paid Traffic Training is literally not just a course.

It’s a comprehensive and personalized training program built on a foundation of regularly updated step-by-step video lessons sharing what’s working today with the ever-changing algorithm.

Even if you’re not deciding to promote this course, you will need it for your own business, or if you’re interested in starting a marketing agency.

Related: How to find clients who desperately need Facebook advertising for their businesses? (Open in a new tab)

If in your first month you attend the weekly training, go through the program and implement what you’ve learned, but don’t generate at least $97 in additional profit then we will refund your full month 1 investment. You are able to cancel at any time by simply reaching out to our support team

Paid traffic training

See how confident they are? It’s worth the investment and time for you and your readers!

It’s the social media era and Facebook just keeps skyrocketing year after year. So, mastering it is a no-brainer for marketers and business owners.

You can apply to their affiliate program and start promoting this course today!

Investing affiliate programs

Now, this is a very big industry that’s full of competition and needs huge trust and experience to be able to convert those readers into customers.

Therefore, I’ve only come up with two offers that I believe are the best when it comes to investing!

Here are my picks for the top 2 high paying affiliate programs for investing!

16. Real Estate affiliate program

You should’ve heard about Robert Kiyosaki – the best seller author of Poor Dad Rich Dad unless you’re living under a rock!

Mr. Robert is a very successful entrepreneur, business man and an investor!

In this complete Real Estate Blueprint, he teaches:

How to learn to think like the rich.

How to minimize your liabilities and acquire assets.

How the rich build massive wealth.

The hidden dangers of mutual funds, 401Ks and saving accounts.

Why you don’t actually need money to acquire assets.

Promoting and recommending products from public figures like Robert is a big plus for you and for building trust with your readers. Remember, no affiliate commissions without trust!

As an affiliate, you can earn 10% per sale. The consumer pays either 1 payment of $395 or 5 payments of $99 for the Rich Dad Real Estate Cash Flow Blueprint Program

17. Regal Assets affiliate program

Regal Assets is the Internet’s top Gold IRA company. It has been established in 2009, and within a year, it was able to earn an A+ rating with the BBB the highest rating possible.

In 2011, they have officially published their referral program and acquired some celebrity spokespeople in 2012.

In 2013, Regal Assets has become an Inc 500 company and ranked #20 in the United States for financial services.

Back to 2016, it was featured in the Forbes investment guide special issue, and has added crypto to its product offering and becoming an official alternative assets company in 2017.

In 2018, Regal Assets has become an official Forbes finance council member, and last but not least, it has partnered with celebrity watchmaker Franck Muller and launched the first-ever crypto watch in existence!

I believe that most of you have not even heared about this outstanding company, it’s a great opportunity to get involved into!

How much does this awesome company pay for its affiliate? I hear you! Just check the screenshot below:

They have a multi-level affiliate program. You’ll get paid per verified lead, get a share from the sale, and also get paid for the second tier (people referred by your clients).

You know what? What actually makes this company unique is that they provide the exact market research and analysis, which contains demographics, geographics, interests and everything you may need to target the exact audience.

In paid advertising, testing is what burns your budget. They are giving you everything you may need.

This opportunity is huge and this company is literally unique! It’s definetaly worth promoting, DEFINETALY!


Seeking different and fruitful opportunities is what we are all going after.

Nowadays, you barely find a company in any niche or industry that doesn’t have an affiliate program. Opportunities are just keep getting endless.

This article has projected 17 of the high paying affiliate programs for 2020 and beyond, and you’ll definitely make some good money promoting them!

With the drop in Amazon’s affiliate program, a lot of bloggers have literally lost half of their monthly earnings overnight!

So, I’ve decided to share with you these awesome high paying affiliate programs that have already worked for me and for other marketers as well.

And finally, I’d like to take the chance to invite you to my free step-by-step affiliate marketing guide to help you put your feet into the water and hopefully someday become a full-time affiliate marketer.

You, our readers, are so precious to us! And in fact, you’re the reason behind creating this awesome blog! For EcomDimes readers, we’ve grabbed you a $300 OFF voucher for America’s most comfortable mattress. Sleep better and do more! 😊

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