How To Find A Skillful Affiliate Marketing Mentor In 2023?




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It really took me a while to realize that in order to succeed, you need to go learn from those who have what you want and have achieved exactly what you’re looking for!

And here is where an affiliate marketing mentor comes into place. But how do you find a skillful affiliate marketing mentor?

This is what we will be discussing in this article.

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What Is An Affiliate Marketing Mentor?

An affiliate marketing mentor can be someone who has been in the affiliate marketing business for a long time, knows the ropes well, and willing to genuinely help you succeed. They might be doing affiliate marketing and at the same time teaching all its aspects (ups and downs) to newbies and novice people.

As a matter of fact, a mentor helps not to make errors that would cost you a lot of time learning a new set of skills. While making mistakes is, of course, part of the process, more important is to understand where and why the mistakes were made.

Affiliate marketing is a multidisciplinary subject (web design, SEO, writing content, etc.). Learning the right amount of basics in each field is what the mentor is here for.

How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Mentor?

When attempting to find the right affiliate marketing mentor, it is important that you are focusing on acquiring the right person who will properly give you tips on not only being successful but staying successful.

Being said, to find an affiliate marketing mentor, be sure who do you aspire to be like. Once you have that down be clear about your goals and aspirations. After locking everything in, you can approach them.

But how can you actually find them?

Finding an affiliate marketing coach is fairly easy! Here are some of the handy ways and methods that are available for you today:

  • Online forums – On forums, you can spot someone who is active and seems to be knowledgeable about affiliate marketing and approach them.

    Aim to be completely certain that the person is an expert and you can work with them before you get them to become your mentor.

    Afflift is just one great example of the best affiliate marketing forum out there!
  • Affiliate marketing conferences – Attending affiliate marketing conferences that are held in different parts of the world could be helpful.

    There, you will meet successful affiliate marketers who will offer you great insights into your business and change your affiliate game forever.
    Just look for a conference that is close to you and attend.

    You will create useful connections and learn a lot and identify experts you get along with who can be good mentors for you.
  • Google “affiliate marketing mentors near me” – You can look for an affiliate marketer who you know is good at what they do in their niche and follow them on social media.

    Then look for their contact information and reach out to them in a reasonable way that will make you heard and taken in by the mentor.

    Your approach should be unique and well thought out, and keep in mind that most successful affiliate marketers are super busy so you have to chase them without getting tired until you get their attention.
  • Leverage some networks – With websites like Ten Thousand Coffees, you are able to connect with thousands of professional workers and mentors who are there to give you tips and ideas on being successful.

    Mentor Cruise is just another great example, and you can literally find a ton of similar networks when you search for them online.

Do You Need An Affiliate Marketing Mentor To Succeed?

You don’t necessarily need an affiliate marketing mentor to sustain being successful but, the chances are low that you are going to last without the right information you need.

When I first started off marketing alone, I quickly made not-so-good decisions that led me to lose a lot of money.

In other words, whatever your field is if you value your time you need a mentor!

So, if you want precise guidelines and to the point learning, yes, you do need an affiliate marketing mentor!

With a mentor, you’re not going into the loophole of doing various irrelevant things that are just a waste of time in reality but, in your mind, they’re worth it.

You would be going through a step by step plan of things that are proven to be working!

With that being said, below are some advantages & disadvantages of having an affiliate marketing coach.

Advantages Of Having An Affiliate Marketing Mentor

✅ An affiliate marketing mentor will help you with basics such as niche selection to advanced site setup, and everything in between!

  • The niche – A mentor will help to define and go for a niche with
    potential. Whatever are your intentions, it is important to look where
    opportunities are real. The mentor will also guide you to find a way
    to merge those opportunities with your passions/interests.
  • The affiliate program – Every affiliate program has its pros and cons! Choosing the wrong affiliate programs with only a focus on the commission rate would be a recipe of failure for beginners. The mentor will help put the cursor on what matters depending on your level of experience.
  • Increase traffic – Getting the audience to see the content you promote is tough. There are several ways to become visible but deep down it comes down to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a broad field, you could study for years. Having a mentor is a way to put the right efforts into understanding SEO without earning a PhD on the topic.
  • Increase earnings – As you become more experienced and your traffic grows, a mentor will give you clues on how to improve conversion rate/earnings with different programs. Optimizing your content display, suggesting other types of revenue (advertisement for example) are also what a mentor can bring.

✅ Having a mentor will help you know and understand the white hat practices and how to work with them in a way that will help you bring long-lasting results and success.

✅ Without a mentor, it is easy to get the wrong advice and find yourself using the black hat practices that seem to save you time and effort but which hurt you and your business in the long run.

✅ A mentor will help you separate the goats from the sheep and help you find the right path.

✅ You will also be able to avoid many mistakes that beginner affiliate marketers make such as choosing the wrong niche, choosing the wrong products to promote, direct linking instead of building an email list, and many others that have a significant impact on your affiliate business.

When having an affiliate marketing mentor, they are there to teach you how to successfully achieve affiliate marketing based on their personal experience and success.

On the other hand, Your mentor can only give you the knowledge and advice to focus on important things, the rest of the work depends on you.

If you’re willing to do it… because if there is no will, you will remain there even with a mentor!

When I’d personally stumbled across affiliate marketing, no one had taught me anything. I learned from YouTube, blogs, and my own mistakes!

I wandered away into useless things that had no value at all and I thought they worth it (at least 18 months wasted!)

In my online journey, I had several mentors and coaches that have literally changed my mindset and approaches in doing things online, and Russell Brunson is just one example!

Affiliate Marketing (The Course Is Expensive).

Downsides Of Having An Affiliate Marketing Mentor

The only downside of having an affiliate marketing mentor is the commission. Sometimes, they require you to pay a certain percent of a sale price for every purchase that is made.

This all starts to add up quickly. Regardless, it all starts to pay off when you are able to finally achieve everything on your own.

Oh, in addition to that, hiring a specific mentor can be costly, obviously! So, what are the best alternatives for an affiliate marketing mentor?

Luckily, this is what we’ll be discussing next! But before we go any further, if you find this this post helpful and inspiring, share it with your friends 🙂

Best Alternatives For An Affiliate Marketing Mentor

Although not as good as having a dedicated personalized mentor, below are some of the very viable options if you’re not ready to invest in one of the mentorship affiliate programs yet!

These are cost effective ways to gain insights and understand the affiliate
marketing scenario better.

  • YouTube – You can spend a huge amount of time learning on Youtube. Here, you will be going to be searching every so often about different aspects of affiliate marketing and how to approach them the right way.

    YouTube videos can prove to be really handy when trying to learn a skill. There are podcasts too which talk about affiliate marketing techniques and success stories to give you the right inspiration.

    It is a tedious process but worth it if you want to be a great marketer and can’t put your hands on a great mentor.
  • Check the blogs – Today, there are over 600 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites! No matter what your question is, you would definitely find an answer for when searching on Google! Thanks to the internet for all that it’s offering us today!

    Beware of the fake trash gurus. They are a lot of cunning dead meat out there who only want your money. They have a very precise and clear way to lure you in their jaws.
  • Affiliate marketing forums – AffLift, for example, is an online affiliate marketing forum that covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. AffLift has over 40,000 users with 60,000+ messages in the forum, which sets you a few clicks away from affiliate marketing results.
  • Connect with experienced freelancers on Fiverr – Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that has a myriad number of freelancers of different levels and expertise. You can sign up for an account (completely for free), directly get in touch with freelancers and see what they have to offer!
  • Online courses – Behind a professional online course is certainly a professional expert who’s created it! You can check out Udemy and Skillshare courses or any other online teaching platform that has great affiliate marketing courses.

    Purchasing an online course with access to a community forum attached to it is just one alternative to having an affiliate marketing mentor!

    A couple of months ago, I purchased Project24 course by the Income School, which is a lifetime training that aims to make you make a full-time income through blogging in a matter of 24 months or less.

    I have been happy with both the initial course content and the quality of the Income School community forum afterward.

    In general paying for an online course will automatically give you the opportunity to integrate the community of those who joined the course. Sharing insights and discussing with more experienced people in the community will help you progress faster.

    Related: The One Funnel Away Challenge is a lifetime training by the great Russell Brunson (founder & owner of Clickfunnels) who was able to grow his company by over 4300% in 3 short years! You can learn more about the challenge in this dedicated blog post!
  • Books – If you are looking for an alternate for a mentor, then there are several books about affiliate marketing that allow you to learn the skills without breaking the bank! You can find a heck ton of them on Amazon!


It’s not necessary to find a mentor. However, in every field, a mentor can be the guiding light.

When you start any business, let alone affiliate marketing, however well versed you may be, there is a good chance you do not have all the bases covered.

A mentor is someone who has been in your shoes and tackled the adversities, and who can coach you to become a highly-skilled affiliate marketer.

This article has discussed the various ways of how you can find an affiliate marketing mentor that can lead you to success!

Can’t commit to a high ticket mentorship affiliate program? No worries, this article has just got your back! We also discussed the free alternatives of a mentor if you’re not ready to invest or cannot afford a mentor yet!

Affiliate marketing is a great business model, and can be fruitful only if you do things right!

In fact, I’ve actually come up with a FREE affiliate marketing course that’s exclusive for the eComDimes community, to help you build an insanely profitable affiliate marketing business without paying big bucks to some gurus.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model in which you’re compensated for getting companies traffic, leads, or sales! This occurs at no additional cost to the customer, resulting in a win-win-win situation for all parties!

Is affiliate marketing still profitable in 2023?

Robert Bennet once said: “Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions, and ordinary people millionaires!” And that’s true! Today, you can barely find a company that doesn’t have an affiliate program and people are crushing it with this innovative business model!

Is there a free affiliate marketing course out there?

Luckily, there is a lot of free stuff and information on the internet today, and this course is just one example!

What are the best affiliate marketing programs?

Generally speaking, affiliate programs that have monthly recurring revenue tend to be the best and most profitable as you only need to do the work once, correctly, and keep getting paid for months or even years to come. I’ve recently written an article on the 17 best affiliate marketing programs. You can check it from here!

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