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Whenever we discuss “Affiliate Marketing“, Clickfunnels will always be there in the top 3 Affiliate Programs. With its unique business model, anyone can generate passive income.

You don’t need to be an active user to become a Clickfunnels affiliate.

To become a Clickfunnels affiliate you would need to:
1. Go to Clickfunnels homepage
2. Head to “Affiliates” in the bottom section
3. Apply by filling a quick application
4. Pass the review process
5. Start promoting

Why should you consider being a Clickfunnels Affiliate

You should consider becoming a Clickfunnels affiliate because of the
following reasons:

1. One of the highest-converting offers

Clickfunnels toolkit is one of the highest-converting internet marketing platforms currently out in the market!

It benefits the end-user tremendously, and you get access to promote all of their products, aside from the Clickfunnels platform!

Clickfunnels is the world’s fastest software company in term of growing!

2. It has a proven value ladder

ClickFunnels has one of the best affiliate programs out there.

That’s because they have an entire ecosystem that allows you to earn a multi-level commission by promoting both low and high-ticket products!

Clickfunnels has a proven value ladder, and it’s an effective way for you to build trust and maximize the lifetime value of each customer (CLTV).

What is A Value ladder

“Value Ladder” is a term from the Dotcom Secrets book by the great Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels.

It’s the act of creating a funnel, a series of steps for customers to follow, and upsell them along the way!

Image Source: Andrew James – Medium

This may include a free trial, a very low-ticket product to get the chance, and try out your service or product.

From there, you can follow up with them, build trust, and sell them higher-ticket or complementary products.

You, for example, can create a sheet cheat, an eBook, or a downloadable PDF, and give it away for free in exchange for your readers’ email address.

For Clickfunnels, their proven value ladder includes:

▶️ 1) 14-day free trial.

▶️ 2) Variety of FREE network marketing books.

▶️ 3) Free entrance to the 2 Comma Club Live virtual conference (You only pay after the event, if you find it valuable and worth it!).

When you join an affiliate partner with a proven Value Ladder, you leverage the capability and experience of professional marketers with a sizeable advertising budget.

3. They have sticky cookies.

Their sticky cookie is better than the traditional affiliate cookie
because it lets you earn multiple affiliate commissions across the
Clickfunnels company value ladder (a term from Dotcom Secrets).

For example, as a Clickfunnels affiliate, you can promote the Dotcom
Secrets book
by Russell Brunson and get a commission (including the backend upsells).

And if that book customer ever becomes a Clickfunnels user, you,
the Clickfunnels affiliate, get a commission on that too (a recurring
affiliate income mind you).

Not to mention, the sticky cookie continues working as the customer continues to buy more Clickfunnels products!

4. Their two-tier commission program.

In addittion to that, Clickfunnels has also a two-tier commission system.

For instance, if someone clicks on your affiliate link to buy the Experts
Secrets book
by Russell Brunson and down the line the reader becomes a
Clickfunnels user and affiliate him or herself.

Then you (the first-tier affiliate) get a second-tier commission from everything the new affiliate sells.

The second tier commissions are 20% compared to the first tier 40%

These affiliate features make being a Clickfunnels affiliate a no-brainer as not every internet marketing SAAS (software as a service) offers this in their affiliate programs.

5. It’s the fastest growing software company in the world

Clickfunnels #76 Inc.
Image Source: Dotcom Secrets Book – Clickfunnels

In a matter of 3 years, Russell was able to grow his company Clickfunnels by over 4,232%, and hit number 76 on the INC 500 list, to become the ​#1 fastest-growing software company with gross revenue’s over $50MM!

Russell is teaching business owners and his affiliates the same techniques that he has personally leveraged to grow his company and get to where it is today!

The Dotcom Secrets is a new free network marketing book, written by Russell, and it reveals 28 virtually unknown secrets to grow any company online with sales funnels!

And this is the main advantage of partnering with experts like Russell and successful affiliate programs like Clickfunnels.

Image Source: Dotcom Secrets Book – Clickfunnels

This book is vital for brick and mortar business owners and for online entrepreneurs alike!

Is your goal is to generate leads? They have funnels for that!

​Even if you want to sell a product or service, there are specific funnels for that as well…

This underground playbook will give you access to all the processes, funnels, frameworks, and scripts that Russell used to scale his company online so you can create your own funnel and turn it into the most profitable member of your team! 

Grab your free copy of the Dotcom Secrets book while it lasts! (Open in a new tab)

How To Become A Clickfunnels Affiliate

Nowadays, most companies have their own affiliate program where you can find it most of the time in their footer section of their website.

Like any other company, applying to the Clickfunnels affiliate program is a seamless process.

So, how Clickfunnels affiliate program? Here’s the exact 5-step process for becoming a Clickfunnels affiliate:

1. Go To

Becoming a Clickfunnels affiliate is really simple!

First, you would need to go to in the first place.

You don’t have to be a Clickfunnels user to be a Clickfunnels affiliate, as
you’ll see on their signup page.

However, it does help a lot to be familiar with the ins and outs of the product to promote it successfully.

Therefore, I highly recommend you signup for an account to be able to promote something you’re knowledgable about!

Even Clickfunnels has mentioned on their official website:

“Yes, This Page Was Built Using ClickFunnels.  Unlike Our Competitors, We drink our own Kool-Aid.”


And by using the software yourself, that will serve the same psychological effect on the consumer (your readers), as you’ll be promoting something you personally use and recommend others to do so!

Asides from that, being a Clickfunnels user will help you create astonishing funnels and share them with others.

For them to get access to those funnels and have an exact copy of it, they would need to pay to become Clickfunnels users, too, the thing that will boost your conversions and number of active users!

Bottom line: You don’t have to be a Clickfunnels user to promote their software and products.

However, being a user will absolutely add a truckload of value to your business and give you multiple advantages for getting the maximum out of promoting their software, books & products!

2. Head to “Affiliates” in the bottom section

Heading to their affiliate signup page would be your next step in the process of becoming a Clickfunnels affiliate!

You can find the “Affiliates” tab in the footer section of their website.

3. Apply by filling a quick application

After then, you’d need to apply your application by filling in a simple form that looks like this:

Next, you’d obviously need to provide more info about your experience, and how do you tend to promote their products.

4. Pass the review process

Clickfunnels is welcoming all newbies and beginner marketers to be part of their team, and they are not strictly against new affiliates (unless they don’t know what they’re doing) like other affiliate programs or companies!

However, you won’t be able to get access to your back-end office and affiliate links without getting approved on the platform as a Clickfunnels affiliate!

If you’re willing to put in the work and already have a solid plan on how you are going to promote this outstanding toolkit to others, I think you’ll just be fine!

5. Start promoting

After getting approved and officially become a Clickfunnels affiliate, you’ll be given access to an affiliate dashboard that looks like this:

Clickfunnels testing account

Inside this dashboard, you will have your own unique links that you need to share and promote as a Clickfunnels affiliate, along with the creatives, images, and email assets!

There’s where you will see the money rolling in, and have a clear idea of your conversions and commissions.

Is Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Legit

Since 2014, many Affiliate Marketers have become successful by using this unique Funnel Builder Software.

They have a great new affiliate manager named Ben Harris, who’s been doing a great job communicating in the Clickfunnels Affiliate Facebook group.

They pay out commissions every month and they’ve worked very hard to stay compliant by not letting everybody join with their application process.

Peng Joon, for example, is one of the Clickfunnels’ super affiliates who was able to generate $10,000,000 in sales and got rewarded the 2 Comma Club X Award for hitting that milestone!

Let’s see what he has got to share with you:

Still, this is the most searched term on Google when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

Being said, Clickfunnels is definitely a legitimate and one of the best affiliate marketing programs out there!

Clickfunnels Affiliate Commission Structure

Existing Clickfunels users prior to 2020 earn 40% commissions on all
products and subscriptions (Clickfunnels plans).

In the words of Clickfunnels:

“Recently we changed our commission structure so that EVERY affiliate receives 40% commission on all of our frontend offers.”


If you sell the following front-end products, you get 40% commissions
plus $100 for each sale:

New affiliates receive a 20% commission on subscription plans.

Once a new affiliate reaches $1,000 a month in commissions, they can graduate to 30% commissions on subscriptions.

And once you have 40 active Clickfunnels users subscribed, you can apply to
unlock 40% commissions!

Clickfunnels also uses a two-tier affiliate commission structure for their
affiliate program.

For instance, if someone clicks on your affiliate link to buy the Traffic
Secrets book
by Russell Brunson and down the line becomes a Clickfunnels
user and affiliate him or herself, then you (the first-tier affiliate) get
a second-tier commission from everything the new affiliate sells.

The second tier commissions are 20% compared to the first tier 40% commission.

How to make money as a clickufnnels affiliate

There can be many ways to promote Clickfunnels and generate sales. Here are the best 6 ways to promote Clickfunnels:


One of the best ways Clickfunnels affiliates make money is with organic
traffic through blogging.

Chris Fong of says:

“I’ve made most of my ClickFunnels affiliate commissions by writing many different ClickFunnels related articles on my blog. Every article I write has my ClickFunnels affiliate links, and I also have created a great ClickFunnels bonus that incentivizes my visitors to go through my links.”

Chris Fong –

To make sales, you’ll need to understand the audience you’re selling to
(online and brick and mortar business owners).

Blogging tends to be the best way for making affiliate commissions so far, and you’ll be making money for months or years to come!

Writing great content about Clickfunnels and publishing it wherever it is possible is always a great idea, and this is what I’ve been personally doing!

Don’t you have enough experience in blogging but looking forward to starting a money-making blog from scratch?

I’ve got your back! I’ve written a step-by-step illustrated guide (with pictures) for complete beginners on how to start a blog from scratch in a matter of minutes!

I highly recommend you grab your special 60% OFF discount for HostGator and follow up with me on the complete beginner-friendly guide!


YouTube is another great source for getting a truckload of organic traffic online.

You can create videos on YouTube, targeting keywords that people are looking for about Clickfunnels.

You can use a free keyword research tool like Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest to gauge the interest level of a particular keyword before you decide to make a video about it.

Additionally, you can write articles targeting keywords on the topic of
sales funnels (i.e., “how real estate agents can use digital marketing to
close deals).

Also, you could be doing reviews about Clickfunnels products and drop your Affiliate Link in description.


This is one of the great techniques to promote Clickfunnels.

People check their email on a daily basis and it is possible that with enticing and irresistible offers, readers can be converted into customers.

If you’re having trouble making money as a Clickfunnels affiliate, I
recommend you go through the 30-day Summit, taught by Clickfunnels super-affiliates, where they teach you multiple methods of making money with the Clickfunnels.

Building an email list for your business is a must and I’ve recently published an article that stands the same idea!

Related: Why should you build your business email list in 2020?


This is the most effective method to promote Clickfunnels because Google shows your ads to only relevant people who are actually searching those keywords and interested in Clickfunnels.


Facebook is the 2nd most visited place on Earth.

Likewise Google Ads, Facebook also follows the same algorithm and your Ad appears only in front of those people who are actively engaged in Affiliate Marketing.

Do you want to dominate the market by leveraging laser targeting through Facebook advertising capabilities? You’ve got to check this course out!

Click the ticket below to grab your special offer

Remember that you don’t just have to promote Clickfunnels!

You can also promote Clickfunnels books like Traffic Secrets, Expert Secrets, Dotcom Secrets, and any of the other Clickfunnels products.

If any book buyer ends up purchasing a Clickfunnels subscription plan, you’ll also get paid for that too!

Each book has a potential of $268 in earnings! Which is awesome for a complete passive income!


Finally, if you’re into the digital world or affiliate marketing, you’d probably need a way to promote your offers and generate new leads and sales!

If you have any Product, Software, or Program then you can make an enticing offer for your customers.

Clickfunnels will help you build a complete sale funnel with the minimum effort and experience needed by offering a variety of pre-built funnels in all niches and industries.

Besides that it’s a great way to generate sales and revenue; you will look authoritative in your customer’s eyes for promoting something you use!

The cool thing about Clickfunnels is that they have what’s so-called “Shared Funnels.”

You could, for example, create a highly converting funnel for real estate agents or dentists, and give it away for free to them.

In order for them to get benefit of that particular funnel and start generating leads, they would need to become Clickfunnels users to actually be able to copy that funnel into their system!

This is brilliant, isn’t it? Opportunities are just endless when it comes to affiliate marketing in general, and Clickfunnels in particular!

Clickfunnels affiliate review

For me, the Clickfunnels affiliate program is one of the most convincing and converting offers out there, and I’m super excited about promoting such a toolkit!

I’m currently implementing content marketing as my main marketing strategy.

I’ve written articles about the the Clickfunnels toolkit and Russell’s network marketing books.

I’ve recently published an article about the Dotcom Secrets book, where I’m promoting the Dotcom Secrets book organically through my content!

If someone ends up clicking and purchasing the book, I have the potential to earn up to $268 out of that free book!

Clickfunnels is the lord of upselling! They will definitely follow up with the book buyer and convince them with a higher-ticket product.

Even if someone ends up buying one of Clickfunnels products in 5 months, you will still get your commission as an affiliate since that client was acquired through your unique URL!

Long story short, the Clickfunnels affiliate program can give you a headstart towards winning the online affiliate marketing game!

Top clickfunnels affiliates

Some of the best Clickfunnels affiliates I know and that I learned from are:

1️⃣ Spencer Mecham
2️⃣ Rachel S. Lee
3️⃣ Chris Fong
4️⃣ Frank Hatchett
5️⃣ James Hurst
6️⃣ Jacob Caris
7️⃣ Doug Boughton
8️⃣ Greg Jeffries
9️⃣ Peng Joon
🔟 Stephen Esketzis


By promoting a SAAS (software as a service) online tool, you will get paid as long as the company is being paid by the customer!

Partnering with companies that have a proven value-ladder (like Clickfunnels) is crucial for leveraging their advertising budget, closing expertise, and their marketers’ capabilities!

This article is a quick illustrated guide for beginners on how to become a Clickfunnels affiliate and start making affiliate commissions!

Additionally, we’ve discussed how being a Clickfunnels user can affect your affiliate stats with a bunch of value, while it’s not mandatory in the process!

Nowadays, most companies, online tools and softwares have their own affiliate program, and opportunities are just getting endless day after day.

Clickfunnels has one of the best affiliate programs out in the market, but would you like to learn about 16 more affiliate programs that you can as an affiliate? (Check this article out)

Thank you for taking it that far! Are you considering becoming Clickfunnels new success story? Grab your Free Summit entrance ticket!

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