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Become a Transcriptionist

This post was created to educate you about building a career in transcription and discuss the requirements to become a transcriptionist.

Transcribing, or transcription is the process by which a person converts either live audio or a recording into document or text format. A transcriptionist, on the other hand, is the person converting the audio file into text format.

It can be a lucrative business opportunity which you can do anywhere and anytime.

You only can decide whether this is for you or not, we just help you get determined. With that being said, we’ve just set some questions, if the answer is yes for the main of them, you are a good match to be a transcriber.

We have searched the internet for the best transcription resources and as a result of our research, we’ve found that Transcribe Anywhere is the best company that provides all-inclusive education and lifetime support, to help you build a career in transcription!

These courses will take you through the journey from being a newbie transcriptionist to a confident transcriber possessing the skills that are needed by transcription companies.

Want to learn more but can’t commit to a paid course? Transcribe Anywhere also offers free mini-courses in general transcription and legal transcription to see if either field is right for you.

Come on in to learn more about this awesome opportunity

Tips On How To Become An Online Transcriptionist In 2020

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