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You may have stumbled across a Youtube video for someone who talks about surveys, and how to make extra money through them. The good news is, that it’s possible.

Taking online surveys can’t turn you into a millionaire, but luckily, it can help you with some money on the side. With that being said, in order to even make a dime, you need a trusted and legitimate survey company to work with. Based on my experience, these survey companies provide the best opportunities.

Have you ever thought that you can make extra money on the side from completing surveys? It’s a great way to get you some money. However, this is not going to make you rich!

If you have been seeking some cool ways to make money online and doubting if you could make it through surveys, this post is for you.

This post will show you exactly how completing surveys can make you extra money, and the best part that I’ve used these websites myself, so rest assured that these are 100% legitimate websites.

What Is A Survey?

A survey is a method of gathering information from individuals. It has a variety of purposes and can be conducted in many ways.

It may be conducted to gather information through a printed questionnaire, over the telephone, by mail, in person, by diskette, or on the web.

This information is collected through the use of standardized procedures so that every participant is asked the same questions in the same way.

How Much Can You Earn From Completing Surveys?

Taking online surveys can’t turn you into a millionaire, but luckily, it can help you with some money on the side. The potential that I’m talking about here is something between $50-$500. It all depends on the time and effort you put in.

Frankly, this is not a source to rely on, but still, a good way to exchange your free time for some extra money on the side. Do you want extra money?!


Maybe you are a student or an entrepreneur who runs his own business.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, completing surveys can bring you some extra money to cover your bills, pay off your debt, build or improve your business.

With that being said, in order to even make a dime, you need a trusted and legitimate survey company to work with.

Based on my experience, these survey companies provide the best opportunities.

1. Survey Junkie:

Best Paid Survey Sites for 2020

Survey Junkie is one of my favorite online survey sites. They pay good money in comparison with other companies.

It’s totally free to sign up for an account on Survey Junkie, they just ask you few questions. The reason behind that, they need to know more about you, your interests and your shopping habits, so they can match them with surveys that are applicable to you.

Obviously, you need to be accurate in your answers to ensure you’re eligible for the surveys they send you.

You get rewarded in points, that’s how it works. For every survey you complete, you get rewarded from 50-200 points. Note that the minimum threshold is 1000 points, and that’s equivalent to $10.

The best part with Survey Junkie, they are updating the portal day by day, so there are surveys for you to complete on a daily basis.

That’s why I suggest you frequently keep checking to see if there is more money for you to earn.

Earned points can be redeemed into cash through PayPal, or can be exchanged into gift cards at your favorite shops.

Sign up to Survey Junkie and earn by completing surveys. (Open in a new tab)

2. Survey Club

Best Paid Survey Sites for 2020

This website is one of the heritage and longest-running survey sites and has a huge number of members in a number of countries.

It’s also free to join this network, perhaps one of the best survey sites for people from other than the United States.

Like any other survey company, Survey Club works with associations and businesses to help them locate survey takers who can answer their own questions.

Since every website depends on current trends in the market sector, and people’s habits vary, not every survey site works exactly the exact same for everyone.

If you are looking for a legitimate survey site to make you extra money on the side, definitely Survey Club can be your second choice because it’s a very legit company that has been founded in 2005.

And the best part of Survey Club is that it has a physical presence, it’s based in Colorado.

It’s partnered with companies that supply surveys for the research club members, to help form their own search of products, brands, trends and more.

The threshold in Survey Club is $20, and it’s not terribly hard to reach. Paid focus groups through Survey Club can pay anywhere from $10 to $200 to provide you high earning potential.

Even if you don’t qualify for a survey you got paid $0.10

The last thing I would like to point to is customer support. The level of customer service for any website is important in determining whether you would like to join it.

Having fast and easy access to the support staff to get your questions answered, help you with technical issues or even generally assist you are a big treasure!

Come on! Sign up for Survey Club today and start earning (Open in a new tab)

Pro Tip: Sign up to for as many survey companies as possible, to be able to come across more surveys and earning opportunities.

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3. Swagbucks

You may have heard about this site because it’s one of the most well-known sites.

Swagbucks has paid people over than $300,800,000 to date! This means that it’s a legit company to get involved in.

The way it works, you earn points that are called “Swagbucks”, you can redeem those bucks into cash or gift cards to your favorite shops.

With Swagbucks, there are several ways for you to make money on the platform, not only completing surveys.

  • Make Swagbucks your default search engine:

You can simply use it as an alternative for Bing and Google to surf the web. You can expect from 10-20 Swagbucks for every 10-20 eligible searches you complete.

You are able then to exchange and redeem those Swagbucks into cash. (100 Swagbucks = $1 or even more)

  • Cashback from internet shopping:

Swagbucks can give you cashback on your shopping, this is a very cool feature that will help you save some extra money aside.

  • Earn points from watching videos

This is a company since 2005, and its mission is simple: help brands boost engagement with consumers and create rewarding moments for consumers and partners alike.

Join the Swagbucks network and claim your bonus (Claim your bonus now!)

4. American Consumer Opinion (ACO)

Best Paid Survey Sites for 2020

This is a company with over 7 million active members. The reason I recommend this network besides the fact that it’s a legit one, they ask really simple questions, like where do you buy (—) from, or which stores do you purchase your (—) from?

Their surveys take up to 10 minutes max to complete.

They have paid their members over $30,000,000 to date!

Come in and check what members are currently saying about this network (open in a new tab)

Do you have a valid email? Sign up to American Consumer Opinion and start earning extra money, because literally that all it takes!

5. LifePoints

Best Paid Survey Sites for 2020

LifePoints is similar to Survey Junkie, you get rewarded for sharing your opinion on the products and services you use on a daily basis.

Your opinion does matter and helps the world’s largest brands make alterations to their products for current and future customers. The points you get rewarded can be redeemed into amazing rewards and gift cards.

Bonus: Join LifePoints and get your 10 points immediately! (Claim your points)

6. MyPoints

Best Paid Survey Sites for 2020

MyPoints is owned by Swagbucks, so they are legitimate and trust-worthy for sure! It’s a reward site that pays you to perform micro-tasks on a daily basis.

The way it works is obvious from its name, they reward you with points, which are their website’s currency, and when you accumulate enough points to what equivalent to their minimum payout $10, you can cash out your money for free gift cards, cash, and other rewards, it’s all up to you.

It’s fair to also mention that there are multiple ways to make money through MyPoints aside taking surveys, like reading emails, engaging in other fun online activities, and shopping for the things you were going to buy anyway (Get $10 Free Amazon Gift Card After spending $20)

I definitely suggest you try both of them, MyPoints & Swagbucks for maximum earnings.

Sign up for MyPoints and claim your $10 free Amazon gift card. (Open in a new tab)

7. Caddle Surveys

Caddle is the only exclusive Canadian website, and it should be mentioned in this post!

With this app, you save money on groceries and takeouts, by simply uploading your receipts.

Best Paid Survey Sites for 2020

Aside from that, you can earn money on Caddle by completing really quick surveys, and when I say quick I mean less than 30 seconds.

If you are a Canadian, you definitely don’t want to miss this app!

Caddle’s surveys are the easiest and quickest around, and they refresh their list of surveys and add new ones every Thursday.

What are you waiting for Canadians?! Sign Up for FREE on Caddle To Get Your Free Bonus!

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Which Survey Sites Are Legit?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are tons of websites that claim that they pay big money for surveys, but in fact, they are scammers.

You need to pay attention to some red flags and warning points when consider registering on a survey site.

I know you are eager to earn money and enhance your financial situation, but you need to be careful and watch out these warning signs because it’s important for you to make sure that these websites do really pay you cash or compensate you in a way or another

1. If they ask you to pay a fee to join:

Based on my experience with Surveys, a legitimate survey site won’t ask for a fee to join and participate in the market research.

No matter how small the fee is, you need to be careful not to spend a dime in order to take surveys. Surveys are meant to help brands eliminate the user’s bad experience, through gathering people’s thoughts and opinions.

It’s good to mention that all the above resources are FREE TO JOIN! So pay attention.

2. If they tell you that you will quit your job from completing surveys:

I talked about the potential in taking surveys. Surveys are a good source to cover a bill, a monthly expense or let you make a side-hustle like creating a blog!

So you can’t expect to be making thousands a month!

However, if you are eager to make thousands a month, you probably need to create a side-hustle, which can potentially replace your income. Consider starting your first blog and earn good money while sharing love and value!

3. Do they keep sending you email:

You should be remembering the website and aware that there are positive reviews around it. If you receive an email from a company that you’ve not signed up for, simply remove it and unsubscribe.


Our mission on EcomDimes to source the internet for all income opportunities, so you be able to earn extra money. From the easiest ways to make cents and dollars, to building a profitable online business.

You can easily find tons of sites that claim to pay high for a survey. But most of them are fake. Particularly, this is the reason behind writing this blog post for you about the most legitimate survey sites that you can join today, for free!

So, if you are looking for serious money, surveys and cashback websites can get you some, but won’t make you a millionaire.

Through the provided sites above, you can make something roughly between $50-$500 depending on your efforts.

Finally, no one was born with knowledge, so if you are looking forward to learning how to start your own online business, I definitely advise you to check our site’s homepage and consider starting a blog for your own, a dropshipping store or any of the exclusive business opportunities that we are featuring.

As we advance in the smartphone era, endless opportunities are upon our fingerprints.

So would 2020 be your year? Share your thoughts in the comment box, and I will reply back as soon as possible.

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