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how to start a free affiliate marketing business using AI

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Picture this: You, in your pajamas, sipping coffee, and your AI assistant, let’s call it ‘Robo-Buddy,’ doing all the hard work while you rake in the cash. Sounds like a sci-fi dream, right?

Well, get ready to trade in your 9-to-5 for ‘AI-to-Profit’ because I’m about to teach you how you can start your own affiliate marketing side hustle without spending a cent!

If the idea of creating a thriving affiliate marketing venture for absolutely free piques your interest, in this article, I’ll be sharing with you lucrative ways of how you can start an affiliate marketing business for free by utilizing various AI tools and technologies.

So, if you’re ready to discover the path to your financial freedom without breaking the bank, buckle up, buddy, this is going to be a hilarious and wallet-friendly ride into the world of AI-enhanced affiliate marketing!

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Can You Really Start an Affiliate Marketing For Free?

The short answer is a whopping YES! Although starting an affiliate marketing business for absolutely free can be challenging, it is technically possible if approached correctly. However, succeeding with affiliate marketing and free traffic won’t be an overnight success, but with persistence, continuity, and patience, it has the potential to turn into a 6-figure passive stream of income.

While you can technically start affiliate marketing for free, keep in mind that there are limitations to free resources. As your affiliate marketing business grows, you may want to invest in a domain name, better hosting, paid advertising, and premium tools to improve your efficiency and reach. So, while it’s possible to start for free, it’s often advisable to have a budget for scaling your affiliate marketing efforts over time.

5 AI Affiliate Marketing Examples For Free Passive Income

So, are you wondering how you can leverage artificial intelligence to start a totally free affiliate marketing business from scratch, even with no prior experience? This is exactly what I’ll be sharing with you next!

There are various ways and approaches you can start a legit home-based affiliate marketing business for free, without spamming the internet with your affiliate links. Some of these affiliate marketing examples include:

1. Social Media Affiliate Marketing

Social media is one of the many mediums that experts and beginners alike leverage to unlock their businesses’ full potential and reach bigger audiences across the globe.

Although social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok do not like affiliate links, there are many respective methods that folks are leveraging to do affiliate marketing on social media, even with no audience or a huge follower base, and without blindly spamming their links all over the web.

With that being said, some of the best social media affiliate marketing examples are:

A. Instagram Affiliate Marketing

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Instagram stands out as a vibrant platform that not only connects people but also provides opportunities for individuals and businesses to earn. One of the ways people are monetizing their presence on Instagram is through affiliate marketing.

Instagram affiliate marketing offers a platform for both experienced marketers and newcomers to earn by promoting products they believe in. When executed with authenticity and dedication, it can become a rewarding source of income while providing value to your followers.

Remember that the heart of successful affiliate marketing on Instagram is the connection you build with your audience. By genuinely helping them discover valuable products or services, you can turn your Instagram presence into a profitable venture.

Nowadays, many are relying solely on artificial intelligence to create, build, and grow income-generating Instagram accounts. One of the many AI tools that you can use to produce engaging content on Instagram is Canva. Canva has a unique feature that allows you to create content in bulk and save much of your time using AI.

Although Canva can also be used for video content, another great AI-powered video content creation tool called InVideo will allow you to transform any piece of written content into an engaging video that you can use to post on Instagram, hassle-free!

B. TikTok Affiliate Marketing

TikTok is distinct from other social media platforms in several ways, which contribute to its unique appeal and success. These include short-form video content, algorithm-driven feed, ease of content creation, global reach, music integration,

Unlike some platforms where follower count plays a significant role in content visibility, TikTok offers a more level playing field and democratized content. What that means to you is that you can do affiliate marketing with no audience, or even if you have a relatively small following, you can have your content featured on the for you page (FYP), making it easier for new creators to gain exposure, faster.

These unique features have contributed to TikTok’s rapid rise in popularity and its status as a distinct and influential social media platform, setting it apart from others like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In other words, TikTok could be a great source for ethically promoting your affiliate links and earning passive income in affiliate commissions. Actually, in a recent article that I published a few weeks ago, my team and I had interviewd 30 of the most successful TikTokers and asked them how they leverage the platform to make more money.

With AI, you can automate 95% of the content creation process. For instance, you can use tools like ChatGPT to brainstorm niche or topic ideas, tags, and descriptions, InVideo to generate appealing video content in minutes, Canva for creating various graphic designs and thumbnails, Murf for creating realistic AI-powered voiceovers for your videos, and a lot more.

C. Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest is a visual discovery search engine that can be a powerful tool for affiliate marketing and for unlocking broader audiences from all over the world! In fact, according to Refersion, the platform has more than 86 million users from the US alone. This is followed by Brazil and Mexico, with 27 million and nearly 18 million users, respectively.

If you’re interested in cracking the Pinterest code and growing your passive affiliate earnings or even your blog traffic, get a copy of Ana’s eBook “Making Pinterest Possible” and learn about the strategies she used to grow her account to 40k followers and get thousands of pageviews from Pinterest each month!

Here are some useful Pinterest-related resources for your reference:

D. YouTube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube has over billions of logged-in monthly users, and this vast audience provides a substantial pool of potential customers for your affiliate products or services. You don’t need fancy tools and equipments to get started on YouTube. In fact, the majority of succesful YouTubers you see today started recording with their phones and invested in pro equipments as their business grew!

However, it’s important to note that success in affiliate marketing on YouTube requires more than just creating videos with affiliate links. You should focus on providing value to your audience, building trust, and disclosing your affiliate relationships transparently. Additionally, staying up to date with YouTube’s policies and guidelines is essential to avoid any issues with your channel.

If you want to stay ahead of the game and learn how you can make money on YouTube without showing your face, standing in front of a camera, or recording videos at all, check out and claim your free spot in our free training hosted by Matt Par; a young entrepreneur running 12 totally faceless YouTube channels!

2. Content Affiliate Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best strategies for doing affiliate marketing and earning passive income online, but you need to keep in mind that writing SEO-friendly content that ranks well on various search engines takes a lot of time and won’t happen overnight.

In fact, it’s one of the hardest forms of digital marketing in general, and affiliate marketing in particular! So, if you’re looking for an easy solution to making those affiliate commissions quickly, content marketing might not be the ideal avenue for you!

However, if you’re ready to put in the work, you can start an AI affiliate marketing blog for free on platforms like Medium. At the time you’re ready to scale your content business and take it to the next level, it’s advised to start a self-hosted blog using companies like Bluehost or 10Web; an AI-powered WordPress hosting provider that has many features and functionalities powered by artificial intelligence.

Nowadays, there are various AI content and writing assistant tools (some are free while others are paid) that will help you with the entire content creation process. From niche and topic selection to writing and optimizing content, and everything in between. Some AI tools include:

  • ChatGPT: An AI-powered language model that can help you answer questions, provide information, generate human-like text, tags, slogans, and descriptions, and assist with various text-based tasks.
  • Canva: An AI-powered all-in-one graphic designing toolkit that you can leverage to create your YouTube thumbnail images, logo designs, presentations, videos, or any other form of data visuals.
  • Frase: Frase is the fastest and easiest way to create content that ranks on Google. It allows you to analyze search competitors to help you generate content that stands out, or even optimize your existing content.
  • SurferSEO: An AI-powered SEO tool for skyrocketing your organic exposure. It will give you an SEO workflow to boost your organic traffic, increase your visibility, and improve your rankings.  
  • Jasper: An AI platform that helps businesses scale up marketing content like blog articles, social media posts, sales emails, website copy, and more.
  • Writesonic: An AI-powered content copilot for creating SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X faster.

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3. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Marketing, often referred to as the “Amazon Associates Program“, is a performance-based marketing initiative that allows individuals and businesses to earn a commission by promoting Amazon products. Essentially, participants, known as affiliates, advertise Amazon products on their websites, blogs, or social media channels.

Although partnering with a reputable eCommerce giant like Amazon is an advantage, it has some downfalls too and it doesn’t tend to be the “best affiliate program” out there. Some of its disadvantages include very low commission rates, short cookie duration, unethical behaviors with affiliates, banning accounts, and not supporting PayPal as a payment gateway!

Some of your best available bets for getting started with Amazon affiliate marketing for free are:

  • Starting a blog where you review and compare different products from Amazon
  • Starting Social Media channels where you buy and unpackage Amazon products
  • Starting a YouTube channel – It can be faceless and automated by utilizing AI tools

Overall, Amazon Affiliate Marketing can be a lucrative way to monetize your online presence, but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Success requires dedication, quality content, and a well-thought-out strategy.

4. Value Ladder Affiliate Marketing

It’s as clear as it sounds. Value ladder is a marketing tactic that is designed to take customers on a journey from a low-priced or even free offer, product, or even subscription, to a high-priced premium product. The higher the steps they move with your value ladder, the higher the value usually is!

To help you better understand the concept, here’s the value ladder demonstration for a dentist:

Image Source: Your Story

By providing “Free” value in advance, you are allowing people to see the real value behind buying your product/services or anything that you are offering. In fact, this is one of the smartest and most leveraged strategies by the top companies and brands across various niches and industries. On top of those companies are Amazon Prime Video, Shopify, Clickfunnels, GetResponse, Apple TV Plus, and many more.

So, how can you leverage the value ladder strategy with your affiliate marketing business? It’s simple…


Lead magnets are anything that you can give away for free in exchange for lead information, be it a template, calculator, spreadsheet, cheatsheet, recipe, eBook, PDF, or anything that provides real value to a group of people.

By trading your free resource with the prospects’ email, name, and/or phone number, they will be happy to get something they are already interested in for free, and you will get a free lead to advertise to whenever you want. So it’s a win-win for both parties.

Won’t lie to you, building a unique value ladder and proposition might be challenging, especially if you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing. So, I’d recommend you join this proven value ladder that would allow you to promote different affiliate marketing products within one panel and program.

5. Free Mailer Safelists Affiliate Marketing

With free mailer safelists, you will be able to advertise your products and services, or even affiliate offers to a targeted audience of thousands of real people. Some of the very well-known free mailer lists that I’ve personally used in the past few years are:

Free mailing services like the ones listed above are great for getting the word out and getting more exposure to your affiliate links, at no cost. However, for the best results possible, you can combine this strategy with the previous step of building a value ladder.

No matter what strategy you leverage for your affiliate marketing business, it’s always advised to stay away from direct linking! Ultimately, you can take people to what’s so-called a “bridge page” where you capture their information, and then redirect them to the affiliate offer.

By doing this, you will build a unique relationship with your leads, get them to know you, trust you, and become familiar with your name. Most importantly, it will give you unlimited retargeting opportunities!

If you think you can allocate a small budget for starting a profitable and scalable affiliate marketing business, here are the tools I would recommend you invest in:

  • A Sales Funnel Builder: Sales funnels will give you an advantage over static websites as they are distraction-free targeted and focused paths to send visitors through to capture leads and drive conversions.
    • Clickfunnels: It costs $97/month and offers a 14-day free trial where you can get the chance to test out the software without triggering your card! It also contains a lot of pro pre-built templates almost in all niches and industries, and requires zero technical skills or experience.
  • An Email Autoresponder: An email marketing autoresponder will send automated emails on your behalf, allowing you to provide immediate follow-up and continuous on-demand email marketing, achieve long-term relationships with prospects, and track the performance over time.
    • GetResponse: Pricing starts from as low as $13.3/month and it also offers a 30-day totally free trial where you can get the chance to test out the entire software, including all features.
  • A Tracking Software: Data and numbers never lie! Therefore, a tracking system is essential as it shows you exactly who is visiting your pages, who is, and who is not opting into your funnels. It also gives you valuable insights such as impressions, customer lifetime value, conversion rate, and more.
    • BuildRedirects: Pricing starts for as low as $20/month. It doesn’t offer any free trials but you will get 2 months free with annual plans. That would be $200/year.

Are you a bit skeptical or are feeling overwhelmed about how these elements and tools should be all put together? Here’s a step-by-step lifetime training that walks you through the exact process of setting up a profitable affiliate marketing business right from the beginning. It’s taught by a multimillionaire affiliate marketer who’s made millions online in affiliate commissions throughout his journey. He’s called Anthony.

15 Best AI Affiliate Marketing Programs to Promote

So, are you just starting out with affiliate marketing and are not sure what to promote? Here are the 15 highest-paying and most trendiest AI affiliate programs that people are actively promoting on their blogs, social media accounts, or even faceless YouTube channels:

AI Affiliate ProgramCategoryCommission RateCookie Duration
1. 10WebWordPress Hosting50%60 days
2. JasperContent Writing30%30 days
3. FraseSEO & Marketing30%60 days
4. InVideoVideo Editing25%-50%120 days
5. VidIQYouTube Growth15%90 days
6. WriteSonicContent Writing30%30 days
7. CopyContent Writing45%60 days
8. SurferSEOSEO & Marketing25%60 days
9. Tube MasteryYouTube Training50%180 days
10. FiverrFreelancing$15-150 or $10+10%30 days
11. GetResponseEmail Marketing33% or $100 Fixed120 days
12. CodeCanyonScripts Marketplace30%90 days
13. SynthesiaVideo Generation20%60 days
14. LookaBrand Identity25%90 days
15. PictoryVideo Editing20%Unlimited

3 Proven Ways to Start a 6-Figure Affiliate Marketing Business

Although affiliate marketing is a cost-effective business model that you can learn for free in your spare time, and has the potential to make you 6-figure in passive online earnings, succeeding with this unique online venture would require setting aside a small budget for essential tools, following a proven gameplan, and staying persistent for a while.

With that being said, here are the most 3 fundamental methods for getting started with affiliate marketing and increasing your chances of succeeding and potential earnings by 10x:

1. Sales Funnels & Email Marketing

Sales funnels and email marketing are veteran marketers’ secret weapons for getting insane results online and generating millions of dollars in affiliate commissions. A sales funnel has a proven record of outperforming static websites, while the average return on investment for each $1 spent on email marketing is around $42 according to some studies and statistics!

Image Source: AutoGrow

In other words, if you want to start a profitable affiliate marketing business and are willing to invest in a very rewarding side hustle, you cannot afford not to invest in a sales funnel and email marketing software. The tools I usually use and recommend to my readers and students are Clickfunnels and GetResponse.

If you’re just getting started and are not sure how you can create converting funnels from scratch, luckily, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch. Clickfunnels has dozens of free built-in funnels that you can import to your profile with a click of a button.

In a recent article I published, I shared 4 done-for-you affiliate marketing systems and funnels (including their email follow-up sequences) that you can literally claim for free and import into your Clickfunnels account with a click of a button.

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2. Join an Existing 8-Figure Ecosystem

Marketing can be tough, especially for complete beginners. So, what if you could join a multimillionaire’s 8-figure ecosystem, copy his exact funnels, strategies, and email follow-up sequences, have him teach you everything step by step, and make money when he makes money?

Sounds crazy right? It does sound crazy but it’s 100% legit—Not a scam. In fact, Anthony has a different approach to spreading knowledge and sharing his experience with his students.

He has a program called Partner With Anthony (PWA), in which you can literally become a partner of a whole 8-figure ecosystem and promote multiple products within one single dashboard while having him do almost everything for you and educate your leads on your behalf!

Aside from the great 30-day training, (whereby he shares the step-by-step process of how he’s done it and still doing it on a daily basis) he’s giving away all of his proven sales funnels, email sequences, and advertising copies to leave no room for guesswork and help you succeed with this business.

As a member of the Partner With Anthony program, you can get paid from the following funnel stages:

  • Front-end offers – This is the PWA membership. It contains two payment structures; one is for $7/month and pays you (as an affiliate) 50% in monthly recurring revenue, and the other is for a $97 one-time payment that also pays you 50% one-time commissions!
  • Back-end offers – During the 30-day sessions, Anthony tries to organically upsell his students relevant and related offers that are totally optional, but can truly take their business to the next level! Those upsells also allow you to earn a 50% commission on each sale generated from one of your members. Some commissions reach a thousand bucks!
  • Basic tools and recommendations – Inside the Partner With Anthony program, Anthony recommends basic tools for building your business, like Clickfunnels, GetResponse, and BuildRedirects! What makes this a real business partnership is that he gives you the opportunity to replace his affiliate links with your own affiliate links, allowing you to earn the commissions of those tools instead of him!
  • Morrison Education insider offers – The fact of the matter, PWA is just one course of the many things that Anthony offers and sells! He has a complete academy that graduates entrepreneurs and teaches them everything they need to succeed online! The good news is that you get paid on each sale generated too!

This is the dashboard that everyone accesses to sign in to their PWA account. So, if someone has come by this courses’ page and decided to take one of them, you get compensated 50% of the sale… How cool is that!

Some of those insider offers are up to $1500-$2000, and guess what, you will also get a 50% commission on each sale generated!

Even better?

The Ambassador program allows you to earn 70% commissions and comes with more features and incentives! It could be a great expansionary and scaling juncture, to level up and take your business to the max levels!

>>> Become a Partner With Anthony member today for as low as $7

3. Start a Faceless YouTube Channel

If you’ve missed the dropshipping craze back in the day, fear not, because in today’s era where artificial intelligence dominates various markets and industries, starting and growing totally faceless YouTube channels is becoming the trendiest business model.

In fact, there are dozens of faceless YouTube channel ideas that you can start to potentially make money on YouTube without showing your face or even recording any videos.

With this artificial intelligence advancement that we are witnessing nowadays, even complete beginners can leverage a set of AI tools to create YouTube videos with no hassle.

Image source: How to Start a Transcription Business in 2023 (6 Best Ways)

This affiliate marketing strategy can be 100% achieved and scaled using various AI technologies. Everything from picking the right niche and creating the brand assets to video creation and marketing, and anything in between, can be done using ChatGPT and other AI tools.

Looking to start a faceless YouTube channel? Here’s your basic starter kit that includes all the tools that you may need to start this new innovative online venture.

Matt Par is an online entrepreneur who’s cracked the YouTube code and figured out how the algorithm works! He is currently running 12 different Faceless YouTube channels and makes 7 figures with all of them.

Matt has a unique online training called Tube Mastery & Monetization where he teaches his exact formula, all the resources he uses, and how he’s automating most of the work with AI tools.


Affiliate marketing is a great business model that fits experts and beginners of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds, as it doesn’t involve serious risks and doesn’t require a huge capital to start.

However, while it’s possible to start affiliate marketing for free, it’s always advisable to have a budget if you’re serious about starting a profitable and scalable affiliate marketing business.

In this article, we discussed together 5 unique ways you can start an affiliate marketing business for free without spending a single dime and how AI can do all the hard work for you.

On top of that, I also shared with you the 15 best AI affiliate marketing programs that you can start promoting as an affiliate, along with the most genuine ways you can start earning passive income online in affiliate commissions.

Want to learn how my friend John Crestani went from working as a “Human Guinea Pig” to making over 22 million dollars online working as an affiliate marketer? Click below to watch his full story (and steal his 7-figure business).

Thanks for going this far and reading my article all the way through! If you found this post inspiring and useful, share it with your friends, please! (Virtual high fives and hugs to all my sharers out there!)

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