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This site has been up since Oct 25, 2019, and it’s been growing ever since. The site is mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized, and so do our blog posts.

We publish top-quality content related to making money online, work from home, various business opportunities, entrepreneurship tools & resources, and everything in between!

Sponsorship Types

Below are the forms of sponsorship that we offer to our advertisers:

✅ Ad Spaces

We sell dedicated ad placements on our website for a monthly fixed charge. The fee varies from one ad spot to another. Here’s a quick overview of our ad sizes, placements, and prices:

✅ Paid Reviews

Do you want your app, services, or website featured on the eComDimes blog? Well, writing reviews is one of the ways our blog is monetized! If you have a service, an app, or anything about eCommerce, dropshipping, or any other business model or marketing software, you’re more than welcome to submit it for publication.

We DON’T do free guest posts or free link exchange.

All the guest posts/reviews and features on the blog are paid guest posts. For paid guest posts or reviews (app, theme, service), we charge $400, ($250 for a very limited time only) and there are some criteria to respect and follow.

eComDimes’ Publication Guideline

With access to your app/service/website, we understand how it works, take screenshots, collaborate with you, and help you craft a detailed piece of sponsored article.

Disclaimer: Our reviews or features don’t guarantee sales; neither do we promise traffic; the main aim of these reviews is for link building and exposure purposes only!

We don’t promise conversion, sales, or any SEO ranking.

Some Cool Stats About eComDimes

Since we’ve started this website, we’ve been consistent with our content publishing and the numbers have just been awesome!

eComDimes has 160+ blog posts published with 33 ones scheduled so far. We are continuously updating and refreshing our aged posts for SEO purposes.

A good portion of our content production time is invested in very well-done research, following the Income School methods and instruction (we are a current Income School – Project 24 student), so rest assured that you’re in good hands!

The website is ultra-fast and uses a crystal clear WordPress theme called Acabado, by the Income School too, which puts user experience at the top and makes surfing the site fun.

eComDimes has a domain authority of 33 with an organic-growing backlink profile. As for traffic, the site is getting a decent amount of Google’s organic traffic from over 100 countries around the world!

Ready for business? feel free to contact us at contact [at]! We also offer a complete advertising kit that we can discuss further once you reach out to us via email.

Payment methods we accept:

Thanks in advance for your contribution, we appreciate your interest in advertising on eComDimes and looking forward to doing business with you!

— The eComDimes Team


Last Updated: 25/8/2022