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Thank you for your interest in advertising on eComDimes. We at eComDimes help people provide well for their families by starting and growing online businesses.

This site has been up since Oct 25, 2019, and it’s been growing ever since. The site is mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized, and so do our blog posts.

We publish top-quality content related to making money online, working from home, various business opportunities, entrepreneurship tools & resources, and everything in between!

Sponsorship Types

Below are the forms of sponsorship that we offer to our advertisers:

1. Ad Spaces

We sell dedicated ad placements on our website for a monthly fixed charge. The fee varies from one ad spot to another. Here’s a quick overview of our ad sizes, placements, and prices:

  • Top Of Sidebar – This is a 300×250 ad placement that appears as the first element in the sidebar. It definitely stands out in the sidebar section as it’s at the top, above the author’s name. The price is $300/month!
  • Sticky Sidebar – A sticky sidebar ad is a 300×250 ad that sticks to the user’s page as they scroll, and it remains visible to them as long as they are scrolling and reading! This ad placement gets the maximum exposure possible as it’s visible as long as the reader is engaging with the page. The Price is $400/month!
  • In-Article – This is a form of ad that appears inside articles. It can be in a form of an image, video, or whatever you want to include in the article, as long as it’s relevant to the content. The Price is $250/month!
  • End Of Post – This is an ad placement that comes at the end of each blog post, underneath the content. Recommended size is 728×90. The price is $200/month!
  • End Of Page – This is an ad placement that appears at the end of the whole page, right above the footer menu. Recommended size is 728×90. The price is $150/month!

2. Contextual Link Insertions

We accept contextual link insertions in previously published articles, as long as the URL adds value to the page and is highly relevant to our niche. The cost for that would be $100 per do-follow link.

3. Paid Reviews & Dedicated Blog Posts

Do you want your app, services, or website featured on the eComDimes blog? Well, writing reviews is one of the ways our blog is monetized! If you have a service, an app, or anything about eCommerce, dropshipping, or any other business model or marketing software, you’re more than welcome to submit it for publication.

We DON’T offer any free guest posts or free link exchanges.

All the guest posts and reviews featured on the blog are paid guest posts. For paid guest posts or reviews (app, theme, service), we charge $250, ($200 for a very limited time only) and there are some criteria to respect and follow.

4. Posts Features on The Homepage

eComDimes’ Publication Guideline

  • Only original, unpublished content: Your article must be your original work and not published elsewhere.
  • Fluent, readable, and error-free: Content must be written in high-level, error-free, and fluent English. Give your article proper structure with eye-catching headings and subheadings.
  • Give facts, examples, and practical tips: As the philosopher, Terence said, “There are as many opinions as there are people”. Focus your article on real-world trends and tips. Back up your claims with source links.
  • Be relevant and insightful: Take a look at past posts on the eComDimes blog and see how you can contribute something fresh and different yet have the same form and style.
  • Assessing competition & proper keyword analysis: It should be an evergreen keyword-driven content of at least 1,000 words, taking into consideration to use of keywords that have relatively low competition yet satisfying search volume.
  • User experience comes first: Including an external link in the first two paragraphs, is not allowed, and only 1 link in total is allowed. Make it your priority to serve people with valuable content. Remember, the purpose of the review or the sponsored content is exposure and awareness.
  • Make it appealing to readers: The article must be in MS Word file format and attach one or two images copyright free for a minimum of 1000px wide. Anything that can boost the visual experience would be great (charts, gifs, stats, images, videos, numbered and unnumbered bullets)
  • Make it fun to read: It’s good to include a pitch at the very beginning of your post and add what’s a so-called “answer paragraph” in the second paragraph of your post (Take a look at the below screenshot from one of our blog posts and see how you can provide something similar).

  • Don’t ever use copied content: YOUR ARTICLE SHOULD BE 100% PLAGIARISM FREE! We will test it out and if it’s not purely plagiarism-free we have the right to not publish it!
  • Add authoritative external links: Organically, mention at least 3 very authoritative domains like Entrepreneur, Moz, Ahrefs, Forbes, Wikipedia, or whatever fits your content.
  • AI-generated content is not allowed: Any AI-generated content will be rejected immediately. We use premium tools to detect whether the content is AI-generated or produced by a human.

Note: If we have access to your app/service/website or if we’ve used it before, we can collaborate with you and help you draft a detailed piece of sponsored article.

Disclaimer: Our reviews or features don’t guarantee conversions and sales; neither do we promise traffic and SEO rankings. The main aim of these reviews is for healthy link-building and exposure purposes only!

Some Cool Stats About eComDimes

Since we started this website, we’ve been consistent with our content publishing and the numbers have just been awesome!

eComDimes has 210+ blog posts published with 33 ones scheduled so far. We are continuously updating and refreshing our aged posts for SEO purposes.

A good portion of our content production time is invested in very well-done research, following the Income School methods and instruction (we are a current Income School – Project 24 student), so rest assured that you’re in good hands!

The website is ultra-fast and uses a crystal clear WordPress theme called PopCorn, which puts user experience at the top and makes surfing the site fun.

eComDimes has a domain authority of 36 with an organic-growing backlink profile. As for traffic, the site is getting a decent amount of Google’s organic traffic from over 100 countries around the world!

Ready for business? feel free to contact us at contact [at]! We also offer a complete advertising kit that we can discuss further once you reach out to us via email.

Payment methods we accept:

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer (Most Prefered)
  • Crypto

Thanks in advance for your contribution. We appreciate your interest in advertising on eComDimes and looking forward to doing business with you!

β€” The eComDimes Team


Last Updated: 10/09/2023

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