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We at eComDimes are partnered with too many companies, to provide the best value for our readers.

These partners may include tools, e-commerce solutions, apps, or other partners in the financial sector.

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We totally appreciate your time, and we as well spend hours and hours writing and editing, to give you the most value possible.

So, please rest assured that we won’t suggest something that doesn’t work, or we have not tested ourselves.


You, our readers are so precious to us, and the real reason behind creating this blog! There’s actually no reason not to be honest and straightforward. We are here to build a healthy relationship with you, and help you achieve your financial goals by providing you with up-to-date tips, hacks, and opportunities!

Every single review and recommendation is based on our personal experience, and we are not incentivized to write about it.


So behind every great blog is usually someone who runs it all. That would be me, Odeh Ahwal; an internet entrepreneur who’s been making a living online for the past 7 years. I’ve struggled for years and didn’t find someone to take my hand and lead me to the right path without spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars with them.

So, I created this blog in 2019 to help you, hold your hand and simply introduce you to new streams of income that can literally change your life forever.


Put simply, our mission is to help people provide well for their families by starting and growing online businesses, and just give them the opportunity to have the financially balanced life that I’ve ever dreamed of.

I have wracked my brain and scoured the internet to find the best ways for you to make extra money online! Some methods are easy while others are hard, but they all put extra money in your pocket.

You, our readers, are our top priority and our mission here at eComDimes is to help you worry less about money and enhance your finances so you can live your best life.

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    Things To Consider When Starting an Online Clothing Store

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    The Importance of Brand Authenticity in Advertising

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