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So, are you looking forward to starting an online business but don’t know where to exactly start?

I’ve been there before…

In fact, when years come by, you’ll realize that you’re meant for something much better than what you’re doing right now.

With all that the internet is offering today, making extra money has never been easier.

I’ve created the EcomDimes brand, (the site that you’re currently on) with a vision to help people worry less about money, get them open to new business opportunities so they can enhance their financial situation and live their best life!

“ No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Because that’s true! The more you give the more you get.

There are endless opportunities online and diverse business models to get involved in. But have you ever wondered which business fits you most?

You’re just not alone!

Trust me I’ve been there before.

With my brand EcomDimes, I can help you decide which is the business model that fits you best and aligns with your skills, knowledge, passion, and capabilities.

You can achieve great things and create the life that you love no matter who you are, what you do, or where you are in life!


My name is Odeh Ahwal. I’m the creator of the EcomDimes blog and this is my awesome love Reina, and my biggest supporter!

I’ve got a BA in Finance & Banking, and have worked as a bartender for over 5 years.

And as long as I’ve wanted to become my own boss and reap the rewards of having a business for my own.

I’ve struggled much… I’ve tried everything and got burned watching YouTube videos.

That’s until I’ve stumbled by Dropshipping & Affiliate marketing. Those two businesses gave me the power to live the way that I’ve ever wanted, and the fact is that I’ve almost lost my shirt trying to figure things out!

Things weren’t easy for me, and I’ve learned it the hard way. That’s why I’ve decided to share my experience with other people who had the same bad journey and help them just start over. Starting over can be good sometimes.

Start with a solid plan, vision, and goals and you can definitely succeed!

You, (and whoever is reading this), are the reason behind creating this educational, informative and inspiring blog!

If you need to chat with someone about your blogging struggles, goals, or plans, feel free to directly get in touch with me and I’m more than willing to help and guide you!

Thanks to the internet, we wouldn’t have reached what we’re at without it!

Last but not least, I want to remind you with one thing, if someone has done it, you can do it too!


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You can become successful if you believe in yourself and in what you do. Remember, it all starts with the mindset!

Odeh – EcomDimes

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