7 Proven Ways To Find Drop Servicing Clients (Free & Paid)

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The first thing most people get hung up on whenever they are starting agencies is how do i get clients? So, how do you get clients for your drop servicing business?

These are the 7 proven ways to find clients for your drop servicing business:

Lead QualityFREE MethodsPAID MethodsLead Quality
ColdForumsGoogle AdsWarm/Hot
ColdEmail OutreachFacebook AdsWarm/Hot
ColdLinkedIn Msgs

In this article, I’m going to show you how to land your first drop servicing client fairly easily!

I use this model whenever I first started my agency for drop servicing, if you’re not drop servicing, you can still use this model. This method works for all types of agencies.

Before we dive in, let’s first understand the sales process and learn why it’s so important to categorize your audience into three buckets; cold, warm, and hot!

What Is A Sales Process?

A sales process is a set of actionable steps that takes the person from the early stage of awareness to a closed sale.

It’s like walking an individual into a path, from being a cold visitor up for being a hot customer, and a loyal one!

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And Why Is It So Important?

It’s important for the following reasons:

Clarity: a sales process eliminates confusion and gives extreme clarity on what to do in each step.

Ease of execution: It makes execution a seamless step-by-step process.

Increase sales and customer lifetime value: Most people don’t have a clear sales process and their sales suffer as a result.

When you have extreme clarity and are able to execute efficiency, your sales will dramatically increase.

The three types of audiences are:

The higher your audience’s temperature is, the more likely they are to become customers and buy your service.

Being said, there are three types of audiences; cold, warm, and hot! Here’s a little detail about each:

🥶 Cold Audience: People who have never heard of you or your product/service, They are cold against you and whatever you offer. Building awareness is essential at this stage and you can point out a particular problem and offer a life-saving solution.

🙄 Warm Audience: People who have heard of you or have even engaged with your service or ads online. They just need a little push to become customers. Showing them some testimonials of what other people are talking about your service is vital for this type of audience.

😱 Hot Audience: This is the bucket of people who are totally convinved with what you offer, and ready to buy from you and become a customer. Offering them a hot discount would close the deal!

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How To Find Drop Servicing Clients

Recently, I’ve been actively publishing articles about the drop servicing business model, and I’ve been getting asked what are some ways of getting clients for a drop servicing agency.

With that being said, I’m going to run through some free and paid methods for finding clients for your drop servicing business.

Free Methods For Finding Drop Servicing Clients

🟩 UpWork

Upwork is a freelancing website and a job directory that connects people who need services and assistants with freelancers who offer their services online.

So, you’d need to go to upwork.com and create a freelancer account, and you should see the same screen as me:

Depends on what services you provide online, you can find related projects and queries to your service.

To be honest, it takes a little bit more time to build reputation and close your first client with zero reviews and a brand new account.

You just need not to give up! Introduce yourself and your business in a good manner, be straightforward with what you actually offer, set competitive prices at the begining and try to provide a great communication and customer support experience.

Upwork leads’ quality is satisfying because you’re getting the chance to connect with people who have a problem, and would offer your services as a solution to their problem!

Leads are warm; they are ready to close, you just need to push them over the edge!

Most importantly, they have that buying mentality needed for closing the deal, and they specifiy the range of budget that they are willing to pay.

You just need to convince them and give them a reason to end up going with you, which means to stand out of the crowd (your competitors who are offering their services online too.)

If you were able to look authoritative enough and let them say: “Hey, take my money, I’m hungry to buy your service!”, you can even charge a little bit more than what they’re willing to pay!

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🟩 Forums

Forums are huge platforms with a massive number of monthly visitors and questions asked!

Take Quora, for example, whatever you search on Google, chances are that the first few search results would be Quora answers.

It’s a platform with over 300 million monthly visitors, with over 400,000 subjects being discussed!

Building your name and reputation on Quora requires constant efforts and providing the best information possible so you can look authoritative and professional in your potential customers’ eyes.

Building authority and reputation takes time, but if you become a top author and continue to answer relevant questions to your niche, you will get more exposure and opportunities, definitely!

To get started with Quora, you’d need to:

  • Create a free account
  • Write an effective bio with a compelling profile picutre
  • It’s okay to link to most viewed Quora answers or other content

It’s not the best way for getting leads, but it will help you build your name and increase your brand’s presence online!

🟩 Email Outreach

Let’s be honest here! Nothing beats the power of an email!

According to Statista, the number of active email users is forecasted to reach 4.3 billion in 2023.

To get started with the cold email outreach method, you would need to:

  • Identify your target audience.
  • Extract their emails .
  • Email blast them a proposal, professionally asking them to work with you and try your service.

So, how do you get their emails?

There’s a website called hunter.io, which basically extracts emails out of websites. (You can get your free account here.)

You can simply head to Google Maps, and type whatever you want. Let’s say, “Lawyers near me”. It will show you a bunch of already established businesses that you can approach and reach out to.

Each listing on Google Maps has a website. So, you head and copy the website URL into the hunter.io tool, and it will extract the decision maker’s email in that business.

You then take it and put it into a gmail account or a CRM software like (GetResponse, Active Campaign, Mailchimp and others.)

I’ve almost tried all of them! The one that has stood out for me is GetResponse (Click to go to GetResponse!)

GetResponse is a great marketing toolkit that allows you to have control over everything related to your leads and email marketing.

The best part is that it’s a very affordable tool for beginners and have tons of trainings templates and pre-built funnels to use.

So, if you cannot afford Clickfunnels, GetResponse could be a great fit for managing your email marketing.

Finally, it’s always worth following up with your potential clients within few days from your first email.

drop servicing course

🟩 LinkedIn Messages

Since you would be selling services, entrepreneurs and business owners would be your ideal target audience.

LinkedIn is a great B2B network that allows its users to connect and build relationships in a professional setting.

Go to LinkedIn, create a business account and give it a little bit more time to optimize your profile and make it look authoritative and professional.

From there, you should be aiming for becoming active on that massive platform with over 350 million members, and start building business relationships and connections.

The more you connect with people, the more exposure you’re likely to get.

Overall, paid methods tend to bring better outcomes as the quality of the leads would be way higher.

Here are few paid methods for finding clients for your drop servicing business.

Paid Methods For Finding Drop Servicing Clients

🟥 Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is originally a marketing toolkit that helps businesses sell their products or services online, more effectively, and efficiently!

Clickfunnels is not only a great solution for selling your services online, but they will teach you the sales process that I’ve previously talked about, and put it into action!

No matter what you’re doing online, Clickfunnels could be a great help for selling more and generating more leads for your business.

Not any leads, people who are actually hungry to buy your service. Like telling you: “Hey, please take my money, I need your service!)

Russell Brunson (Owner and founder of Clickfunnels) has recently created the One Funnel Away Challenge.

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🟥 Google Ads

Google Ads are powerful because you will be targeting people who are typing specific keywords in Google search.

That means that they already have a problem and seeking someone to help them solve it for them. Here’s where you can come into place, as a service provider.

Which is in fact, you would be outsourcing the service and finding a professional to do it on your behalf.

Google Ads leads are a little bit more expensive to acquire than any type of paid advertising, but it’s definitely worth it.

Here’s a complete Google Ads tutorial by the great Franklin Hatchett:

🟥 Facebook Ads

Facebook is a great advertising marketplace, but the problem is that most people don’t know how it does precisely work.

It’s the largest social media platform in terms of the number of daily active users; over 2.2 billion users.

China’s polulation is 1.4 billion only, imagine how massive the Facebook platform is…

Almost all businesses have a Facebook page, and you can barely find a small business that doesn’t have one, because people nowadays realize the power of this advertising marketplace.

According to “Small business Trends”, over 62% of business owners and marketers say their paid ads on Facebook are missing the target.

Facebook advertising is a skill that can easily be acquired! I’ve searched the internet for you and found you the most premium Facebook ads training on the whole web.

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I highly recommend giving it a shot if you are serious enough about your career as a freelance digital marketer, or just want to raise any profitable online business!

This course is literally massive, they take Facebook Ads to the max level!

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Starting a drop servicing website is not that hard, but finding clients actually is for complete beginners who are just starting out!

With everything that the internet is offering today, thousands of websites are created daily, and the more sites created, the more services needed to get things done!

In this article, I’ve discussed some free and paid methods for finding potential drop servicing clients to help you get profitable with your business.

Get rid of the “Hit & Run” mentality, and be prepared to invest a small portion of your time and a tiny budget.

Drop servicing is a lucrative business opportunity that allows you to build a whole empire online and reap the rewards of being your own boss, working from any place you want at any time you want.

If you have not started your online drop servicing storefront yet, here are few resources to help you get started and have a website you’re proud to own and promote.

Want to find people who are so SUPER INTERESTED in what you’re selling? That they actually raise their hands and ask you to sign them up? Grab your FREE copy of the Network Marketing Secrets Book while it lasts!

What method are you considering approaching your dream clients with? Good luck with whatever you do in your life 🙂

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