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So, you’re looking forward to acquiring more skills and knowledge about the drop servicing business model without breaking the bank, huh?

I’ve got your back! In this article, I’m going to share with you the 5 top and most affordable drop servicing courses to help you get started today.

Course NameCreated ByCourse PriceRating
Drop Servicing 2020 MasterClassBoris Mitrovic$9.99 On Sale4.3 ⭐️
The Ultimate Step by Step Drop Servicing BlueprintBoniface Ndirangu$9.99 On Sale3.7 ⭐️
Drop Servicing Mastery Course 2020Nikola Zec$9.99 On Sale2.9 ⭐️
Drop Servicing BlueprintAbhilash Chaudhary$9.99 On SaleNew
DROP’SERVICE 2.0Roman Cz$9.99 On Sale4.7 ⭐️

Drop servicing is a relatively brand new business model, yet has substantial potential financial gain and requires low overhead to get started.

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Why Should You Consider Taking A Drop Servicing Course?

Although the drop servicing business model keeps evolving and more people are talking about it day after day, a course could be useful sometimes.

What a good drop servicing course will do is present the information in an actionable and systematic fashion that moves you through the action of acquiring clients, acquiring talent, and putting them in touch with each other while collecting fees to do so.

Taking a drop servicing course will teach you how to generate leads for your drop servicing business and it will also give you some perspective as far as how to outsource work and how to actually generate a profit margin
that you can be happy with.

Drop servicing training can be helpful to help you get started.

Still, if you are the type of person who likes to make extra effort to gain information the hard way, and you don’t want to pay for a course, there are so many useful sources of info on the topic to be found online for free.

Take EcomDimes, for example (the site you’re currently on), we have a special drop servicing category that we keep publishing helpful content to help you, our readers, succeed in with this business model.

Being said, here are few resources that you can refer back to learn more about this awesome business model:

  • 3 Most Crucial Drop Servicing Tips (For EPIC Results)

Top 5 Drop Servicing Courses Out There

1. Drop Servicing 2020 MasterClass – English

This course is by Boris Mitrovic, and it does require zero knowledge and skills!

He’s targeting the group of people who are complete beginners as he goes through the basics of this brand-new business model.

He starts by explaining what drop servicing is and what does make it a great business model for beginners and experts alike.

By the time you complete this course, you will have your drop servicing website up and running and he will even teach you how to get revenue from Google Adsense as well!

Are you looking forward to having an online business for your own? Are you considering starting a business but looking for a dropshipping alternate?

This course is typically for you as it gives some professional insights, for $9.99 only!

2. The Ultimate Step-by-Step Blueprint to Profitability – English

Boniface Ndirangu has multiple online courses on Udemy and other online platforms.

For this course particularly, he has 106 students enrolled and also targets the very beginners group of people who are looking forward to starting something out of nothing!

This course goes through some definitions in the beginning, and answers some critical questions about whether it is legal, profitable, and saturated.

Boniface helps you differentiate between both the dropshipping and the drop servicing business models and what actually makes drop servicing a better and more flexible business.

He teaches you the two methods for starting a drop servicing business or agency.

Looking forward to learning the service supply chain in action? This course could be a great help with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Which makes your journey of learning drop servicing zero-risky. Obsessed in working from the comfort of your home? This course is a good fit!

3. Drop Servicing Mastery Course 2023 – English

Nikola Zec makes this course a fun ride by providing over 2 hours of trainings, quizzes and practical steps you can follow.

He starts with you from the very early stages, starting with picking the right niche all the way to generating thousands of bucks a month.

So, are you looking for a step-by-step tutorial and an action plan? Nikola makes this doable for you and easy to follow and implement.

Struggling with Facebook ads, lead generation, Google Ads, creating the storefront, and building a solid brand? Nikola will cover these topics too to help you generate leads for your drop servicing business too.

In addition to that, you will have exclusive access to a Facebook group and you’ll also get a Udemy certificate upon completing the course.

It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, the thing that makes your journey very low risky t get started.

4. Drop Servicing Blueprint – English

In this course here, Abhilash gives you the blueprint for starting a 6-figure business from scratch.

Abhilash will teach you what exactly drop servicing is, how it works, and all the basic fundamentals of this awesome business model!

This is the most advanced course in my list! It will not just give you information about the business, it will also help you get started with every step along your way.

From picking a niche to getting orders and fulfilling them…

This course works perfectly fine for both experts and beginners and it goes step-by-step into detail from the early stages to the advanced stages all in one place.

Curious to start a drop servicing business that generates real money? You’ve got to check out Abhilash’s course here.

5. DROP’SERVICE 2.0 – French

Roman has made a great resource for people who are looking forward to learning more about the drop-servicing business model in French.

In this course, he shares his best tips on how to simply sell any sort of service online, even if you don’t do the service yourself.

Roman has a unique approach which is creating the product once and selling it dozens of times.

Not just this, but he will show you the exact process of his sale process and how to retain customers and offer cross and up-selling opportunities!

This course is best for French beginners, students, and people who are just starting out with drop servicing.

Does A Dropshipping Course Serve The Purpose

Well, dropshipping and drop servicing have the same concept and approach in common, but in drop servicing, you would be selling digital services instead of physical goods.

The thing that may make it a more flexible business and requires even less than what a dropshipping business does!

I have previously created a FREE Shopify Dropshipping course to help my readers get started with dropshipping without paying big bucks to some gurus.

The free mini-course goes through the exact process of starting an online storefront and how you can customize it the way you want to represent your brand.

However, starting a drop servicing website on Shopify is only one option of the 3 different options and approaches available!

In my premium course, I teach you all the possible ways to start a viable drop servicing business online and give you all the tools you need to succeed.

But still, it’s a free resource that would be worth checking out if you cannot commit to a paid course!

The only thing that you’d need to skip is importing products because you’re basically going to sell services.


Are you looking forward to acquiring new digital skills for starting a drop servicing side hustle and becoming financially free? I’ve got your back!

Drop servicing is a lucrative business opportunity and it has the power to earn you a 6-figure a year.

To help you succeed with this outstanding business model, I’ve created a comprehensive course called eComDimes Ultimate Drop Servicing Blueprint!

Although the internet has made gaining information a very seamless process, sometimes you need an ultimate and illustrated guide that breaks the model into sweet little chunks, to make it easier for you to consume, understand and implement!

And this is what the eComDimes course particularly does…

In this training series, I demonstrate exactly how you can build and scale your own “agency” but instead of having employees, hiring freelancers to do the job on your behalf…


  • How to pick your niche
  • How to build your brand identity and all the visible elements of your brand
  • How to find trustworthy freelancers and services to resell
  • How to setup your sales funnels and websites
  • How to exponentially grow with email marketing
  • How to generate targeted traffic and clients to your funnels
  • How to prepare for the success mindset

…and a whole lot more!

Kickstart Your Business With A Drop Servicing Free Course

So, are you ready to jump on the trend and learn the secrets of the new-age startup from a drop servicing ninja but not ready to commit to a paid course yet?

I’ve got your back! I’ve created a sweet little 12-page PDF that goes through the 10-point checklist you need to focus on when starting a new drop servicing agency.

This FREE PDF is a great starting point. Claim yours for free!

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