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27 brand name generators

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Starting an online business is easy nowadays. However, coming up with a unique business name you’re proud to own and promote is a challenge, isn’t it? There’s where brand name generators come into play!

So, how do I come up with a catchy business name? What should I name my online Shopify store? If these questions describe you, luckily, these 27 brand name generators can help you find a unique business name you’re proud to own and promote.

Do you want a creative business name generator? Here are 27 of them 🙂
1. Shopify business name generator (Hatchful)
2. Oberlo business name generator
3. Cool name ideas – Webhosting Geeks
4. Panabee
5. Brandroot
6. BrowseDomains
7. FreshBooks
8. WordLab
9. Getsocio
10. Name Station
11. Lean Domain Search
12. Brand Bucket
13. Naminum
14. Namerific
15. A Business Name Generator By BizNameWiz
16. Domainr
17. Dot-O-Mator
18. Naming.net
19. One Click Name
20. Name Find
21. Wordoid
22. Domain Puzzler
23. Anadea
24. Fit Small Business
25. Business Name Generator – Hipster
26. Namesmith
27. Namelix

What’s better than a unique business name that’s easy to spell and remember?

You, for example, might’ve been trying to come up with a unique name for your business for several hours only to find that your favorite ideas don’t have an available domain, or have a high price tag.

From there, this blog post’s idea was born, to help you find the best name for your Shopify business, or even for your blog if you’re considering starting one.

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How to name your business?

To come up with a unique business name ideas can be a tough challenge sometimes. Millions of webpages are being created on a daily basis.

Therefore, in order to stand the competition, you should have a memorable and catchy business name that can stick to your customers’ ear.

There are tens of online company name generators that can make the process of naming your business simpler and easier.

In fact, there are some things that you should take into consideration when naming your business. Some of those things are:

– The shorter the better

– Easy to spell

Easy to remember

– Business name with a ring in it.

Why a unique business name?

A successful buisness starts with a catchy business name.

You have to keep in mind that your domain name is going to represent your brand. So, picking a catchy and unique domain name is absolutely a no-brainer!

But, why a unique business name?

  • Your domain will tell what your business is all about.

A lot of people who are starting out in the online business randomly pick a name for their business.

However, in order to succeed in a business, you should pick a catchy business name that can sum up what’s your business is all about!

  • It’s the first thing that people hear and see

Do you believe in the impact of the first impression in physical human relationships? The same applies to your online presence!

The name of your business should align with what your business is actually about and serve your ideas in a way to wow the customers and deliver an accurate message.

A unique business name

How to name your project and give it a unique business name with all of the competition around? I mean, tens of thousands of domains and webpages are being created every single day.

How to come up with a catchy business name? It is a real challenge, I know!

How to get the perfect business name that sounds cool when it’s said out loud?

These are all questions that I’d be covering in this article. It’s like an ultimate guide for naming your business efficiently!

I truly hope that this article, with its useful resources, can help you find the best name for your business at ease! So please, if it adds something to your info please share it as a kind of support

Unique business name ideas you’re proud to own and promote?

Let’s dive in…?

27 Brand Name Generators For Ecommerce Stores

Our mission at EcomDimes is to surf the internet and find you the best resources to help you start and succeed in your online business.

Below is a list of the best 27 company name generators to help you find a unique business name today:

1. Shopify business name generator (Hatchful)

Shopify is offering tons of value because they want you to succeed. They are not dumb and they know exactly what they’re doing!

Therefore, among the free powerful tools they offer, there’s a tool called Hatchful, it’s their unique Shopify store name generator.

With this powerful Shopify name generator, coming up with a unique business name is a seamless process.

It won’t just help you find the best name for your business, but you can also check the domain availability instantly within the platform, sign up for a Shopify account and launch an online store using their eCommerce hosting solution.

Using this Shopify business name generator is simple.

You’ll just need to set a keyword and with a blink of an eye, you’ll get hundreds of relevant and unique business name ideas.

The cool part about this Shopify business name generator is that you can find the best name for your business, reserve it and register it with a Shopify account. It’s all integrated under one roof.

And the final step after reserving your unique business name is to grab your 14-day free trial and start selling online using the world’s biggest eCommerce platform, Shopify 🙂

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2. Oberlo business name generator

Oberlo is an authorized app that can be integrated with Shopify to make uploading products and fulfilling orders a very seamless process.

These big companies aim to serve their customers and fully fulfill their needs by delivering a lot of value.

As an authorized partner with Shopify, and a company that provides eCommerce solutions for entrepreneurs, it’s normal to provide free tools to help you succeed in your business, and here where Oberlo business name generator comes into play!

Oberlo does also has a business name generator that is also known for delivering hundreds of unique business names with a click of a button.

The same as the Shopify name generator, you simply select a specific keyword, and a list of business name ideas will pop up.

Once you’ve determined the best name for your store, register a domain as soon as possible to make sure to reserve your brand name on Shopify, secure your domain before someone else does, and finally establish an online storefront to start selling online with ease!

After finding your unique business name, register it or come to Shopify to register it and lock your 14-day free trial to start selling online! (Open in a new tab)

3. Cool name ideas – Webhosting Geeks

This unique business name generator is cool because it lets you choose the length and number of characters of a domain and it will only show you non-registered ones.

You can also select where you want your keyword to be, in the begining, the middle or at the end.

They have categorized their results into 3 sections

  • Business names

Do you have a business idea in mind but can’t come up with a unique business name? This tool can generate thousands of different variations of your selected keywords to help you find the perfect name for your business.

  • Blog names

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs are being created every single day. So this tool will help you find a suitable domain name for your blog topic, and not any domain name, only a unique business name!

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  • Product names

Cool name ideas will help you protect your online innovation by finding a distinctive domain name that’s ideal for your product.

They have been around since 2004, and they are partnered with most of the hosting providers and domain registerer to help you find the suitable domain name at ease!

4. Panabee

Stuck at finding the perfect name for your business? Describe your business in two words and let Panabee find you a unique business name!

Panabee, LLC. is a great company that’s been for a while and aims for helping startups and online businesses to achieve more.

This incredible business name finder has over 55k likes on Facebook! So, it’s been trusted useful, and trending.

Chances are when you’re seeking a unique business name you’ve found or will find a name that you liked is taken. Did it happen to you?

What this tool makes if your preferred name is taken, they provide suggestions inspired by your original ideas (the words you’ve previously described your business with), and they will simply come up with alternatives for you.

These alternatives are derived from phonemes, syllables, abbreviations, suffixes, prefixes, and popular domain trends.

Panabee doesn’t just help you find a unique name for your business, but it will also show you whether a domain for this name is available or not.

This for sure will cut off your wasted time seeking a unique business name and domain.

In most cases, you’ll find a perfect name that’s available with the domain, but when you start creating the social account, you’re surprised that the name is taken on social media, Apple app store or Google play.

This is so annoying because you’ll need then to start creating different variations for the username which makes the name unprofessional. It’s happened to me personally, several times!

That’s until I’ve come across Panabee.

It will show you the availability of your preferred name on the various Social media platforms, Google Play, and Apple app store.

5. Brandroot

Brandroot is not just a business name generator, it’s a domain name generator.

From tens of various categories, you might fight a unique business name that represents your business.

They have over 17,000 catchy business name ideas to choose from, which makes the posibility of finding a name for your business very high.

The cool thing about Brandroot is that you can sort the results by the cost or by the domain’s length.

Noting that, all the domains that are picked and recommended by them were carefully vetted with a .com domain extension only.

Also, when you buy a business name from this cool business name generator, you also get a custom logo for your business, and you can ask for revisions as well until you’re satisfied.

6. Browse Domains

BrowseDomains is a free, simple way to find great available .com domains. You can combine niches like “real estate” with words like orc to find new names like RealEstateOrc.com or you can even use it to find short, available URLs like uLeads or Dogo.com

It’s a fun tool for quickly checking domain name availability, creating domain name suggestions, or brainstorming to find the perfect business name.

How it works: enter a word (or words) in the left box, then choose some endings (or type in your own). Click to combine them. If you see a name you like, you can check its availability or save it to your scratchboard.

7. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a targeted business name generator that will make you choose from different categories, to give you the most accurate result for your topic.

After hitting Get Started, a screen like this will pop up, to provide a better idea about your business, so that they can provide the most relevant business name ideas.

After selecting your industry, it will ask you to select a keyword, and it will show up 3 results at a time.

You can keep hitting “Show me more names” until you come across a unique name that you see has a huge potential for your business.

8. WordLab

WorldLab is not as targeted as other business name generators and tools, but it has a variety of potential names that you can find hot and catchy.

You’re not asked to put a particular keyword or phrase or even select your business’s category.

You have to keep hitting “Get Name” until you come across a unique business name with great potential for your online presence.

This is not the best tool there, but 7.2m+ potential names to choose from. It’s worth a try!

9. Getsocio

Getsocio is an online business builder, and they do offer a company name generator to help you find a unique business name.

As other business name generators, you’ll need to select a keyword, and the tool will generate thousands of relevant names, but the downside about this is that the domain ends in .getsocio.com instead of a standard .com domain.

After picking a domain it will ask you to provide some information that will move you towards creating your online store with this online business platform.

What I would recommend is to only surf this platform for getting unique business name ideas, and return back to Shopify to set up your store there.

Pro Tip: Learn more about why should you go with Shopify, the eCommerce platform that’s now home for over 1 million business owners around the world! (Open in a new tab)

10. Name Station

Name Sation is another free company name generator.

The way it works is you provide a keyword that you want to mainly be in your brand name, and a bunch of domain names will pop up.

Want to cut off the time and make the process easier? You can filter the results by including the available domain names only.

Name Station is partnered with different domain registerer, and companies like these are usually domain brokers.

Therefore, I highly highly highly recommend you get ideas and return back to register your domain and secure your free trial on Shopify.

11. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is a great tool offered by WordPress, to help you find the best business name ideas at ease!

Like the majority of other business name generators, Lean Domain Search is partnered with Bluehost(A great hosting provider).

This means that when you find a specific domain name, it will redirect you to the Bluehost page and if you end up purchasing, they will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you (this is what affiliate marketing is all about)

After identifying a keyword in the box, a bunch of results will appear for you, and the green ones tend to be the available ones.

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12. Brand Bucket

Are you looking for something more expensive but unique? Brand Bucket is the way to go.

You can pick a unique business name from over 40 different categories and industries, which makes finding a targeted domain name handy and professional.

This is not a random business name generator! It only shows you brand names with a hefty price tag over $1,000, but it offers catchy and one-word domain names.

What makes this an outstanding service is that they offer a free logo with the domain.

This is for people who are looking forward to creating a great brand names and logos!

Let’s say you’re in the SEO industry below is an example of what you’ll get from a search

Please note that prices vary depending on the popularity and competition of an industry!

13. Naminum

Are you looking for a one-word domain? Naminum is the way to go!

The way this company name generator works is that you select the desired keyword, and it will add suffixes to it, providing hundreds of relevant names to choose from.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sort the results by which are the taken and non-taken, you need to check this manually.

Therefore, it may take you a while before finding the perfect name for your business.

14. Namerific

Namerific is not a randomly picked business name generator. It’s one of the most premium networks out there.

With 30 different categories, picking a unique business name and brand-worthy domain names is absolutely doable.

Their prices vary between $500-$10,000, with some domains cost as much as $400,000!

As a premium and quality company, this catchy name generator will provide you with a logo apon purchasing a domain name.

Looking for a premium domain name that has a nice ring to it? Namerific is for you!

15. A Business Name Generator By BizNameWiz

This is a company name generator doesn’t require so much efforts from you.

You’ll just need to select a particular keyword and like any other business name generators, it will show you relevant domain names for your business.

It will also show you what’s available and what’s not to make the process of picking a unique domain name much more easier.

Are you looking forward to learning the do’s and don’ts when it comes to branding your business?

This brand name generator includes business naming and branding guides for building a successful brand name!

16. Domainr

This is a business name generator that provides brainstorming and real-time availability.

This tool is not shortened to .com domain extensions, and domain names come in three different tags, taken, available and potentially available.

This company name generator has the potential to find you a unique business name to represent your brand’s vision and image.

17. Dot-O-Mator

The way that this online tool works is different that most buisness name generators.

Dot-O-Mator uses the name suggestions to show you different unique business name ideas.

You got to choose from two different categories or include some keywords that better describe your business.

After doing so, you’ll get a number of combinations to choose from.

Then, you can add the business name ideas you liked most to the Scratchbox, noting that you need to manually check if the domain name is available or not.

18. Naming.net

Naming is a great store name generator that helps you efficiently find a unique business name for your brand.

After choosing a keyword, syllable or letter, you’ll be given the chance to combine your entry with:

  • Greek & Latin prefixies, suffixes and roots.
  • Common words
  • Rhymes

After providing your words and adding the combinations to it, you select the extension of the domain (.net, .com etc…) and where do you want your desired word to appear (at the begining or at the end).

Boom! Tens of unique business name ideas are prepared for you.

This cool catchy name generator also offers you some tips and advice to properly name your business, and things you need to consider when naming your domain.

19. One Click Name

One-Click Name is not just a business name generator, it’s a brand name generator that offers you a full branding package for your business.

Means that every single domain name is illustrated with a cool and unique logo design.

Based on what I’ve found, their prices vary from $400 up to $2,000. Yes, this is a premium business name generator.

The process is easy. Like any other brand name generator mentioned earlier, you’d need to select a specific keyword that describes your niche or industry and relevant domain names will pop up.

They give you the chance to learn more about the domain’s name, the reason behind naming it, what’s it best for and so on!

20. Name Find

This premium brand name generator offers a variety of quality domains that can reach thousands of dollars.

With Namefind, you’re not left in the dark, if you have any questions or query they are more than happy to help you find the perfect domain name for your business.

You can reach them out via email or even by a phone call.

So, do you have a budget that you want to invest in a quality domain name? Namefind is a company name generator you need to check out!

21. Wordoid

Finding an available unique business name is crucial when it comes to starting an online business.

Wordoid allows you to find available names for your business by providing a keyword and it will provide several domain names that are relevant to your topic.

This catchy name generator allows you to filter your search on the left area by selecting your desired language, then choose the quality between (high, medium, and low), as this feature how wordoids look, sound and feel.

The higher it is, the more they resemble the natural words of the selected languages.

Once you find a unique business name, you’ll be redirected to the GoDaddy sales page, since that Wordoid is an affiliate partner with them.

22. Domain Puzzler

From various domain extensions, this cool brand name generator has 3 criteria for picking a unique business name.

First, if you have a word in mind, you can simply search for it in the easy box, it will tell you whether it’s available or not.

The advanced section is for combining multiple words in a domain name and finally, the magic section, will add relevant popular words to the domain name, and it will generate a final unique domain name for your review.

23. Anadea

Anadea is a company name generator that’s based on keyword research for finding a catchy business name for the purpose of branding.

Once you provide your keywords that you want to be included in your domain name, tons of relevant and catchy domain names will pop up on your screen.

They can help you in the process by requesting a free estimate and answering some questions about your business, to help them better understand what’s your business all about.

24. Fit Small Business

This company name generator guide you on how to create a unique business name and build a recognizable brand name.

As in the above picture, you’ll need to answer some short questions about your business, so that they can give you a list of domain names in your industry and related to your topic.

This is a company that’s partnered with Bluehost(means that they get a commission if you end up purchasing a domain name, at no additional cost to you. This is what’s called Affiliate Marketing)

Want extra guidance? This is a company name generator that provides handy tips for picking a unique business name as well.

25. Business Name Generator – Hipster

Standard business name generator? Nuhh! Hipster is the most creative brand name generator on my list!

Domain names are broad, and the niche is not mentioned in the domain name, which makes it more flexible for you to include more vertical under one domain.

The process of finding a unique business name is so seamless using this catchy name generator.

You got to keep hitting refresh button and new business name ideas will keep poping up.

From catchy, fun unique, and smart domain names, you got endless opportunities for finding the perfect name for your business.

It’s good to mention that this is an affiliate partner with Bluehost as well. Purchasing a domain name from their side will trigger their tracking link, getting them some commission (At no additional cost to you)

26. Namesmith

The way that this brand name generator works is that you’re asked to describe your business with 5 different keywords (with space, without any comas).

It will do its best to find relevant and unique business names for you.

The more you’re creative with the keywords picked, the better your results are! Each time you change the keyword’s combination, different results will appear, for sure.

Namesmith brand name generator is a verified partner with GoDaddy, which means that they earn a small commission if you end up purchasing from them.

It can definetaly find you catchy company name ideas, its absolutely worth a shot!

27. Namelix

There’s absolutely a reason behind leaving this unique catchy name generator for last.

Most business name generators combine words to come up with a unique business name. This is not the case with Namelix!

This brand name generator generates tons of short and relevant brand names to your business idea, and as you know, the shorter your domain is the better.

Think about big brands, for example, Google, Coca-Cola, Lyft, Airbnb, the uniqueness of their brand names align in the shortness, and the memorable ring that the name has.

The previously mentioned above is a list of the best business name generators that can help you come up with a unique business name you’re proud to own and promote!

Take Action Vs. Plan B

Do you know what’s the #1 reason why you are struggling to create a viable business?

One that supports your and the life that you truly desire, and gives you the financial freedom you crave, while providing you with opportunities beyond your dreams.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s your fears!

The greates opportunity of forever is right in front of you!

As important as it is to arm yourself with a lot of knowledge from resources like this, nothing pushes the needle further and faster than getting some skin in the game!

Take it from me the #1 key is to being successful online is:

Stop reading, contemplating and overthinking!

And just start doing!

That’s it! Open your store, load 3 or 4 products and start promoting!

One way to easily up your store’s appearance (and increase conversions) is to add a professional-looking logo.

You have to remember this is not like going to school. You don’t have to learn everything, study hard, and then take a test only to then to see what you know.

Break it down into chunks.

Just get started and then figure it out as you go!

Here at EcomDimes we provide tons of value regarding the Dropshipping business model and other online business opportunities.

So, if you ever feel that this business is not for you, we’ve got your back with plan B-Z!

There are tons of different business ideas that you can get involved in to make extra money online!

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In short, starting an online Shopify store is easy, but coming up with a unique business name can be intimidating sometimes.

There are some things that you have to keep in mind when choosing a name for your business, and this is the reason behind creating this article.

This article projects 27 different Shopify name generators to help you find a unique name for your business.

However, the Shopify name generator tends to be the best tool for finding a unique business name because with this tool the official Shopify name generator.

After finding your name you register it within the Shopify platform and register it with a Shopify account. It’s all integrated under one roof.

I wanted to share the best 27 brand name generators to help you find the perfect name for your business, that’s easy to spell, easy to remember, and has a ring to it.

After finding the perfect name to represent your business, your next step would be is to register it and set up your online Shopify store to start building your online presence.

Whether you choose to register the domain via Shopify or other domain registerer, you need to turn your idea into action and create an account on Shopify.

In case you haven’t done so, grab a 14-day free trial on Shopify to start selling online, anywhere. (Open in a new tab)

Do you think ECOMDIMES is a creative business name? What’s your approach to finding the best name for your business?

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