21 Jobs That Will Be Heavily Impacted By AI (A 2023 Guide)




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We are already living in a world where machines took over some human repetitive jobs; like retail cashier, banking ATMs, factory equipment assembly, and others.

Despite the fact that humans will always be the creative part of this world, artificial intelligence is widely expected to have a very bad effect on some jobs, some of which we are discussing today, or even entirely take them over!

However, I believe if that happens in some of these jobs, it will be very limited and not an actual takeover. Humans will always have a role to play in this world, at least this is what I believe and see.

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1. Content Creator

Nowadays, there are various AI tools that are trained to produce content faster than humans.

With AI content creation tools like Jasper creating well-designed and visually appealing content, human content creators are most likely to be redundant!

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Content creators’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Personal touch

2. Data Analyst

The fact that AI data analysis tools can process and analyze large amounts of data faster and more accurately than humans may lead to job loss for data analysts.

Companies today are going after automating data analysis using artificial intelligence, and they are doing so using different data analysis tools, some of which are free while others are paid.

Data Analysts’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • The ability to understand complex data patterns
  • Make informed decisions based on that information

3. Journalist

You may be wondering, how is AI used in journalism. AI machines designed to perform the communicator role are generating news content independent of humans. That means AI is the medium and the messenger, giving human journalists a new synthetic partner programmed to aid in news gathering.

Journalists’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Empathy
  • Interpretation of social and cultural context
  • The ability to tell a compelling story

4. Teacher

Popular media is talking about the role of artificial intelligence in the future of education and is full of stories about the potential of AI replacing teachers.

What they may not be aware of is that there’s a huge difference between teaching and simple knowledge transfer!

Artificial intelligence may be extremely useful and advantageous for both teachers and students as it can play a good role in assisting students with their learning, adapting lessons to student’s needs, and optimizing the lesson-creation process.

Will teachers be replaced by technology? No, that’s not possible as machines can’t replace the human touch that is necessary for our schools and can only be delivered by high-quality educators.

Teachers’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Empathy
  • Personal connection
  • The ability to create a supportive learning environment

5. Marketing Manager

AI can analyze market trends and consumer behavior to develop effective marketing strategies, the thing that will make it challenging for marketing managers.

Some think that AI-based technologies pose a threat to human resources and skilled labor and may eventually displace marketers.

What do you think? Would companies settle for machinery and big data to do all the work needed?

I personally don’t think so! By leveraging the power of AI marketing tools, marketing managers could just turn their human weaknesses into strengths to better understand consumer behavior and come up with a creative marketing strategy.

Marketing managers’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Empathy
  • The ability to understand human behavior
  • Marketing creativity

6. Customer Service Representative

Artificial Intelligence can analyze customers’ data and key metrics, and recommend products or services to customers based on their browsing/buying preferences.

According to a recent article I stumbled across by Tadigital, while researching how artificial intelligence can improve customer service, AI is capable of analyzing huge data sets, drawing information such as the weather and location, and suggesting relevant content to customers.

Customer service representatives human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Empathy
  • The ability to understand and respond to individual needs

7. Financial Analyst

The benefits of AI in finance lie in the ability to analyze financial data and make informed decisions.

Some examples of artificial intelligence used in finance are trading, preventing cyberattacks, risk management, fraud detection, and more!

Financial analysts’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • The ability to understand complex financial concepts
  • Interpret data in a meaningful way

8. Product Manager

There’s a new term called AI product management, and in a nutshell, it’s the act of focusing on using artificial intelligence, deep learning, or machine learning to enhance, improve, create, and shape products.

Not only that, but the market today is flooded with AI product management tools, books, and courses.

The good thing is, although AI makes it challenging for product managers as they need to be continuously learning how to better understand human behavior and get creative in product development, they can leverage AI tools to achieve exactly that and become super productive!

Product managers’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Empathy
  • The ability to understand human behavior
  • Creativity in product development

9. HR Manager

The AI in HR statistics show that AI can improve employee retention rates by enhancing the employee experience. Additionally, AI can improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive, mundane tasks.

Some of the AI in HR examples as stated by GetHppy are attracting talents on LinkedIn, employee turnover detection, data-based decision-making and enhanced behavior tracking, performance development, and more.

HR managers’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Empathy
  • The ability to understand and respond to individual needs

10. Social Media Manager

AI can manage and analyze social media interactions and this will make human social media managers’ jobs redundant.

The benefits of AI in social media are tremendously endless. Facebook, for example, uses an AI tool known as deep text to spot instances of abuse. According to Facebook, the end goal of this technology is to build a system with the same level of intelligence as a human

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Social media managers’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Empathy
  • The ability to understand and respond to individual needs

11. Legal Secretary

As a lawyer, Andrew Arruda too often saw the scales of justice tip in favor of the wealthy and partnered with a computer scientist to create the world’s first artificially intelligent legal assistant, ROSS.

By speeding up legal research, Arruda wants ROSS to make the practice of law cheaper and fulfill the original promise of “justice for all.” Click to watch Andrew Arruda on TED TALKS.

Legal secretaries’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • The ability to understand legal concepts and interpretation of data

12. Medical Receptionist

I believe that artificial intelligence in healthcare is only limited to replacing telephone receptionists with chatbots that can potentially do their job in terms of collecting, sorting, and saving data.

Although this mentality is not widely adopted yet, AI healthcare chatbots can potentially affect the telephone receptionists that work in medical clinics and healthcare centers.

Medical receptionists’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Empathy
  • The ability to understand and respond to individual needs

13. Graphic Designer

In the absence of any reliable data on the number of websites created every day, the best thing we can do here is to come up with a rough estimation. According to Siteefy, every 24 hours over 252,000 websites are created every single day.

Nowadays, although there are thousands of AI design tools that can create visually appealing designs, replacing graphic designers is unthinkable. On the contrary, designers can leverage AI tools to generate ideas and become creative with their designs.

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Graphic designers’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Personal touch

14. Copywriter

Copywriting is among the most required service in any online business nowadays, and that’s for a reason, for sure!

The reason is that it takes a really compelling, convincing, and persuasive story to sell any product, and that’s, unfortunately, what AI copywriting tools are currently able to do.

Not only that, but today you can use AI to start your very own AI copywriting business!

Although AI copywriting generators are killing it, it’s less likely companies will replace their talented and skilled copywriters with a one-time fee for AI software that can potentially do their job!

Alternatively, business owners, managers, and individuals in charge must motivate their teams to leverage copy AI tools for brainstorming and ideation purposes.

Copywriters’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Empathy
  • Interpretation of social and cultural context
  • The ability to tell a compelling story

15. Web Developer

If copywriting is among the top required services online, web development may be undoubtedly the first, and it totally makes sense.

If thousands of websites are created on a daily basis, there should be talented developers behind all of them! Not to mention web or mobile applications.

At the end of the day, good programmers will always be in demand. They have to code the machines!

Web developers’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Personal touch

16. Librarian

Just like other areas of our lives, Artificial Intelligence has also entered libraries in the form of chatbots that can handle directional questions on a library website, alert when a book is due, point a user to relevant library resources, or answer simple informational requests.

As stated by Springer Nature: “In the future, AI will enable new capabilities to address library user’s information needs. Libraries can use AI tools to provide not just information but deep intelligence—offering “Insight As A Service (IAAS).”

Librarians’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • The ability to understand complex information and interpret data

17. Translator

AI can translate text to speech in real-time, turn speech into text, or reorder sentences to make them unique. This can even be achieved using free AI translation tools, no fancy tools whatsoever.

Some AI voice translator examples are Google Translate, Alexa Translations, DeepL, Bing Microsoft Translator, Taia, Mirai Translate, and Sonix.

In fact, nowadays, many e-commerce marketplaces including Aliexpress and Amazon are selling instant translator devices and gadgets that can be useful when traveling abroad, reaching out to a local, giving directions to a taxi driver, or even explaining illness symptoms to a doctor.

Did you even know that you can start your very own AI voiceover or transcription SaaS business with no experience? This can be easily achieved by buying a done-for-you script from CodeCanyon.

Shop Now on Amazon: Best instant translator devices and gadgets

Translators’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • The ability to understand the cultural context
  • Convey the meaning and emotion of the original text

18. Interior Designer

Interior designing is being heavily affected by artificial intelligence since machine learning algorithms are used to generate design ideas and layouts based on a set of inputs, such as room size, style preferences, and budget.

Free AI interior design tools and generators such as InteriorAI can literally help you generate an endless amount of interior design mockups and virtual staging all by using the power of artificial intelligence.

You will be asked to provide some information and upload an image of your room. The cool thing is that you can get widely different results with each mode.

Virtual Staging mode will auto-detect the construction (like walls, ceiling, beams) and tries to avoid changing it, while Interior Design mode doesn’t but gives you more creative ideas. A good idea is to use Interior Design mode and then Mix w/ Original to get the original auto-masked background back.

Interior designers’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Personal touch

19. Book Keeper

Bookkeeping or accounting is one of the industries that is being heavily affected by AI. In fact, according to Google Trends, the terms “best AI accounting software”, “virtual bookkeeper”, and “AI bookkeeping software” have been trending and rapidly searched for in the past 5 years.

The AI impact on accounting is huge, and the Coronavirus Pandemic had facilitated

Bookkeepers’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • The ability to understand complex financial concepts
  • Interpret data in a meaningful way

20. Receptionist

Companies nowadays are leveraging intelligent AI voiceover tools and software to respond to their customers as efficiently and quickly as possible. When we asked Greg of Orium about the possibility of receptionists getting replaced by AI he answered:

We learned that yes, it is possible to leverage inexpensive and readily available Voice-based AI devices to replace a non-existent receptionist in a way that could be scaled to multiple locations.

Greg Fields – Orium

Receptionists’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Empathy
  • The ability to understand and respond to individual needs

21. Musician

AI is not only limited to tech, telecommunications, or financial services. AI in the music industry and music production is also booming!

In fact, today you can create complete songs and relaxing music using AI. All you need to do is search on Google for something similar to this:

  • free ai music generator
  • ai singing generator
  • create your ai music
  • ai music generator from text
  • ai music generator from image

Musicians’ human weaknesses that can be affected by AI:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Personal touch

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15 Jobs That Can’t And Won’t Be Affected By AI

There are several jobs and roles that are less likely to be affected by artificial intelligence and cannot be replaced by AI anytime in the near future. Some of these jobs include:

1. Military

Although AI can enable military teams to expand their warfighting capacities, improve their tactics and take their strategies to the maximum levels, I don’t think the absence of humans in this sector is something the world would witness anytime soon!

2. Caregiving

No matter what the machines were trained to do, there would be nothing that could replace human beings’ feelings and care. Machines can solve problems, can dig the internet for the best answer, and can literally blow our minds with what they are capable of, but they would never feel, care, taste, smell, or love!

3. Hospitality

Most of us still prefer human interaction for such services where trust is an important factor. I am sure you still prefer to meet with a human waitress than a robotic one. I hope you do haha!

4. HealthCare

Healthcare jobs such as doctors, nurses, and paramedics require human touch and empathy, which cannot be replaced by machines. As I said earlier, telephone receptionists may be replaced by chatbots, but doctors and nurses? Nuh, it’s hard. We still trust a human to tell us the diagnostics more than a robot!

5. Law

Despite the great role that artificial intelligence can play in law firms, lawyers will remain a solid cornerstone in any culture or society.

In fact, AI can be of great help to lawyers and make them complete their tasks more effectively, efficiently, and quickly. Some examples of the responsibilities that AI can handle are paperwork-based work, the use of computers and algorithms, data entry, and assisting in the lawyers’ decisions.

6. Construction Jobs

Jobs that involve manual labor such as carpenters, electricians, and plumbers are less likely to be replaced by machines. The quality and efficiency of their work could be improved by leveraging technology and artificial intelligence though.

7. Movie/VFX Editing

Do you think there would be any AI editing software or machine that could replace human video editors? Personally, I don’t think this will happen anytime in 20/30 years. Luckily, AI couldn’t edit a video as perfectly as humans do.

8. Education

Even with all the opportunities offered by on-demand educational courses, kids learn social skills better when done in groups and these groups are still managed better by human teachers. AI can make teachers’ lives easier, if, for example, they leverage ai management tools or any technology that might make their days more productive.

9. Automation and AI

The field in the question itself is mostly immune to job cuts. Though a general AI could solve all the automation problems in the future, we are still far away from such AI agents.

10. Art

No matter what art ai can produce, or how many cool NFT generators are there, I don’t think AI will be as creative as humans when it comes to art and passion. Art is a domain where humans can still excel more than anything else for the foreseeable future.

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11. Social Works

Social workers, counselors, and therapists are less likely to be replaced by AI as they need to understand and empathize with the people they work with. Therefore, they just can’t be replaced by machines!

12. Research

Scientific Research itself is a highly inefficient domain that requires the involvement of a human. This is another area where creativity is dominant. However, leveraging AI with scientific research could be explosive and can get you insane results!

13. Software Engineering & Programming

Although there might be some AI-based code-producing products but still to update those AI, developers will be necessary. Even behind ChatGPT, there is a team that has been building and training the machines for over 7 years!

14. Politics & Governance

Do you want your country to be run by a machine? No matter how advanced artificial intelligence becomes, we will still want to govern ourselves. This is partially due to the fear of AI taking over humans.

15. Marketing

Marketing is all about creating an excellent relationship with your potential customer so they can trust you and give your product or service a shot! It’s a series of steps that require human interaction and touch, which ai cannot replace! It’s worth mentioning that the benefits of AI in marketing are endless.

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Reminder: If you want to use this infographic, you’re welcome, but make sure to give us credit!

How To Leverage AI To Make Money Online?

In the past couple of weeks, ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm, and you could barely see a big publication that didn’t talk about it!

Therefore, today while you’ll afraid to lose your job in the coming few years, I’ll share with you some ways you could make AI your friend and leverage it to make money online.

1. Start a Voiceover Business

If you search for the keyword “Voiceover” on Fiverr (a global online marketplace for freelance services) over 33,000+ services will pop up with prices varying from as low as $20 all the way up to $1500.

If that tells something, it tells that voiceover is a very huge industry and it’s a service that has a lot of demand that you can supply.

Click to buy an AI voiceover tool script from CodeCanyon.

2. Start a Transcription Business

Opposite to text to speech, transcription is the act of turning audio files or any sort of speech into well-ordered text. In fact, if you love languages and typing, this could be a lucrative side hustle that’s easy to learn.

Janet Shaughnessy, founder and creator of Transcribe Anywhere, offers free general and medical transcription mini-courses that can give you the basics about the business model.

Alternatively, you can purchase a done-for-you PHP script of an ai transcription tool and offer it as a service to your clients. This just could be a promising software as a service (SaaS).

Click to buy an AI speech-to-text (transcription) script from CodeCanyon.

3. Start an AI Content Generator

Content is king, they say, and it’s 100% true! It’s the cornerstone of any online business, and that’s what makes it a great side hustle to start.

Starting an AI content generator or writing assistant tool will allow you to generate high-quality, unique content for any website or application. You can create engaging, SEO-friendly content for anything while saving your customers’ time and effort.

Read in-depth: #1 Guide To Starting an AI Content Generation SaaS Business

4. Start an AI WordPress Drop Hosting Business

Similar to dropshipping and drop servicing, the idea is all about reselling a web hosting service that already exists. Luckily, I found you a drop hosting platform that allows you to achieve exactly that.

Check out 10Web. For more information about how you can get started, check out the full article below.

Read in-depth: Drop Hosting | A Newborn Yet A Lucrative Online Business

5. Start an SEO Agency

Search engine optimization is among the most complex and required digital marketing services. However, it’s one of the side hustles that pay you monthly recurring revenue and in most cases, the customer retention rate is something around 6 months. A couple of clients a month would make you a full-time income!

You can start by offering free SEO reports and tools (luckily, there’s pre-built on CodeCanyon for this), and monetize as you go along and as your business grows.

Click to buy an SEO analysis script from CodeCanyon.

Click to buy an SEO tools script from CodeCanyon.

6. Start a Copywriting Business

With the recent Google CEO’s warning about the negative effect of leveraging ChatGPT for content production, you should be completely convinced that writing blog posts isn’t the ultimate use case for this technology.

However, you can leverage it to brainstorm ideas and write compelling email subject lines and ad copies. Ideally, you can leverage other peoples’ work and purchase done-for-you scripts that you can use to build a new Jasper AI alternative, with no technical knowledge or experience.

Click to buy a copywriting SaaS business script from CodeCanyon.

7. Create & Sell Tools

There are millions of tool ideas that can be created to solve problems or make people’s lives easier. The way I usually like to do it is to build free tools, provide as much perceived value as possible, build a mailing list, and then monetize!

You can either leverage ChatGPT to build tools and then sell them on websites like Rapid API or simply purchase pre-built scripts. On marketplaces like CodeCanyon, there’s an endless number of PHP scripts that you can purchase and use as your own.

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Artificial intelligence is heavily affecting some repetitive jobs, and unless humans take action, adapt, and improve their skills, their jobs are most likely to be replaced by AI and learning machines!

It’s possible that AI can be used to assist or augment the tasks that are performed by humans, but it would not fully replace the human element required for these jobs.

If you’re concerned about whether your job might be affected by artificial intelligence, this article has discussed 21 of the jobs that are heavily affected by AI along with a list of 15 jobs that cannot and won’t be affected by AI!

Not only that, but we also discussed how you can make money using AI since the whole internet is talking about ChatGPT and the different ways you can use it to make money online!

The job market is constantly evolving, and the impact of AI on different jobs may change over time. It’s always a good idea to be open to learning new skills and adapting to changes in the job market.

Want To Start An Online Side Hustle That Won’t Be Affected By AI?

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