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2 comma club live

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How would you like to attend the new 2 Comma Club virtual conference (from the comfort of your home) – and only pay after the event, if you feel like it’s worth it?!

Russell Brunson just made a BIG announcement earlier this week…

Apparently, they’ve been working hard over at Clickfunnels because they just announced their 3-day “Two Comma Cub Live” virtual conference!

Everything is just becoming virtual and transactional, and the internet is playing a big role in our lives.

This article has mainly 2 sections. First of all, I will introduce you to Russell Brunson and his well-established company, Clickfunnels.

Secondly, we’ll talk about the 2 Comma Club Live Conference that has the ability to transform your business… And take it to the next level!

Are you as excited as Iam? 😆 Let’s just get straight to it!

Who is Russel Brunson

Russell Brunson is an online marketer who’s famous for a good reason!

He’s an American online marketer that was born on March 8, 1980, and he’s best known as the Co-Founder of Clickfunnels!

After he’s realized the power of sale funnels, he decided to share his techniques with the world and has established what’s so-called Cickfunnels.

And along his journey as an internet marketer, he has published multiple network marketing books and has sold hundreds of thousands of copies around the globe.

Russell is the king of funnels!

He’s generously been providing value teaching individuals all over the world how to implement the same strategies and techniques he’s personally used to take his company from zero to the fastest growing software company in the world!

What is Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is an online business toolkit that helps businesses sell and market their products and services online!

Its innovative page builder makes it one of the easiest and useful marketing tools for beginners and experts alike!

It’s a company that was established in 2014 by Russell Brunson, after cracking the online game using sales funnels, he’s finally introduced it to the world.

Clickfunnels has silently been revolutionizing the industry of online marketing, and it has made creating a sale funnel a piece of cake and joyful process…

It’s full of surprising and unique features, but what’s cool about it is they they offer pre-built funnels for almost any product or service in any niche!

No matter what you’re doing or what’s your business about, Clickfunnels has a funnel that fits you best!

Is your goal to generate leads? Clickfunnels has funnels for that!

Do you want to sell a product or service? There are specific funnels for that as well…

What are you waiting for? Dominate your market by leveraging sale funnels and grab your 14-day Clickfunnels subscription!

What is Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club

So, basically, 2 Comma Club is a community for people who have made over $1,000,000 in sales from one of their funnels in Clickfunnels!

It’s like an entrepreneurs and millionaires hub… In other words, the 2 Comma Club is Clickfunnel’s prestige list!

This exclusive community has multiple tier rewards where people receive trophies at a certain amount of revenue.

What is 2 Comma Club virtual conference

Two Comma Club Live is a 3-day immersive conference that Russell will be streaming from his office in Boise, Idaho.

This virtual conference is packed with some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet to help you create your own personal roadmap for your business!

Russell has selected the presentations that had the biggest impact on their 5,000+ Attendees at FHL!

They pulled these presentations out of the vault, and they’re going to stream those SAME PRESENTATIONS to you live!

Advantages of being a member of 2 Comma Club

Being a member of the 2 Comma Club is an advantage itself!

You’ll get the chance to closely work with Russell and his team and be a part of a group of “successful” people…

The thing that will always keep you motivated and in a continous competition with yourself, for achieving better results!

That said, below are some advantages or being a member of 2 Comma Club:

It all starts here, by providing more value for free then most people charge for…

The books are the underground playbooks for growing your business with sales funnels…

Get access for an intense 30-day immersion to help you get your first funnel built fast…

You’re just one funnel away from your ‘Two Comma Club’ award, join us for our annual live event to launch and scale your funnel… 

Get personal hand-holding in the group coaching program to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Work personally with Russell Brunson in his private mastermind group.

The Council is limited to just 5 people. Everything else at the council remains private among the members…

How to join the 2 Comma Club

Everyone is feasible to be part of the Clickfunnels Two Comma Club, and since you become a Clickfunnels user, you’re just one funnel away from earning the rewards and trophies!

The fact is, joining the 2 Comma Club is even easier that you may think.

First of all, you’ll need to sign up for Clickfunnels.

You will enjoy all the features, bundles, freebies and books that they offer and get the chance to work directly with successful people.

After doing so, you would need to create a sale funnel, and this is Russell’s game!

If one of your funnels that you create in Clickfunnels has earned over $1,000,000 in sales, you’ll earn your first Two Comma Club reward and become a part of that community.

Once you’ve hit your 1st $1m, you’d need to apply for the Two Comma Club award and cover a $250 application fee.

How would you like Russell to hold you by hand as you launch your first (Or next) funnel?

Russell has created a challenge and called it the “One Funnel Away“.

It’s basically 30 days of mission videos from Russell Brunson and coaching from Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian.

Inside this challenge, you’ll find a truckload of value and some cool bonuses (One Funnel Away kit – 30 days plan, 30 days hardcover book, MP3 player, unlimited access to behind the scenes Two Comma Club interviews.

So, starting with the One Funnel Away challenge can give you a head start and a great boost towards your success online!

Additionally, Russell has recently published the second version of his Dotcom Secrets book.

Dotcom Secrets is a network marketing book that teaches you 28 virtually unknown secrets for growing any business using sales funnels!

This is so powerful, and the strategies in this book are the same that Russell has been leveraging and implementing in the last couple of years to grow his company (Clickfunnels) to be the fastest-growing software company in the world.

Long story short, all that you need is basically a Clickfunnels account, and some resources to help you accelerate the process and succeed.

ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Awards

There are 4 types of trophies and awards of the Two Comma Club.

Two Comma Club Award (2CC)

It’s an award that’s given to people who has crossed the 1 Million Dollar sales mark from one of Clickfunnels funnels.

This is a huge milestone in any entrepreneur’s life!

So, Clickfunnels believes that every entrepreneur deserves a beautiful and emotional shining moment to walk across the stage at Funnel Hacking Live with a Two Comma Club award, and celebrate the special milestone that they’ve hit! 

Number of Two Comma Club earned over the years:

YearAwards Earned

Two Comma Club-X Award (2CC-X)

Along the way and as their businesses grow, some entrepreneurs have hit a new milestone worth celebrating.

10 Milion Dollar in revenue!

That means, they each earned over eight figures inside their ClickFunnels funnel!

Clickfunnels have awarded a total of 46 Eight Figure awards for our Funnel Hackers who have crossed the $10 Million dollar mark with their ClickFunnel Funnel.

Two Comma Club-C Award (2CC-C):

This award plaque is made up of four milestones along the entrepreneurial Journey!

$25 Million… $50 Million… $75 Million… And $100 Million!

In the words of Clickfunnels:

Each time a Funnel Hacker reaches one of these four milestones inside their ClickFunnels funnel, the corresponding segment of their “C” award will be filled in

Two Comma Club – Clickfunnels

Two Comma Club – Two Heart Award:

Finally, this award plaque for people who’re creating a movement, and donated over $1 Million Dollar to Charity from their funnel income!

Clickfunnels has made this award for the real change-makers of the world!

Two CommaClub Live Alternatives

Knowledge broker blueprint

The knowledge broker blueprint is a course created by the great Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, and it’s basically the biggest online course launches in history!

It provides a ton of value and the power of this course has the ability to literally transform your lifestyle and income!

These guys are lords in their industry and they know exactly what they are teaching and doing, trust me you don’t want to miss up a second of their speech!

Want to learn more about the Knowledge Broker Blueprint? (Open in a new tab)

Legendary Marketer Club

For anyone who wants to start an online business but doesn’t know where to begin, leading the charges of David Sharpe is a no-brainer!

David is one of those who’ve made online marketing education delivered simply and with integrity!

At Legendary Marketer Club, they have a simple mission; help people start an online business or grow an existing business using online and cutting edge marketing strategies.

They provide robust digital courses, personalized virtual coaching and highly dynamic and supportive live mastermind events.

Want to learn more about the Legendary Marketer Club? (Open in a new tab)

Lurn Summit 2.0

LurnSummit 2.0 is a 2-day online summit, a total of 16-hour virtual training launched by Anik Singal who is best known as the founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc.

The cool thing about LurnSummit is that you only need to pay a $1!

Yup, that’s right, one dollar only to save your seat in the Summit and learn from top experts like Anik Singal, Robert Kiyosaki (the best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad book), Bob Proctor and Kevin Strawbridge (the new CEO of Clickbank)!

These legendary entrepreneuers show you how to start, launch & grow a digital business.

Over 11,000 Tickets sold for Lurn Summit #1 – And they are back, new and Improved!

Want to learn more about Lurn Summit 2.0? (Open in a new tab)

Clickfunnels success stories

Kevin David

I’ve recently published an article about Kevin David getting rich using Clickfunnels!

He’s a multi-level millionaire that’s been an entrenpeuer since he was 14 years old!

Kevin David is also known as the Shopify Ninja, Amazon FBA Ninja, Facebook Ads Ninja, and he’s also the CEO and founder of ThatNinjaLifestyle!

Kevin was awarded the 2 Comma Club by Clickfunnels for making over $1,000,000 from Clickfunnels sales funnels.

However, it didn’t end there!

Kevin’s business and courses have been crushing it online, and Clickfunnels has been a great help for him to promote himself and sell his products online!

As his business kept growing, Kevin has been awarded the 2 Comma Club X award, which is, as I’ve previously mentioned, an award that’s given to people who cross the $10,000,000 in revenue from one Clickfunnels sale funnel!

That’s an 8-figure a year… Don’t you think that’s insane?!

Kevin has been leveraging Clickfunnels in all of his businesses and funnels, and he would have probably started with the DotCom Secrets Book!

Kevin was not born with knowledge for sure, he just had the passion needed to succeed, and he’s also not the only one!

In the words of Clickfunnels:

“Get Just 100 New ClickFunnels Users…And We’ll Cover The Payments On YOUR Dream Car!”


Being said, Kevin has also been rewarded his dream car for referring hundreds of active users through his affiliate link!

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There’s a truckload of entrepreneurs who’ve been awarded one of the 2 Comma Club plaques or cars.

Entrepreneurs like Robert Kiyosaki, Tai Lopez, Dan Henry, and many many others!


Nowadays, while everything’s becoming more virtual and transactional, you don’t need to leave your house to do the shopping. This can be done through your laptop of mobile!

This is exactly the case with learning and improving your skills!

You don’t have to leave your home! Amazing experts are willing to educate you and come right to your doors!

This article has taken the Two Comma Club virtual conference into depth and discussed all of its features and benefits.

Not only this, in this awesome piece of content, we’ve introduced you to other conferences and programs that we saw great alternatives for the 2 Comma Club Live.

With all that the internet is offering nowadays, starting an online business is becoming more easier and feasible!

However, it’s a matter of commitment, constant efforts, hard work and belief!

What about you? Are you considering participating in the 2 Comma Club virtual conference or in one of its alternatives? 🙂

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