15 Tips On How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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These are 15 Tips on how to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog:

Step 1:Sign up for a free business account
Step 2: Use a headshot, not a logo
Step 3:Claim your website and accounts
Step 4:Categorize your profile
Step 5:Optimize your bio description
Step 6:Set up your account for rich pins
Step 7:Choose a good copy description
Step 8:Choose the right time to pin
Step 9:Ensure your images are pin-worthy
Step 10:Add text to your image
Step 11:Add a pin it button to your blog post
Step 12:Join group boards
Step 13:Engage with your followers
Step 14:Automate your pinning
Step 15:Add a cover image to your boards

Are you aware that you can use Pinterest to increase your blog’s traffic? According to new research, Pinterest is driving more traffic to websites than Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google Plus combined.

There are those people who think that Pinterest is a site for women for sharing their DIY projects and latest recipes.

You have created your website, spent a lot of effort on research and writing amazing blog posts and uploaded them on your website.

However, it seems like you are not getting a lot of readers, and your blog traffic is not that impressive. This is a question that you need to ask yourself, are you promoting it well on Pinterest?

After writing a blog post, you have to drive traffic to it if you want a good ROI (return on investment). Pinterest is quickly becoming a platform where people head to read their choices of articles.

However, how do you do it? This article will guide you and inform you of all you want to know about how you can use Pinterest to increase your blog traffic.

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These are 15 Tips on how to use Pinterest and drive more traffic to your blog - EcomDimes

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How To Use Pinterest To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog?

The use of Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog is powerful, and these are some of the astounding facts to prove it:

  • Every pin can drive up to 6 page views and 2 page visits
  • The spreadability of a pin is 100x more than an average tweet
  • Every pin can generate 78 cents for e-commerce sites
  • A pin’s life is one week, unlike 90 minutes for Facebook and 24 minutes for Twitter

Do not think that because you are a blogger, or you are in marketing or the tech industry you cannot make an impact on Pinterest.

There are a lot of people from these industries on Pinterest.

These are the steps to set up your Pinterest account the right way and ensure you also get to benefit from Pinterest and attract more traffic.

1. Sign up for a free business account

If you want to get an impression in your efforts of pinning, convert your account to a free Pinterest business account.

If you do not have an existing account, you can sign up for one, it is free. After signing up, you will access Pinterest analytics that will give you information on the behavior of your pins after verifying your site with Pinterest.

2. Use a headshot, not a logo

Successful bloggers humanize their brands with a photo of them. A photo of you would do the job because people like to follow other people, so it’s a great way to connect with your followers.

EcomDimes could be a great example, check the image below. (Follow us on Pinterest)

3. Claim your website, and other accounts

When creating your profile, a big point Pinterest will reward you with if you are claiming your site. Also, you can claim and connect any other social account you have. This will stimulate your Pinterest SEO and authority simultaneously.

4. Categorize your profile

Don’t forget to not make it hard for Pinterest to figure out what your account is all about! Pinterest will use your users’ behavior to understand your profile niche, so you would help it much if you make it clear what your account and business are all about.

5. Optimize your bio description

This was created to give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to people, and tell them what do you offer right away!

Try to add relevant keywords in a form of clear structural sentences and avoid just throwing separated keywords with no connections.

6. Set up your account for rich pins

Rich pins do offer pins extra value. Those types of pins have the ability to pull data from your website and tell Pinterest more about the context in which that pin can be helpful.

That helps Pinterest to distribute your pin in the right places to the right people.

I’ve already included a few helpful tips on how to set up your rich pins in the first chapter, but something that I haven’t mentioned yet is the fact that there are 4 types of rich pins:

● Article rich pins (perfect for bloggers and content creators)

● Product pins (perfect for store owners)

● Recipe pins (for food bloggers)

● App pins (for apps, probably not relevant to bloggers)

If you write any type of content online (blog posts, articles, etc), then having the article rich pins enabled can be of tremendous help because, besides all the added information about the article and the author, they also come with one big fat call to action encouraging people to “Read It”.

For a blogger, article pins are the most valuable because it will help in promoting your latest blog posts with bigger headlines, your logo, and a link that will lead to your site. Also, it is easy to set up with WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO.

This is a recipe rich pin example to better understand what I’m trying to point here:

Pro Tip: Rich pins tend to show at the very top of an excerpt of your blog post if you’ve written one or otherwise they pull up the first few sentences from the blog post it’s linked to. If you want to make the most of that space, make sure you write a custom excerpt (within your blogging

This is a tutorial by the pretty Sara Nguyen to teach you how to set up Pinterest rich pins:

7. Choose a good copy description

Every pin contains a description that informs the readers of what your pins are all about. For a blogger, a blog heading and a short description of the post is adequate.

However, if you want to really maximize the potential of your pin, you need to go an extra mile. The following are the tips to make your pins great as per the data by Pinterest.

Also, adding relevant hashtags to your pins’ descriptions would be a smart activity! Make a list of relevant and popular hashtags in your niche and keep that close. You’ll need it every time you add a new pin or repin one of your own pins!

The following are the requirements for an amazing pin for high engagement:

✔️ Helpful – your pin should be easily found by the readers and contain a spot-on description.

✔️ Detailed – explain to the pinner what your pin is about, giving enough info to entice him or her to go to your blog.

✔️ Interesting – use positive sentiments and sensory-related words for drawing the pinners’ emotions.

✔️ Actionable – Provide a call-to-action button in your description as it can increase engagement by more than 80%.

✔️ Adding a text to your image makes your pin increasingly descriptive. Make sure you market and promote your content, incorporating keywords that are SEO-friendly in your description. Include relevant hashtags to the description of your pin.

8. Choose the right time to pin

In every hour of every day, hundreds of pins are displayed on Pinterest. Your goal in the strategy of Pinterest marketing is obtaining the most repins. However, how can you make your pins be the most noticed? You want to have as numerous people as possible repining your material for it to be frequented more to the new users.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Finding the best time and day of pinning is the most successful strategy. You would naturally want to pin when the audience you are targeting is on Pinterest. You need to keep pinning consistently to reach more people, however, do not overdo it.

It’s advised to contribute your pins not just through the week, but also through the day. You can’t just through them all together at once, they simply get unnoticed and buried.

Tailwind, by the way, makes it easier for you to pin! It’s Pinterest’s #1 official scheduler, it helps you schedule pins and also pushes them to your ideal audience at the right time.

The toolkit’s algorithm chooses the right timing for posting, which leads to higher presence, activity, and engagement!

Related: Learn more about Tailwind app (Open in a new tab)

9. Ensure your images are pin-worthy

The images on your pins are what make Pinterest so addicting and alluring. Do not just use any images, ensure that the images you use are optimized to have maximum engagement.

Use the right-sized images, and note that Pinterest favors vertical ones as more users use mobile devices to view the feeds. The best ratio to use is 4:5 or 2:3.

Make sure that the image you use is amazing, it should have a contextual background, vibrant colors, do not include human faces, more lightness, and include red tones.

You can purchase pre-built templates, or you can create them by yourself using Canva.

Canva is the tool that I use to create all of these awesome pins. You can use Canva for free or upgrade to Canva Pro for just $15 a month, it’s totally worth it! (Open in a new tab)

10. Add text to your image

Your pin will draw more attention and increase traffic back to your blog if you can add text to the images. 

Not only does it appear to be more professional when created right it also makes the pinner know quickly and at a glance what your pin is about. There are a lot of free image editing tools that you can use to easily add text in your images.

11. Add a pin it button to your blog post

The pin it button makes it easier for the blog visitors to pin your blog post easily.

And this can be easily achieved through a WordPress plugin called Grow – Social Pug formerly.

Grow by Mediavine, is not just a plugin and here’s a great tutorial from the cooool and pretty Anastasia (Digital Marketing Expert):

12. Join group boards

Pinterest group boards are amazing if you want to generate more traffic to your site. A popular group board is like a community board that allows other pinners to pin, increasing your exposure.

It is possible to quickly grow the number of your followers through joining a community board. Regular pins to a group board will help you to get noticed and people might develop an interest in your Pinterest board.

Why joining group boards?

Joining group boards is one of the simplest ways you can boost your Pinterest reach (even with a new account). Here is why group boards have the potential to increase your reach, help you grow your account and get more traffic to your blog:

Better activity

And simply, Pinterest loves activity! Group boards tend to have better activity than our regular boards because they have multiple contributors!

The reciprocity rule

It’s not just all about activity, but also good engagement! Most group boards have their own rules, which require you to publish fresh content, don’t repeat any pins in a period of 30 days, for example, maximum pin 5 pins a day.

Those rules will determine the user’s engagement, and this will create a platform of mutual sharing where you don’t only benefit from the added exposure of adding your pins there, but you are seeing good engagement from other contributors as well.

More followers

Once you become a contributor to a group board, that board starts showing up on your profile. If a group board has 100+ contributors, that board is now showing up on 100+ Pinterest profiles, which means it has a way bigger chance of getting discovered and followed by people.

When somebody follows you, they only automatically follow your own boards. Group boards have to be followed manually; which is why, most of the time, the followers of a board belong to the person who created it.

This is how you can recognize a board:

How to join a group board as a contributor?

Each and every board has an owner who sets his own rules! Basically, once you click the board, you will be taken inside, and they will be providing the needed info, whether they accept new contributors or not, how to apply and how often to pin. Check the image below:

Once you see that the board’s owner is opened to new contributors, you can apply and here’s what you need to say to attract their attention:

Related: Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Do you want an in-depth Pinterest course to teach you everything that’s related to Pinterest from A-Z? Grab your “Making Pinterest Possible digital course“, and start implementing those strategies today! (Open in a new tab)

13. Engage with your followers

Every good social marketer ensures that he or she engages with his or her followers. It is no different when it comes to converting your pinners into blog readers.

People will want to connect with you more if you keep engaging with them. There are various ways to engage on Pinterest, and they are as follows:

  • Pin relevant, original and good content
  • Be consistent when it comes to pinning for your pins to be seen in the feeds of your followers
  • Follow your followers back
  • Find good content ideas from your followers’ pins and boards
  • Repin, comment and like on the pins of your followers
  • Repin the great content that your followers might like

14. Automate your pinning

Manually pinning every day can be too much for a blogger. However, you can choose to automate the strategy of your pinning and use Tailwind.

Tailwind uses various methods of automating your pinning strategy. You can use interval pinning, board lists, and smart loop functions to improve your pinning game.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

If you’re wondering what Tailwind is, it’s an online toolkit designed for making bloggers’ lives easier! It helps you schedule all your pins and not just this, it will push them on Pinterest at the right time, where the activity and engagement are at their best!

Related: If you want to learn more about Tailwind, click here, but if you’re completely aware of what Tailwind is, claim your voucher with Tailwind now. You must be a new user to be eligible (Open in a new tab)

15. Add a cover image to your boards

Pinterest allows you to select one of the existing pins in a board as a cover image, therefore, instead of displaying the latest 4-5 pins, they show your chosen image, with just 2 of the most recent pins to the side.

Cover images actually organize your account and give it a unique atmosphere that you choose it to be.

To give you an example of how this looks, here is a comparison between 2 random Pinterest accounts: one that selected board covers for all their boards, and one that didn’t:

Boards without a cover image, confusing!
Boards with a cover image, organized!

Want to master Pinterest?

Look, there’s nothing that can’t be done in this crazy world! The human brain was meant and designed to achieve more than you think!

Learning from experts is truly important because they help you cut off the distance to success.

You could, for sure, figure it out by yourself, but it will take you a long journey of trials and errors, and you can’t forget about the ever-changing algorithm of Pinterest!

So, investing in a course that takes the part of educating you about everything related to this is a no-brainer.

Our job at EcomDimes is to find you the best tools, opportunities, and resources to help you succeed in this journey, so we’ve found you the best Pinterest course that has the highest perceived value and lowest investment that we could find!

If you have any of the following questions, this e-book is for you:

✅ How do I get blog traffic and readers from Pinterest?

✅ How do I optimize my Pinterest account and boards for SEO?

✅ How do I create pin graphics that stand out?

✅ What should I pin, how much and where?

✅ How do I create a kick-ass pinning schedule?

✅ How do I find, join and participate in group boards?

✅ What are the benefits of manual pinning vs scheduling pins?

✅ How do you use Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes to automate and grow?

✅ How can I track my progress and interpret my Pinterest analytics?

✅ Do followers matter on Pinterest? How can I get more?

Pinterest Ebook Bonuses

What you’ll learn in this course:

? A 170+ pages ebook with detailed strategies on how to get started with Pinterest, craft an advanced pinning schedule and boost your blog traffic like a PRO.

? Access to 17 case studies from bloggers and biz owners who mastered Pinterest (+ their best kept secrets).

? Free Video Training: How To Create Stunning Pinterest Graphics And Templates (For Free) In Canva.

? Free Video Training: How To Find, Report, Take Down & Prevent Stolen Pins on Pinterest.

? A Tailwind voucher for new users ($30 value).

? An invitation to Ana’s exclusive Tailwind Tribe.

Final wrap

Pinterest is a goldmine for bloggers! It’s not just a social media platform, it’s a search engine where people come in seeking answers to their questions, and solutions for their problems.

You may have started your blog, or considering starting a one soon, now you need to bring traffic to it in order to get profitable, and Pinterest can help you with that!

I believe that there should be an online presence for you in this decade, and blogging is proven to be a fruitful business with no risks involved!

Bloggers are the heart of the internet, and luckily, you can start your blog today for as low as $2.75, and this article is a step by step guide for how to start your own blog with 10 simple steps! (Open in a new tab)

Finally, if you want to get the maximum out of Pinterest for your blog, this course is the mastermind for getting your blog noticed and explode its traffic!

Are you using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website? What step were you missing to implement? Let me know if you need any help!

You, our readers, are so precious to us! And in fact, you’re the reason behind creating this awesome blog! For EcomDimes readers, we’ve grabbed you a $300 OFF voucher for America’s most comfortable mattress. Sleep better and do more! 😊

Puffy Lux

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These are 15 Tips on how to use Pinterest and drive more traffic to your blog - EcomDimes

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