19 Best T-Shirt Designs For VeVe Lovers, Fans, & Collectors

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Elegance is always in style for men. There are all different kinds of elegance. It can be silk, leather, or it can be a Veve T-shirt.

If you’ve ended up landing on this post, this means that you are looking for Veve-inspired t-shirts to buy, thus, this is precisely what we will be sharing with you in this post!

In this article, we will be featuring top Veve t-shirts from the Veveholic merch store that you can buy to show off being early on Veve or even gift your Veveholic friends!

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19 Best Veve T-Shirts Of All Times

In fact, a T-shirt is a great way to promote Veve everywhere we go and bring more awareness to this one-in-a-lifetime collecting opportunity.

Being said, below are the top 19 Veve T-shirts that you can buy online and even pay for them via OMI, (thanks to Veveholic for always creating utilities for the OMI token!)

1. Custom Veve QR Code

This product allows you to have your custom Veve QR code printed on a t-shirt in two different versions. The first version is your Veve QR Code on the front area only.

The other version allows you to have a small version of “Veve QR Code” on the chest, and a big one with “Pimp My Vault” on the back!

Want to customize your t-shirt? Change the color, the text, and even put your best Veve NFT on the front or the back? Any concept you can think of, Veveholic’s artists have got you covered.

Just send them a picture or describe your idea in your order notes and leave the rest up to them. The best thing is, they’ll keep it up to you to tip our design as much as you want upon finishing your order!

2. Veve NFT-Shirts

NFT-Shirts is a new t-shirt line by the Veveholic merch store that allows you to print your most preferred Veve NFT on a t-shirt along with your own unique mint number!

Currently, the team has listed two NFT-shirt collections on the site, but if there’s any other NFT you have in mind that you want to print on a shirt or hoodie, don’t hesitate to reach out to them on Twitter at @Veveholic_ and leave the rest up to them.

3. Captain Vever T-Shirt

Captain Vever Wants You, The Unofficial Veveverse Mascot is a design that was created by a Veve community member called on Twitter “Not Sure”, and it’s a fun version of the Captain America character.

4. Veveholic Version 1

Add some color to your routine with this comfortable and light t-shirt. This premium fitted short sleeve is a classic choice for expressing your support, proudness, and loyalty to the community.

4. Veveholic Version 2

This high-quality print adds a statement to your workout or everyday routine and is also a great way to express loyalty to the Veve community.

5. Veveholic Version 3

This “cartoonized” Veveholic t-shirt can also be a great gift for a Veveholic friend!

6. Veve, Home of Heroes T-Shirt

This t-shirt makes sense as Veve gathers all of the superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Elektra, Thor, etc. under one roof!

7. Ultra Rare I’m Coming T-Shirt

If you’re a Veve user, you should already know how hard it’s getting to score an NFT with a high rarity level on drops!

That is what makes this one a great t-shirt for Veve fans, lovers, and collectors!

8. I’m From Veveverse

The VeveVerse will offer an immersive metaverse in which fans and collectors can stake their claim in a new and collaborative world of collecting. Will you participate in the metaverse of Veve? Buy this t-shirt and get prepared for the big event in late 2022!

9. Veve Master Collector Version 1

A man who is a master of patience is a master of everything else!

Are you a Veve Master Collector who’s looking forward to patiently holding their Veve NFTs for a fairly long time? If so, you deserve to delight yourself with this Veve t-shirt.

10. Veve Master Collector Version 2

People are so curious, so chances are when you wear this t-shirt, friends, parents, or family may ask you what is Veve? This is why this is a great shirt for getting Veve more awareness, recognition, and eyeballs!

11. The Vevefam T-Shirt

The Veve family is getting bigger day after day, so this might be a good addition to your wardrobe or can even be a great invitation present to a friend to join this whole brand new digital collecting experience.

12. Swinging on Veve T-Shirt

This funny Spider-Man t-shirt is a great buy for everyone who spends most of their day swinging on the Veve app until it kills their phone’s battery!

13. Veve Is My Middle Name

If Veve is not only your middle name; but your first and last name too, then this t-shirt is definitely a no-brainer buy!

14. I’m A Veve Catwoman

 “You make it so easy, don’t you. Always waiting for some Batman to save you. I am Catwoman. Hear me roar!” This is a great t-shirt if you’re a Veve & Catwoman fan.

15. VeVe Supergirl T-Shirt

This t-shirt design is also a great fit for Veve female fans and collectors. Unlock your superpowers with this cool t-shirt!

16. Birthday Veve Gems T-Shirt

This Veve t-shirt is a great outfit for your birthday as it can potentially get you free gems on your birthday while attracting new people to come and join the fun on Veve!

17. Veve Is My Home

A home is a place where you feel happy and where our Veve story begins! This design is for all the people around the world that belong to Veve.

18. I’m A Veve Muse

Once you start being a Veve muse, you cannot stop being a muse!

19. Veve Collector Investor Believer

And this t-shirt sums it all up! This t-shirt is a good fit for all Veve collectors, investors, and believers!

Visit veveholic.com for more product categories, items, and designs! (Click here to go to the Veveholic store!)


For five straight years, the Advertising Specialty Institute or ASI has found T-shirts to be the top product category for promotional products, based on a sales report from distributors in the US. 

In this article, we’ve featured the top 19 desirable Veve t-shirts from the Veveholic store that you can buy to express your support to the fam and even pay for using OMI!

Thanks to Veveholic for always giving OMI a utility outside the Veve app! What about you, which Veve t-shirt did you like most and would be purchasing soon?

If you find this post inspiring and valuable, share it with your friends, please! (Virtual high fives and hugs to all my sharers out there)

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