11 Ways to Make Money with NFTs (A Quick Detailed Guide)





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Thanks to crypto blockchains, you can earn your income today in various ways, such as through non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs.

By now, you must have come across NFTs but are probably clueless about how you can make money with these assets. However, this shouldn’t worry you because this guide will take you through what NFTs are and how you’ll be able to use them to make money in a short while.

As a creator or investor, you can earn income through NFTs, which can significantly change your life. But making cash from NFTs can be daunting, especially if it entails massive numbers.

Almost everyone perceives digital collectibles well, and no one wants to be left out. Therefore, if you’re unsure where to start, don’t panic because you’re in the right place. This article details the 11 ways you can make money with NFTs. 

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What Are NFTs?

An NFT refers to a digital asset representing real-world items, like music, art, videos, and in-game items. Because they’re cryptographic assets on the blockchain, they boast unique identification metadata and codes that differentiate them. NFTs are usually sold and bought online like cryptocurrency, details of which you can find more at Swyftx

Moreover, you can treat NFTs as some property because they’re valuable, but you can’t divide them into any small quantity. Remember, NFTs are fungible tokens, which can represent an idea and asset digitally.

You must understand that you can’t duplicate these tokens because they are non-physical. 

Ways You Can Make Money With NFTs

You can earn yourself income with NFTs in the following ways: 

1. Trade NFTs

You must understand that trading NFTs is just like trading stocks. So, if you’re into trading, consider trying NFTs you can find at a lower value, and when their price soars, sell for a profit as is the case with stocks. Here’s a quick guide that discusses 6 epic ways for making money with the Veve NFT marketplace.

As a trader, you must first do your survey properly when looking for NFTs to determine which one promises greater return in the future. 

2. NFT Gaming

Another way of making money from NFTs is through NFT gaming, which has grown popular in recent years. NFT gaming is an excellent source of making money with NFT, especially for beginners. It gives you a platform to make money with NFTs by producing games you can sell in the future to make a profit.

Thus, if you’re a gamer, you’ve got a chance to earn revenue from your hobby. Additionally, you’re likely to find a few valuable collectibles in games such as Decentraland and CryptoKitties.

Similarly, if you implement knowledge and new skills, you can start a business that produces games targeting the NFT industry and features pricey collectibles. With this in mind, you can undoubtedly say that NFT gaming has the power to change the economy. 

It’s important to first consider a few aspects, such as knowing the risks of NFT gaming and finding an NFT wallet for your NFT earnings. Lastly, find a game providing NFTs as a reward.

3. Renting Out NFTs

In most cases, you can easily make money with NFTs by renting them out. Currently, numerous platforms have been initiated to enable enthusiasts of NFTs to use them for a short time. You might find yourself renting NFTs for reasons like digital art dealing, exhibitions, art installation, and short-term flex.

Likewise, if you’re busy and have no time to engage in games, Axie Infinity permits you to rent your NFT game item to your colleagues. 

This explains why the NFT market has multiple possibilities for you to select and benefit from as an investor. You can also rent out NFT to a non-holder who looks forward to showing up at an NFT-holder event but isn’t willing to spend on the fill ownership.

You can even consider renting out your NFT if you don’t plan to use them, so you can make some income from them.

4. NFT Staking

Staking is locking up your NFTs for a vesting period in the staking pool for interest or reward after each cycle. So, if you want a reward, ensure you stake your NFT. This is an investment project that will yield fruits in every cycle.

When you stake an NFT, you’re only allowed to make withdrawals when the vesting period lapses. You risk missing rewards if you mistake withdrawing when the time isn’t right; but when locked, you still own it. 

You should opt for locked assets if you want help with the consensus mechanism blockchain. As the owner of NFT, you are likely to earn rewards, which in most cases vary. Besides, a pool is a collection of assets. Hence, secure it using a smart contract. Remember that pool rewards are usually distributed among participants who are under blockchain management. 

NFT staking is a long-term strategy and a source of passive income. It works like a savings account because it guarantees interest after placing your asset. Yet sometimes, your staked assets might depreciate, making it impossible for your earned interest to exceed the loss. Furthermore, the rewards you earn vary depending on the project. 

This explains why you should read lock cycles and the platform’s rules or the blockchain game because there’s a variation between them. You might also find staking guidelines of the platforms supporting staking, which will guide you on how to go about NFT staking on platforms such as a Discord server.

5. Mint and Sell Your NFTs

If you want to make money directly with NFTs, ensure you make NFTs and sell them. This means you have to understand how to initiate cryptocurrency. Besides, the entire process of creating NFT is referred to as minting, which comes at a low cost. Therefore, with little crypto, you can easily make thousands or hundreds of NFTS. 

So, if you’re looking forward to selling your NFT, worry no further because there are many NFT marketplaces in 2022 that you can consider. Some examples include Quint, Binance, Rarible, OpenSea, and Nifty Gateway to name a few.

With these many options, you have the freedom to choose the best platform to use to mint and sell the NFTs you’ve created. 

So, if you happen to list your NFTs on the marketplace, you’ve got no option but to wait for customers to purchase them. You must know that each marketplace features numerous identical NFTs. Thus, to make your customers buy your NFTs, create desirable hype.

This is achievable via social media marketing. After selling your NFT, the buyer’s crypto is conveyed into your wallet, and your NFT is also transferred into your buyer’s wallet. Here’s a quick detailed guide on how to buy and sell NFTs on OpenSea.

6. Generating Royalties

Royalties work excellently with the selling of NFTs, and they formulate interesting marketing elements. In addition, you can come up with your royalty percentage when minting, meaning secondary market sales must offer you some payment, more so if you’re a creator. In most cases, NFT royalty levels usually range from 5% to 10%, with some exceeding these percentages. 

Remember, expensive NFTs feature a submerged royalty percentage, which usually earns you a passive income, especially when they’re resold. Similarly, specific NFT marketplaces might cap royalties by 10%, thereby ensuring this digital asset remains valuable and attractive even to future investors. 

As an investor, you must ensure that your NFT collections are worth an investment. This will enable you to earn the most out of the royalty process. Avoid setting royalties, especially if your NFT will be bought once.

So, ensure you steer unique advantages or cases into your NFT because these offer you a valuable income stream. 

7. Adopt NFT-Powered Yield Farming 

With this concept in mind, you can make money with NFTs because they are currently significant parts of the automated market makers. This means you can comfortably farm for yields via NFT-powered items.

However, you must understand first that yield farming is an innovative idea that enables you to make extra revenue. You can quickly achieve this by leveraging a few decentralized finance protocols with your digital assets, which offer you the highest yield. 

Yet before you use this concept, ensure you conduct thorough research to understand it better. With that said, you must always remember that NFT-powered yield farming and liquidity usually have many risks, so you need to be aware of these risks to maximize your earnings.

8. Flipping NFTs

This is another efficient way of making money with NFTs. It’s a process of purchasing at a reduced price and selling at a high price, giving you a positive return. There’s a difference between other investment strategies as well as flipping. Flipping is known as a short-term approach, unlike other strategies for investing.

However, finding an excellent NFT to create cash and then flipping it to make a profit can be difficult because the market is too competitive. This doesn’t mean you can’t make a profit. Of course, you can, but you must consider many aspects, especially when reviewing or investigating the process of flipping NFTs to earn profit.

9. Sale of Licensed Collectibles

If you’re a crypto enthusiast, NFTs offer you an excellent way to deal with collectibles. Therefore, as a collector or an artist, you should consider NFT because it allows you to tokenize collectibles. This makes it easy to sell physical collectibles like trinkets and trading cards, which are digital assets, enabling you to save on your effort and time. 

Additionally, when you sell physical collectibles as digital assets, there’s no doubt you’ll get maximum profitability and prove uniqueness to your customers. Licensed collectibles allow your collectibles to increase in value periodically.

Currently, the most famous licensed collectibles are Disney, Marvel Comics, and football sports cards, but other sports have also started drawing interest. 

For instance, the National Basketball Association made its way to this market using various NFT card collections. Soon, sports such as this will follow the trend, offering collectors multiple choices. Remember that you can significantly benefit from altering your physical collectibles to tokenized assets and trading them off.

This means your assets will be in a digital form and will be kept on a blockchain, saving you from worrying regarding their overtime quality. With that said, consider selling licensed collectibles to make money with NFTs.

10. Try Influencing

NFTs are growing more popular each day because individuals have started recognizing their significance. And are you aware that you can easily make money with NFTs by being an NFT influencer? Yes, you can, and as an NFT influencer, you can come up with a name that most individuals have never thought of.

In addition, as an influencer, you’re supposed to create valuable content to make people more aware of these tokens.

Yet how will this earn money? Well, as an NFT influencer, you’ll be able to develop a brand that will probably have a considerable following. This will give you a platform to monetize varying services and products.

However, this won’t be a compelling idea if you want overnight success. If you exercise patience, you can earn from being an influencer because many individuals are unaware of NFTs and would gladly like to learn more about them and what they are all about.

11. Finance NFT Startups

Another method you can use NFTs to earn money is by investing in NFT startups. This is promising because NFTs don’t encourage the quick crypto passing trend because they incorporate multiple applications in many industries, which have the potential for many global changes.

This explains why the cryptocurrency world has promising NFTs startups displaying significant innovations. So, ensure you invest in NFT startups and walk with them into the future. 

Furthermore, the more you invest in NFTs, the more you become mainstream. Making NFTs, trading collectibles, and gaming might act as set pacers. However, there are various ways you can earn cash from them. You’re also likely to experience risks, which are usually part of every investment.

There are no investments without risks after all. Therefore, ensure you research thoroughly and invest wisely. 


Hopefully, this post has helped enlighten you on everything you need to know about making money with NFTs. With the promising approaches featured above, you can undoubtedly face the market without fear.

And if you’re an investor, you’ll make a tremendous return from your NFT investment. Thus, ensure you follow the tips to make money with NFTs in this detailed guide, and let’s see what happens next.

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