Blogging Tips: 10 Things To Do As A Blogger

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Initially, blogs were referred to as ‘weblogs.’ They were primarily used as places that a person would write about his or her daily activities.

If you are a blogger and you have no idea on what to prioritize during your blogging every day, the following are ten blogging tips that you ought to consider doing as a blogger.

They later advanced to mini sites where one would record his or her opinions, videos, stories, and photos. Many mini-sites gained followers, and this is where blogging was born.

So, who is a blogger?

Primarily, a blogger creates content (mostly referred to as blog articles, blog posts, content, web copy, web content, and blog content). A blog can be for personal use, and also for news, businesses, networking, and other professional ways.

Blogging Tips: 10 Things To Do As A Blogger

you might have started your blog, or are thinking about setting up one because you hear people say that it’s an easy way to make money.

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To some, these side hustles ended up becoming full-time businesses. Blogging is one example of a side-hustle that is increasingly becoming a favorite to many.

What makes blogging a fascinating hustle is that it allows you to write what you are passionate about and has multiple streams of income. Additionally, starting a blog is cheap, and they are easy to maintain.

If you are a blogger and you have no idea on what to prioritize during your blogging every day, the following are ten blogging tips that you ought to consider doing as a blogger.

It could get much intimidating figuring out the tasks that are more important to prioritize when you are trying to grow your blog.

If you add that confusion to all the algorithms that are continually changing and being bombarded by online, advise by the so-called ‘experts’ could be immensely overwhelming.

In this post, however, we are giving you a list of ten things that you should be doing as a blogger to ensure that you get the best out of your blog.

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1. Discover your voice

Discover your voice

Your blog is basically like an extension of yourself, and discovering the sound of your blog is almost similar to hearing yourself. A lot of bloggers experience struggle at the beginning of their blogging journey attempting to find their blogging voice.

Also, it is prevalent for a blogger to travel far down the path of their blogging before deciding to change their style of writing. 

At the start of the thoughts about your blogging voice, you need to ask yourself what you want your audience to feel and know about you.

Would you like your blog mimicking an information website, could be sharing the latest news or product reviews?

Or do you want to treat your site like an online journal where you share personal information?

The struggle of finding a blogging voice and gaining the courage of writing freely is common among bloggers. However, after discovering your voice, blogging becomes a lot easier and more enjoyable.

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2. Set goals

Set Goals

Joining the world of blogging could be an overwhelming experience. However, you need to know your intentions. The objectives of blogging do not have to be complicated. Besides, these goals are open to change as the blog continues to grow and change.

The following are examples of some simple goals that you, as a blogger might set:

✔️ You can set a goal of increasing the readership of your blog, say, for example, having at least 50 new readers in the first month.

✔️ You can set goals on how to utilize social media to market your blogs

✔️ Set and follow a blogging schedule; for example, how often you intend to post, is it daily, weekly, or monthly? Ensure you write regularly and consistently.

✔️ You can find a guest blogging opportunity on your favorite blog that permits guest blogging.

✔️ Set goals to monetize your blog if the aim of your blog is bringing in extra income.

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3. Define success

Define success

Every blogger needs to take the time to define his or her version of success. Through taking time in determining your blog’s version of success, not only will you know when you have succeeded, but you will also protect yourself against jealousy when you look at other blogs.

A clearly defined success also helps in finding the best ways to achieve it.

4. Stoke your muse

Stoke your muse

Changes are inevitable in life, and your life too will change on encountering new opportunities and things.

You might start a family, get a new job, your children will grow, or you might even relocate to a new place. Ensure that you never neglect what inspired or inspires your blogging career.

If you place all your focus on your blog and forget taking time for yourself and family, you will end up neglecting your muses and, consequently, your blog content will be affected.

As you work hard to ensure that you fulfill the targets that you have set for your blog, make sure you keep in mind stoking the muse that in the first place inspired you to write and become a blogger.

5. Survey your audience

Survey your audience

Not unless your blog is all about you, and you do not care about anything about growing your readership, you ought to take time to connect with readers and let them give you feedback on your blog.

There are those bloggers who prefer keeping an open, ongoing survey that is available at all times, unlike feedback box in a business place. You can provide a link to such a survey within your RSS feed, at the end of your posts, or even in your sidebar as a widget.

Additionally, you can decide to check in with your readers once or twice every year, devoting a whole post to reader outreach. Some of the reader questions can include:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Level of education
  • Gender
  • Interest in contests and blog giveaways
  • Favorite post topics
  • Subscription method preferences

6. Find people with similar interests

Find people with similar interests

By now, you most likely have realized that the blogging world does not only require participants to learn new technical skill sets but also introduces a whole new language to them.

One of the terms used to refer to this is ‘tribe,’ or in other words, the fellow bloggers and readers to whom you most relate.

The hustle of finding your tribe might be a road that is lonely and tough; however, after plugging into the right online community, your blogging experience will be taken to a whole new and enjoyable level.

Take your time to look for the community that best suits you, and ensure that you look both in and outside of your content area.

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7. Understand the sources of your traffic

Understand the sources of your traffic

There are a lot of reasons that you ought to know the number of visitors received by your blog, from having the ability to report to advertisers to knowing that your content is not just going to the abyss.

However, even if you do not care about the number of visitors being drawn by your blog, you still might like to know the sources of your traffic and observe your traffic sources if they are driving new readers to your blog.

It is also beneficial to your future content creation as it gives you an insight into the kind of content that is attracting more readers.

Hopefully, this post will help you to avoid some common mistakes that bloggers make, and have more insight on how to get the best out of your blog.

Focus on one problem at a time if you want to make your blog popular, as implementing all of the above tips at a go will be very hard and frustrating. However, focusing on them individually will enable you to conquer them all eventually.

This information could be an inspiration to the future editorial calendar ideas. Additionally, you might want to revisit the old posts that are still receiving traffic and update them with links to posts that are more recent.

The use of monitoring programs to track your sources of traffic carefully could offer a needed boost. Google Analytics is a great source to start with.

8. Create a monetization plan

Create a monetization plan

Creating your blog is the easiest part of the game. But what about monetizing it?

Yup, you’ve guessed that this is the hardest part, and it takes time.

Every blogger should consider where they want to go with their blogging journey. There are various questions that you need to take into consideration when creating your monetization plan, such as:

  • How do you feel about getting paid to post content on your blog?
  • If you plan to seek ads for your blog, what are the kind of advertisements that you will allow?
  • Do you prefer working with companies and individuals to place ads, or id your preference applying to an ad network?
  • Do you intend to use your blog for seeking freelancing jobs such as proofreading or writing opportunities?

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9. Be ready for growth

Be ready for growth

A blogger who starts with a blog on a free platform might end up deciding to move to a self-hosted platform that has a dedicated server because of the depth of the content or amount of traffic.

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Similarly, a blog that started as a single writer can grow over the years to become a multiple-writer site, where the original author only acts as editor-in-chief and not a sole author.

If enormous growth is under your definition of success, you ought to decide on how you want it to happen.

However, even if you have no anticipation of blog growth, it is still a profitable use of time to think of what you would like an expanding and a growing blog to be like if that day comes.

10. Leverage new opportunities

Leverage new opportunities

At any given time, there will be an original content marketing method that is hot, and you need to take that advantage of leveraging it before others do. You can always change a boring topic into a fun to read one if you only are creative.

When you come across these new ideas, leverage them until they become outdated. Additionally, ensure you write explicit content that will rank higher on Google and ensure your posts are conversational to engage your reader.

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Final Thoughts

It’s crucial to get the advantage of all that’s the internet is offering today.

Nowadays, there are tons and tons of business opportunities, but what makes blogging a fascinating side-hustle is that it allows you to write what you’re passionate about and has multiple streams of income.

There are more than 600 million blogs on the internet, which shows huge potential. So with the required investment of time and efforts, you can absolutely succeed in blogging, and it can end up becoming a full-time business.

Additionally, starting a blog is cheap and they are easy to maintain. Blogging is a low-cost way with no risks involved in opening doors to new opportunities that were not previously there before.

If you’re considering setting up a blog that makes you money, we have written a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog from scratch, it’s very beginner-friendly. (Open in a new tab)

And if you already have your blog up and running and looking forward to monetizing it to maximize your earnings and profits, we’ve also come up with an article that talks about 20+ ways that you can make money out of your blog. (Open in a new tab)

I hope that this post has added something to your knowledge, and now we’d like to know: Do you have a blog? Or considering to set up one? If you have a blog, what tips from the list above you’re already implementing?

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