10 Reasons Why ClickFunnels Is So Expensive But Worth It




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ClickFunnels is a subscription-based marketing toolkit that allows you to create funnels for your online business website. These will guide your customer through the sales process more smoothly than a generic website and enable you to keep targeted data to keep marketing to your existing customers. But, why it’s so expensive? This is what I’m about to reveal!

ClickFunnels is so expensive because it offers everything you need to convert page views into purchases in a single package. It allows you to build a website, profit, collect data, and manage your affiliate programs all in one. So, you don’t have to combine different software to create a website.

In this article, we are going to be discussing why Clickfunnels is so expensive but totally worth every penny you pay for! Make sure to read it to the very end as I will be giving you away 4 done-for-you funnels that can help you make extra money online, completely for FREE!

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10 Reasons Why Clickfunnels Is Expensive

Prices for ClickFunnels plans start at $97 per month, and the premium plan is $297 per month, so you want to know what you’re getting before you invest. Here are 10 reasons why ClickFunnels is so costly:

1. Allows You To Build Your Own Website

ClickFunnels has web design tools built-in, allowing you to easily visualize your page’s aesthetics as you design it. This process is far more customizable and cost-effective than hiring a web designer, which can set you back thousands of dollars for a basic web page.

It also acts as a host for the website, meaning that you don’t have to pay a premium for another company to host your website without providing any other services.

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2. Automates the Sales Process

While your average website would require countless hours of research and coding to convert clicks into sales, ClickFunnels does all this for you.

The staff at ClickFunnels is there to ensure that your website runs smoothly and converts as many sales as possible. This means you can sit back and relax while your website handles the rest.

They do this using funnels. This is a tailored sequence of pages designed to get the highest potential engagement from any given customer, maximizing sales. ClickFunnels allows you to have several funnels on your website to tailor the web page to the customer viewing it. Your products and services will then sell themselves.

3. You Can Choose From a Range of Templates That You Can Tailor To Your Business

The professionals at ClickFunnels know how to convert page views into transactions using funnels better than anyone, so they have created many templates to choose from. 

These templates are highly customizable to suit the theme of your business without the hassle of knowing if they actually lead anywhere.

ClickFunnels handles the logistics, and you get to control the visuals. This means you have got a whole team of sales professionals running your business without having to hire a team to do it for you.

4. There Are Built-In E-Commerce Options

Even if you wanted to pay for web design and third-party hosting for your site, it wouldn’t actually do anything unless you made yet another subscription to an eCommerce platform like Shopify.

ClickFunnels allows you to make a basket and check out on your website and supports several payment types to ensure your customer can easily create a purchase. It handles the payments made on your website hassle-free, without any fees.

5. You Can Collect Data About Your Customers Easily

Data collection is another aspect of running a business that takes a lot of time and money to successfully achieve. You may want to build a mailing list, and the host platform probably charges you a small fortune for storing many emails on that list.

ClickFunnels collects that data for you, and you can then use it with their internal options, or you can export it to an external list. 

Alternatively, you can integrate it with an autoresponder like GetResponse to send automated emails to people who complete a certain action on your funnel (complete a form, a purchase, opt-in to your newsletter, etc.)

GetResponse Pro

6. You Can Connect With Customers After They Leave the Website

Once you have found a customer willing to buy your products, you want to keep them returning for more. However, most mailing platforms will charge you a premium for anything more than a small and basic mailing setup.

ClickFunnels has in-built features to market to customers after they have left the site with minimal effort on your behalf. It will act as a marketing assistant and a mailing platform all in one.

7. You Can Run Affiliate Programs Within Your Funnels

ClickFunnels supports Backpack, a scheme where affiliates can market your products for you, and you pay them a percentage of the profit only once they have secured a sale.

Affiliate marketing is a tactic used by most businesses, but most will have to set theirs up manually. This is a waste of time and resources. ClickFunnels will recruit affiliates and deal with their cut for you, so you can just sit back and let others advertise for you.

8. You Can Create a Customizable Landing Page

Your funnels have to start somewhere — you need a great landing page that tells customers about your business and convinces them to follow your funnels and make a sale.

ClickFunnels has the tools and templates to create the perfect landing page for your business. This allows you to draw attention to the parts of the website you want them to see and customize pop-ups to encourage engagement.

clickfunnels banner

9. ClickFunnels Has Excellent Hosting Capabilities

If you run your own website, you must decide whether to self-host or pay another company to host the site. Most of these sites will charge you more for higher quantities of traffic so that your website can run as smoothly as possible.

ClickFunnels doesn’t work like this.

As all of the sites on ClickFunnels are hosted on their own platform, they can host thousands of visitors every day without your page faltering.

10. You Can Integrate External Software if You Want To

Even with all of these fantastic features, you may have a favorite software that you can’t see yourself living without. ClickFunnels has ensured that it supports hundreds of external software companies. You can choose their hosting without sacrificing your favorite e-Commerce tool or mailing platform. 

This level of cross-compatibility isn’t typical among hosting platforms, which tend to favor particular software and promote that to their customers.


Although Clickfunnels is not the cheapest option, it allows you to do things you can’t do with a static website!

Things like collecting leads, tracking your customer journey on your homepage, and having full control over your visitors.

In this article, I’ve briefly discussed why Clickfunnels is relatively expensive, why it’s totally worth every penny, and how it can allow you to build the web page of your dream without any external hosting fees!

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